Self Clearing Diary


Our aim is to inspire others towards enlightenment via self clearing

This chapter might be too advanced for some beginners. It needs to be presented as early as possible because some students will bump into this area after a small amount of processing. Also, an increase in spiritual awareness at this level can rekindle hope and wash away despair. But if it is too difficult, feel free to skip it for the time being and go on to the next chapter. In that case, you should come back to this one and do it after you have done a few more chapters and feel ready.

At the ultimate level, you are pure thought, a nothingness with the capabilities of creation and consideration. Our existence stretches back before this universe, and therefore at basic we cannot be composed of or dependent upon matter or energy. Although many metaphysical schools concern themselves with astral or energy bodies, the more advanced schools recognize that these also are not the pure spirit but simply less physical constructions that are used by the spirit much as it uses the physical body.

Again contemplating the ultimate state, one would not have a physical location because one existed before there were any universes to be located in. The idea of being located in some specific area is more of an agreement and a convention rather than an enforced fact. The spirit can be anywhere it chooses to be and can be all pervasive if it so desires. But we normally play the game of life by operating from specific viewpoints.

One can be in the body or out of it. One can be outside as a pure viewpoint while leaving most of one's "stuff" in the body or one can pull most of the "stuff" out as well. Astral walking type practices try to get a person out with a lot of their stuff. Early Scientology, on the other hand, was more interested in exteriorizing the pure spirit so that it could think and operate without the impact of all the body's energy fields. Anything like an astral body was seen as just one more thing to get out of.

In those early days, Hubbard decided that the word "soul" had too many connotations. It is sometimes considered to be an energy form. It is sometimes thought of as something other than the person himself. Similar problems occur in using the word "spirit", with much arguments occurring between different spiritual practices. Therefore he coined a new term to describe a pure thought unit. He chose to call this a "thetan" based on the Greek letter theta which is sometimes used to represent thought.

Early Scientology worked to exteriorize the "thetan", meaning the person himself as a pure thought unit rather than exteriorizing the person in an energy body of some sort. The pure spirit or thetan is you yourself and is capable of all actions and operations including creation and perception. However, we have long since decayed to the point where we are dependent on the physical body for our sensory input and our operations in the physical universe. Without a physical body, we fall back to using an energy body of some sort, and depend on that for our perceptions and operations. That is the usual condition of somebody between lives or astral walking or engaged in some other out of body experience. But these non physical bodies are generally weaker and further decayed than the meat body and the sensory and operating capabilities are usually unsatisfactory.

Therefore, Scientology undertook as its goal the rehabilitation of the thetan or pure spirit itself to the point where it could perceive and operate without the need for any bodily construct of any sort whatsoever. This hypothetical end goal is referred to as an "operating thetan" or OT. Later Scientology became sidetracked. There were many other things that needed to be figured out and addressed besides this point of exteriorization or the development of OT abilities. To a large degree, they never got back to the earlier material in this area. But we will take a more balanced approach, working things both from the spiritual and the human sides.

The Pilot's Self Clearing book - Chapter 11

R - Reading the Pilot's introductory data I find it consistent with everything I've come across in Scn. It rings true and I know I am stuck on/in being something and not yet able to be nothing, or too stuck on having while not able to have just being, though I know that is the goal/way out.

Thanks to this further data I realise we have degraded so much we are unable to even conceive of nothing, let alone be nothing. We have identified with a something (body, viewpoint, whatever) for so long it has become a habit, an addiction.

Wednesday 2/12/98

R - Background Data - I've actually `tried' this, that is spiritually going in and out of things, over the years with little result, so I wasn't expecting miracles. Also I was up against some earlier exteriorizations which had left me very wary of being anywhere except safely in my head.

The first exteriorisation occurred during a surgical operation at age 11. It was only years later during routine running of this engram that I discovered I'd actually exteriorized from the body, forced out by the poison of the anaesthetic. I had looked down on the butchery for a short while then wandered off somewhere, eventually waking up hours later in a pool of blood after the operation and the drug had worn off.

