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============ TAPES OF 1958 =============

(19ACC = 19th American Advanced Clinical Course)

19ACC-1 20 Jan The Four Universes
19ACC-1A 20 Jan The E-Meter
19ACC-2 21 Jan Intensive Procedures
19ACC-2A 21 Jan Question and Answer Period
19ACC-3 22 Jan The Bank Out of Control and Its Stabilization
19ACC- 22 Jan Question and Answer Period
19ACC-4 23 Jan Clearing Fields
19ACC-4A 23 Jan Question and Answer Period
19ACC-5 24 Jan E-Meter: Identification and Association
19ACC-5A 24 Jan Question and Answer Period
19ACC-6 27 Jan Clear Procedure I: What It Is You Clear, Something and Nothing
19ACC-6A 27 Jan Question and Answer Period
19ACC-7 28 Jan Clear Procedure II: Man the Animal and Man the God
19ACC-7A 28 Jan Question and Answer Period, handling the PTP
19ACC-8 29 Jan Clear Procedure III: One Clear Procedure
19ACC-8A 29 Jan Question and Answer Period
19ACC-9 30 Jan Clear Procedure IV: Test for Clears
19ACC-9A 30 Jan Question and Answer Period, Space
19ACC-10 31 Jan Clear Procedure V: Importance of Theory Behind Clearing Procedure
19ACC-10A 31 Jan Question and Answer Period
19ACC-11 3 Feb Clear Procedure VI
19ACC-11A 3 Feb Question and Answer Period
19ACC-12 4 Feb Clear Procedure VII: How to Find a Preclear, Responsibility and Help
19ACC-12A 4 Feb Question and Answer Period
19ACC-13 5 Feb Clear Procedure VIII: The Basic Approach to Clearing, Finding the Auditor
19ACC-13A 5 Feb Question and Answer Period
19ACC-14 6 Feb CCH 0, SCS, Connectedness
19ACC-14A 6 Feb Question and Answer Period
19ACC-15 7 Feb Help Help -- How to Get Started
19ACC-15A 7 Feb Question and Answer Period and Group Processing
19ACC-16 10 Feb Conduct of Clear
19ACC-16A 10 Feb Question and Answer Period
19ACC-17 10 Feb The Key Processes of Clearing
19ACC-17A 11 Feb Question and Answer Period
19ACC-18 12 Feb Havingness, Anaten, Flows -- in Relation to Clearing
19ACC-18A 12 Feb Question and Answer Period
19ACC-19 13 Feb Other Processes -- The Help Button
19ACC-19A 13 Feb Question and Answer Period
19ACC-20 14 Feb Responsibility for Mock-ups
19ACC-20A 14 Feb Question and Answer Period
> 19ACC-20B 14 Feb Question and Answer Period cont. (maybe part of above)

(misc. lectures of this time period)

> AUDC 9 Jan How to Run PTP's - why pcs are taking so long to clear
> SPECIAL 31 Jan PABS Material 31 Jan, 1 Feb, 5 Feb, 7 Feb, 8 Feb
.. 27 Mar Comments on Auditing
AUDC-18 27 Jun Processing on Clearing
> SPAC 27 Jun Special Auditor's Conference - clear procedure

(CC = Clearing Congress. Per the website, "The first six lectures of this congress were filmed in color and are available today in video cassette format. They contain a complete and simple presentation of the subject for the general public as well as the professional Scientologist-a spanning of interest and presentation of unusual accomplishment in itself.")
(Freezone Bible has recently posted the 1st six to the net)

CC-1 4 Jul The Fact of Clearing
CC-2 4 Jul The Factors of Clearing
CC-3 4 Jul The Freedoms of Clear
CC-4 5 Jul Prerequisites to Auditing
CC-5 5 Jul Clear Procedure, CCH 0, Help
CC-6 5 Jul Clear Procedure, Creativeness
CC-7 6 Jul The Magic Button
CC-8 6 Jul The Goal of Auditing
CC-9 6 Jul Violence
> CC-10 6 Jul Juvenile

(20ACC = 20th American Advanced Clinical Course)
(recently released on cassette.)

20ACC-1 14 Jul Opening Lecture
20ACC- 14 Jul Question and Answer Period
20ACC-2/2A 15 Jul ACC Procedure Outlined, E-Meter TRs
20ACC-2B 15 Jul Question and Answer Period
20ACC-3 16 Jul Course Procedure Outlined
20ACC-3A 16 Jul Question and Answer Period
20ACC-4 17 Jul Beginning and Ending Session -Gaining Pc's Contribution to the Session
20ACC-4A 17 Jul Question and Answer Period
20ACC-5 18 Jul ACC Training Procedure
20ACC-5A 18 Jul Question and Answer Period
20ACC-6 21 Jul The Key Words (Buttons) of Scientology Clearing
20ACC-6A 21 Jul Question and Answer Period
20ACC-7 22 Jul The Rock
20ACC-7A 22 Jul Question and Answer Period
20ACC-8 23 Jul Special Effect Cases -- Anatomy Of
20ACC-8A 23 Jul Question and Answer Period
20ACC-9 24 Jul Anatomy of Needles -- Diagnostic Procedure
20ACC-9A 24 Jul Question and Answer Period
20ACC-10 25 Jul The Rock: Putting Pc at Cause
20ACC-10A 25 Jul Question and Answer Period: Clearing the Command
20ACC-11 28 Jul ACC Command Sheet; Goals of Auditing
20ACC-12 29 Jul ACC Command Sheet (cont.)
20ACC-13 30 Jul ACC Command Sheet (cont.)
20ACC-14 31 Jul Running the Case and the Rock
20ACC-15 1 Aug Case Analysis -- Rock Hunting
20ACC-15A 1 Aug Case Analysis -- Rock Hunting (cont.)
> 20ACC-15B 2 Aug Q & A Period
20ACC-16 4 Aug Case Analysis -- Rock Hunting (cont.)
20ACC-16A 4 Aug Question and Answer Period
20ACC-17 5 Aug ARC
20ACC-18 6 Aug The Rock, Its Anatomy
20ACC-19 7 Aug The Most Basic Rock of All
20ACC-19A 7 Aug Question and Answer Period
20ACC-20 8 Aug Auditor Interest
20ACC-20A 8 Aug Requisites and Fundamentals of a Session
20ACC-21 15 Aug Summary of Twentieth ACC

(misc lectures)

> ... 24 Aug Dictation to John Fudge
AUDC-20 1 Sep How to Run Present Time Problems
AUDC 27 Sep HGC Auditor Conference on Clear Procedure and Clearing People

Mr. Hubbard arrived in London on 17 October 1958 to give the London Clearing Congress, scheduled to start the following day. On arrival he gave a talk to the London staff on past ACCs, a new organization chart and organizational basics.

.. 17 Oct Talk to Staff on Arrival in England

(LCC = London Clearing Congress. Per the website, "In this congress Mr. Hubbard covered a broad range of subjects-from his experiences developing the technologies of Dianetics and Scientology, to the characteristics of Clears and the skills necessary to produce them, to the effects of Scientology's activities on the future of this civilization. (To be released on cassette as a series entitled "The Origin of Aberration.")

(The cassettes omit LCC-6 and renumber LCC-7 as LCC-6)
(LCC-1 is also available on the org's website)

LCC-1 18 Oct The Story of Dianetics and Scientology
LCC-2 18 Oct The Skills of Clearing
LCC-3 18 Oct Confronting
LCC-4 20 Oct The Rock
LCC-5 20 Oct Confusion and Order
> LCC-6 20 Oct The Clearing Technique of 1947
LCC-7 20 Oct The Future of Scientology and the Western Civilization

(5LACC = The 5th London Advanced Clinical Course. Per the website, "Auditing case histories from this month-long course, the most heavily attended ACC yet held, appear in the book Have You Lived Before This Life?")

(the 21 main lectures of the 5LACC were played again as the 21 lectures of the 21st American ACC below)

(The additional unnumbered Q&A lectures don't appear in the master list but do appear on the later list from Gold)

5LACC-1 27 Oct Clearing and What It Generally Means to Man
5LACC-2 28 Oct Compartmentation of Four Universes
5LACC-2A 28 Oct Question and Answer Period
5LACC-3 29 Oct Types of Pictures
5LACC-3A 29 Oct Question and Answer Period
5LACC-4 30 Oct Mental Image Pictures; Engrams
5LACC- 30 Oct Question and Answer Period
5LACC-5 31 Oct Engrams (the rock engram)
5LACC- 31 Oct Question and Answer Period
5LACC-6 3 Nov The Detection of Engrams
5LACC- 3 Nov Question and Answer Period
5LACC-7 4 Nov The Detection of Engrams with an E-Meter
5LACC-8 5 Nov The Detection of Engrams Lecture 3 (finding truth with an electronic gimmick)
5LACC- 5 Nov Question and Answer Period
5LACC-9 6 Nov Difficulties Encountered in Search for Engrams (alt title "more on detection of engrams")
5LACC-10 7 Nov Detection of Circuits and Machinery
5LACC- 7 Nov Question and Answer Period
5LACC-11 10 Nov Auditing: Its Skills
5LACC- 10 Nov Question and Answer Period
5LACC-12 11 Nov The Skill of an Auditor -- Part I
5LACC- 11 Nov Question and Answer Period
5LACC-13 12 Nov The Skill of an Auditor -- Part II
5LACC- 12 Nov Question and Answer Period
5LACC-14 13 Nov The Attitude of an Auditor
5LACC- 13 Nov Question and Answer Period
5LACC-15 14 Nov What an Auditor Is Supposed to Do with an Engram
5LACC- 14 Nov Question and Answer Period
5LACC-16 17 Nov The Effect of the Environment on an Engram
5LACC- 17 Nov Question and Answer Period
5LACC-17 17 Nov How to Audit an Engram; Use of an E-Meter
5LACC- 17 Nov Question and Answer Period
5LACC-18 19 Nov How to Start and Run a Session
5LACC-19 19 Nov Attitude and Approach to Auditing
5LACC-20 28 Nov The Plan of Clearing (orig title "Seeing the Monster")
5LACC-21 28 Nov Final Lecture ("scout on dynamics" ?)

