This is another advanced chapter. You should not do it before working through the earlier chapters unless you have already been fooling around with these kind of things. And if this area doesn't seem real to you, then don't push it but leave it for later.

You, as a spirit, are capable of being in many places at once. You are capable of operating from many places at once.

In truth you are not located anywhere nor have you ever been.

We have already drilled this a to some degree. Where ever you place your attention, and where ever you perceive from, and where ever you project intention and operate from is where you are "located" and it is something that you can do at will from many places simultaneously.

But there is a problem. You let your attention become trapped and encysted and then bury your knowledge of it instead of either operating from the location or withdrawing from it.

You could think of this as the subconscious. Those parts of yourself where you are "unconscious" of operating but where you are still, none the less, running on automatic.

But this subconscious is not located in the brain. You have got it spread all over the universe.

But, as is the case with all aberrations, there is a natural and positive mechanism behind this which has simply become distorted and bent out of shape so as to work to your detriment.

You put out bits of yourself, your thought and attention, your "theta" so to speak, all the time. You project this into the universe around you and that is how you mockup and perceive the walls and interact with people and play the game of life. You create and dissipate these bits of "theta" at will by the simple focus of intention and attention.

But as the being decays, he begins to abandon things rather than dissolving them and he leaves pieces of himself behind, unconscious but running on automatic. And eventually he even begins to fragment under heavy impacts.


38.1 The Basic Process

 You will find that you have, at one time or another for various reasons, divided off pieces of yourself and left them running on automatic, unconscious and out of control.

Sometimes these will simply come back under your control if you extend back into the area or regain your confront of something that you flinched from. But if this doesn't take place easily and naturally, it does not work to try and force it.

The key to processing a split off fragment directly is to handle the moment at which it split off or divided. This is easiest to do by having the fragment spot the direction in which it split. And one of the best ways to do this in practice is as follows:


This avoids a great deal of problems that would otherwise arise in trying to handle split fragments.

One of the biggest difficulties is that we have been fragmenting over and over again in a complex pattern and you can not usually reclaim a piece directly when both it and you have been further fragmenting subsequent to the original point of division. Using other methods to try and force a direct reconnection can sometimes make you sick because it bypasses the other missing fragments which are "in between" so to speak. Using the above command gets you out of the problems associated with this.

Furthermore, this command will work on other people's fragments. Therefor you can be sloppy about determining whether or not you are actually dealing with a piece of yourself or not.

The command is even beneficial for a full conscious being. You can do this command yourself, pointing to the being you yourself divided from. The direction may well be non physical. On doing this, you do not dissolve or rejoin. For a conscious and separate individual, it simply gives them a better sense of self and who they are. For a fragment, however, it dissolves the separation (there is no conscious purpose in remaining separate as there is with a real individual).

Note that when a being really divides, both parts have the complete prior track and neither is senior to the other. In other words, both individuals will have identical memories prior to the point of division and both will be capable of remembering the entire track back to native state.

True individuals do not rejoin, because it would reduce the richness of creation and would provide no benifit since an infinite being is already infinite and does not become bigger by rejoining. Fragments, on the other hand, are not separate units of self awareness and will rejoin with the great benifit of restoring awareness of areas that the being was handling unconciously and can now deal with conciously.


38.2 Other Peoples Fragments

You will find that fragments of other people also get stuck to you.

Early Scientology ran into these and referred to them as idle spirits or entities. The technique for handling them was to push them through the incident that they were stuck in and thereby set them free and allow them to blow off (leave).

This still works. Upon finding a fragment, or a more complex entity, or even a complete individual who is stuck either on you or your body or somebody else or stuck in something or whatever, you can sort of blanket them telepathically and push them through the incident that they are stuck in. This serves to release them so that they can leave.

Another workable technique is to run them through incident one (discussed in an earlier chapter) which was how they got into this universe in the first place. It does act as an undercut, runs easily, and works even on spotting just the tiniest part of it. Orthodox Scientology has been using just a fragment of that incident for this purpose for many years now. This is perhaps your best technique if you are having serious trouble handling an entity of some sort.


38.3 About Orthodox Scientology

Hubbard did a bit of work on the fragmentation theory back in the early 1950s, but he did not have the "point to" process given in the first section above. So he concentrated more on the other side of the phenomena, handling entities and idle spirits that were stuck to one. But neither of these research lines went very far at that time and were dropped in favor of perusing things that were giving better results.

In the mid 1960s he came back to this area, but he concentrated exclusively on the phenomena of being infested by spirits, which he then labeled as "body thetans" (thetans which were stuck on one's body) or BTs. Lacking a balanced view (only considering others stuck on you and not looking at the bits of theta that you put on others to control them), he began to consider these to be independent beings who were unconscious.

As a result, the entire matter was blown out of proportion, and upper level Scientology began to concentrate on this phenomena.

Since the theory had a wrong twist to it and it tended to put people on the wrong side of the equation (being affected by spirits instead of running one's causative actions in this area), it gave people trouble, sometimes got them sick (which mostly comes from blaming your ills on somebody or something else), and didn't sound quite right to a lot of people. Therefore the material was made confidential both to keep people from getting sick by playing around with this and to avoid any unfavorable publicity or criticism that the theory might raise.

