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'Communication Barriers'

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Any flow which has any power or potential can build up pressure or mass or charge if it is blocked and bottled up.
One of the most intimate and important flows to a spiritual being is the free flow of communication. When it is inhibited or enforced, it can lead to protests, upsets, problems, compulsive behavior, and other ills. But at basic the communication barriers seem to be made by choice. In other words, the person himself decides to go out of communication.

This means that you can push through the communication barriers by decision without consulting the why and wherefore. This can be done on the simple basis of volume. If you talk enough about sex, you will cease to be inhibited about talking about sex, unless of course, people start hitting you when you begin talking because that will give you a good reason to decide to shut up again.

The Pilot's Self Clearing book - Chapter 8

Friday 4/9/98

Deja-vu experience

R - Awoke 6.15am with my mind empty except for a name, which I recognised as a work-related matter, one of hundreds of possible names I could be assigned to deal with. This was significant because of its insignificance. There was simply no reason at all to be thinking of that name. Anyway, later that day there was a hectic re-shuffling of work assignments, and I was assigned to deal with some matters. When I looked at the paperwork there were two names involved, one of them being the very name I had had in my mind that morning.

There was absolutely no other significance to the occurrence, except the chances of being assigned to the one name I'd had in my mind that morning were thousands to one. I simply recognised it as a trivial `deja vu' experience and mention it here in case of any future significance.

8.1 The Body

Now let's write a letter to an imaginary person that describes personal and intimate details of your body. You should actually write this rather than simply thinking it in your head. Volume is more important than quality in this case.

Now write a letter from this imaginary person back to you which acknowledges your letter and then tells personal and intimate details about their body.

Keep writing letters back and forth. Include embarrassing details and things which you would not normally say to anybody. Cover personal habits, including bad ones, bathroom details, and anything else that comes to mind that is body related. Keep this up until you feel that you could say anything in this area or hear anything in this area without it bothering you.

R - After almost a page of writing the letter I ran into having `agreed' to a surgical operation at age eleven. Decided this ARC X (upset) should be handled before continuing the process. Of course I recognised it as enforced reality/agreement (I had no choice in the matter). I have dealt with this trauma on numerous occasions but it keeps popping up. Anyway, chased it earlier similar through childhood and kindergarten upsets, then a couple of past life upsets and back to a theta pole trap incident that keeps coming up. When I recognised that as an enforced reality then I realised my entry into this (mest) universe was an enforced reality. Sure, I agreed to it, but only because that was the only way to experience this universe/game - a catch 22 situation? Anyway, then cognited again on the CDEINR scale because that's how it worked for me back then - was Curious about this universe, then Desired it, then had it Enforced by agreeing/inflowing it, etc. Now of course I'm at the bottom of the scale mainly Refusing it.

T - I realised that past lives, which I haven't touched on greatly, have shaped me now. I came up with a huge area. I may find out that I've killed or injured people in my past lives. This explains why I don't like people and why I continue to be re-stimulated on things such as flogging.

Sunday 6/9/98

8.2 Sex

Now write about sex, both sex in general and your own desires and actions. Again write letters back and forth until you are free about communicating in this area.

T - I had a cognition. The bizarre side of sex doesn't interest me because of the connotations I have with it (whips, chains, pain, degradation). At present I am unable to delve into this area because I cannot understand how it would be enjoyable. To me sex does not equal pain.

Wednesday 9/9/98

R - To appreciate the following results I'll briefly recap my background. I was processed to a level where one is introduced to the concept of spiritual `entities' and trained to process them if/when they appear. In the Free Zone I did some Excalibur processing which also deals with entities.

The second part of process 8.1 is to write a reply. Well, after half a page I realised I wasn't thinking about what to write - thoughts were just pouring out by themselves, as it were. I experienced some mild electrical somatics and realised the process was becoming a `live' communication from an entity/body thetan. Well, what a surprise! No meter, no specific process for handling this area, but there it was. Well, I just handled with process 38.4 (What are you? Who are you?), acknowledging the responses, then became aware its purpose was to monitor me. Anyway I handled the considerations until it blew. Cognitions included my interest in the Bible, why Christians are stuck in the Bible, etc.