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============ TAPES OF 1959 =============

(Per the website, "In 1959, Mr. Hubbard purchased Saint Hill Manor in Sussex, England, and moved his offices there.")

(SC = Success Congress. Per the website, "Delegates to this congress were given lectures on new breakthroughs in the handling of engrams and the skills needed to apply them in making Clears." This has been released on cassette as the "Cause and Sphere of Influence" series).

SC-1 3 Jan The Future of Scientology
SC-2 3 Jan Engrams and Clearing
SC-3 3 Jan Preliminary to Engram Running
SC-4 4 Jan Engram Running
SC-5 4 Jan Overt Act - Motivator Sequence
SC-6 4 Jan Leadership

SPL 5 Jan Summary of Techniques and Processes in Use

( the master list has WST-2, 2 Feb 59, "PR&R: "R" Factor Talk To Registrars", but this appears to be 2 Feb 69 misdated)

(21ACC = 21st American Advanced Clinical Course. This ACC primarily consisted of the 21 tapes of the 5th London ACC above renumbered as 21ACC-##, however Ron gave an additional set of 10 supplemental lectures (below) to the students.

21ACC-S1 26 Jan How a Process Works
21ACC-S2 27 Jan What Doesn't Make an Auditor
21ACC-S3 28 Jan The Establishment of "R"
21ACC-S4 29 Jan Muzzled Auditing
21ACC-S5 30 Jan The Grouper
21ACC-S6 2 Feb Axiom 10
21ACC-S7 4 Feb Diagnosis of an Uncracked Case
21ACC-S8A 6 Feb Processes Used in the Twenty-First ACC
21ACC-S8B 6 Feb Setting Up Co-auditing Groups
21ACC-S9 13 Feb Summary of Data -- Part I
21ACC-S10 13 Feb Summary of Data -- Part II

AUDC 16 Feb Staff Auditors' Conference

(SHPA = Special Hubbard Professional Auditor's Course. Per the website, "The lectures given on this course were recorded and subsequently used in the training of Hubbard Professional Auditors the world over. (available on cassette as a series entitled "The Skills of a Theta Being.")

SHPA-1 6 Apr Beingness and Communication
SHPA-2 7 Apr Universes
SHPA-3 7 Apr The Dynamics
SHPA-4 8 Apr Scales
SHPA-5 8 Apr States of Being
SHPA-6 9 Apr Anatomy
SHPA-7 9 Apr What Can Be Done with the Mind (Reality Scale)
SHPA-8 14 Apr Mechanisms of the Mind <solo aud. cass>
SHPA-9 14 Apr Overt Act-Motivator Sequence
SHPA-10 15 Apr Codes
SHPA-11 15 Apr The Code of a Scientologist
SHPA-12 16 Apr The Logics and Axioms of Dianetics and Scientology
SHPA-13 16 Apr Axioms-Second Lecture
SHPA-14 21 Apr Types of Auditing
SHPA-15 21 Apr Modern Auditing Types
SHPA-16 22 Apr Types of Cases
SHPA-17 22 Apr Assessment
SHPA-18 23 Apr Present Time
SHPA-19 23 Apr Use of the E-Meter in Locating Engrams
SHPA-29 28 Apr Theory of Processes
SHPA-21 28 Apr Processes
SHPA-22 29 Apr Specialized Auditing
SHPA-23 29 Apr Processing of Children
SHPA- 29 Apr Mistakes in Auditing Style
SHPA-24 30 Apr HAS Co-audit
SHPA-25 30 Apr Electronic Phenomena of the Mind
SHPA- 30 Apr Confrontingness
SHPA-26 1 May End of Course Lecture

(6LACC = 6th London Advanced Clinical Course)

6LACC-1 12 May Clearing
6LACC-2 13 May Second Lecture on Clearing Methodology
6LACC-3 14 May Clearing Technology
> 6LACC-3A 18 May (title unknown)
6LACC-4 19 May The Theory of Clearing
6LACC-5 20 May Clearing, Practice Of
6LACC-6 21 May Clearing Process-Special Cases
6LACC-7 26 May Clearing: Theta Clear Procedure
6LACC-8 27 May Clearing: General Processes
6LACC-9 28 May Clearing: General Cases-Communication Processes
6LACC-10 2 Jun Clearing: Fixed Ideas
6LACC-11 3 Jun Clearing: By Communication Processes, Specific
6LACC-12 4 Jun Clearing: By Communication, Special Problems
6LACC-13 9 Jun Clearing: Possibilities Of
6LACC-14 10 Jun Clearing: Case Entrance Points
6LACC-15 11 Jun Clearing: General Results

(TCC = Theta Clear Congress. Per the website, "Mr. Hubbard's lectures to congress delegates included the importance of co-auditing in accomplishing widespread clearing.")

TCC-1 4 Jul HCO WW and Research
TCC-2 4 Jul Clearing
TCC-3 4 Jul HAS Co-audit
TCC-4 5 Jul Survive and Succumb ("Black Grampus")
TCC-5 5 Jul Communication Processes
TCC-6 5 Jul How to Conduct a HAS Co-audit and Why
% TCC 6 Jul How to co-audit (may be same as above)

(misc lectures)

% ... 18 Jul Communication & Hope
.. 12 Oct Talk to HGCs
SH Demo 12 Oct Demo of New HGC Process by Ron

(MC = Melbourne Congress. Per the website, "This congress, given during one stop on a round-the-world tour, covered a wide range of subjects including current political systems, how to improve one's chances of surviving an atomic attack and the relation between complexity and unworkability.") Available as the "Principles of Creation" cassettes.

MC-1 7 Nov Welcome Address
MC-2 7 Nov Recent Developments on OT
MC-3 7 Nov The Route Through Step Six
MC-4 8 Nov Importances
MC-5 8 Nov Valences
MC-6 8 Nov Final Lecture

(1MACC = 1st Melbourne Advanced Clinical Course. Available on cassette as "Responsibility and the State of OT"

1MACC-1 9 Nov The Know-How of Auditing
1MACC-2 9 Nov Demonstration of an Assist
1MACC-3 10 Nov Valence Splitting -- Entering a Mind Process
1MACC-4 10 Nov Demonstration of Knocking Down a Tone Arm
1MACC-5 11 Nov Cycle of Action; Create, Destroy, Relative Importances
1MACC-6 11 Nov Demonstration: Force Process -- Discreditable Creation
1MACC-7 12 Nov The Rule of the Weak Valence
1MACC-8 12 Nov Demonstration: Dynamic Straightwire Assessment
1MACC-9 12 Nov The Rehabilitation of Judgment
1MACC-10 13 Nov How to Have a Game Instead of a Case
1MACC-11 16 Nov The Collapsed Cycle of Action
1MACC-12 16 Nov Getting the Pc into Session
1MACC-13 17 Nov Case Assessment
1MACC-14 17 Nov Demonstration: Case Assessment
1MACC-15 18 Nov Alter-Isness -- Keynote of All Destruction
1MACC-16 18 Nov Demonstration: Minus Randomity Areas
1MACC-17 19 Nov Minus Randomity -- Clue to Case Assessment
1MACC-18 19 Nov Intricacies of Create-Create Series
1MACC-19 20 Nov Rationale of Create Series
1MACC-29 20 Nov Responsibility of Creation
1MACC-21 23 Nov Responsibility for Zones of Creation
1MACC-22 23 Nov Demonstration: Responsibility for Destruction
1MACC-23 24 Nov The Universe of a Thetan
1MACC-24 24 Nov Demonstration: Turning on Pictures
1MACC-25 25 Nov Counter-Create
1MACC-26 25 Nov Individuation
1MACC-27 26 Nov The Constancy of Fundamentals of Dianetics and Scientology
1MACC-28 26 Nov The Handling of Cases-Greatest Overt
1MACC-29 27 Nov Clearing Up the Whole Track
1MACC-30 27 Nov Principal Incidents on the Track
1MACC-31 30 Nov The Anatomy of Havingness
1MACC-32 30 Nov Processes

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============ TAPES OF 1960 =============

(SMC = State of Man Congress. Per the website, "In this congress, given at the Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC, Mr. Hubbard covered the eight dynamics in detail, with particular attention to how the dynamics interrelate and how to improve conditions across the dynamics." (Available on cassette.)

SMC-1 1 Jan Opening Lecture
SMC-2 1 Jan Responsibility
SMC-3 1 Jan Overts and Withholds
SMC-4 2 Jan Why People Don't Like You
SMC-5 2 Jan Marriage
SMC-6 2 Jan Group Auditing Session
SMC-7 3 Jan Zones of Control and Responsibility of Governments
SMC-8 3 Jan Create and Confront
SMC-9 3 Jan Your Case

(HCS = Hubbard Clearing Scientologist Course.
"Personally addressing the students of this course, Mr. Hubbard reiterated and expanded on auditing basics such as handling blocks to free communication and precise use of the E-Meter.")

HCS-1 4 Jan E-Meter Phenomena
HCS-2 4 Jan E-Meter and Time Track Structure
HCS-3 5 Jan Processing Against an E-Meter
HCS-4 5 Jan Operating an E-Meter in Processing
HCS-5 6 Jan Case Procedure: Steps 1-6 (alt title "Auditing")
HCS-6 6 Jan Identity
HCS-7 7 Jan Inability to Withhold
HCS-8 7 Jan Case Level and Needle State
HCS- 7 Jan Specialized Problems
HCS-9 8 Jan Sessioning and Withholds

.. End of Feb Opening Speech to Congress Delegates

(LOE = London Open Evening Lectures. Per the website, "In addition to his schedule of research, writing and lectures and conferences with staff, Mr. Hubbard made time in June and July to give several lectures to newer public.")

LOE-1 23 Jun Difference Between Scientology and Other Studies
LOE-2 23 Jun Confront
LOE-3 30 Jun Some Aspects of Help
LOE-4 7 Jul Help

> ... 4 Jul Tenth Aniversary Congress

(LCDH = London Congress on Dissemination and Help. Per the website, "These lectures were given at a two-day congress with the theme of "dissemination and help," sponsored by the London Scientology organizations.")

