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From the Bottom to the Top (The Way Out)


From the back cover:

"The fourth and final volume of L. Kin's series combines essential parts of the previous three volumes and introduces significant new concepts. The theory and practice of Hubbard's work are presented with the purpose of pointing out a possible and affordable path towards spiritual self-recognition and liberation.

Those who have had experience of the complexity and unwieldiness of the ritualised "bridge" of the Church of Scientology will be able to appreciate the ease and conciseness with which the author manages to point out alternatives that are open to anyone. By taking Hubbard's intentions to their logical conclusions he succeeds in revealing effective means to achieving advanced esoteric teachings of the Far East - a monumental endeavor!"




Chapter One: Some General Considerations

The Anatomy of a Thetan
Auditing and Other Practices

Chapter Two: Getting Started

Step One: The Interview
Step Two: The Program
Step Three: Postulate Auditing

Chapter Three: Moving Upwards

Ruds, Grades, Repair Lists, Rundowns, etc.
The Auditor's Three­Drawer Toolbox
Three Types of Bridges
Meter Reads and Truth
Session Control

Chapter Four: Going Solo

How Clear is a Clear?
Each His Own Bridge
The Solo Practical

Chapter Five: The Solo Levels

General Description
Solo 1
Solo 2
Solo 3
The GE Rundown (GERD)
Auditing MEST
An All-Purpose Trouble­Shooter Checklist
The Self-Exploration and Perfection Program (SEPP)
Warning: Black Shadow Thetans (BSTs)
Higher Echelon Hats



A. A Homage to Ron
B. The Parabolic Tonescale
C. Auditing Essentials
D. Notes on Supervising
E. Theory Course for Auditors (Checksheet)
F. Practical Course for Auditors (Checksheet)
G. The Solo 2 Checksheet
H. The Solo 3 Checksheet
I. The Excalibur Checksheet
J. Auditing and Nutrition

© 1996 by L. Kin
© 1996 by Edition ScienTerra
ISBN 3-922367-29-1,Verkehrs-Nr. 16645 (BAG)

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