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By Mike Goldstein

Part 19 of 25


After much consideration, I have decided that for the time being I am done with this series.

As I was leaving the CoS in 1983, I witnessed the birth of the independent field. In this series, I have chronicled its beginning history as well as my unique involvement with this activity. I described the distinct shift of viewpoint that occurred in the independent field two years after its conception.

Free from the mental constraints imposed by a progressively decadent organization, the inconsistencies and limitations of Scientology technology started coming into view. The blind acceptance of Scientology tech gave way to a free questioning of this methodology and the exploration of new ideas.

Out of this independent movement, Idenics emerged. Even though it was born from the knowledge and experience of an earlier system, Idenics was a new subject and not just a rehash of its predecessor. The majority of this series has been dedicated to the research, development and description of this new methodology.

Addressing an audience of former Scientologists, I am satisfied that this series contains the best-to-date description of Idenics application and mechanics. Even though this write-up does not and was never intended to provide a complete account of Idenics technology, it does supply a comprehensive synopsis of this system. However, only those people who have taken off their "Scientology blinders" will see the value and impact of the data that I have conveyed.

Those blinded by an unquestioning acceptance of LRH, as the only valid source of mental and spiritual development will see Idenics solely, as a watered-down and distorted version of Scientology tech. Therefore, I have refused to engage in discussions or provide additional information about Idenics to these people, as their only purposes in inquiry are to attack what I am saying and to assert the rightness of their position.

As stated above, my initial written description and discussion of Idenics technology is complete. Those who are interested in finding an alternative to the Scientology Bridge of services have a sufficient amount of data to decide if they wish to pursue further information about Idenics. These people's questions and requests for additional information are welcome, and I will personally handle all inquiries.

If, out of these individual inquiries, I discover new topics of discussion that are appropriate and necessary to communicate on a general basis, I will make this data available in future posts. As was the case with my previous series, I have not used all twenty-five of the parts originally anticipated for this write-up. Remaining parts will be used for any new discussion topics as mentioned above.

In describing Idenics to former Scientologists, I have found it necessary to point out the inconsistencies and limitations of Hubbard's ideas. However, I do acknowledge and appreciate the contributions that this man did make in the field of personal growth and improvement. Without his contributions as well as his mistakes, Idenics would not have come into existence. Just as Hubbard built on the discoveries and errors of his predecessors, so have we.

End of Part 19 of 25

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