An Introduction to
Clearing Sessions


The Clearing Institute
Los Angeles

What is Clearing?

Clearing is a way of increasing your





It is a system of exact principles and techniques directed at overcoming limitations of any kind.

Working individually with a Clearing Practitioner you address and handle areas of your life where improvement is desired. The Clearing Practitioner is trained in understanding life and the mind and will guide you through the most optimum sequence of processes.

Mental, emotional, and spiritual blocks to development are precisely identified and handled in a systematic manner.

The Clearing session provides a safe space which allows you to face the truth about yourself and fully resolve the barriers to your personal expansion.

The practitioner has a neutral non-judgmental attitude to anything that comes up in a session. You can tell him anything. He will not tell you what is right or wrong, good or bad. The practitioner will simply act as a skilled guide on the road to greater freedom, happiness and truth.

Clearing is about finding the truth inside yourself. It doesn't do anything to you, it helps you in the development of your own potential.

However, you can't make it very far completely on your own. Your limitations are in place because you don't know exactly what they are. You need somebody else to help you look.

Clearing is the scientific method of discovering truth.

What is Alethiology?

[from aletheia, Greek for truth, and -ology, a branch of learning]

Alethiology is a study of truth. It is the name of the philosophy of life our clearing methods are based on.


He does not invalidate, criticize or evaluate
for the preclear.


This is a CB-METER

It is a bio-feedback device used to verify the
preclear's gain and register when each
separate clearing action is ended.


This is you, a PRECLEAR

A spiritual being who is now on the
road to becoming Clear, hence Pre-clear.


This is a SESSION

The practitioner and the preclear locate, step by step, any mental blocks to increased

Know how the mind works

The more you know about the mind, the more gains are available for you in Clearing and the more smoothly will you make your progress.

Before each step of Clearing begins, you must understand the words related to the processes to be run. And from time to time the practitioner will orient you to new principles that will be addressed in session.

It is highly recommended that you complement your Clearing sessions with other study.

Many courses and workshops are available that can teach you about the mind, about life, and about the principles of Clearing.

As you may have learned, a person goes through life automatically "taking pictures" of every experience. We call these mental image pictures.

If you ask someone to describe a flower, he would actually see a picture of a flower in his mind. He might also recall the scent and feel of the flower as well. This is a mental image picture.

This is the actual content of the mind. The mind is mental image pictures. Some can be recalled easily and willingly. Here is stored the information we have gained through education and experience. We use these pictures to make decisions and solve problems in present time. For purposes of differentiation, we call this group of pictures the "analytical mind".

We also take pictures of experiences that contain pain and unconsciousness, and these are called the "reactive mind". Since the analytical awareness is shut down during such moments, we don't consciously remember them. However, these hidden pictures can get reactivated (restimulated) by something in our present environment and cause emotional turmoil and physical disorders. No amount of reasoning or effort will prevent these upsetting reactions. Only through clearing can a person rid himself of unwanted feelings and reactions.

About Clearing

The analytical mind when it becomes aware of a point in the reactive mind, makes it vanish. In other words one needs but become aware of the actual cause of an aberration to have it vanish.

With the assistance of a clearing practitioner and his meter, a session is a pleasant experience. Should you feel fearful about your first clearing session, just be aware that this emotion is coming from the reactive mind.

After clearing, preclears understand (and laugh at) their former fears, pains and travails.

is the road to ABILITY and FREEDOM


There are several rules which we expect you to observe while you are getting Clearing. These rules are not based on morals or opinion, but on the experience with thousands of cases. A preclear doesn't get results if these rules are violated.

DRUGS. Do not take drugs while being cleared. This includes sleeping pills, tranquilizers, pain killers (including aspirin), diet pills, antibiotics, sedatives, or stimulants. Vitamins are not considered drugs.

Depending on the drug taken a short or long dry-out period is needed. Particularly any recreational drug that produces "trips" requires a considerable period before clearing is possible again.

ALCOHOL. Do not drink alcoholic beverages during the 24 hours preceding your next clearing session. This means no beer or wine as well as the stronger beverages.

SLEEP. Get enough sleep before your clearing session. You should get enough sleep to feel well-rested, not just enough to keep going.

EATING. Eat well while being processed. If you have a session in the morning, eat a good breakfast. Never skip a meal before your clearing session.

APPOINTMENTS. Once you made a clearing appointment, please keep it and be on time. A missed appointment can be charged as minimum time.

UPSETS. Avoid persons, places, and situations which you know will upset you.

SAFE ENVIRONMENT. Your clearing practitioner is a safe person who is interested in your welfare. Do not hesitate to ask or tell him anything.

CONDUCT. Do not do anything you know is dishonest or unlawful.

OTHER PEOPLE. If you are connected with someone who is against your being cleared or who invalidates your gains (or if there is someone from whom you must keep your clearing a secret), it is essential that you tell the clearing practitioner about it.