LCDH-1 7 Aug Clearing and Presessioning
LCDH-2 7 Aug Presessioning
LCDH-3 7 Aug Adjustment of the Cycle of Action in Presessioning

(SHACC = 1st Saint Hill Advanced Clinical Course. Per the website, "The lectures given at the first ACC delivered at Saint Hill Manor included discussion of the sixth and seventh dynamics and the use of the E-Meter in clearing.")

SHACC-1 8 Aug Introduction to Course
SHACC-2 10 Aug Regimen 1
SHACC-3 12 Aug Skill in Auditing
SHACC-4 15 Aug Auditor Requirements
SHACC-5 16 Aug Fundamentals with Regard to Cases
SHACC-6 17 Aug Elements of Presessioning
SHACC-7 18 Aug Organization Programs
SHACC-8 19 Aug Auditor Weakness
SHACC-9 22 Aug Why Auditing Works
SHACC-10 23 Aug Handling of Insanity
SHACC-11 24 Aug Basic Relationship of Auditing
SHACC-12 25 Aug Development of Scientology Data
SHACC-13 26 Aug Fundamentals and Cases
SHACC-14 29 Aug The Importance of an E-Meter
SHACC-15 30 Aug Circuits and Havingness
SHACC-16 31 Aug Theory on the 6th and 7th Dynamics (theory 67)
SHACC-17 1 Sep Common Denominator of Cases (theory 67 cont)
SHACC-18 2 Sep Case Improvements
SHACC-19 5 Sep Successful Processes for Handling Mest
SHACC-20 6 Sep Correct Use of E-Meter
SHACC-21 12 Sep In-Sessionness
SHACC-22 13 Sep How Havingness Relates to Circuits
SHACC-23 14 Sep Formula of Havingness
SHACC-24 15 Sep In-Sessionness and Havingness
SHACC-25 16 Sep Final Lecture-6th and 7th Dynamics

(AHMC = Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress. Per the website, "At the end of 1960, Mr. Hubbard traveled from South Africa to Washington, DC to deliver this congress on the 31st of December and the 1st of January 1961. (available on cassette)".

AHMC-1 31 Dec The Genus of Dianetics and Scientology
AHMC-2 31 Dec The Things of Scientology
AHMC-3 31 Dec A Talk on South Africa
AHMC-4 1 Jan The Whole Answer to the Problems of the Mind
AHMC-5 1 Jan The Field of Scientology
AHMC-6 1 Jan Scientology Organizations <civilization cass.>

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============ TAPES OF 1961 =============

(22ACC = 22nd American Advanced Clinical Course. Per the website, "1961 began with Mr. Hubbard in Washington, DC delivering the Twenty-second American Advanced Clinical Course and the Anatomy of the Human Mind Congress" (above).

22ACC-1 2 Jan Present Time Problems-Why Cases Don't Move
22ACC-2 2 Jan Present Time Problems and Withholds
22ACC-3 3 Jan E-Meter
22ACC-4 3 Jan Withholds
22ACC-5 4 Jan The Mechanics of the Reactive Bank
22ACC-6 4 Jan Clearing Procedure
22ACC-7 5 Jan Dianetics and Present Time Problems
22ACC-8 5 Jan Methods of Clearing Technology
22ACC-9 6 Jan Dianetic Assist and Presession 38
22ACC-10 6 Jan Clearing Routine

(ACSA = South African Anatomy Congress. Per the website, "The content and method of delivery of the Anatomy of the Human Mind Course was the key topic of the lectures at this congress. (To be released on cassette.)"

ACSA-1 21 Jan Opening Lecture
ACSA-2 21 Jan The Parts of the Mind
ACSA-3 21 Jan Aberration and the Handling Of
ACSA-4 22 Jan Evolution of Early Research-Prehav Scale
ACSA-5 22 Jan Things of Scientology: Cycle of Action, Time Track, Stable Datum
ACSA-6 22 Jan Johannesburg Staff Intros, Lecture: Clearing Certs for Clears

(3SACC = 3rd South African Advanced Clinical Course. Note that earlier South African ACCs were not taught by Ron. Per the website, "(Reproduced on cassette for the South African Rundown Auditor Course.)".

3SACC-1 23 Jan HAS Co-audit Processes and E-Meter
3SACC-2 24 Jan Presession 38
3SACC-3 25 Jan Model Session Revised
3SACC-4 26 Jan Difference Between Dianetics and Scientology - Presession 38
3SACC-5 27 Jan Creative Ability
3SACC-6 2 Feb Auditor Failures
3SACC-7 3 Feb Regimen and Prehavingness-Advances
3SACC-8 6 Feb Making Formulas Out of the Prehav Scale
3SACC-9 7 Feb What Are You Auditing?
3SACC-10 8 Feb Case Behavior Under Processing
3SACC-11 9 Feb Mental Healing: Sanity and Insanity
3SACC-12 10 Feb Organization Lines
3SACC-13 13 Feb The Three Therapies of Earth
3SACC-14 14 Feb Fundamentals of Auditing
3SACC-15 15 Feb Havingness and Confront Scales
3SACC-16 16 Feb Machines and Havingness
3SACC-17 17 Feb Case Conditions

(SHSBC = Saint Hill Special Briefing Course)

(Per the website, "The following lectures mark the beginning of the famous Saint Hill Special Briefing Course, delivered personally by L. Ron Hubbard at Saint Hill from 1961 through 1966. During the next five and a half years, Mr. Hubbard lectured regularly to the students and personally oversaw their training so as to make them true experts who could be counted on to carry the latest technology and the highest standards of competence to the field. (The full set of 437 Saint Hill Special Briefing Course Lectures, from 1961 through 1966, is available on cassette.)"

(note that in the new numbering series there are 448 cassettes
(447 numbers with one on 2 cassettes) of which only 437 are on the course and in the cassette set. The remaining 11 are confidential. These are numbers 216, 221, 222, 371, 372, 382, 384, 413, 414, 415, and 429 listed in detail below)

(The modern briefing course uses a date ordered checksheet and is divided into many sections itentified by letters. The SHSBC cassettes begin in section D and continue up through section L. The cassettes themselves are grouped into sets by these levels)

(The old numbering series consisted of SHSBC 1 to 329 and then continued as SH Special 1 to 84. Plus there were separately numbered TV demos given as part of the course (TVD- numbers).
This list shows the original numbers and the renumbering.)

Briefing course cassetts Level D contain new numbers 1 to 12
Briefing course cassetts Level E contain new numbers 13 to 54
Briefing course cassetts Level F contain new numbers 65 to 100

SHSBC-1 ren 1 7 May E-Meter Talk and Demo
SHSBC-2 ren 2 12 May Assessment
SHSBC-3 ren 3 19 May E-Meter
SHSBC-4 ren 4 26 May On Auditing
SHSBC-5 ren 5 1 Jun Flattening a Process and the E-Meter
SHSBC-6 ren 6 2 Jun Flows, Prehav Scale, Primary Scale
SHSBC-7 ren 7 5 Jun Routine 1, 2 and 3
SHSBC-8 ren 8 6 Jun Security Checks
SHSBC-9 ren 9 7 Jun Points in Assessing
SHSBC-10 ren 10 8 Jun Question and Answer Period: Ending an Intensive
SHSBC-11 ren 11 9 Jun Reading E-Meter Reactions
SHSBC-12 ren 12 12 Jun E-Meter Actions, Errors in Auditing
SHSBC-13 ren 13 13 Jun Seminar, Question and Answer Period
SHSBC-14 ren 14 14 Jun Seminar: Withholds
SHSBC-15X ren 15 15 Jun Not-Know
SHSBC-16X ren 16 16 Jun Confront and Havingness-Routines 1, 2 and 3
SHSBC-15 ren 17 19 Jun Question and Answer Period: Auditing Slowdowns
SHSBC-16 ren 18 20 Jun Sec Check Questions, Mutual Rudiments
SHSBC-17 ren 19 21 Jun Seminar: Auditing Speed
SHSBC-18 ren 20 22 Jun Running CCHs <L1 cass.>
SHSBC-19 ren 21 23 Jun Question and Answer Period: CCHs, Auditing
SHSBC-20 ren 22 26 Jun Dealing with Attacks on Scientology
SHSBC-21 ren 23 27 Jun CCHs-Circuits <L1 cass.>
SHSBC-22 ren 24 28 Jun Raw Meat-Trouble-shooting Cases
SHSBC-23 ren 25 29 Jun Wrong Target, Sec Check
SHSBC-24 ren 26 30 Jun Training on TRs, Talk on Auditing
SHSBC-26X ren 27 3 Jul Routine 1A-Problems <old L1 cass>
SHSBC-27X ren 28 4 Jul Routine 1A-Problems and Solutions
SHSBC-25 ren 29 5 Jul Question and Answer Period: Procedure in Auditing
SHSBC-26 ren 30 6 Jul Routine 1A-Problems and Confront
SHSBC-27 ren 31 11 Jul Routine 1A-Problems and Security Checks (orig title "R1A Problems and Solutions")
SHSBC-28 ren 32 12 Jul Question and Answer Period: Anatomy of Maybe, Solutions
SHSBC-29 ren 33 14 Jul Checking Ruds and Withholds
SHSBC-30 ren 34 18 Jul Can't-Have, Create, Fundamentals of All Problems
SHSBC-31 ren 35 19 Jul Quest. and Answer Period: Auditor Effect on Meter
SHSBC-32 ren 36 20 Jul Games Conditions

% LAC-1 22 Jul Ron's Opening Talk and Slides (LA Congress)