These problems were due to flaws in the theory rather than any real danger in finding out about these things.

A heavy incident of mass implanting was researched and used for this processing since it was a source for some of these entities or "body thetans". But this incident was very late on a chain of similar incidents (which makes it hard to run) and the entire area was inadequately researched.

This incident, which was labeled incident 2, was actually a chris-cross implanting of each of us into the others to have each of us put fragments of ourselves into other people to keep them obedient and human.

And you can indeed find fragments of other people jammed into your space to keep you in a human condition. But the more significant factor is that you yourself have your own fragments which you have jammed into other people to keep them human.

These things could not even affect you unless you yourself were also doing this to other people. But the orthodox level known as OT section 3 concentrated exclusively on handling what was being done to you. In the final analysis, the combination of running only one side of this phenomena combined with specializing in a single incident that was too late on the chain made the level extremely difficult to run and gave people a lot of trouble. The only thing that let them succeed at all was having a small piece of the aforementioned incident 1 which was used as an undercut to keep people from getting too snarled up in incident 2.

The simple solution is to spot how you are doing this to others, and to use the "point to" process given above to handle this. As you cease to hold other people back, they will stop holding you as well.

But it is better to start with lighter material and build up your horsepower rather than to fool around with a heavy incident that is late on a long chain. Note that incident 2 is obviously very late in the game because people were already very humanoid prior to the incident.

When you are ready to run this kind of incident directly, I would suggest that you go for earlier ones. The main reason for bringing up incident 2 at this point is that the materials on it are all over the internet and a big deal is being made out of it.

Eventually orthodox Scientology (Ron Hubbard assisted by David Mayo) took another look at the area and came up with a better, more general technique for handling body thetans. Although the one sided approach was not corrected, the new process (actually based on some of the earlier work in 1952) was a radical improvement over the OT 3 techniques and is adaptable to a gradient approach where you handle what is easiest to find first.

This was referred to as New Era Dianetics for OTs or NOTS for short. Complete course packs are available on the internet.

Unfortunately, they did not choose to replace the whole mess with a simple gradient use of the NOTS technique. Instead, they choose to retain OT3 as a first step followed by an elaborate series of NOTS rundowns professionally delivered. And they continued to mistakenly blame a great deal of things on these idle spirits and specialized in handling them to the exclusion of other more important areas.

These NOTS rundowns are useful and you will probably want to look into them and do them eventually. But they are not ideal for an initial approach, especially on a self clearing basis.

Instead, the ideal approach is to work things lightly and balance the two sides by handling your infesting other people as well as others infesting you.

Now lets take a simple look at the basic Nots technique because it is useful in this area.


38.4 The NOTS techniques

The basic Nots technique is very simple.

You ask the being, entity, fragment, BT, or whatever:

a) What are you?

b) Who are you?

You may need to get multiple answers to the "what" question until you pin down what they are currently being. You acknowledge this.

You ask the "who" question with the intention of their answering "me" and restoring their awareness that they are nothing else but simply themselves.

If you get other answers on the "who" question, you acknowledge them (they may actually be further answers to an incomplete "what" question) and repeat the "who" question, steering them towards a "me" answer if necessary.

For example, they can answer the "who" question with "I am Bill" and you might (after acknowledging them) tell them that "that is only a temporary identity, who have you been for all of time?".

More elaborate handlings are possible, but this is the basic. You can study a Nots pack for further data when you are ready.


38.5 Putting it All Together

You have 3 simple handlings that you should have at your fingertips in case you run into some kind of spirit or entity.

1. Point to the being you divided from

2. Run them through incident 1 (even just a vague approximation will do)

3. The Nots What/Who technique

Also note that the "who are you" question (pushing for a "me" answer) is useful in all cases if you have handled an entity but it is still hanging around and not quite ready to leave.

There are all sorts of rundowns and more complex techniques and other things that you can do in this area. Some are in the Super Scio book (chapter 6) and others are around on the internet or in the Nots materials.

But this should be enough to keep you out of trouble and handle things that you might bump into occasionally.


38.6 What's This All For

These kind of things will show up occasionally, especially as you do more advanced drills and start running deeper.

You should handle these things whenever they come up or you sense that they are getting in the way.

But for a beginner, I would not recommend trying to do any extensive handling of these things on a first pass through the book. Leave it for the second time around.

Entities (fragments or whatever) are not the source of what is wrong with you and they do not create your aberrations. The most that they do is get in your way and act to amplify your own aberrations.

If you are angry, for example, it is your anger, it does not come from a BT, but, just as a live person could encourage you to dramatize your anger more than you would otherwise, so too can a BT encourage you and feed the flames.

The same goes for fragments of yourself. Although these are pretty much running on automatic, they still respond to the feelings that you have deep down. As your conscious state improves, all of these subconscious things react accordingly.

The keynote is to always concentrate on what is in the band of accessibility and to run things that produce sufficient "ITSA" (awareness and realizations). As these things begin poking up into that accessible band, they should be handled, but don't do a lot of work on them before that because you will mostly be wasting your time when other more fruitful areas are sitting right there on your plate.