My next exteriorization occurred after taking LSD in 1974. One minute I was sitting there with a girl on my lap, smoking a cigarette. The next minute I was one of a group of three Buddhist monks in a state of deep meditation located in a space co-incident with the space in the room. Talk about a butterfly dreaming it was a man and/or vice versa! I now totally agree one should never take LSD. At least not with a reactive mind. I KNOW what Chuang Tsu meant, now. As I write this I now see that an entire lifetime is in fact only one viewpoint. So it was a case of scarcity of viewpoints, in that I knew/believed I could only have one viewpoint/body and so sacrificed the monk one to regain my `current' one. Now I understand the importance of remedying scarcity of viewpoints!

Anyway, under the influence of the drug I was that monk once again and no longer `me' in 1974. In fact, as the monk I had never ceased being the monk. Which was not a problem until I, the monk, became aware of the existence of the `me' in 1974, at which point I was pulled out of my blissful meditation and back into `reality'. The remainder of the drug `trip' was a nightmare of apparently re-experiencing various past lifetimes. Of course I didn't understand that at the time.

My third exteriorization occurred during my first parachute jump with the Army. As we marched out of the plane with one hand on the shoulder of the guy in front I was in terror but determined to go through with it. If others could do it then so could I. Next thing I know there's no longer anybody in front of me and I can see out of the back of the plane and I see a parachute opening. I assume it's the guy in front of me but when the chute opens I suddenly am in that body and looking up at that chute because it's mine and it's opened and I know I'm not going to die then.

The fourth one occurred doing the `book & bottle' process while in CoS in 1978. I don't know how long I was doing the process for, maybe an hour or so. Then suddenly I'm looking down on my body and that of the auditor. It only lasted seconds but there it was again, exterior with full perception.

Since the book & bottle process there were numerous `minor' exteriorisations resulting from routine Scn processing and training. I say `minor' because they usually occurred unnoticed at the time because there was no disruption of my normal/bodily perceptions. For example I visited my parents' home once (shortly after completing OTII) and while alone in the house became aware of a `presence' which made the hair on my head (never very long) actually stand up, just like in the many ghost stories I'd read as a youth. I realised that my body was in terror but I was at mild interest, curious to know what/who was in the house. I `knew' it was downstairs and when I went down to confront it I noticed I was actually about three feet behind the body although still using the body's eyesight, etc. I was in fact hiding behind the body, using the body as a shield to confront whatever was down there, making it walk ahead of me. I mean, it was still terrified so whatever it was must/could be dangerous!

Anyhow, the story of meeting my grandfather's ghost and processing it/him is a separate write-up but I mention it as it was another exteriorisation. As soon as I recognised the source of terror as `granddad' the body immediately calmed down and I was back in my head.

Exteriorisation on a different scale marked the completion of my Purification Rundown. On that occasion as my body remained sweating/suffering in the sauna room `I' felt calm and causative and suddenly found myself exterior to the entire physical universe - a most rewarding, satisfying, illuminating, spiritually affirming, long sought-after experience worth all the suffering, sacrifice, etc., and not at all to be confused with the actual drug turn-ons or restims/trips which had ceased days previously. I had now experienced being `out of it' from both ends of the scale and it confirmed I was heading in the right direction (OUT!).


Frank comes over for his third self clearing session. It's so easy helping someone else to do Self Clearing! I've given him copies of chapters 1 and 2 so he can do stuff at home but he says he never has time. Anyway he wants to get straight into the processesing and he's up to chapter 2 so he reads aloud the first part which is some basics on processing and the overrun phenomenon. Then he does the first reach and withdraw process on his mobile phone. After about a minute he starts laughing out loud with his wins.

Friday 4/12/98

11.1 Interiorization and Exteriorization

The biggest bug that plagued the early Scientology work on exteriorization was not figured out until much later. It is that the person, while exterior, can sometimes snap back into the body with some force because he has been startled, scared, or otherwise surprised. This gives the person mental charge on the subject of "Interiorization" and may subsequently make it harder for the person to exteriorize again. Of course a pure spirit consists of nothing and therefore would have no impact, but in practice the being normally will be carrying around at least some "mental" matter and energy which can impinge on the body's own energy fields. The impact of interiorizing can in some cases be great enough to give the body a headache.