With 8.2 Sex , the letter required here got off some of my current considerations on the subject so I then began the reply. Immediately was writing the thoughts of a rather suppressive entity who was just pouring out a continuous stream of invalidation, ending off with `You'll get yours, must kill you' etc etc. When it ran out of steam I again used the NOTs valence technique. There was immediate recognition that the being was a being separate from myself and it departed.

I felt there was still some charge on the word `sex' so I decided to continue the process. Before I could begin my letter I knew there was a `reply' waiting so I started writing that. Another entity came into communication, again somewhat suppressive/critical. This time when I asked `Who are you?' it replied `Me' with a mixture of sarcasm, humour and intelligence. I gave a couple of good acknowledgments and `he' departed to the music of Queen's Another One Bites The Dust

A number of cognitions followed. I realised why writers often say their `fictional' or `invented' characters seem to have a life of their own, and why often their stories often seem to write themselves. I now understand there are entitities behind these things. Also I realised an upset entity could lead to `writer's block' where the writer `runs out of ideas'.

8.3 Social

Now talk about your inter-relations with other people, including work, groups, society, and any other interactions with people. Here you should include embarrassing experiences, things you've done that you wouldn't want others to know about, things that you'd be afraid to say in public, criticisms that you don't dare voice, etc.

Again write letters back and forth until you are free about communicating in this area.

T - I've been riddled with the flu for the last few days and haven't done any processing. I spotted two suppressive people at work, I handled them with suppression processes in the self-clearing course and then felt ill. I felt ripped off because I was unable to prevent the illness occurring. Anyway, I've just completed this process. It's becoming very clear to me whilst doing this chapter that my letters are a look at who I am and the fact that I need improvement. My imaginary letter writer is the same person as in the first process. He is everything I'm not. He's even begun to start offering me advice on my shortcomings. I think that's a good sign.

Thursday 10/9/98

R - Decided to do something about a chronic PTP (present time problem) with remembering some things (mainly names, dates and such). As soon as I decided to handle it I realised I would have postulated not remembering such details if/when captured by an enemy. Then I spotted the `earlier similar' and saw myself pushing such info away from me (in space and time, into the future) during an interrogation. This didn't resolve so again I found an earlier similar where I'd used an implant machine to obtain a `human' imprint so I wouldn't look out of place on an earth assignment. Still no go, but I spotted an instance this lifetime of not wanting to recall details of my role in my brother's various `accidents' (severed finger, broken arms). I continued through some more this lifetime stuff and a couple of torture incidents from earlier times - my intention to hold onto my body versus their intention to kill my body if I didn't `talk', etc.

Still no `result' so I continued through some serv fac stuff (to be right I have to actually not recall, to win I have to sacrifice either body or memory) and tone level of blame until I realised there was some implant here. (I've blown through quite a few over the years). Then it occurred to me this could be the Forgetter Implant. Then I recalled something that had come up years ago but had not resolved. There were three people in a room, one with a helmet device on his head. I had a lot of cognitions this time, realising this had been done to me shortly after my theta pole trap incident (mentioned in earlier chapter/s).

They were saying `We know you are brave and loyal to your friends and would rather die than betray them so we won't ask you to do that. But if you forget all about them and join our side then you can live and continue to play the/a game'. They said they'd accept my word that I would forget everything of my previous identity (as a free, powerful, ethical, etc being). So I (stupidly) agreed. So, to live is to forget, survival = not recalling details, etc, etc., and to join them is to live, play a game, etc.

