"If the doors of perception were cleansed every thing would appear to man as it is, infinite."
--The marriage of Heaven and Hell, William Blake

This is a series of articles intended for the serious spiritual student. The first five are mostly beginner level from a few years back, originally intended for magazine publication. Much of the other material is for advanced students. Advanced students who are not completely familiar with Free Zone theory should read the second section in numerical sequence, so as to not bypass critical data and definitions. I am a philosophical researcher. I do not have a practice to promote here. Please be advised that the intention of this site is to communicate to those other researchers and practitioners who are working to free and rehabilitate others -- especially those in what is called the Free Zone. The information on this site is for the use of people who are on both the magician's and the meditational/processing paths. Everyone is free to use this information and copy it, under two conditions: its origin is acknowledged (in other words say where and from whom you got it) and money is not charged for access to this information. --Ouran

The Ghost Danse

In the past great emphasis has been placed on understanding all of the words in any material. It has been stressed to never go past any word one does not fully understand. This is excellent advice. However, for reading my materials I would like to add the following:
"When reading this material great care should be taken to not cling tightly to past mental anchor points, otherwise known as stable data. Attempts to align this with past data may cause conflict or it may not, but in neither case will this material be used properly. Great care should also be taken not to memorize or make forceful mental copies of this material. Instead I advise the reader to read lightly, yet with full attention. The purpose of this material is to trigger cognition. I want the reader to realize his or her own truth, not copy mine. My truth does no one any good (except for me of course!). Therefore please treat reading my materials as a light session and be sessionable while reading. Under no circumstances grind away at any of my articles or isolated observations by memorizing forcefully  while reading and thinking about them. It is best to read each of them several different times, but lightly, lightly. If cognition does not occur, release what I have said from your mind without resistance and move on. Thank you."

00. Waking and Sleeping

Still three-quarters asleep:

01. Islands in the Sea of Being
02. Equality
03. Languages and Your Mind
04. This Is the End, Beautiful Friend
14. Advice on Techniques for Manipulating Reality

Currently half awake:

Key articles indicated by = *

05. The Nature of Communication

Fundamental postulates:

06. The Postulates Behind Numbers
. . . . . Archetypal Numbers (2001)
13. Postulates: Lies, Damned Lies and Statistics
26. Prime Decisions and Postulates
33. The Nature of Decisions and Postulates
Triangle material:
07. The Three Part Cycle (triangle) of Damned Near Everything *
09. Not-isness & Beingness
10. The New Triangle Data and Spiritual Therapy
11. As-isness & Beingness
12. Collapsed Triangles
20. Energy & the Heisenberg Triangle
29. The Different Sorts of "Reality" (The ARC Tangle)
39. ARC Triangle Data
08. The Hubris Trap
15. The Astrology Trap
16. The Physics and Metaphysics of Astrology
17. Stuff "Lafe" Got Wrong
18. Beyond the Abyss
19. The Tone Scale, Group Minds & the Physical Universe
21. Archetypes and Time in the Mind & Universes
22. A Neglected Keyout, and the Cure to the Hubris Trap
23. Inside/Outside

Tone scale research:

24. Characteristics of the Grand Tone Scale *
28. Cause and Effect on the Tone Scale
34. Diagrams of the Span of Everything *
38. Primal GPMs *
. . . . . PG Processes
44. What if the Tone Scale Wasn't Linear?
45. Dichotomies, Triangles & Scale Sections *
46. Tone Band Crossovers
53. Case at Each Primal Goal
54. Alternate Names of Primal Pairs
60. Another Non-Linear Look - for Ex-Scios
61. The True Top
The Eightfold Matrix of Reality:
(The information in the following article on pnohteftu is the work of Max and myself together, it being impossible to pry our efforts apart in this case. So for an introduction to the Matrix, please read: "Prime Manifestations of the Prime Polarities".

His other Matrix articles are also necessary to an understanding of the structure of reality, please read them here: the Pnohteftu.
Absolute Extremes of Existences
Conditions of Compiling Creations

On creation
Conditions of Spaces (Havingness)
Conditions of Awareness
Conditions of Energies (Motion and immobility)
Conditions of Points or Locations - in Space(s)
Another voice: Phil Scott
Conditions of Distances (Emotion and attachment)
Conditions of Survival between Spirit and Matter
73. The Four Vectors of  So-called "Creation"
25. Ascending the Tone Scale by Dissecting a Thought
27. A Clear View of Case
30. The Dynamics
31. Knowing on the Know to Mystery
32. Avoiding the Bardo
35. The Static Processes
36. Cutting Through a Blizzard of Buddhism
37. Caveat Preemptor
40. Zen & the Art of Pervading Spaces
41. The Shape of Apparent "Truth"
42. Entity Theory
43. Symbols, Meaning and Physical Objects
47. The Planes
48. Subjective Reality, Objective Reality & Panexistent Reality
49. Processing Aesthetics
50. Processing Space
51. Know Versus Know About
52. The Annotated Axioms
55. A Few Thoughts About Physics
56. The Doctrine of Anatta
57. The P.E.A.T. Process
58. The Top of the Tone Scale
59. Goals and the CDEI Scale
65. New CDEI Scale Button For Goals Processing
66. Create/Destroy and the Shadow Tones
70. The Nameless Technique
71. Spotting Love/Hate in ARC
73. The 4 Vectors of So-Called "Creation"
74. See Where You Are

Other voices:

62. The Thunder, Perfect Mind (unknown)
63. The First Sermon to the Dead (Carl Gustav Jung)
67. The UnityKey (Dona Bilangi)
72. The Gunas Technique (Max Sandor & Ouran)

personal and anecdotal:

I was Lucky
Random Anecdotes
The Lap of Venice

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