Since running processes will gradually release the barriers that hold a person trapped, the person will have a tendency to expand outward from the body as they advance through these materials. It therefore becomes important to proof one up against this interiorization problem so as to avoid ill effects if one does exteriorize and then snap back in again. This can easily be drilled by causatively interiorizing and exteriorizing from large masses such as nearby mountains until one can confront and control interiorizing.

In drilling this, we do not want to pull your normal viewpoint, machinery, energy bodies or whatever out from their usual positions. Instead, we will take advantage of the fact that a pure being is never really located in the first place except by his own consideration and we will take advantage of the fact that you can operate more that one viewpoint at a time. This means that you can leave everything in place including your normal operating viewpoint and create a second viewpoint and use that for our drills.

How do you create a viewpoint? It is very simple. You simply pick a spot and begin operating from it. You don't move from the previous viewpoint or pull anything out of it, you simply add a second viewpoint. We have already done this to some slight degree with the more advanced drills that were given in the first few chapters. We mentioned remote viewing, but that is to some degree a misnomer. Really its never remote from you, only remote from the body. You are always to some slight degree located where ever you are viewing from. And you can view from multiple places simultaneously.

And now for the drill itself. Pick a hill or a mountain or some other very large thing which you have at least some familiarity with and don't dislike. Don't use anything too close to the body (don't use the building you are in or the mountain that you are sitting on) because you don't want to pull things from the body or be pulled into the body at this stage. You want to establish a separate viewpoint and that is easiest to do when there is adequate space separating the viewpoints. It also helps to connect with a significant amount of mass, which is why we are picking a large object.

Now close your eyes and imagine that you are looking down at the mountain or whatever. Imagine interiorizing into it and then exteriorizing from it. Actually do this in your imagination, going in and moving out, over and over again. When you first start, this will be pure imagination. But as you keep looking and moving and connecting with mass, you will gradually establish yourself in the new viewpoint. At some point, you will get some real perception. It may be vague but it will feel real. This establishes the new viewpoint and it will remain as long as you continue to use it and move it around. You can bring these into existence and discard them at will. There is no limitation or price in terms of energy or any other reason to conserve or worry about these.

The first time this happens, the win may be significant enough that it would be an invalidation to continue the process, in which case you can end off and take a break or maybe move the viewpoint over to another mountain and continue running the process there Eventually you need to continue running this drill past the point where the viewpoint is established so as to practice interiorizing and exteriorizing an established viewpoint. Do this until you feel comfortable about going into and out of things. Note that your usual viewpoint will still be established with respect to the body. You have more than adequate physical mass and all sorts of mental constructions there and it doesn't dissolve just because most of your attention is somewhere else. But you will probably have the "volume turned way down" because most of your interest and attention will be with the new viewpoint that you are drilling with.

R - Thought of using the Pyramid (in Egypt) for this process but I decided there may be too much significance involved. Then I thought `Why not?', so I started using the Pyramid but immediately got the urge to use the Sphinx instead and did that. I immediately got the impression I'd become the Sphinx and was looking out from its eyes and realised that `going into' something means `becoming' it and that's how we began with meat bodies. Then I got an/the answer to the `riddle of the Sphinx' and it was that, at least on earth, man has become an animal. Or, more accurately, spirit has become a meat body. As I continued going into and out of the Sphinx I realised why some people freak out when putting their head under water - it's a restimulation of an earlier going into something, which may have been a body going under water but could have been (as a spirit) going into something solid like a wall, or a body. The feeling was exactly the same!

Then I realised the `truth' behind the common expression `Sorry, I was miles away'. When people say this then they probably were! During the process it sometimes felt like I was there in Egypt, and sometimes that the Sphinx was `here' in the room with me, very vague but somehow REAL. Realised my ARC for it had grown to where these things were real for me. This was exactly as the Pilot had said `You are always to some slight degree located wherever you are viewing from'. So I was both there and here. That led to realising how `crystal gazing' worked. The crystal ball is simply somewhere to locate/view a remote viewpoint.

