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Clearing Courses

Clearbird Publishing

Clearbird publishes technology for personal advancement, increased ability and attainment of personal freedom. Their publications on Standard Clearing Technology are mainly based on the clearing technology developed by the late Mr. Ron Hubbard (1911 - 1986).

Study Basics and CB Meter Course, by Anonymous

    • Study Basics (190k) - web page format (contents: courses/index.html)
    • CB-Meter (128k) - web page format (contents: courses/index.html)

Communications Workshop and GSR Meter Course, by Peter Shepard

The Pilot

Super Scio: The Book of The Pilot

    • SuperScio.exe (1313k) - web page format (contents: freezoneamerica\SuperScio.html)
    • (707k) - original text files
    • (670k) - Microsoft Word 2.0 - thanks to a Pilot fan
    • Super Scio.pdf (2451k) - Done by another Pilot supporter in PDF format. You can get a reader for this at the Adobe Acrobat link below.

Self Clearing: A Handbook For Self Enlightenment - 1997 edition

    • SelfClearing.exe (453k) - web page format (contents: freezoneamerica\SelfClearing.html) 18Jan01
    • (246k) - original text files
    • (218k) - Microsoft Word 2.0 - thanks to a Pilot fan
    • clearing.pdf (705k)- Formatted for Adobe Acrobat - thanks to another Pilot fan. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat get it at the link below.
    • selfclearing castellano spain.pdf (1299k)- Translated into Castilian Spanish and formatted for Adobe Acrobat - thanks to a Pilot supporter. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat get it at the link below.

      (see the Pilot's Home Page for links to Self Clearing in other languages)

    Self Clearing: A Handbook For Self Enlightenment - REVISED EDITION - 2004

    • self clearing 2004.doc (1.04mb) - Microsoft Word.
    • self clearing 2004.pdf (1.35mb) - Formatted for Adobe Acrobat. If you don't have Adobe Acrobat click here >.

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    Posting Archives (postings made to the newsgroups: and/or alt.religion.scientology). These are all in web page format and the first file is REQUIRED for all the other files to work correctly. The last file contains additional Pilot files such as the Level Zero Checksheet, Master List of LRH Tapes, Scn Reformer's Page, Self Clearing page and more.

    • p-common.exe (85k) - (contents: freezoneamerica\PostArchive.html)
    • p-2001.exe (55k) - (contents: freezoneamerica\PostArchive.html)
    • p-2000.exe (126k) - (contents: freezoneamerica\PostArchive.html)
    • p-1999.exe (989k) - (contents: freezoneamerica\PostArchive.html)
    • p-1998.exe (919k) - (contents: freezoneamerica\PostArchive.html)
    • p-1997.exe (606k) - (contents: freezoneamerica\PostArchive.html)
    • p-additional.exe (322k) - (contents: freezoneamerica\Pilot.html)

Psychic First Aid

Psychic First Aid by Muriel Chen

Excalibur Revisited

Excalibur Revisited: The Akashic Book of Truth by Geoffrey C. Filbert:

    • (991k) - web page format (contents: excalibur\index.html)
    • (1476k) - Unzips to a PDF file. A very nicely done version by a friend of FreeZone America.

L. Kin - Volume 4

 From the Bottom to the Top

    • (529k) - Formatted for Adobe Acrobat.


 The Resolution of Mind: A Games Manual by Dennis H.Stephens:

    • trompdf.pdf (1010k) - PDF format, kindly done by David Stone
    • trom.exe (211k) - web page format (table of contents: trom\index.html)

Transformational Processing

Transformational Processing by Flemming Funch:


Please note that the Electra material was obtained from Lightlink. With due respect to Homer, all editor comments have been removed so that this data can be presented in it's original format.

Clearing the Body/Mind

Clearing the Body/Mind by Adriana Hansen:

"In the course of working with the Clearing Techniques for over of 20 years, I have discovered that people live their lives unaware of the fact how much they are influenced by their past, traumatic experiences..."

    • (118K) - web page format (contents: bodymind\index.html)

CoS Censor Sitter Killer

"This application will attempt to remove the COS Net Nanny from..." your computer. No warranty expressed or implied. We don't even know if this file is still valid, so if it works well for you, let us know!

File Clerk's guide to PDC

Is based on the famous Philadelphia Doctorate Course
Lectured given by L. Ron Hubbard in 1952. It covers in
depth the fundamentals of L. Ron Hubbard's philosophy
about the physical universe, about life, about a
person's "own universe" and how it all applies to


David Mayo Lectures

The early 1980's were turbulent years for Scientology.  The official
Church declared many people Suppressive, many of them top technical
people, and many others left.  Amongst them was David Mayo, a
New Zealander who had been in Scientology many years, worked
close to Ron, and traveled widely in his top Tech post.  David, after
recovering (his trials and tribulations are described elsewhere) set
up an alternative Scientology centre in California, which delivered
standard Scientology for a year or so, until the official "Church" of
Scientology managed to harass it out of existence.  During this
period his Advanced Ability Centre (AAC) delivered auditing and
training, and also held informal get togethers on Sundays, where
David gave short talks.  
Here are the lectures we have available
at the moment.  David was rather good at pointing out where
the Church had deviated from Ron's original principles, and therefore
the Church has been busy since then, painting an untrue, black,
picture of him.  We suggest you listen to David himself, and form
your own judgment.

( Written by James Moore. )

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