Well, it took four pages of writing to get to the bottom of my `memory problem' . Following the above I saw myself doing the same thing to other beings. I was in glee about giving this `forgetter implant' to powerful beings, turning them to `our' side. I then realised I had even earlier overts on reducing the abilities of other beings by `destroying' their memory while I was the `Commander' of an earlier major implanting operation. (That's why the implant was so effective on me!) So that's what's been affecting my memory this lifetime, and that's why I've avoided leadership roles ever since.

8.4 Desires

Now write about your likes and dislikes, especially things that you are reluctant to express because they are unpopular. And write about your desires, both base and noble ones. And write about any deep beliefs that you would be reluctant to express in public.

Again write letters back and forth until you are free about communicating in this area.

T - I realised that I don't have any desires. I'm pretty much day to day, not long term wishes or anything like that. I didn't have any problems with listing likes and dislikes. I'ts becoming more obvious to me that my created letter writer is my exact opposite.

8.5 People

Now pick individual people who you are or have been intimately connected to and where there might be some inhibited communication. This can include parents, children, spouses, lovers, close friends, etc.

For each one individually, write letters to them and responses on their behalf where you express any inhibited communications or anything that you feel needs to be said, or any general discussion along the lines of 8.1 to 8.4 above. Do this until you feel that you do not have any compulsions or restraints about things that you could say to them or hear them say to you.

T - This one was a real eye opener. I had written communication with a former co-worker, with my deceased father and with one of my brothers. My former co-worker was a final correspondence, my Dad was an important secret about me revealed, and my brother was a confrontation regarding a behavioural problem. I found this process very therapeutic.

Friday 11/9/98

R - Had a chest somatic which I decided to deal with as a PTP. I immediately spotted an entity and used the valence technique (process 38.4) to deal with it. Spotted when and where the entity had been assigned to me (only 5 years ago). This led to realisation I had a problem with being made wrong for something I'd already experienced regret for, and blew a ridge (of hate) involved in the incident.

Dealt with another PTP, a sunburn problem, tracing it earlier similar through a number of this life and past life incidents to an incident where as a red Indian I was staked out under the desert sun for some days. I survived this `test', proving myself a warrior. This incident explained numerous upsets this lifetime whenever I had to `prove' myself or `endure' things.

Sunday 13/9/98

8.6 Professions

Now pick various roles or professions that people can be in which might introduce some inhibitions in your communications. Pick things such as bosses, school teachers, policemen, judges, priests, salesmen, politicians, etc.

For each role or profession, individually, again write letters back and forth saying anything that needs to be said or has been restrained or anything along the lines of 8.1 to 8.4 above.

T - This process took a couple of days to complete, as I had to go back to work, where there's not even time to scratch. I communicated with two people in authority at work, with satisfactory results. I was able to see both sides for the first time, and I didn't resort to abusive language to get my communication across.

Tuesday 15/9/98

8.3 Social - you should include embarrassing experiences...

R - For this process I wrote a one-page letter expressing general disappointment with society generally. The reply letter appeared to come from my father and made me realise I was reacting to society's `conservatism'. There was no more reall charge in the area so I went onto the next process.

8.4 Desires - ...especially things that you are reluctant to express...

R - My short letter for this process brought the quick realisation I often provoked negative reaction in others with my choice of conversation material - often way beyond their acceptability/reality level (ghosts, past lives, immortality, telepathy, etc). The reply letter took the form of the `human' viewpoint and explained the `duty' of humans to look after each other (hold each other down/prevent revelation of knowledge, truth, etc) by preventing spiritual realisation. Very enlightening!

8.5 People - ...can include parents, children, spouses, lovers, close friends...

R - Did a couple of letters on this process which resolved quite nicely with the reply cycles.

8.6 Professions

R - Same with this process.

8.7 In a Crowded Place

Now go to a crowded place. Each of these steps is done until you feel good about it. If you do have trouble with this, do each step for a little while in rotation rather than bogging down on a particular step.