A whole lot of amazing things occurred as I continued the process, such as noticing a golden sarcophagus in the upper centre of the Sphinx. Abilities developed such as the ability to be the whole of an object (Sphinx) or just part of it (the head) simply by expanding or reducing my awareness/space, and permeating rather than moving as a fixed (view) point. And the ability to agree/disagree with the barrier/exterior of an object. For example, by considering the Sphinx `solid' I could expel myself from it (because I normally consider myself somewhat solid/something rather than nothing), whereas if I consider the Sphinx insubstantial then I can be `in' it.

Then I got a bit of a headache and realised there was some mass I'd been taking with me (in and out of the Sphinx) that was now `solid' and causing pain. When I `looked' at the mass I saw it was an entity showing me a large compressed cube of metal (much like a vehicle crushed into a cube by those machines). This had to be handled so I did it straight away. With my current spiritual knowledge it was obvious this incident/mass/entity had remained with me because I had failed to admire him/it. This was from before this current physical universe. Anyway, I had considered the cube to be just a `load of junk'. From my viewpoint today it was obvious I had invalidated him because I would not do that now. In fact it was junk which he had collected but he had created an art form with it. He was actually trying to show me that yes, although it was junk it could be made aesthetically pleasing so that it COULD be admired and therefore as-ised. That way all the debris/junk left by beings could be gotten rid of/cleaned up. I failed to understand. To me it was just junk and I could not see his `solution'. I did not `get' the message. I missed the point. In fact, it became a crashing misunderstood symbol and was the point where I decided/knew that mest was bigger than I was. I have been rejecting/refusing mest and therefore effect of it ever since.

Viewing this incident I had a huge realisation about the legendary `Philosopher's Stone' and the ability to turn base metals into gold. It is the ability to have/see everything as `gold' no matter how `base' it actually is. I mean, how else could one as-is anything? ANY considerations about something is an act of rejection/resistance of that something and therefore it persists. So I failed to confront/accept/as-is his metal cube and made him wrong, and have been not-ising stuff ever since! Also there was the consideration I wasn't supposed to as-is another's object/creation/havingness. Then that led to the huge realisation that my attitude to those early beings was exactly opposite to my present auditing one! If I had those experiences now I would automatically act to free the beings involved. My game is different now. And I realised I am as trapped (in mest) as I remain in agreement with those early beings/incidents! This was a big breakthrough for me and a radical shift of viewpoint. These were agreements with somethingnesses I've had for eons. No wonder I can't agree with nothingness. These were hidden/unsuspected agreements with mest that have held me down right up to now. I agreed with players in the mest universe game and so became one.

I handled the entity with the NOTs technique - process 38.4 which exposed further entities. I will probably write this up elsewhere as it is incidental to this chapter but some unusual realisations came out of it. One was the `purpose' of Christmas presents - to make people want/have mest/objects, that Santa is an anagram of Satan, that Christmas pageants are probably dramatisations of Incident 1 (introduced in Ch 36), that Santa's original sleigh was a Marcabian space vessel and other Santas were sent to other planets, the earliest form of `death' was simply a dissolution of one's viewpoint, that being there and communicating are overts because they validate others being there and communicating, which keeps everyone stuck in mest by agreement, that mest has become more important/real than spirit/s until we are no longer aware of spirits/entities and the overts we commit on them (by ignoring them/failing to grant them beingness/not freeing them, etc) which of course keeps US trapped.

With one entity I saw back/through to his/our origin in/as the static. I realised the whole mockup (physical universe) is in effect a `lie' held in place by not-ising the static. Everything and everyone traces back to the static. This whole thing is just an illusion (as has been said many times by many others previously).

Saturday 5/12/98

R - Totally keyed-out/exterior the entire day. Was able to `have' to some degree ultimate reality/static/theta when I realised it entailed accepting its `nothingness'. Up until now I had been alter-ising the static, postulating it in various fashions as being heavenly, or golden and warm, or a brilliant whiteness, or anything/something rather than `nothing'. I've never felt so good for so long. Marvellous experience. At one point I was laughing at the absurdity of utter simplicity of a backdrop of nothingness upon or out of which everything manifests. It became obvious that if one were able to confront/have nothingness then of course one would no longer be dependent on the somethingness/s of existence. I could write forever about this experience. I also recognised I had actually experienced this on my LSD trip but did not recognise it for what it was. I just reacted against it as a threat to everything I knew as `reality'. So now, most of all I appreciate that I can finally experience it under my own steam, at will, and with a bridge of knowledge/understanding with which to guide others.

