FreeZone America



Technical Briefings

Technical Briefing Number 1

Briefing on the OTC's operation in Frankfurt to set up a delivery center - Plan for opening up a bridge for making OTs

Technical Briefing Number 2

Why Organizations and Ethics are necessary to help produce those products.

Technical Briefing Number 3

What a product is and how that applies to what we are doing here.

Technical Briefing Number 5

Clears And Above

Technical Briefing Number 6

3rd and 4th Dynamic Games


Administrative Briefings

Administrative Briefing Number 1: "The Bridge": [ Part 1 ]   [ Part 2 ]

Complete description of the OT Levels at RON'S Org up to OT 40, including their Success Stories and how we really contribute to the creation of a better game.

Administrative Briefing Number 2: "False Bridges"

How to know when you have a Bridge to true OT instead of a disguised bridge that further entraps you.

Administrative Briefing Number 3: "Your Bridge"

A simple observation about this Game we all agreed to play and why we must continue up the Bridge before we can start any new Games.

Administrative Briefing Number 4: "Omitted Bridges"

A fascinating look into the research on taking responsibility for the auditing and handling of the other dynamics including MEST.

All of the above documents were found at Freie Zone e.V.