Who Is Mike Goldstein?

Find out here. The below was written by Mike after I asked him for a Mini-Bio about himself.


Got involved with Scientology in 1969 receiving and delivering Book One auditing.

Did training services at Denver Mission in 1969 and 1970.

Joined Sea Org in LA in May of 1971.

Assigned to Continental Finance Office in LA in June of 1971, posted to special collections project. Personally collected $250,000 in bounced checks and went on full time FBO training.

When training completed later in the year 1971, was posted to FBO USLO, in charge of finances of USLO, USSO, Bolivar, Excalibur and Mexican Base.

In spring of 1972 was brought to Flag to work in the Flag Finance Office. When arrived, was posted as FBO Flag, in charge of finances on the ship as well as Sea Org Reserves.

In August of 1972 was sent from Flag on mission to Denmark to establish FBO network in Europe. Over next 8 months set up Continental Finance Office as well as training and posting FBOs in the European orgs.

In spring of 1973 returned from mission to Flag where was re-posted at FBO Flag.

Later in the year 1973 was posted as FBO Dictator by Hubbard to handle international finance emergency.

In early 1974 after finance emergency handled, Hubbard created post of LRH Properties Chief for Mike with purpose of marketing Hubbard’s tech developments.

At the end of 1974 Mike and his wife went to Denver to start a family, getting approval of Mary Sue Hubbard, in 1975, to be posted as SO members there where Mike started the CoS of Colorado, growing it into one of the largest orgs in the world.

In 1978 Mike returned to Flag, now in Clearwater, to work in management and was posted as Sea Org Chief, managing all the SO units internationally.

In the fall of 1978 Mike routed out of the Sea Org and returned to Denver.

At the end of 1979, Mike went back into the local org in Denver by request of upper management.

In spring of 1980, Mike was contacted by Diana Hubbard to help her. Mike partnered with old time Scientologist, John Galusha, to start Book One movement.

Over the next 2 years, Mike and John expanded the Book One movement to an international level until Mike was declared after the RTC came into power.

In early 1983 Mike was “undeclared” by the RTC to get him to help them once again with Scientology in Denver. Their terms being unacceptable to Mike, he left the CoS.

In 1983 he started an independent center in Denver. In addition to John Galusha, other former CoS members came aboard as staff. Among these included Rebecca Jessup Goldstein, one of the original Class 8s, Qual Sec and bilingual auditor in Europe and Qual Sec at Flag, and Russ Meadows, one of the original Class 12 auditors trained by Hubbard.

After two years of intense research and development, in 1987 Mike and John founded IDENICS, the only service delivered by John and Mike from that point on.

After John Galusha’s passing in 1996, Mike has continued to run IDENICS and currently works with clients from around the world. He delivers IDENICS training and processing. With advancements in the subject of IDENICS, in 2001, Mike found that he could get the same spectacular results over the phone as had been achieved for more that an decade and a half in person. This has opened up the door to international clients not able to come to Colorado for IDENICS processing.

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