PHYSICAL HEALTH. If you have a physical problem or condition to be handled, make this known right away. You may be required to have a medical examination prior to getting clearing.

DO NOT DISCUSS YOUR CASE. It is very tempting to tell your friends and relatives all the details of your clearing sessions. Don't. It will not help you (or them) and it can be very restimulating.

YOUR OWN DETERMINISM. In order for clearing to be effective, you must be here on your own determinism. If someone else talked you into clearing and you don't really want it yourself, tell the practitioner immediately.

OTHER PRACTICES. Do not mix other practices with clearing. That includes psychoanalysis, psychiatry, yoga, hypnotism, meditation, spiritualism, mysticism, extreme dieting, marriage counseling, etc. If you are under medical treatment, discuss this with your clearing practitioner. Under some circumstances, clearing can occur in conjunction with such treatment.

While in the session, do not confuse clearing with other practices. Don't expect the clearing practitioner to "interpret" for you or tell you how you are progressing. We don't deal with ink blots, analysis, voodoo, or mysticism. In clearing it is important
that the preclear participate and understand what is happening for the best results to occur.

Unlike other practices, the preclear is not encouraged to start talking and ramble on about everything that comes into his head. The clearing practitioner uses precise, controlled communication. He asks specifically for one thing at a time. One subject is fully handled before another is addressed.

If you sit in the preclear's chair waiting for some mysterious thing to happen to you, you will not make progress. Clearing is not mysterious. You can and should understand what is happening. The practitioner directs, guides, and listens; but it is you, the preclear, who does the work and who makes the gains.

DO NOT DO SELF-CLEARING. Don't try to clear yourself. You should have the strength and guidance of a professional when you go exploring the reactive mind.

Some people self clear compulsively without realizing it. Watch for this. You can lose your state of release. Do not finish a session, then go home and "review" it all over again. Do not ask yourself questions such as "Why do I do this," or "I wonder what makes me feel that way..."

Going back over a session or asking yourself questions are both subtle forms of self clearing, and they can cave you into your reactive mind.

Go out and enjoy the world around you. Experience and utilize the full power of your new gains.






You are a SPIRITUAL BEING, not a body or an animal, as you will discover in processing.

The Length of Time

We do not try to predict how long you must be cleared to obtain a particular result. It takes as long as it takes. There are no short cuts to doing the job thoroughly.

No medals are awarded for the first of the fastest preclears. This is a false standard. We want to see each preclear achieve the gains to which he is entitled, no matter how long it takes.


Using the CB-Meter

At certain times in your processing, your clearing practitioner will tell you he is going to check something on the meter. It may be one question or a list of things. While he is doing this, you need not make verbal comments, just hold the cans still while he looks for the meter responses.



Should there be a time when standard processes are not running smoothly or you are not making gains, you will receive a clearing review to correct whatever may be stopping your progress.

This is an additional function, separate from your clearing program. In most cases, you will be able to resume your clearing program once the review is finished.

The Code of a Clearing Practitioner

So that you may understand the ethical standards under which your clearing practitioner operates, we have included the code of a clearing practitioner on the following pages.

The Code of a Clearing Practitioner

1) I promise to provide a safe space for the preclear in session.
2) I promise to maintain a neutral attitude in session.
3) I promise to assess the preclears case against standard clearing principles.
4) I promise to only restimulate subjects that can be resolved.
5) I promise to take any restimulated subject through to a resolution.
6) I promise not to evaluate what the preclear should think about his case.
7) I promise not to invalidate the preclear, his case or his gains.
8) I promise not to process a preclear who is hungry or physically tired.
9) I promise not to divulge data given in session to anyone except the technical personnel involved in the handling of the case.
10 I promise not to take personal advantage of data given in session.
11) I promise to use the tools of Clearing to increase abilities and awareness and never to decrease them.
12) I promise to advocate and produce as complete and thorough results as technically possible.
13) I promise not to promote Clearing as an end in itself, knowing full well that all gains are caused by the preclear himself.
14) I promise to aim for the highest levels of truth, and not to leave a preclear trapped.
15) I promise to represent the profession of clearing practitioners well.


The Grade Chart

Freedom and ability is achieved by going up through the grades of clearing.




Subjects Cleared

Ability Regained



Life Clear

A well and happy human being who can comfortably experience life without reactive responses.




Methods and subjects of experience. Ability to experience effects comfortably.




Restimulative words, Misunderstood words. Freedom from the aberrative factors of words & language




False identities, negative intentions. Freedom from negative intentions and identities




Past Traumatic Incidents. Freedom from effects of past traumatic experiences




Attention stuck in time. Ability to hold one's position in present time




Fixed ideas, Right/Wrong mechanisms Freedom from fixed conditions




Upsets, Changes. Ability to confront sudden changes




Perpetrations, Withholds, Self-limitation, Ethics, Justice. Freedom from a need to withhold one's actions




Responsibility, Problems, Objective awareness. Ability to have or not have problems




Barriers to communication. Ability to communicate freely




Recall, Pleasure moments. Ability to recall the past comfortably.




