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Study Manual

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Road to Clear

"The Study Manual, Study for Application"  is a complete coverage of R. Hubbard's Study Technology. Includes a Supervisor's section and checksheet.

(V.1.7x Jan. 2004)

"The Guided Tour to Standard Technology" is an in-depth introduction to auditing and standard technology. It is based on the web-book "The Road to Clear".

       (V.2.1, Jan 5. 2004)

Our main publication. The user's manual to Standard Clearing Technology, Level 0-5. Textbook for auditors, complete with theory, drills, processes and  checksheets. 

(Version 8.01X-Pro, January 20, 2004)


Pro Meter Course

TRs Course

Ethics and Auditing

Teaches you how  the Meter works and how to use it through practical drills. It is a work-book for people already familiar with Clearing Technology.

(Version 3.2. Jan., 2004)

"Auditor's TRs Course" teaches you all about communication and how to use it in auditing through practical drills.
Includes checksheet.

(V.3.2 Jan. 2004)

A handbook in personal Ethics as it applies to auditing. Auditing won't be fully effective unless Ethics is in. The publication gives the theory, techniques and tools needed to remedy problems and situations. The tools can also be used for self-improvement independent of auditing.

(V.1.0 March. 2004) 

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David Mayo Lecture of the Month!  >>Click Here <<
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The early 1980's were turbulent years for Scientology.  The official
Church declared many people Suppressive, many of them top technical
people, and many others left.  Amongst them was David Mayo, a New
Zealander who had been in Scientology many years, worked close to
Ron, and traveled widely in his top Tech post.  David, after
recovering (his trials and tribulations are described elsewhere) set
up an alternative Scientology centre in California, which delivered
standard Scientology for a year or so, until the official "Church" of
Scientology managed to harass it out of existence.  During this
period his Advanced Ability Centre (AAC) delivered auditing and
training, and also held informal get togethers on Sundays, where
David gave short talks.  This is one of the talks he gave, and we
intend to present more. David was rather good at pointing out where
the Church had deviated from Ron's original principles, and therefore
the Church has been busy since then, painting an untrue, black,
picture of him.  We suggest you listen to David himself, and form
your own judgment.

( Written by James Moore. )


Here is the stop squirrels drawing that David mentions in this tape,
which the Church sent out with their letters defaming alternative

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