SHSBC-33 ren 37 3 Aug Creation and Goals
SHSBC-34 ren 38 4 Aug Methodology of Aud.-Not Doingness and Occlusion
SHSBC-35 ren 39 8 Aug Forgettingness
SHSBC-36 ren 40 9 Aug Question and Answer Period: Goals Search
SHSBC-37 ren 41 10 Aug Question and Answer Period: Goals Assessment, Behavior of Pc
SHSBC-38 ren 42 11 Aug Basics of Auditing, Matter-of-Factness
SHSBC-39 ren 43 15 Aug Quest. and Answer Period: Anatomy and Assessment of Goals
SHSBC-40 ren 44 16 Aug Unknown-Cyclic Aspect of Goals
SHSBC-41 ren 45 17 Aug Rudiments, Valences
SHSBC-42 ren 46 18 Aug Control of Attention
SHSBC-43 ren 47 22 Aug PTPs, Unknownnesses
SHSBC-44 ren 48 23 Aug Auditing Basics <essen. cass>
SHSBC-45 ren 49 24 Aug Rudiments
SHSBC-46 ren 50 29 Aug Basics of Auditing <L1 cass><essen. cass>
SHSBC-47 ren 51 30 Aug Auditing Quality
SHSBC-48 ren 52 31 Aug What is Auditing?
SHSBC-49 ren 53 5 Sep Principles of Auditing <essen. cass>
SHSBC-50 ren 54 6 Sep Subjective Reality
SHSBC-51 ren 55 7 Sep Reality in Auditing
SHSBC-52 ren 56 12 Sep Clearing Breakthrough
SHSBC-53 ren 57 13 Sep Sec Check and Withholds
SHSBC-54 ren 58 14 Sep Goals and Terminals Assessment
SHSBC-55 ren 59 19 Sep Question and Answer Period: Prehav, Sec Checks, ARC Break Process
SHSBC-56 ren 60 20 Sep Seminar, Question and Answer Period: What Is Knowable to the Pc
SHSBC-57 ren 61 21 Sep Smoothness of Auditing
SHSBC-58 ren 62 26 Sep Teaching the Field Sec Checks
SHSBC-59 ren 63 27 Sep Question and Answer Period: States of Beingness
SHSBC-60 ren 64 28 Sep Grades of Auditors
SHSBC-61 ren 65 3 Oct The Prior Confusion <L1 cass><FPRD cass>
SHSBC-62 ren 66 4 Oct Moral Codes: What is a Withhold? <L2 cass>
SHSBC-63 ren 67 5 Oct Sec Checking: Types of Withholds <L2 cass>
SHSBC-64 ren 68 10 Oct Problems Intensive <L1 cass>
SHSBC-65 ren 69 11 Oct Problems Intensive Assessment <L1 cass>
SHSBC-66 ren 70 12 Oct Problems
SHSBC-67 ren 71 17 Oct Problems Intensive Procedures
SHSBC-68 ren 72 18 Oct Valences, Circuits
SHSBC-69 ren 73 19 Oct Question and Answer Period: Flows
SHSBC-70 ren 74 24 Oct Clearing
SHSBC-71 ren 75 25 Oct Importance of Goals Terminals
SHSBC-72 ren 76 26 Oct Security Checking: Auditing Errors <L2 cass>
SHSBC-73 ren 77 31 Oct Rudiments
SHSBC-74 ren 78 1 Nov Formation of Commands
SHSBC-75 ren 79 2 Nov How to Security Check <L2 cass>
SHSBC-76 ren 80 7 Nov Routine 3A
SHSBC-77 ren 81 8 Nov Checking Case Reports
SHSBC-78 ren 82 9 Nov Effective Auditing
SHSBC-79 ren 83 14 Nov Routine 3D
SHSBC-80 ren 84 15 Nov Routine 3D (cont.)
SHSBC-81 ren 85 16 Nov Points in Assessing
SHSBC-82 ren 86 21 Nov Running 3D
SHSBC-83 ren 87 22 Nov Reading the E-Meter
SHSBC-84 ren 88 23 Nov Auxiliary Prehav 3D Scale
SHSBC-85 ren 89 28 Nov Havingness
SHSBC-86 ren 90 29 Nov E-Meter Tips
SHSBC-87 ren 91 30 Nov Parts of 3D
SHSBC-88 ren 92 5 Dec Aspects of 3D
SHSBC-89 ren 93 6 Dec Sec Checks Necessary
SHSBC-90 ren 94 7 Dec Expectancy of 3D
SHSBC-91 ren 95 12 Dec Sec Checks in Processing
SHSBC-92 ren 96 13 Dec Assessing 3D
SHSBC-93 ren 97 14 Dec Anatomy of Problems
SHSBC-94 ren 98 19 Dec 3D Packages (alt title "parts of 3D")
SHSBC-95 ren 99 20 Dec Upgrading Auditing
SHSBC-96 ren 100 21 Dec Probabilities of 3D

(CHC = Clean Hands Congress. Per the website, "Taking a short break from his heavy schedule of research, lectures and instruction at Saint Hill, Mr. Hubbard flew to Washington where he gave a nine-hour series of lectures on advanced auditing procedures and the technology of Scientology Confessionals. (Available on cassette as a series entitled "The Expansion of Havingness.")

CHC-1 30 Dec Scientology, Where We Are Going
CHC-2 30 Dec Auditing Perfection and Classes of Auditors
CHC-3 30 Dec Parts of the 3D Package
CHC-4 31 Dec The Goals Problem Mass
CHC-5 31 Dec The E-Meter and Its Use
CHC-6 31 Dec Havingness, Quality of Reach
CHC-7 1 Jan The Valence, How It Works
CHC-8 1 Jan Goals Package Balance of Valences and Identification
CHC-9 1 Jan Effectiveness and Your Effectiveness Now

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============ TAPES OF 1962 =============

Briefing course cassetts Level G contain new numbers 101 to 180
Briefing course cassetts Level H contain new numbers 181 to 232
Briefing course cassetts Level I contain new numbers 233 to 292

SHSBC-97 ren 101 9 Jan Twenty-Ten, 3D Criss Cross
SHSBC-98 ren 102 10 Jan Sec Checks, Withholds
SHSBC-99 ren 103 11 Jan How to Audit
SHSBC-100 ren 104 16 Jan Nature of Withholds <L2 cass>
SHSBC-101 ren 105 17 Jan 3D Criss Cross and GPM Anatomy (orig "anatomy of 3D GPM")
SHSBC-102 ren 106 18 Jan How to Do 3D Criss Cross (orig "3D Criss Cross - GPM")
SHSBC-103 ren 107 23 Jan Basics of Auditing
SHSBC-104 ren 108 24 Jan Training: Duplication
SHSBC-105 ren 109 25 Jan Whole Track <whole track cass>
SHSBC-106 ren 110 30 Jan In-Sessionness
SHSBC-107 ren 111 31 Jan Usages of 3D Criss Cross
SHSBC-108 ren 112 1 Feb Flows
SHSBC-111 ren 113 6 Feb Withholds
SHSBC-112 ren 114 7 Feb Missed Withholds
SHSBC-109 ren 115 8 Feb 3D Criss Cross Assessment
SHSBC-110 ren 116 13 Feb Prepclearing
SHSBC-117 ren 117 14 Feb Directing Attention
SHSBC-118 ren 118 15 Feb Prepchecking
SHSBC-113 ren 119 20 Feb What Is a Withhold?
SHSBC-114 ren 120 21 Feb Use of Prepchecking
SHSBC-119 ren 121 22 Feb Prepclearing and Rudiments
SHSBC-115 ren 122 27 Feb Prepchecking and Basics
SHSBC-116 ren 123 27 Feb Auditor's Code
SHSBC-120 ren 124 1 Mar Model Session, Part I
SHSBC-121 ren 125 1 Mar Model Session, Part II
SHSBC-122 ren 126 19 Mar The Bad "Auditor"
SHSBC-123 ren 127 19 Mar Mechanics of Suppression
TVD-1 ren 128 20 Mar TV Demo: 3D Criss Cross Assessment, Part I
TVD-2 ren 129 20 Mar TV Demo: 3D Criss Cross Assessment, Part II
SHSBC-124 ren 130 21 Mar Object of Prepchecking
SHSBC-125 ren 131 21 Mar Prepchecking, Zero Question
SHSBC-130 ren 132 27 Mar Prepchecking Data
SHSBC-126 ren 133 29 Mar CCHs
SHSBC-127 ren 134 29 Mar Question and Answer Period: CCHs, 3D Criss Cross
SHSBC-131 ren 135 3 Apr The Overt-Motivator Sequence <L2 cass>
SHSBC-128 ren 136 5 Apr Sacredness of Cases-Determinism
SHSBC-129 ren 137 5 Apr As-isness: People Who Can and Can't As-is
SHSBC-132 ren 138 17 Apr Auditing
SHSBC-133 ren 139 17 Apr How and Why Auditing Works
SHSBC-134 ren 140 19 Apr Gross Auditing Errors
SHSBC-135 ren 141 19 Apr Determining What to Run
SHSBC-136 ren 142 24 Apr Rundown on 3D Criss Cross, Part I
SHSBC-137 ren 143 24 Apr Rundown on 3D Criss Cross, Part II
TVD-3 ren 144 25 Apr TV Demo: Checking Line Plots
SHSBC-138 ren 145 26 Apr Rundown on Prepchecking: Professional Attitude
SHSBC-139 ren 146 26 Apr Rundown on Routine 3: Routine 3A Criss Cross
SHSBC-140 ren 147 1 May ARC Breaks and Missed Withholds
SHSBC-141 ren 148 1 May Routine 3G: Experimental Preview of a Clearing Process
TVD-4A ren 149 2 May TV Demo: Prepchecking, Part I
TVD-4B ren 150 2 May TV Demo: Prepchecking, Part II
SHSBC-142 ren 151 3 May Craftsmanship: Fundamentals <L2 cass>
SHSBC-143 ren 152 3 May Prepchecking
SHSBC-144 ren 153 15 May New Training Sections
SHSBC-145 ren 154 15 May New TRs
TVD-5A/B ren 155 16 May TV Demo: Patching Up 3D Criss Cross Cases <MTS-3>
SHSBC-146 ren 156 17 May Auditing Errors
SHSBC-147 ren 157 17 May Prepchecking and Its Purposes
SHSBC-150 ren 158 22 May Administration of Courses
SHSBC-151 ren 159 22 May Missed Withholds <L2 cass>
TVD-6 ren 160 23 May TV Demo: Check on "What" Questions and Havingness Probe <MTS-4> (PC: Smokey Angell)
TVD-7 ren 161 23 May TV Demo: Fish & Fumble -- Checking Dirty Needles <MTS-5> (PC: Fred Hare)
SHSBC-148 ren 162 24 May E-Meter Data: Instant Reads, Part I <L0 cass>
SHSBC-149 ren 163 24 May E-Meter Data: Instant Reads, Part II <L0 cass>
SHSBC-152 ren 164 29 May Question and Answer Period: Goals Assessment, Havingness
SHSBC-153 ren 165 29 May Security Check Prepchecking
TVD-8A ren 166 30 May TV Demo: Getting Rudiments In, Part I
TVD-8B ren 167 30 May TV Demo: Getting Rudiments In, Part II
SHSBC-154 ren 168 31 May Value of Rudiments
SHSBC-155 ren 169 31 May Middle Rudiments
SHSBC-160 ren 170 12 Jun How to Do a Goals Assessment
SHSBC-161 ren 171 12 Jun More on Middle Rudiments
TVD-9 ren 172 13 Jun TV Demo: Checking Out a Goal, Part I
TVD-10 ren 173 13 Jun TV Demo: Checking Out a Goal, Part II
SHSBC-156 ren 174 14 Jun Future Technology
SHSBC-157 ren 175 14 Jun Listing <solo cass>
SHSBC-158 ren 176 19 Jun Do's and Don'ts of R3
SHSBC-159 ren 177 19 Jun Question and Answer Period: GPMs, Release
TVD-10S ren 178 20 Jun TV Demo: New Model Session
SHSBC-162 ren 179 21 Jun Model Session Revised
SHSBC-163 ren 180 21 Jun Question and Answer Period: TR 4, Model Session
SHSBC-164 ren 181 26 Jun E-Meter Quality
SHSBC-165 ren 182 26 Jun Prepchecking and the Time Track
SHSBC-166 ren 183 28 Jun Rudiments
SHSBC-167 ren 184 28 Jun Question and Answer Period: CCHs, Nulling Goals
SHSBC-168 ren 185 10 Jul Repetitive Rudiments and Repetitive Prepchecking, Part I
SHSBC-169 ren 186 10 Jul Repetitive Rudiments and Repetitive Prepchecking, Part II
SHSBC-174 ren 187 12 Jul Meter Reading
SHSBC-175 ren 188 12 Jul Meter Training
SHSBC-170 ren 189 17 Jul E-Meter Reads and ARC Breaks <L3 cass><solo cass>
SHSBC-171 ren 190 17 Jul Anatomy of ARC Breaks
SHSBC-172 ren 191 19 Jul The E-Meter
SHSBC-173 ren 192 19 Jul Question and Answer Period: Goals Lists, Field Auditors
SHSBC-176 ren 193 24 Jul Routine 3GA, Part I
SHSBC-177 ren 194 24 Jul Routine 3GA, Part II
SHSBC-178 ren 195 26 Jul Routine 3GA Data
SHSBC-179 ren 196 26 Jul Prepchecking with Mid Rud Buttons
SHSBC-180 ren 197 7 Aug Routine 3GA Data on Goals, Part I
SHSBC-181 ren 198 7 Aug Routine 3GA Data on Goals, Part II
TVD-11 ren 199 8 Aug TV Demo: Routine 3GA, Nulling Goals (PC: MSH)
SHSBC-182 ren 200 9 Aug Clearing
SHSBC-183 ren 201 9 Aug Goals Listing
SHSBC-184 ren 202 14 Aug Rock Slams and Dirty Needles
SHSBC-185 ren 203 14 Aug World Clearing Program
TVD-12A ren 204A 15 Aug TV Demo: 3GA Dynamic Assessment I
TVD-12B ren 204B 15 Aug TV Demo: 3GA Dynamic Assessment II
SHSBC-186 ren 205 16 Aug 3GA Dynamic Assessment
SHSBC-187 ren 206 21 Aug Finding Goals by Dynamic Assessment
SHSBC-188 ren 207 21 Aug Basics of Auditing
TVD-13A/B ren 208 22 Aug TV Demo: Dynamic and Item Assessment