When you begin bumping into these things extensively is the time to do a thorough rundown such as those used on Nots. And don't push it beyond the point where they cease being able to affect you.

For now let's just do a few things to give you some strength in the area.

38.7 Handling Them

Now that we have stirred this up a bit, you should lightly check for anything that needs to be handled.

Close your eyes and look over your body and the space around you for areas that seem to have "mass" or "pressure".

Get the idea of contacting or permeating the "being" who is generating the mass or pressure.

As them "what are you" and sort of feel for an answer coming back from them. This may just be an impression or an idea of what they are being. You may have to infuse them with a bit of life to elicit a response. Acknowledge them.

Then ask them "who are you" and get them to say "me". Do this over and over again until they "blow" (leave).

Sometimes another being will immediately mock up a copy of the one who left. These things do interlock to some slight degree. If this happens, spot that others are copying and project an acknowledgment to them for doing that, which should get them to stop and dissolve the copy.

Sometimes another being will try to hold onto the one who is blowing. If that is the case, spot it and acknowledge the other being for doing that. When the first one blows, you can then shift over and handle the one who was holding.

Note that you don't do this with copies (shift over and handle the one who was copying) unless it is just a single one that is very obvious because these guys love to copy (it is one of the basic theta skills) and you can get into handling too many at once.

If you have trouble, can't get answers or whatever, go ahead and push them through incident 1 (the incident at the "beginning of time" with angles and cherubs and trumpets and various things like the charioteer (to be powerful), the wise fool (to be free), or the hanged man (to endure) which sets up the game of this universe as described in an earlier chapter).

If too much gets stirred up at once, take a break and walk around looking at nice things or doing any of the other objective processes given in the early chapters.

Continue until things cool down and you feel good.

In handling these, you should maintain a light and friendly attitude.

If, while doing this, you feel your attention drawn to anything which seems like a split piece of yourself, have it point to the being it divided from.


38.8 Beefing Up Your Horsepower

Now lets strengthen your ability to blow these.

Close your eyes and mockup (create by visualization) a "BT" (as a sort of circle of energy or pressure), acknowledge it for being there and have it blow, leaving and disappearing into the distance, by virtue of the fact of your fully recognizing and acknowledging it.

Mockup and blow quite a few of these, putting them into precise spots in the body, the space around you, and the walls, floor, and ceiling.

Continue until you feel good about this and can do it easily.

Then repeat step 38.7 to handle any more that are now accessible.

Notice that there is a slightly different "feel" to the ones you mock up in comparison with the real ones.

Of course sometimes you think you've got a real one and you're just mocking it up. But that's fine, if you blow a few mocked up ones out of an area it gets easier to handle the real ones, and sometimes they copy the mockup of blowing and leave along with your mocked up one.

If you get good at this you can mostly blow them by simple acknowledgment.


38.9 Handling Fragments

Next, see if you are aware of any fragments of yourself that you might be maintaining, especially ones on other people.

If you spot any of these, have them "point to the being you divided from". Repeat this until they blow or something dissolves. If it seems like they have pointed correctly but haven't quite become free, ask them the "who are you" question until they blow. As a last resort, use incident one as discussed above.

Sometimes when one of these is handled, it reveals more or it reveals fragments of other people (BTs). If they seem like BTs, then do the what/who procedure. But don't worry too much about it because the "point to" command often works on BTs as well.

Once you have handled whatever seemed available (if anything), then look for them as follows:

Close your eyes. Get the idea that you are looking over somebody's shoulder and trying to keep them human and in a body. Just tune in to this kind of thing. You may get an impression of scenery or see somebody below you.

Whatever you are permeating when you do this, have it "point to the being it divided from". It should dissolve. If there is any remaining connection or anything seems to be in the area or connected to the area, give it the command, or use the "who are you" command if it feels right to use it instead. Clean up the area using a mixture of "point to" and "who are you" commands until nothing holding your attention there.

Note that you can be anywhere and perceive anything, so it is possible to keep looking at the area after everything has blown, but nothing should be holding your attention there or pushing any perceptions at you when you're not looking.

Then repeat this, getting another person who you are holding in the human condition.

When there doesn't seem to be anymore, vary this by getting the idea that you are part of somebody's body, keeping it solid and human and repeat as above.


38.10 Keeping People Human

Now go to a crowded place.

Spot a person and alternately get the idea of keeping them human and leaving them free. Do this a few times and then spot another person and repeat. Continue until you feel good and are willing to have others be free.

Then get the idea of others keeping you human and then letting you be free alternately as above.

Then get the idea of others keeping each other human and then letting them be free as above.


38.11 Final Step

Now redo steps 38.7 (BTs) and then 38.9 (fragments) again to handle anything that is now accessible.

If this area is holding your attention, go ahead and study and use a bit of Nots material or chapter 6 of the Super Scio book and then run the above again. But if not, then carry on with the next chapter and leave a thorough handling for the second pass through this book.

Eventually you want to reach the point where BTs cannot influence your thoughts or block your perceptions or hold you back. And you want to reach the point where you are not holding other people in the human condition to make them good or obedient or whatever.