Sunday 6/12/98

11.1 - Interiorization and Exteriorization

T - I tried this before, a week or so ago. I found that choosing a mountain was a little difficult (I felt like the gopher in "Caddyshack"). I chose the family car and was able to be in and out with little difficulty possessing no shape.

11.2 - Some more drills

Now establish a viewpoint by interiorizing and exteriorizing from a mountain or whatever as given above. Once you feel some reality and orientation in this secondary viewpoint, go on to the next step. Look down at the mountain. Imagine that you have a sort of ridge or sheet of invisible mental energy in front of you, A sort of standing wave or energy screen. Decide that you are firmly anchored in your position above the mountain. If necessary, you can visualize some kind of brace or support which holds you there.

Now take the energy ridge and push it into the mountain and pull it back out while maintaining your position. Repeat this over and over, in and out until you can get some sort of tactile sensation from the mountain as you push the ridge into it. Next push the ridge into the mountain and leave it there to help anchor the viewpoint. While keeping this secondary viewpoint anchored and in place, shift back to the primary viewpoint that you use to operate the body. Open your eyes and look around without letting go of the secondary viewpoint. Now shift back to the secondary viewpoint and look at the mountain. Then back to the body and look from its eyes. Shift back and forth a number of times until you feel comfortable about shifting.

Now look from both viewpoint simultaneously. You will find that the body has a much higher level of volume, but if you put enough attention on the secondary viewpoint, you can keep it from being totally swamped out (although it will probably seem much diminished compared to when you had your eyes closed). Hold this for a while, experiencing the duality. Do this until you are comfortable and then for a bit longer. If you have real trouble, repeat the previous step of shifting back and forth.

T - I chose the car again. I found it difficult to be suspended above it, because this meant I was off the ground. I mocked up a ridge and pushed it in and out of the car. I was able to get the sensation that the car was hot (from being in the sun). Then I shifted from this viewpoint to the viewpoint of me sitting on the floor, looking around the room and then shifting to the viewpoint above the car.

11.3 - Looking around

Again establish a secondary viewpoint by ext/int as given in the first section above. This time, as soon as the viewpoint is establish, begin moving around and spotting things that are nice to look at. Move over a city or countryside which you are a bit familiar with and continue to spot things that are nice to look at until you feel very good. Note that in this case you should move through space rather than teleporting around because it helps a bit to maintain a consistent viewpoint when doing a drill like this.

Of course you may be imagining a lot of what you see, but there will be some real component mixed in with the imagination. So don't invalidate yourself if you find that some things are a bit different. Until you are fairly far advanced, you will mostly be getting sketchy little bits of perception and imaginatively filling in the blanks so to speak.

T - I established the viewpoint interior/exterior. I was able to move around by floating, which I did around the home unit. I moved suddenly while in this viewpoint and I felt something hit my head as I was lying on the floor doing the process. It was a strange sensation. I had reality on moving around this way.

Later that afternoon, the kids from upstairs were playing with a basketball outside of our first floor unit balcony. The ball hit one of my pot plants, which sent it crashing to the balcony floor. Instead of reacting negatively, I walked out and the children were hiding. I asked one of the kids (a young boy) to jump over the balcony, which he did, and he helped me to clean up. There was no animosity, and one of the girls apologised. I was happy that I handled the situation so well, as the kids obviously thought that they were in trouble.

Monday 7/12/98

11.4 - Imagination

This one might be too difficult on a first pass, in which case it can be left for the second time through the book. The eastern mystics have said that "all is illusion" and they are correct. But there are your personal and private illusions and then there is the big shared common illusion that we call reality. Reality is real because it is held in common between us rather than being our own personal turf. Now let's do this drill with a privately created illusion rather than a real mountain.