(CSC = Clearing Success Congress. Per the website, "In September, LRH took a short break from his intensive technical and administrative work at Saint Hill and flew to Washington, where he delivered 9 lectures in three days to delegates at the Clearing Success Congress."

"This lecture series included data on Mr. Hubbard's most recent advances in clearing, the relationship between the various dynamics, exteriorization and the role Scientology organizations play in creating a new civilization.")

CSC-1 1 Sep Presentation of the GPM
CSC-2 1 Sep The Point Where the Pc Begins to Get Clear
CSC-3 1 Sep Basic Purpose
CSC-4 2 Sep The Healing Effect of Preparatory Auditing (Suppress Button)
CSC-5 2 Sep Staff Introduction - Demo: J. Fudge
CSC-6 2 Sep The Problems Intensive, Mechanics and Buttons
CSC-7 3 Sep World Clearing and You
> CSC-8 3 Sep Slides Shown by Reg Sharpe
CSC-9 3 Sep Your Scientology Orgs and What They Do for You <civ cass>

SHSBC-189 ren 209 18 Sep Directing Pc's Attention <ess. cass.>
SHSBC-190 ren 210 18 Sep 3GA Dynamic Assessment by Rock Slam
TVD-14A/B ren 211 19 Sep TV Demo: Tiger Drill
SHSBC-191 ren 212 20 Sep Listing Lines
SHSBC-192 ren 213 20 Sep Geriatrics
SHSBC-193 ren 214 25 Sep Current Trends
SHSBC-194 ren 215 25 Sep 3GA Assessment
> TVD ren 216 26 Sep TV Demo: Nulling Goals Session
SHSBC-195 ren 217 27 Sep 3GA Listing, Part I
SHSBC-195A ren 218 27 Sep 3GA Listing, Part II
SHSBC-196 ren 219 2 Oct 3GA -- Listing by Tiger Buttons, Part I
SHSBC-197 ren 220 2 Oct 3GA -- Listing by Tiger Buttons, Part II
> TVD-15A ren 221 3 Oct TV Demo: Prepchecking a Goal, Part I
> TVD-15B ren 222 3 Oct TV Demo: Prepchecking a Goal, Part II
SHSBC-198 ren 223 4 Oct Modern Security Checking
SHSBC-199 ren 224 4 Oct Making a Goal Fire
SHSBC-200 ren 225 9 Oct Future Org Trends <civ. cass>
SHSBC-201 ren 226 9 Oct Instructors' Bugbear
SHSBC-202 ren 227 11 Oct 3GA Goals Finding, Part I
SHSBC-203 ren 228 11 Oct 3GA Goals Finding, Part II
SHSBC-202X ren 229 23 Oct 3GA Criss Cross
SHSBC-203X ren 230 23 Oct 3GA Criss Cross: Following the Rock Slam
SHSBC-208 ren 231 25 Oct 3GA Criss Cross Data
SHSBC-209 ren 232 25 Oct 3GA Criss Cross, Secondary Prehav Scale
SHSBC-204 ren 233 30 Oct Prehav Scales and Lists
SHSBC-205 ren 234 30 Oct Listing Goals
SHSBC-206 ren 235 1 Nov The Missed Missed Withhold <L2 cass>
SHSBC-207 ren 236 1 Nov The Road to Truth <BPI cassette>
(BPI = broad public issue, this was mailed out in quantity)
SHSBC-210 ren 237 13 Nov The Difficult Case
SHSBC-211 ren 238 13 Nov Entrance of Cases
SHSBC-212 ren 239 15 Nov Terminals
SHSBC-213 ren 240 15 Nov Clearing Technology
SHSBC-214 ren 241 20 Nov Layout of the GPM (orig title "The GPM")
SHSBC-215 ren 242 20 Nov Fundamentals of Auditing
SHSBC-216 ren 243 22 Nov Question and Answer Period: Tiger Drilling, Clears
SHSBC-217 ren 244 22 Nov Question and Answer Period: District Offices, Co-audits
SHSBC-218 ren 245 27 Nov Routine 2-12, Part I
SHSBC-219 ren 246 27 Nov Routine 2-12, Part II
SHSBC-220 ren 247 29 Nov R2-12 Theory and Practice, Part I
SHSBC-221 ren 248 29 Nov R2-12 Theory and Practice, Part II
SHSBC-222 ren 249 11 Dec R2-12 Data
SHSBC-223 ren 250 11 Dec Phantom R/S
SHSBC-224 ren 251 13 Dec R2-12 Data: Needle Behavior
SHSBC-225 ren 252 13 Dec Repair of R2-12

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============ TAPES OF 1963 =============

Briefing course cassetts Level I contain new numbers 233 to 292
Briefing course cassetts Level J contain new numbers 293 to 360
Briefing course cassetts Level K contain new numbers 361 to 420

SHSBC-226 ren 253 8 Jan R2-10 and R2-12
SHSBC-227 ren 254 8 Jan Case Repair
SHSBC-228 ren 255 10 Jan R2-12
SHSBC-229 ren 256 10 Jan How to Audit

> Interview 10 Jan St. Hill Interview (LRH with Australian press)

SHSBC-230 ren 257 15 Jan R2-12 Dead Horses
SHSBC-231 ren 258 15 Jan R2-12 Nerves (labled Nevers on new list)
TVD-16 ren BC-259 16 Jan TV Demo: TR 0 Demonstration
SHSBC-232 ren 260 16 Jan TR 0 Lecture

SHSBC-233 ren 261 6 Feb Instructors' Conference
SHSBC-234 ren 262 7 Feb R3MX, Part I
SHSBC-235 ren 263 7 Feb R3MX, Part II
SHSBC-236 ren 264 12 Feb Routine 3M
SHSBC-237 ren 265 13 Feb TV Demo: Ruds and Havingness
SHSBC-238 ren 266 13 Feb Discussion of TV Demo Sessions
SHSBC-239 ren 267 14 Feb Routine 3M Data
SHSBC-240 ren 268 19 Feb Rundown on Processes
TVD ... ren 269 20 Feb TV Demo: Finding RRs
SHSBC-241 ren 270 20 Feb Talk on TV Demo -- Finding RRs
SHSBC-242 ren 271 21 Feb R2 and R3: Current Auditing Rundown
SHSBC-243 ren 272 26 Feb R3M: Current Rundown by Steps
SHSBC-246 ren 273 27 Feb TV Demo: Case Repair (TVD-17)
SHSBC-246A 27 Feb TV Demo cont.(TVD-17A) <maybe combined with above>
SHSBC-244 ren 274 28 Feb Goals Problem Mass

