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By Mike Goldstein

Part 3 of 25

Survival Services International

In an effort to discourage Scientologists from coming to me for services, the RTC sent Heber Jentzsch to Denver to put on an event disparaging me to the public. I don't know exactly what was said at this event, but I did hear about an amusing tactic that was used. Every time Jentzsch mentioned me in his talk he would say, "Goldstein!", in a guttural and disgusted tone. On cue, staff members dispersed throughout the audience would respond by saying, "Ooh", with a nauseated inflection in their voices. However, during this period of time, Survival Services International re-opened for business as an independent center.

In addition to John Galusha and me, many highly trained and experienced technical people and some administrative staff were brought on board. Among these were my ex-wife, Rebecca Jessup, and an old friend of mine from LA and the ship, Russ Meadows. Rebecca was one of the first one hundred Class 8s trained at AOLA, bilingual auditor at AOSH DK, and Qual Sec at Flag. Russ was one of the original twelve Class 12s trained by LRH.

We operated out of a beautiful, 5000 square foot office that was built to our needs, in a prestigious business area in Denver. Most of our clients were from Colorado, but having one of the best technical units in the entire independent field, we also got a good share of people who came to us from other areas.

There were groups of Scientologists who had left the CoS in many locations without independent delivery facilities. Some of these people came to our center for services. We arranged with these clients to set up events for us in their area with other former CoS members attending. I usually brought two technical people with me to the area. We went over what we were doing and described our service potential. We offered the people a free, on the site case evaluation and a free session to handle upsets. These trips brought us a lot of clients from various parts of the country.

We were different from most other independent centers in that we didn't just service Scientologists leaving the CoS. We worked with a lot of people who hadn't previously been involved with Scientology. Executing programs to enlist interest in the general public, we had success with several actions. When I was running the org in Denver, we had a thriving public office located on the main street in downtown Denver. We tried most successful Division 6 programs at that office. The best one was OCA testing. At the time, we were using the original OCA materials that were designed by Raymond Kemp. Ray was the person who wrote the OCA testing materials for Hubbard, and actually held the copyrights. In addition to the test, he had written a manual for evaluating the completed tests, which was an extremely effective part of the entire OCA process.

When Ray was declared, the CoS changed some of the OCA questions and put Hubbard's copyright on the test. They also forbade further use of Kemp's manual in Scientology orgs and missions.

I was interested in using Kemp's initial OCA materials at Survival Services. I managed to track him down without too much trouble. I asked him how the CoS was legally able to change a few questions and then put their copyright on the OCA. He told me that they just did it, but that he hadn't had the resources to pursue the matter. But he still had the original materials, on which he still held the copyrights. For a small fee, he licensed me to use this material and sent it to me.

I published the OCA test in a large local newspaper. People would complete the test and call our office to schedule an appointment to have the test evaluated. The biggest problem with the OCA test line in the org was the time involved with properly preparing the evaluation. We solved this problem at Survival Services by writing a computer program using Kemp's manual.

The potential client would bring their completed test into the office. The answers were punched into the computer that then spit out the evaluation. The whole process only took a few minutes. The client quickly received a good evaluation of his test and was sent to a sales person where he was signed up and sold services. Our OCA program was extremely successful and efficient.

Different from that of the CoS, the technical staff was allowed to do their jobs without the constant interruption and pressure from management. The delivery quality and efficiency was therefore very high. Clients progressed through their training and processing levels without the stops created by high prices and heavy ethics. There were only as many administrative personnel as necessary, and the admin staff who were there were extremely effective.

The years that I ran the independent center were both rewarding and enjoyable. This was much different from the stress involved when working in the CoS. In the CoS, I spent as much time dealing with the insane aspects of the organization as I spent doing my job. It was a real pleasure being in a situation where clients and staff were winning, and where there wasn't the constant flack from people who were supposedly part of the same team.

End of Part 3 of 25

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