by Mike Goldstein

Mike Goldstein has posted some fascinating articles to the newsgroup alt.religion.scientology. I am happy to host them here.

Part I - Beginning of the Free Zone

Part II - Surviving the First Attack

Part III - Survival Services International

Part IV - Independent Field vs. CoS

Part V - A Shift in Viewpoint

Part VI - John Galusha's Research Line

Part VII - Creative Processing

Part VIII - The Beginnings of Idenics

Part IX - Identities

Part X- John's Secret

Part XI -The Relevance of This Series

Part XII - Additives

Part XIII - Application of Technology

Part XIV - Basic Philosophy Difference

Part XV -What An Idenics Practitioner Does

Part XVI - Mock-ups & Addivites

Part XVII - Obsolete Tech

Part XVIII - Entities

Part XIX -Epilogue

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