SHSBC-245 ren 275 5 Mar R2 and R3: Urgent Data
SHSBC-247 ren 276 7 Mar When Faced with the Unusual Do the Usual
SHSBC-248 ren 277 19 Mar R3M: How to Find Goals

SHSBC-249 .... 13 Mar Auditing & Assessing -- supposedly was a replay of SHSBC-185 of 14 AUG 62 originally titled "World Clearing"
SHSBC-250 .... 19 Mar Flattening A Process -- supposedly was a replay of CSC-1 of 1 SEP 62 originally titled "Presentation of the GPM"

TVD-18 ren BC-278 20 Mar TV Demo: Rudiments and Havingness Session and Short Lecture (LRH audits Reg Sharp)
SHSBC-251 ren 279 21 Mar R2G Series
SHSBC-252 ren 280 26 Mar Case Repair
SHSBC-254 ren 281 27 Mar (TVD-19) TV Demo: Sec Checking -- with Comments by LRH (Reg Sharp audits Leslie Van Der Statten)
SHSBC-253 ren 282 28 Mar The GPM <in FPRD casset series>
SHSBC-256 ren 283 2 Apr GPM Items <orig title "Line Plot Items">

SHSBC-255 ren 284 4 Apr Anatomy of the GPM
SHSBC-257 ren 285 16 Apr Top of the GPM
SHSBC-258 ren 286 18 Apr Directive Listing

On a Saturday afternoon at Saint Hill, LRH gave these two lectures to professional Scientologists and students currently on course in the Academy of Scientology in London.

PAC-1 ren BC-286a 20 Apr What Clearing Is
PAC-2 ren BC-286b 20 Apr Basic Purpose <original title "Clearing">

SHSBC-259 ren 287 23 Apr Goals <orig title "Goals Problem Mass">
SHSBC-260 ren 288 25 Apr Finding Goals
SHSBC-261 ren 289 30 Apr Pattern of the GPM <orig "Directive Listing">

SHSBC-262 ren 290 2 May Running the GPM
SHSBC-263 ren 291 14 May Implant GPMs
SHSBC-264 ren 292 15 May TV Demo 20: Blocking Out and Dating Incidents
SHSBC-265 ren 293 16 May The Time Track <in whole track cassets>
SHSBC-266 ren 294 21 May The Helatrobus Implants
SHSBC-267 ren 295 22 May (TVD-21) TV Demo: Engram Running -- Helatrobus Implant Goal (LRH audits MSH)
(the above 2 tapes are available online at operation clambake)

SHSBC-268 ren 296 23 May State of OT <in both whole track & FPRD cass.>
SHSBC-269 ren 297 28 May Handling ARC Breaks <level 3 cass.>
SHSBC-270 ren 298 29 May Programing Cases, Part I
SHSBC-271 ren 299 30 May Programing Cases, Part II

SHSBC-272 ren 300 11 Jun Engram Chain Running
SHSBC-273 ren 301 12 Jun ARC Straightwire
SHSBC-274 ren 302 13 Jun Levels of Case
SHSBC-275 ren 303 18 Jun Beingness
SHSBC-276 ren 304 19 Jun Summary of Modern Auditing
SHSBC-277 ren 305 20 Jun History of Psychotherapy
SHSBC-278 ren 306 25 Jun Modern Processes <orig R2H>
SHSBC-279 ren 307 26 Jun TV Demo: Listing Assmt for Engram Running, I
SHSBC-280 ren 308 27 Jun TV Demo: Listing Assmt for Engram Running, II

SHSBC-281 ren 309 9 Jul The Free Being <whole track cass.>
SHSBC-282 ren 310 10 Jul Auditing Skills for R3R
SHSBC-284a ren 311 10 Jul Aud Session: Preliminary Steps of R3R, Part I
SHSBC-284b ren 312 10 Jul Aud Session: Preliminary Steps of R3R, Part II
SHSBC-283 ren 313 11 Jul ARC Breaks
SHSBC-285 ren 314 16 Jul Tips on Running R3R
SHSBC-286 ren 315 17 Jul Dating
SHSBC-287 ren 316 18 Jul Errors in Time <FZ Bible transcription>
SHSBC-288 ren 317 23 Jul Between Lives Implants <available at clambake>
SHSBC-289 ren 318 24 Jul ARC Breaks and the Comm Cycle <L3 cass>
SHSBC-290 ren 319 25 Jul Comm Cycles in Auditing <L0 cass.>

SHSBC-291 ren 320 6 Aug Auditing Comm Cycles <L0 cass>
SHSBC-292 ren 321 7 Aug R2H Fundamentals
SHSBC-293 ren 322 8 Aug R2H Assessment
SHSBC-294 ren 323 14 Aug Auditing Tips
SHSBC-295 ren 324 15 Aug The Tone Arm
SHSBC-296 ren 325 20 Aug The Itsa Line <L0 cass>
SHSBC-297 ren 326 21 Aug The Itsa Line (cont.) <L0 cass>
SHSBC-298 ren 327 22 Aug Project 80
SHSBC-299 ren 328 27 Aug Rightness and Wrongness <L4 cass>
SHSBC-300 ren 329 28 Aug The Tone Arm and the Service Facsimile
SHSBC-301 ren 330 29 Aug The Service Facsimile

SHSBC-302a ren 331 3 Sep R3SC <L4 cass>
SHSBC-302 ren 332 4 Sep How to Find a Service Facsimile <L4 cass>
SHSBC-303 ren 333 5 Sep Service Fac Assessment <L4 cass.>
SHSBC-304 ren 334 10 Sep Destimulation of a Case
SHSBC-306 ren 335 11 Sep Service Facs and GPMs
SHSBC-305 ren 336 12 Sep Service Facsimiles
SHSBC-307 ren 337 17 Sep What You Are Auditing
SHSBC-308 ren 338 18 Sep Saint Hill Service Facsimile Handling
SHSBC-309 ren 339 19 Sep Routine 4M TA
SHSBC-... ren 340 24 Sep Summary I
SHSBC-310 ren 341 25 Sep Summary II: Scientology 0
SHSBC-311 ren 342 26 Sep Summary III: About Level IV Auditing

SHSBC-312 ren 343 15 Oct Essentials of Auditing
SHSBC-313 ren 344 16 Oct The Itsa Maker Line
SHSBC-314 ren 345 17 Oct Level IV Auditing
SHSBC-315 ren 346 21 Oct Attack and GPMs
SHSBC-316 ren 347 22 Oct The Integration of Auditing
SHSBC-317 ren 348 23 Oct Auditing the GPM
SHSBC-318 ren 349 29 Oct Routine 4
SHSBC-319 ren 350 30 Oct R4 Case Assembly
SHSBC-320 ren 351 31 Oct R4M2 Programing

SHSBC-321 ren 352 5 Nov Three Zones of Auditing
SHSBC-322 ren 353 7 Nov Relationship of Training to OT
> ... 11 Nov Interview with Sat. Evening Post - 1
> ... 11 Nov Interview with Sat. Evening Post - 2
SHSBC-323 ren 354 26 Nov R4 Auditing
> ... 28 Nov Session, MSH auditing LRH - 1
> ... 28 Nov Session, MSH auditing LRH = 2
SHSBC-330 ren 355 28 Nov TV Demo 25: Auditing Demo with Comments by LRH
SHSBC-324 ren 356 28 Nov Seven Classifications
> ... 29 Nov Session, MSH auditing LRH

> ... 2 Dec PT Truncated GPM, LRH auditing MSH
> ... 2 Dec Finding a Next Goal, LRH auditing MSH
SHSBC-325 ren 357 3 Dec Certifications and Classifications
SHSBC-326 ren 358 4 Dec TV Demo 24: Basic Auditing -- Lecture and Demo
> ... 2 Dec Session, LRH auditing MSH
SHSBC-327 ren 359 5 Dec Basic Auditing
> SHSBC-327E 10 Dec The Dangerous Environment
SHSBC-328 ren 360 10 Dec Scientology Zero
> ... 11 Dec Session Goals to Do and Think
SHSBC-329 ren 361 12 Dec Summary of OT Processes
> ... 13 Dec Session, LRH auditing MSH
> ... 15 Dec Session, LRH auditing MSH
> ... 20 Dec Session, LRH auditing MSH
> ... 22 Dec Session, LRH auditing MSH
> ... 23 Dec Session, LRH auditing MSH
> SC-1A 30 Dec Summary of R6, Part 1
> SC-1B 30 Dec Summary of R6, Part 2
> SC-2 30 Dec Objects of the Mind, Part 1
> SC-3 30 Dec Objects of the Mind, Part 2
> ... 31 Dec Session, LRH auditing MSH
SH Spec-1 ren 362 31 Dec Indicators

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============ TAPES OF 1964 =============

> ... 1 Jan Session, LRH auditing MSH on R6
> SC-4 1 Jan R6 Indicators
SH Spec-2 ren 363 7 Jan Good Indicators at Lower Levels
SH Spec-3 ren 364 9 Jan Bad Indicators
> SC-5A 16 Jan On R6, part 1
> ... 16 Jan To Instructors on R6 (might be same as SC-5A)
> SC-5B 16 Jan On R6, part 2
> SC-6A 20 Jan R6 Line Plots And Admin, part 1
> SC-6B 20 Jan R6 Line Plots And Admin, part 2
> SC-7A 21 Jan R6 Case Analysis, part 1
> SC-7B 21 Jan R6 Case Analysis, part 2

