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The Prometheus Report

"Between 1965 and 1983 the late Ron Hubbard (1911-1986) published a number of courses intended to rehabilitate extraordinary mental abilities and powers. He claimed that all human Beings basically have these abilities. The courses, put together, were the upper Levels of the so-called Bridge to Total Freedom™. Mr. Hubbard called the courses the Advanced Levels or Operating Thetan™ Levels (OT Levels). In these Prometheus Reports we seek to sort out the content and controversy that surround these confidential and Advanced Levels.

"We have done a comparison between Ron Hubbard's work and a number of other researchers in the field. We have been able to obtain the works of four other writers on the subject. We have met more cooperation when it comes to these authors' works. They are: Jeff Filbert. Publication: 'Excalibur Revisited' (1982). L. Kin. Publication: 'From the Bottom to the Top - The Way Out' (1992). The Pilot. Publication: 'Super Scio' (1997-99). Some of Captain Bill Robertson's works." -- Quoted from the opening of The Prometheus Report

The Pilot's Home Page

We've accumulated quite a bit of material written by the anonymous CoS insider called 'The Pilot'. It's nice to see that clearing technology is still being written about. The Super Scio book is the only, freely available, major pro-technology work produced since Geoffrey Filbert's 'Excalibur Revisited. Be sure to visit "The Pilot's Home" page to check out his web pages as well.

International Viewpoints

If you are looking for quality, timely articles by those in the clearing field then you don't want to miss our page featuring International Viewpoints (IVy).

An Introduction to Alethiology Clearing Sessions*

"Clearing is about finding the truth inside yourself. It doesn't do anything to you, it helps you in the development of your own potential."

Graphics intensive!

(Please note that the reference to "Self Clearing" is not to be confused with The Pilot's Self Clearing book. The reference, in this case, is in regards to what people should not do while receiving professional clearing sessions)

(* This document has been determined to be in the public domain. If you have any relevant information, we request that you notify us immediately.)

Standard Clearing Technology from Clearbird


  • Clearbird's main publication "The Road to Clear". The user's manual to Standard Clearing Technology, Level 0-5. Textbook for auditors, complete with theory, drills, processes and  checksheets. 
  • "The Study Manual, Study for Application" is a complete coverage of R. Hubbard's Study Technology. Includes a Supervisor's section and checksheet.
  • "The Guided Tour to Standard Technology" is an in-depth introduction to auditing and standard technology. It is based on the web-book "The Road to Clear".
  • "Pro Meter Course" Teaches you how  the Meter works and how to use it through practical drills. It is a work-book for people already familiar with Clearing Technology.
  • "Auditor's TRs Course" teaches you all about communication and how to use it in auditing through practical drills.
    Includes checksheet.
  • "Ethics and Auditing" A handbook in personal Ethics as it applies to auditing. Auditing won't be fully effective unless Ethics is in. The publication gives the theory, techniques and tools needed to remedy problems and situations. The tools can also be used for self-improvement independent of auditing.

Psychic First Aid

"This is a book of psychic first aid. It allows you to handle a crisis yourself whilst waiting for professional healing or assistance.

It is a collection of successful techniques that I have used for myself, and for others who needed immediate help. I have found them useful as first aid outside of formal counseling sessions: in social situations and even over the phone.

This book is not intended to take the place of physical first aid in handling bodily injury. However, it can greatly improve the effectiveness of physical techniques."

Transforming the Mind

"Transforming the Mind is a manual that aims to describe the process of human conditioning and how to achieve an awakening from this imposition. It forms the psychological and philosophical background to Meta-Programming, Part I of the Insight Project. It also contains many techniques which can be self-administered and serve as preparation for the advanced course. Meta-Programming aims to differentiate the spiritual part of your being from the mental and physical, to 'transcend or go beyond' programming - those considerations, beliefs and identifications that are imprinted by cultural conditioning or as safe solutions, whether agreed upon or accepted under duress."

Clearing Definitions

These definitions are a work-in-progress. To add you own particular definitions see the "Project: Clearing Definitions" discussion under the Clearing topic of the Discusion Board.

Clearing Courses

Understanding can only come from knowledge. To achieve that knowledge one must study the various subjects of clearing. Begin your path of understanding on the Clearing Courses page.


Look here for some clearing related articles, write-ups and more.

Captain Bill Robertson

Technical and administrative briefing tape transcripts.

Excalibur Revisited

Need more clearing information? This book has it all. From E-meter drills to advanced processing, Geoffrey covers it all.You don't want to miss it.

You may have come across other copies of this book on the net, but this version has been checked and verified against the original book. ALL diagrams have been included as well.


"A Voice of the Free Zone"

L. Kin

You've probably already heard about the writings of L. Kin. His books seem to be required reading for a Free Zoner. We present the L. Kin page for those that are unfamiliar with his books.

Now that L. Kin's fourth volume "From The Bottom To The Top (The Way Out)" has been placed in the public domain, we offer you the entire book for your reading pleasure.


The Resolution of the Mind: A Games Manual by Dennis H. Stephens. This book used to be available by purchase only. Find out what is so important about it that it had to be made widely available on the Internet. What valuable data does it contain? Read it and see.

Clearing the Body/Mind

"In the course of working with the Clearing Techniques for over of 20 years, I have discovered that people live their lives unaware of the fact how much they are influenced by their past, traumatic experiences..."

Transformational Processing

"Transformational Processing is a system of tools one can use to help other people with. Particularly it contains methods of inviting another person to change his or her personal reality in a more optimum direction."

The week prior to Easter a Bulletin appeared on the internet discussion group along with a few more posts in the next couple of days. It is generating some interesting discussion and most people seem to be withholding judgement 'til they see more postings. The postings have been from 3 different e-mail addresses. Read here about Super Power 2000 and the Ethics Repair List. I have taken the liberty of reformatting some of the the posts for old times sake but have left the PGP sig at the end.

R3XD - Routine 3 Expanded by Dynamics.

Here is Robert Ducharme's write-up of R3XD - Routine 3 Expanded by Dynamics. This was done at the request of Revenius in OTCOB Super Power 2000.


"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite."
--The marriage of Heaven and Hell, William Blake
This is a series of articles intended for the serious spiritual student. The first five are mostly beginner level from a few years back, originally intended for magazine publication. Much of the other material is for advanced students. Advanced students who are not completely familiar with Free Zone theory should read the second section in numerical sequence, so as to not bypass critical data and definitions. I am a philosophical researcher. I do not have a practice to promote here. Please be advised that the intention of this site is to communicate to those other researchers and practitioners who are working to free and rehabilitate others -- especially those in what is called the Free Zone. The information on this site is for the use of people who are on both the magician's and the meditational/processing paths. Everyone is free to use this information and copy it, under two conditions: its origin is acknowledged (in other words say where and from whom you got it) and money is not charged for access to this information. --Ouran

'Little Purple Notebook On How To Escape From This Universe'

The 'Little Purple Notebook On How To Escape From This Universe' is the pocket edition of the dreaded volumes of 'Pnohteftu' which, fortunately for mankind, was and will be lost forever somewhere in time.

Some parts of the original 'Pnohteftu' were excerpts from yet another notorious work which was compiled in a Parallel Universe that was-is-will be not too different from ours. That book carried the somewhat misleading name 'Virago 2000'.

Non-Metered Clearing - Full Screen-able Video

David Mayo - Non-Metered Clearing - February 8, 1986  


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