Although you could just imagine a mountain, this will go much better if you consciously create a space first and then mockup a mountain within it. Begin by closing your eyes and visualizing a point that is not located anywhere in physical universe space. Just consider that the point is somewhere else, in your own personal place so to speak. Now stretch the point out into a line. Make the line fairly long because we want to have enough space for a mountain. Next, extend the line into a square. You could visualize lowering a sort of curtain from the line until you have a sheet. Then extend the sheet in the same way to form a huge cube.

Consider that this cube is simply pure space. Now visualize a mountain within it. Begin changing the mountain around and adjusting it, shifting around the colors and terrain until you feel that you are in control of it and you like the way that is it. Now do the ext/int drill with this mountain that you mocked up. Continue until you feel good and feel that you have a viewpoint well established in this space that you created for yourself. When you are happy with this, anchor the viewpoint by whatever means you feel is necessary and keep the mountain mocked up and then establish another viewpoint above the real world mountain (as in the first step above). Now you should have two secondary viewpoints. One above the mocked up mountain and another above the real one. Shift back and forth between them, noticing something nice about the particular mountain that you are looking at each time.

This may give you some very strange and disorienting sensations for a little while. Continue until you can shift back and forth comfortably. Then shift back and forth some more, noticing differences between the real and the mocked up mountain. This one can be carried forward to a significant change in perception and awareness.

T - I began this process with difficulty, so R helped me mock up a cube (which began as Rubik's cube at a factory to an invisible cube suspended in the room). I again chose a car, this time a red drag racer, which I was able to be interior and exterior of. I felt that this was a good win, so we left it there.

R - It was a great win helping T using `mockup processing' which I had only read about previously. It fell into place just as I'd read how LRH used it on others. When T said she could not `create a space' I had her mock up a Rubik's cube, which she could do. Then I had her get the idea someone at the factory made a mistake in the size so we could have a bigger cube, etc until she was able to just mock up a space for the car. It actually seems much easier helping another with mock up processing than to do it oneself!

Tuesday 8/12/98

R - Continued handling entities from earlier process.

Wednesday 9/12/98

R - Continued handling entities from earlier processing.

Thursday 10/12/98

R - Upset with T - felt like I wasn't being duplicated. Then I looked deeper and saw it wasn't `my' upset but coming from a `cluster', the gene/theta pool described above, so did more processing on it.

Friday 11/12/98

R - Continued processing gene/theta pool (separate write-up).

Monday 14/12/98

11.2 Some more drills

R - Far from complete on entity handling but it could go on indefinitely, so chose to continue with this chapter at this point. I used the Sphinx again to do this process and had an absolute ball - fantastic stuff! As I created a `ridge' and pushed it into and out of the Sphinx I noticed a slight restimulation of something but decided to persist with the process. Noticed `effort' at one point, then the created ridge seemed real enough to exist in the space of the room my body was in and I could move it around there! As I continued working with the Sphinx it felt like the created ridge had become my theta `feet'. Then I gained the ability to operate the ridge without needing to be `anchored'. Then I could have viewpoints at the sides and other positions while continuing with the process - what a clever thetan! Then the ridge became so solid it seemed like a thick platform - actually affecting the mass of the Sphinx. It felt gooey, viscous, and I realised this was at the energy/etheric level. Then it felt as solid as dropping a heavy wooden raft into water. Then the ridge grew to cover the whole structure. Then it became a rubbery sheet/web and I realised it would detect `invisible' entities. Then I noticed what was causing the restimulation at the start of the process, and what I had suspected then - got the impression of a comatose, mummified face.

I know there aren't supposed to be mummies connected with the Sphinx, but as soon as I acknowledged the above as an entity I got a slight somatic in my right leg. The entity appeared to have the facial features of a dog and I got the idea it was connected with Anubis, the so-called Jackal god of the ancient Egyptians. (Pretty far-out sort of stuff, but I go with the flow these days). Anyway, handled it and got the idea the name was pronounced An-nu-bis, as three separate syllables. Then noticed the irony if Anubis actually was connected with the Sphinx, in that he had a human body and animal head and Sphinx was the reverse of this.