8.7.1 Spot individuals and imagine something you could say to each one. It can be outrageous or non-sequitur.
8.7.2 Spot individuals and imagine something that you would be willing to have them say to you. Again it can be outrageous or non-sequitur.
8.7.3 Spot pairs of individuals (not necessarily related or in conversation with each other) and imagine something that you could have them say to each other.

R - This process raised my awareness from the level of terminals (people/bodies exchanging information) to that of lines (the connecting theta/energy lines between the terminals) so that I could almost `see' lines connecting people. I then realised a brilliant `speaker' (famous actor/orator) would have great control of these lines, from one line to one other person (but where millions in the audience could `listen in' to it) to controlling hundreds or thousands of individual lines to each person in a large audience.

Thursday 17/9/98

8.8 Real Freedom

This is the final process for this chapter. Do this until the last of the inhibitions blow and you feel that you can communicate freely. The three commands are done in rotation. The emphasis is on spotting things that you are willing to talk about, but you shouldn't be avoiding anything.

By this time you should be up to pushing through any remaining barriers by pure decision, but if something seems to hang there as a real inhibition that wouldn't release, you can put this process aside temporarily and do some more letter writing on the area of difficulty until it is handled. Then go back and finish this process.

The commands are:

8.8a) What would you be willing to say to another?
8.8b) What would you be willing to have another say to you?
8.8c) What would you be willing to have another say to others?

R - Rather unexpectedly this process revealed an ARC X of long duration so I decided to handle it with ARCU and CDEINR. This went earlier similar to an incident of being tortured by an Arabian princess, which has come up a number of times. This time I had the HUGE realisation why I'd had so many unaccountable conflicts with seniors (parents, managers, captains, teachers, etc). I recall my father indicating I had a problem with `superiors' which seemed a statement of observable fact but made me very upset. Now I know the correct item is `seniors less intelligent than myself'. I felt half of my time track smooth out after finding this (right) item.

Having dealt with that upset/serv fac I continued the process and found the whole tone of my answers was now positive, communications from others being things like `You just won the lottery', `How come you're so lucky?', `You're kind of special, different', and so on. I figured that was a bloody good result and that this process had indeed delivered a much higher degree of `real freedom'.

8.7 In a crowded place

T - Sat opposite a person on the train and felt good about the first two processes straightaway. There was a bit of innuendo happening because there was an attraction. I also chose a person next to me who obviously possessed a different attitude. The process went well regarding this person also. The third process was not easy, and I had to work for a good result. I chose individuals and predicted their communication because of their appearance and manner. This was very successful.

Saturday 19/9/98

8.8  Real Freedom

T - This was a good win. I realised that I would be willing to tell another yucky things about me or anything. I am willing to have another say anything to me (especially R when he needs to give me a kick in the pants). I would be willing to have another say to others the truth.


R - Phew, that's another chapter done! Again the personal results, case gain, etc far exceeded my expectations. My only regret is not enough others are taking advantage of this path to self realisation with the Pilot's book.

However, my initial intention was to have a clearing technology that would work on people with no prior experience in this area. I wanted this for my partner, family, friends and others as well as myself. Well, T's results are proof that the Self Clearing book is even more than that. In fact it has been effective on T despite much earlier lack of interest and much counter intention. I'm sure many experienced clearing practitioners would agree that this is not supposed to happen and is quite a plus point for The Pilot's work

I am very pleased with T's progress. Her improvement in all areas is noticable and life together is more interesting and enjoyable these days. The telepathy factor is there most of the time now. We voice each other's thoughts quite routinely as we do a lot of things together such as jogging, swimming, tai chi, shopping, and so on. She really enjoyed some of the processes of this chapter, laughing out loud, very uptone, etc. As you can see below, she is even contributing to the chapter summaries now!

T - My knowingness has increased (I know when I need feedback before it's due). Also, my communication is better (this is the first addition to a chapter summary that I've made). I have just sent a letter to R's parents for the first time, even though I have known them for almost four years.

(End Self Clearing Diary Ch 8)

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