Bodily and mental effects of drug use
Free from the harmful effects of drugs




Blocks for getting Clearing.
Major areas of fixed attention.

Ability to improve


At the beginning of a session, the practitioner might ask you a series of questions, checking them on the meter. These questions comprise the "Pre-session" clearing, and are used to clean up any current situations which might be disturbing you enough to interfere with the processing.


Repetitive Processes

Some processes consist of repetitive commands. That is, the same command is given many times. This does not mean that that practitioner is unwilling to accept your first answer (or any others). He wants to get every available answer necessary to finish the process. There is generally no "correct" answer or "correct" realization.



When a person is released, he is separated from the reactive mind or some portion of it; it has no influence over him at that time.

This state is manifested on the CB-Meter by what we call a "floating needle". At the same time, the preclear may have a realization about something (we call this a "cognition"). In any case, the preclear will feel completely untroubled about the area and he will look bright and happy.

When the practitioner sees a floating needle on his meter, he will indicate it to you and cease addressing that particular subject.

When release occurs, the clearing practitioner may go on to the next action of your processing, or he may end the session.

The program of clearing consists of a series of releases as, step by step, various parts of the reactive mind are addressed and handled. You can expect to hear the words, "Your needle is floating" very often.


Exteriorization is the state of the person being outside his body. When this occurs, the Being achieves a certainty that he is himself and not his body. Compulsive exteriorization may occur when the body is threatened (during an accident, illness, operation, or drug trip).

This phenomenon is not the same as release (being exterior to thoughts and dramatizations of the reactive mind). One is actually exterior to his body, and knows he is outside of his body.


Certain types of clearing locate and erase the causes of unwanted conditions. For example, Incident Clearing erases the incidents which are causing unwanted emotions and physical difficulties. Once the source of any ailment is found and erased, the preclear will not have a relapse; the improvement is permanent.

Other types of clearing aim at producing a release state. The exact causes of inabilities might not have been found, but one is free from them at the moment. When released, the preclear is keyed-out (separated) from his reactive mind in that area. That may not be permanent. It may last for a long time, or it may not. It is important to continue with processing so that complete clearing can be achieved.

Until a person is Clear he can be restimulated by something in his environment. This does not mean, however, that he loses the gains he made in clearing.

While the environment can sometimes be restimulating, the main cause of key-in is the preclear himself doing one of the following: Self-clearing, talking about his case out of session, actually predicting the loss of release ("this will never last"), planning an attack on something, protesting, wanting to get even or get revenge, or asserting his own rightness while making another wrong.

Knowing this data, you may often be able to prevent the situations which could cause a key-in.

In any case, do not be too concerned about losing a state of release; it can always be rehabilitated again. Each step of clearing is a vital step closer to the state of clear. Keep going on your training and clearing. Each release takes some of the power out of the reactive mind and gives it to you. You will make steady and lasting gains.

Clearing produces continual

Where Clearing leaves off ..

Training begins.

Not every setback we encounter in daily experience stems from aberrations. Often we simply need more information or skill to operate well.

A wealth of such information is contained in the books and courses in the field of Clearing.

In training we learn the anatomy of aberration and its correction. In addition to this, we learn to duplicate and to communicate. While clearing can make us willing to duplicate and communicate (and much freer to do so), we can only develop these highly refined stills through the discipline and practice of training. They are taught nowhere else in life.

Training is not just for the future professional. It is for anyone who would like to understand and handle people better, communicate with good results, be more accurate, more efficient, and successful in any activity.

It has been said that training contributes fifty percent of the available gains. Therefore, the untrained person is only half as powerful as he could be.


Getting to know yourself . . .

No adventure could be more worthwhile or more exciting.

Your gains are important to all of us, for every release and every cognition you get helps to make this a safer and saner planet.

The 8 Dynamics


The urge, thrust and purpose of life
-- SURVIVE! --
in its eight manifestations.


Eighth Dynamic

The urge toward survival through supreme being or infinity.
                                                           Seventh Dynamic

The impulse to survive as a spirit.
                                        Sixth Dynamic

The impulse to survive as the material universe of matter, energy, space and time.
                           Fifth Dynamic

The urge to survive through life forms (such as animals, plants, etc.) and the urge to survive as these.
                Fourth Dynamic

The impulse to survive through all mankind and as all mankind.
             Third Dynamic

The urge to survive as a group.
       Second Dynamic

The urge to survive through sex, children, and family.
First Dynamic

The urge toward survival of self.

There is more to LIFE
than personal suffering and trouble.