Continued process (got idea there was/is an entrance beneath the Sphinx), really enjoying it and noticing my havingness felt like it had doubled. I was reminded of how as a kid I used to maintain a separate viewpoint of a favourite toy and enjoy viewing the toy from wherever I was. Of course I thought it was just a `picture' in my mind at that point. Now I realise it was actually a remote viewpoint!

The last part of the process was looking through the created viewpoint and the body's viewpoint simultaneously. Immediately realised how someone could experience `vertigo' or a feeling of falling if they actually have another viewpoint that is looking down from somewhere. I experienced it as I simultaneously looked down on the Sphinx and out into the room my body was in. Then I was able to travel/move with the secondary VP and that was fun! Of course it required extra attention units to operate the two viewpoints but I realised a next step would be to operate three, then four, etc. With this I realised `duality' wasn't too difficult after all.

11.3 Looking Around

R - Was already doing this at the end of the last process so decided that was a good win and no need to do more here.

11.4 Imagination

R - Had a good win at the start simply stretching an imaginary point into a line. I didn't have that concept previously (so it's a new/regained ability), you know, a point was only a point, not a line. Also it's creating something out of nothing. I mocked up/imagined my Sphinx again and really enjoyed the increasing sense of reality as I did the process. Again I experienced the phenomenon of it suddenly moving from the mocked-up space into the real space where my body was located. And again I was able to view the mock up and the room simultaneously. Had a number of realisations such as space being the artificial result of separating viewpoints, and a number of abilities occur such as having the two objects in co-incident spaces and communicating with them simply by adjusting my attention.

Wednesday 23/12/98

11.5 Healing

This may be of some help in getting the body feeling better. This doesn't generally cure things but can ease pain considerably and encourage the body to heal itself. You begin with the ext/int drill on a real mountain or other large object that is within reasonable traveling distance to your physical body. Once you have the secondary viewpoint established, drift over to where the body is, moving through the physical universe space. You need to be good at the above drills before you can get near to the body without automatically shifting into the primary viewpoint that you operate the body with. And you will find that you need to maintain a certain distance to keep this from happening. If you do slide into the body, keep backing the secondary viewpoint further away until you reach a point where you can hold it stable while looking at the body.

You might need to stay above the house and visualize the roof as being transparent so that you can maintain enough distance from the body while looking at it. Do whatever seems necessary and get as close as possible while maintaining a stable position outside of the body. You can perceive things as solid or as transparent or somewhere in between. In this case you want the body semi-transparent so that you can see into it slightly. This will all probably be very very vague and slightly unreal but don't worry about that, just get whatever perception you can, this drill will work despite extremely poor perception and has a very nice effect.

Now look over the body for any black or gray or smudged areas. These might be like little dark clouds permeating parts of the body or even extending out and around it. Even if you are mostly "imagining" this without real vision, you can generally sort of see lighter and darker patches with your eyes closed. For each of these smudges or black areas that you spot, gradually turn it white or light colored by gently flowing energy into it (you do this by getting the idea that you are doing it and sort of exhaling or flowing towards the spot or cloud). Continue this until the body feels good physically. If you do this right you may be surprised by how much better the body feels.

R - Finally got around to doing this process but it was by accident. I felt tired and had chest pains so I went and lay down in the bedroom and began the OT touch assist from chapter 1. I kept falling asleep for brief periods and it wasn't handling the pain so I decided to try 11.5. I was still drowsy but persisted in creating an exterior viewpoint above my body which was lying on the bed. Of greatest assistance was the earlier process of holding two viewpoints at the same time. So each time my concentration lapsed and I felt I was in my body I was still maintaining the exterior viewpoint. After some persistence and shifting between the two viewpoints the exterior VP became fairly real and at one point I did recognise the coloured shirt I was wearing at the time.

So a prerequisite ability is to be able to repeat the action of creating the exterior viewpoint if it becomes unmocked. You just have to keep putting it there until it becomes real enough so you just know it's there and/or it stays there. In my case I knew the exterior viewpoint was real even though I could not actually see my body with it. So it was more of a `know point' than a viewpoint. One fear/consideration is that if I ever saw my body clearly then I would be stuck outside it and lose it forever, like at death or something. But until that stuff is handled/cleared I can still work on these abilities.