SH Spec-4 ren 365 4 Feb Auditor Self-criticism
> SC-8A FILM 5 Feb The Pattern of the Bank, part 1
> SC-8B FILM 5 Feb The Pattern of the Bank, part 2
> SC-9 6 Feb R6 On Items And Goals
SH Spec-5 ren 366 6 Feb The Communication Cycle in Auditing <L0 cass>
> (*missing) 9 Feb SH Demo Auditing Session
> DEMO-2 9 Feb LRH audits MSH "on bringing about commands"
> SC-10 11 Feb Bad Indicators
> SC-11A 13 Feb Goals, Part 1
> SC-11B 13 Feb Goals, Part 2
> SC-12A 17 Feb Goals Listing And Plotting, Part 1
> SC-12B 17 Feb Goals Listing And Plotting, Part 2
> SC-13A 18 Feb Technical Rules And Bad Indicators, Part 1
> SC-13B 18 Feb Technical Rules And Bad Indicators, Part 2
> SC-14A 19 Feb GPM Series And Examination Review, Part 1
> SC-14B 19 Feb GPM Series And Examination Review, Part 1
> SC-15 20 Feb Goals Finding And Plotting
> SC-16 24 Feb Q & A On R6
> SC-17A 25 Feb The Goals Pattern, Part 1
> SC-17B 25 Feb The Goals Pattern, Part 2
SH Spec-6 ren 367 25 Feb What Auditing Is and What It Isn't

SH Spec-7 ren 368 3 Mar Auditing and Assessment (the master list has a note that this may be the same lecture as old SHSBC-248)
SH Spec-8 ren 369 5 Mar Case Analysis -- Healing
SH Spec-9 ren 370 10 Mar Summary of Lower Levels- Clearing at Level 4
> Spec-10A ren 371 12 Mar Track Analysis [filmed lecture] <confid>
> Spec-10B ren 372 12 Mar Running GPMs [filmed lecture] <confid>
(371 and 372 above are not included in the BC cass.)
SH Spec-11 ren 373 17 Mar Lower Levels of Auditing (orig. title "The Road To Perfection")
> SH-TVD 18 Mar MSH auditing LRH, Goals Plotting R6
SH Spec-12 ren 374 19 Mar Flattening a Process <FPRD cass>
SH Spec-13 ren 375 24 Mar International City

SH Spec-14 ren 376 10 Apr How to Manage a Course
SH Spec-15 ren 377 14 Apr The Classification and Gradation Program
SH Spec-16 ren 378 16 Apr Auditing by Lists
SH Spec-17 ren 379 21 Apr Problems and Solutions <L1 cass>
SH Spec-18 ren 380 28 Apr Wisdom as an Auditor <L0 cass>
SH Spec-19 ren 381 30 Apr Effectiveness of Processing

> SH Spec-20A 382 19 May R6 Remarks - Goal End Word Running <confid>
SH Spec-20 ren 383 19 May The Preclear and Getting Auditing to Work

> SC-18 1 Jun The Line Plot - Goals Plot - Series Plot
> SH Spec-21 384 4 Jun R6 Auditing Skills
SH Spec-22 ren 385 9 Jun The Cycle of Action: Its Interpretation
on the E-Meter
SH Spec-23 ren 386 16 Jun Communication, Overts and Responsibility
SH Spec-24 ren 387 18 Jun Studying: Introduction <ST-1, study cass>
SH Spec-25 ren 388 30 Jun Cause Level, OT and the Public

SH Spec-26 ren 389 2 Jul O/W Modernized and Reviewed <L2 cass>
SH Spec-27 ren 390 7 Jul Dissemination <money cass>
SH Spec-28 ren 391 9 Jul Studying: Data Assimilation <ST-2, study cass>
> SH Spec-29 392 14 Jul Track And Bank Anatomy <confid>
SH Spec-30 ren 393 15 Jul Organization Operation
> HASI 27 Jul Address To HASI Ldt. Share Holders
SH Spec-31 ren 394 28 Jul Campaign to Handle Psychosomatic Ills
SH Spec-32 ren 395 30 Jul Psychosomatic: Its Meaning in Scientology

SH Spec-33 ren 396 4 Aug A Summary of Study <ST-3 study cass>
SH Spec-34 ren 397 6 Aug Study: Gradients and Nomenclature <ST-4 study cass>
SH Spec-35 ren 398 11 Aug Study: Evaluation of Information <ST-5 study cass>
SH Spec-36 ren 399 13 Aug Study and Education <ST-6 study cass>

SH Spec-37 ren 400 1 Sep The PE Course
SH Spec-38 ren 401 3 Sep Clearing, What It Is
SH Spec-39 ren 402 15 Sep Scientology and Tradition
SH Spec-40 ren 403 22 Sep A Review of Study <ST-7 study cass>
SH Spec-41 ren 404 29 Sep Gradients

SH Spec-42 ren 405 13 Oct Cycles of Action <L1 Cass>
SH Spec-43 ren 406 20 Oct Levels: The Reason for Them
SH Spec-44 ren 407 27 Oct The Failed Case <FPRD cass>

SH Spec-45 ren 408 3 Nov Programs
SH Spec-48 ren 409 4 Nov Comments on Clay Table TV Demo
SH Spec-46 ren 410 10 Nov PTPs, Overts and ARC Breaks <Ess. Cass>
SH Spec-47 ren 411 17 Nov Styles of Auditing
SH Spec-49 ren 412 15 Dec Communication: A Gradient of Duplication
> SH Spec-50 413 22 Dec Mastery of the GPMs (FILM) (confid)
> SH Spec-51 414 30 Dec Pattern Of the Bank (FILM) (confid)
(the 2 films above are mentioned without titles as "This film is now part of Grade VI" at the end of the What Is Scientology materials list for 1964. They also mention a third film also on 30 Dec as "This film is now part of the Clearing Course" but the actual CC film is in 1965 (below) and there is no third film here in the Flag master list. The 2 above are in the scamizdat net posting).

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============ TAPES OF 1965 =============

Briefing course cassettes Level K contain new numbers 361 to 420
Briefing course cassettes Level L contain new numbers 421 to 447

> SH Spec-52 415 23 Feb Level VII <confidential>

SH Spec-53 ren 416 2 Mar Technology and Hidden Standards
SH Spec-54 ren 417 9 Mar The New Organizational Structure
SH Spec-55 ren 418 16 Mar The Progress and Future of Scientology
SH Spec-56 ren 419 30 Mar ARC Breaks and Generalities (General Rules)

SH Spec-57 ren 420 6 Apr Org Board and Livingness <money cass>
SH Spec-58 ren 421 13 Apr The Lowest Levels
SH Spec-59 ren 422 27 Apr Awareness Levels

SH Spec-60 ren 423 11 May ARC Breaks and PTPs, the Differentiation
SH Spec-61 ren 424 18 May Organization and Ethics
SH Spec-62 ren 425 25 May The Five Conditions <money cass>

SH Spec-63 ren 426 8 Jun Handling the PTS
SH Spec-64 ren 427 29 Jun The Well-Rounded Auditor
SH Spec-65 ren 428 27 Jul Stages of Release

> CC-1 3 Sep Material of the R6 Bank (FILM)
(this is also known as "the clearing course film" It is on 4 short film reels. The 1st one has Ron behind a desk addressing the first class of CC students which was given in Sep 65. The 4th is a solo demo session done by Ron. It is not mentioned on the Scn website but they do say "... The written materials for the Clearing Course were first presented to students at its opening on 27 September 1965". All old CC students saw this film. Why the discrepany in the date of the CC film mentioned on the website as being from 30 Dec 64? Has a bogus film been substitued? For the demo session that was part 4 of the CC film reels, see 27 June 66 below)

> SH Spec-66 429 9 Sep Classification and Gradation [filmed lecture]
(the above used to be available but was made confidential because it contains some discussion of power processing)

> ... 10 Sep Three Main Points Watched for in Review
SH Spec-67 ren 430 21 Sep Out-Tech
SH Spec-68 ren 431 14 Oct Briefing to Review Auditors
(mislabled Briefing of Review Auditors at

> ... 1 Dec Conference Memo to Commodor White on TASC
> ... 20 Dec Conference on Speed Up of Waiting Lists

.. 65xxCxx (no date) ?? Filmed Interview of LRH by Tony Hitchman

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=========== TAPES OF 1966 ==============

> ... 25 Jan Conference with Comps <completions>
> ... 12 Feb Interns Conference, 1
> ... 12 Feb Interns Conference, 2

> ... 6 May LRH to SH & WW Staff
> ... DEMO 27 Jun LRH Solo Session Demo
(this may be the filmed demo shown along with the CC-1 film above)

SH Spec-69 ren 432 19 Jul About Rhodesia
SH Spec-70 ren 433 21 Jul Dianetic Auditing
SH Spec-71 ren 434 26 Jul The Classification Chart and Auditing
SH Spec-72 ren 435 28 Jul Dianetic Auditing and the Mind

SH Spec-73 ren 436 2 Aug Suppressives and GAEs <L4 cass>
SH Spec-74 ren 437 4 Aug Dianetics, Scientology and Society
SH Spec-75 ren 438 16 Aug Releases and Clears
SH Spec-76 ren 439 18 Aug Study and Intention (also known as "Roundup of Study") <ST-8, study cass>
SH Spec-77 ren 440 23 Aug Organization <money cass>
SH Spec-78 ren 441 25 Aug The Antisocial Personality

SH Spec-79 ren 442 1 Sep Gradients and ARC
SH Spec-80 ren 443 8 Sep States of Identity

SH Spec-81 ren 444 1 Nov Government and Organization
SH Spec-82 ren 445 29 Nov Scientology Definitions I: OT and Clear Defined
SH Spec-83 ren 446 6 Dec Scientology Definitions II
SH Spec-84 ren 447 13 Dec Scientology Definitions III

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=========== TAPES OF 1967 ==============

> ... 12 Jan OT & Clear Graduation aboard "Royal Scotsman"
> ... 25 Feb The Big Auditing Problem

.. Spec Lecture 20 Sep Ron's Journal 67
(the blurb on the scn website says "In this recorded message, L. Ron Hubbard briefed Scientologists on a technical breakthrough of incredible magnitude: He had successfully mapped the route through the Wall of Fire -- OT III -- and made it possible for others to follow.) <this one is available on the net >

> SO ... 10 Oct Talk To The Royal Scotman Crew
> SO WQSB 16 Nov Watch, Quarter, and Station Bill
> SO ... 18 Nov A Talk to St. Hill & WW Ethics Officers
> Spec Lecture 19 Nov Ron's talk to Pubs WW & WW Execs re symbols and their meaning
> ... 23 Nov Ron's Talk to EC WW <exec council world wide>
> SO ... 30 Nov Crew Training
> SO ... 10 Dec Form and Manner of Keeping Watches

(the org's website also mentions "Affinity", "A twenty-minute film based on the works of L. Ron Hubbard ... produced in the autumn of 1967". It is not in the master list, but it isn't by Ron).

