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    Peter Shepherd

    • Indicator Technique - The Way to Truth
      • "Indicator Tech differentiates the being's knowingness from the misowned beliefs, decisions, considerations and evaluations that obscure truth. This results in a gradually increasing exteriorisation from the body-mind. Indicator Technique is one of the 'crown jewels' of the Insight Project and because of its generic application, I would like all FreeZoners to have the benefit of its incredible power."

    Ralph Hilton

    • NOTs
      • "Advanced level 5 is a series of rundowns to handle what remains of bts and clusters after AL3 and 4 and those who have been messed up in earlier auditing."

    A Soldier of Light

    • Higher Dimensions
      • "The first time higher dimensions were needed to explain the workings of this universe occurred in 1905 with Einstein's relativity theory."

    Alan C. Walter

    • The Furies
      • "I have been training, coaching and processing clients on the subjects of success, prosperity and happiness, for more than forty years. In that time I have been able to observe and handle most case conditions.But there has been two very deeply hidden case conditions that booby-trapped or have been extremely difficult to handle, and not handled at all, in other practices."

    Robert Ducharme

    • GPM Clearing
      • A "complete technical manual for running GPMs to full as-is-ness per Scientology axiom 20." "THIS PROCESS knocks down the barrier to Advanced Abilities..."

    Speaker Allen

    • The Health Aspect Of Integrity
      • "Diet is a small part of health when you consider that the other factors discussed herein can render it irrelevant.  Diet can't save you from the other factors, but it does provide a baseline for the body's survival..."

    Bob Ross

    • Arbitraries
      • "Standard Tech is that Tech which has absolutely no arbitraries." Def 5 in the Tech dictionary.  Following are arbitraries I have eliminated from my style of auditing, which I now call Free Style Auditing..." (with due respect to Homer Smith, all editor comments have been from this article. If you wish to see the original article from which this came please visit Homer's Archive.)

    Jon Zegel

    • Tape Transcripts
      • These are the complete and unabridged, word for word transcripts of Jon Zegel's tapes number 1 thru 4. These transcripts are also available from ftp.lightlink.com. Transcription was done by Homer Wilson Smith around 13 May 1994.

    Heidrun Beer

    • Wholeness, or: The End of the Game?
    • Group Consciousness Processing

      These articles seem to be off-line, but you can still check the site out here

    International Viewpoints (IVy)


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    Freie Zone e.V

    • Reference
      • These guys have a lot of Captain Bill's materials (among others as well) available for reading. You don't want to miss it. Follow this link to the English version of the Table of Contents.

    Homer Smith's Archive

    • Reference
      • Homer Smith has compiled an extensive library of Free Zone materials. Very interesting reading. You will not believe what can be found there.