Then I began to flow energy into my body, very vaguely sensing where it was needed. At one point I was actually able to feel this energy while being the body at the same time I was flowing it to the body while being the exterior viewpoint. When I did this it seemed to create a kind of closed circuit which seemed to increase the energy by some feedback mechanism. I wasn't concerned about injuring the body because I was still desperate to handle the chest pains. Finally I got the idea the energy was bathing the whole body in a golden glow and any dark/shady areas were turning white. Well, it was all quite subtle but I noticed a shelf or ridge of dark energy in the upper chest turn white and then the pain wasn't there any more.

Having completed up to chapter 11 of the Self Clearing Book I believe I now have the ability to create a viewpoint anywhere in the physical universe and beam healing energy into a body. This body could be my own, another person's, an animal, etc.. I have known about spiritual healing since childhood but never expected to be able to do it myself. This is healing at a distance, a most useful ability. Once again my greatest thanks to The Pilot for showing the way.

Thursday 24/12/98

Summary of Chapter 11

R - Awoke this morning after indulging in lots of beer the night before with mum and dad. Noticed that the alcohol temporarily increases or heightens the state of exteriorisation gained through doing this chapter. No, it's more like it adds a euphoria to the freedom already gained. Anyway, just before getting out of bed it was quite real that I was only `here' because of attachment to the viewpoint of my body. Otherwise I was not even in this universe. And this is quite different to having a `quiet place in one's mind to retreat to'. Then I realised that doing so much creating of exterior viewpoints during this chapter had caused a marked awareness/reminder that my present body/viewpoint combination was in fact only a mock-up, and that having originally mocked it up I had forgotten that fact, and proceeded to live life `as' the viewpoint. I then realised `life' for me had simply been a case of `fixidity', or `going into it (body/viewpoint) too fixedly' and in fact getting stuck.

A brilliant analogy is where a monkey is trapped by its own `desire' with a small wooden box. Peanuts are placed in the box which has a small hole, just large enough for a monkey's paw to squeeze through. But when the monkey reaches in and grasps the peanuts the hole is too small for its fist to be pulled out. The monkey can be captured because its desire for the peanuts is greater than its fear of man.

Just so, all problems generated by being the body/viewpoint are perpetuated because of the desire to hold onto the body/viewpoint. It does not occur to one to let go/withdraw/exteriorise because one is accustomed to hold on/push forward/interiorise further into situations. Thus the physical universe becomes more and more `real', one gets more and more stuck, and the theta universe and/or one's own universe is dismissed as imagination/unimportant/unreal.

Another analogy is the martial arts demonstration where the teacher/master holds up his hand in front of a student. The student places his hand against the master's, who pushes. Naturally the student pushes back. Whereupon the master withdraws his hand and the student falls forward, losing his balance. One legend tells of a tai chi master who was so good at non resistance/yielding that a sparrow was unable to launch itself and fly away from his hand.

I could go on, but I actually need to go back and write up some notes from earlier processes. I just felt I had in fact achieved more than I expected from this chapter and wanted to get this summary done so I could end cycle before Christmas. There's no doubt whatsoever I got far more benefit from this chapter than T did. I was ready and able to do it. T is still very human and like all humans the only valid/acceptable reality for her is that of the physical universe. All else can too easily be dismissed as imagination/speculation. However, there is no doubt that she will have tremendous results from the next chapter.

Lots of things happening at this time. T and I have sold a home unit and bought a house so there's packing and relocating and a new internet service provider to be arranged, etc., so hope that doesn't interfere too much with getting through the next chapter.

11.6 Summary

We will be doing a lot more in this area later. Early on, you don't want to move anything out of the body unless it happens naturally without being forced. But that does happen sometimes when you blow away a really heavy area of mental charge and doing this chapter ensures that it will be a pleasant experience instead of making you afraid or disoriented or giving you a headache.

[End Chapter 11]

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