(note that none of the sea org lectures are listed at the org's website even though excerpts from these have appeared in Advance magazine and they are not usually treated as confidential).

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=========== TAPES OF 1968 ==============

> Spec Lecture 68xxCxx (date unknown) Talk to EC WW on RS at Southampton

> AO-1 5 Jan Fast Flow and Inspection Before The Fact
> AO-2 12 Jan Those Who Put Things Right
> SO ... 17 Jan Weather
> AO-4 26 Jan Ron's Talk at 4th Graduation on RS (Apollo)

> Class VIII-1 24 Sep Welcome to the Class VIII Course, An Introduction to Standard Tech
> Class VIII-2 25 Sep What Standard Tech Does
> Class VIII-3 26 Sep The Laws of Case Supervision
> Class VIII-4 27 Sep Standard Tech Defined
> Class VIII-5 28 Sep Standard Green Form and Rudiments
> Class VIII-6 29 Sep Mechanics of Techniques and Subject Matter
> Class VIII-7 30 Sep C/S Do's and Don'ts, The Total Rationale and Background of Auditing
> Class VIII-8 1 Oct Certainty of Standard Tech
> Class VIII-9 2 Oct The Laws of Listing and Nulling
> Class VIII-10 3 Oct Assists
> Class VIII-11 7 Oct Assessment, Listing and Basics
> Class VIII-12 8 Oct More on Basics
> Class VIII-13 9 Oct Ethics and Case Supervision
> Class VIII-14 10 Oct Auditor Attitude and the Bank
> Class VIII-15 11 Oct Auditor Additives, Lists and Case Supervising
> Class VIII-16 12 Oct Standard Tech
> Class VIII-17 13 Oct Basics and Simplicities of Standard Tech
> Class VIII-18 14 Oct New Auditor's Code
> Class VIII-19 15 Oct Evaluation of Exam Answers and Data on
Standard Tech

> Spec Lect ?? Nov Ron's Journal 1968
(I don't know why this is not listed at the Scn website, it was broadly played to public at the end of 1968)

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=========== TAPES OF 1969 ==============

> ... 2 Feb R-Factor Talk To Registrars
> SO SPEC-1 29 May First Standard Dianetics Graduation - The
Dianetics Program
(it is odd that the above is also not listed at the org's website, the tape was part of the original standard dianetics course released in 1969 and it is the only tape where Ron talks about Standard Dianetics specifically rather than earlier versions or XDN, the tape did not have any confidential data on it)

> WSO-1 15 Oct Welcome To The Sea Org: Quality of the
Sea Org - What Is A Seaman
> WSO-2 16 Oct Welcome To The Sea Org: Drills
> WSO-3 17 Oct Welcome To The Sea Org: Why the Sea Org Is Successful
> WSO-4 20 Oct Welcome To The Sea Org: Third Dynamic Activity
And Making Things Go Right
> WSO-5 21 Oct Welcome To The Sea Org: It's A PR World

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=========== TAPES OF 1970 ==============

> SO ... 30 Jan A Succinct view of PR
> SO PRO 27 Mar The Difference Between Intelligence and PR, Pt 1
> SO PRO 27 Mar The Difference Between Intelligence and PR, Pt 2

Spec lecture 21 Jun Expanded Grades and Training
(the org site says "The Grand National Convention of Dianetics and Total Freedom was held in Los Angeles in July 1970. Shortly before the convention, Mr. Hubbard recorded a message to be played to the delegates. He discussed the early days of Dianetics and the tremendous improvements in auditing technology made through the years, including the development of Expanded Grades and standardized training.)

> ... 15 Jul Mission and Orders Port Manteau
> SO ... 16 Sep A Talk on Dept 13, The Dept of Personnel Enhancement

FEBC-1 17 Nov Welcome To The FEBC

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=========== TAPES OF 1971 ==============

(the Flag Executive Briefing Course (FEBC) was originally considered confidential although it only contains administrative data. However, the org website lists the first 7 lectures, so these might not be considered confidential anymore. But the last 5 lectures are not listed there).

FEBC-2 18 Jan PR Becomes a Subject
FEBC-3 18 Jan The Product-Org Officer System, Part I
FEBC-4 18 Jan The Product-Org Officer System, Part II
FEBC-5 23 Jan How to Post an Org
FEBC-6 23 Jan The Org Officer and His Resources, Part I
FEBC-7 23 Jan The Org Officer and His Resources, Part II
> FEBC-8 24 Jan Viability and the Role of the HAS
> FEBC-9 24 Jan Production and the Resources of the HAS
> FEBC-10 24 Jan The HAS and the "Coins" of the Organization
> FEBC-11 3 Feb As You Return to your Org
> FEBC-12 3 Feb The FEBC Org Board and its VFPs
(note HAS = HCO Area Secretary, the head of division 1)

> ... 2 Apr To FSO on VFPs
(to the Flag Services Org on Valuable Final Products)

> SO Lect 9 May Training People to Train
> SO ... 12 Jun Welcome to the Internship
> ... 14 Jun LRH Briefing to Bill Foster
> SO 5 Sep A Talk on a Basic Qual - I
> SO 5 Sep A Talk on a Basic Qual - II

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=========== TAPES OF 1972 ==============

(This is the blurb from the org's website about the ESTO lectures: "Establishment Officer Lectures: Sea Organization Flagship Apollo". Delivered to Flag Executive Briefing Course students aboard the Apollo, this series of lectures details the Establishment Officer system, how it relates to the Product-Organizing Officer system and how Establishment Officer technology can be utilized to create rapid and stable expansion in any organization. (Reproduced on cassette for the Flag Executive Briefing Course.")

ESTO-1 1 Mar Estos Instant Hat, Part I
ESTO-2 1 Mar Estos Instant Hat, Part II
ESTO-3 2 Mar Evaluation and Handling of Personnel, Part I
ESTO-4 2 Mar Evaluation and Handling of Personnel, Part II
ESTO-5 3 Mar Handling Personnel, Part I
ESTO-6 3 Mar Handling Personnel, Part II
ESTO-7 4 Mar Hold the Form of the Org, Part I
ESTO-8 4 Mar Hold the Form of the Org, Part II
ESTO-9 5 Mar Revision of the Product-Org Officer System, Part I
ESTO-10 5 Mar Revision of the Product-Org Officer System, Part II
ESTO-11 6 Mar F/Ning Staff Members, Part I
ESTO-12 6 Mar F/Ning Staff Members, Part II

(This is the blurb from the org's website about the Expanded Dianetics (XDN) lectures. "Expanded Dianetics Lectures: Sea Organization Flagship Apollo. These lectures were given by L. Ron Hubbard to students he was personally training in the specialized data and advanced skills of his latest breakthrough in auditing technology, Expanded Dianetics. In addition to specifics on Expanded Dianetics procedures, he also covered vital data on misunderstood words and their handling, the anatomy of physical illness and the importance of standard auditor administration. (Reproduced on cassette for the Expanded Dianetics Auditor Course.)" - these were at one time considered confidential.

XDN-1 30 Mar Expanded Dianetics
XDN-2 7 Apr Expanded Dianetics and Word Clearing
XDN-3 7 Apr Auditor Administration
XDN-4 7 Apr Illness Breakthrough

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=========== TAPES AFTER 1972 ==============

There are no other lectures listed after this in the flag master list. The master list was distributed in 1978, but it may have been compiled earlier and its purpose was to locate old missing tapes.

There are some taped lectures after this but I do not have a complete list. There is a rumor that some of Ron's briefings or instuctions to SO members were taped. This might include orders for bulletins and policies to be written, etc. (but not simple orders - those came out daily in the Orders of the Day (OODs)).

Two lectures of 1972 and one of 1973 are transcribed in the Data Series.

--- 1972 ----

> SO 2 JAN Evaluation (transcribed in Data series 41R)
> SO 18 May Current and Future Operations Actions
(transcribed in data series 42R)

--- 1973 ----

> SO 27 Sep Programs Bureau And FB Lines Functions
(FB = Flag Bureau)(transcribed in data series 43R)

--- 1976 ----

> 24 Nov Ron's Journal 28

This was a general message to Sea Org orgs and it had the peculiarity of having a general section and then a custom section that was specific to each org so that AO and ASHO versions, for example, have different custom sections. The tape was not very long and didn't really say much of note (it pretty much matched info letters of the time period). It did not strike me as bogus (the later RJs did) and might have been the last tape actually recorded by Ron before he disappeared into Northern California.

--- later tapes ----

The cassette "Books Make Booms" issued around 1980 was not a lecture by Ron, but simply a recording of various SO speakers at an event.

There were Ron's Journal 36 to 39 issued in December of each year from 1982 to 1985. These don't sound quite right and there have been rumors on the internet that these fail a voice print analysis and are not actually by Ron.


[I recieved a note from an old Sea Org member about tapes after 1972. Apparently there were a few lectures after this and the flag master list simply used it as a cut off date. -The Pilot] Excerpts from the note (author's name withheld) -

"Over 30 of us attended the Flag Bureau lecture (27 Sep 73) on board the Apollo.

"The 5 Sep 71 lecture "Talk on a Basic Qual" was only given to a small group in LRH's office on the Prom Deck of the Apollo.

"There were other taped conferences - he did not tape orders, these were in the OODs (Orders Of the Day) which came out daily - early in the morning.

"Sometimes orders were issued on an FBDL (blue on white), only LRH wrote these."


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