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"A thorough study of LRH materials is an important aspect of the Scientology religion for many of those who practice it.

Although the orthodox CofS provides a list of LRH materials by year at their website, the list is incomplete because it omits materials that they consider confidential or otherwise wish to hide, and it also is missing data.

It does not include the lecture series designations and tape numberings that are needed to tie old and new tape sets together nor does it show various renamings and repackagings. As such, it is inadequate for use in researching or cataloging old tapes or indexing a tape collection.

Also, anyone who does have an extensive tape collection needs a simple text file which they can download to their own computer and annotate as desired. I have been handwriting annotations on the old flag master list (source #1 below) for many years in this manner and I needed to do this computerized version for my own use and wished to make it available to others so that they could benifit from my work instead of having to repete it.

So here it is, the most complete list of LRH tapes that exists outside of Gold's hidden archives. I'm sure that they could do better than I have, but of course modern policy is to inhibit communications so we end up with duplicate work."




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This is a new compilation derived from the following sources:

1. Flag Info Letter 148 of 14 Apr 1978 titled "LRH Tape Lectures", A 69 page list of tapes issued by Lt. Ken Delderfield as director of the tapes to books project. This was issued in an effort to locate tapes that were missing from the archives and designates which tapes (approximately 240 out of about 3000 at that time) were missing. This will be refered to hereafter as the master list.

Note that some additional tapes were found subsequently and appear in the R&D volumes.

2. The Complete list of LRH materials that is publicly available at the scientology website ( Their promotional blurbs about various lecture series have been used where appropriate.

3. In the early 1980s Golden Era put together a long list of tapes that it was capable of reproducing but which were at that time unavailable from the org. They planned to run off a small number of sets of these (well over a thousand tapes) at exhorbinate prices but the project was never completed because too few people were willing to come up with the price (which was over a hundred grand). But they gave copies of this list (which was typed and xeroxed) around to people in the field. This updates the master list by showing additional tapes that they had found copies of (which were previously missing) and also by adding some additional lectures which were not known to have existed at the time the master list was done. This was titled the "collector's list" and is hereafter referred to as the Gold list.

4. The old and new tech volumes. These contain bulletins rather than tapes, but they include brief descriptions of various lecture series and list the lectures therein.

5. The old R&D volumes 1 to 10 which contain transcripts of the tapes of 1950-51 and the begining of 1952.

6. The new R&D volumes 9 to 13 which are in the process of covering the transcriptions of 1952. Note that the new R&Ds cover more ground per volume so that the middle of new R&D 9 corresponds to the end of old R&D 10.

7. The various sets of cassetts that have been issued by the organization including both older sets (no longer available) and the newer ones and also including the extensive set of Briefing Course Cassettes.

8. Various old lectures done on reel to reel tapes.

Two special desigantions have been used to mark tapes as follows:

A "%" sign is used on lectures that are or may be still missing. This is based on the 1978 master list designations of missing tapes, eliminating any that have subsequently shown up on the Gold list, or in R&D volumes, or cassette sets, etc.

A ">" sign is used on lectures that appear in the masterlist (or were added on the gold list) but seemed to have subsequently disappear or have been labled confidential. Note that the website states that it does not list secret materials and therefore is used as a source for identifying what materials are not secret. Lectures that at one time were available on reels and which are mysteriously skipped and not mentioned in the R&Ds and on the website are in this category (for example "Electropsycometric Auditing: MSH audits Ron" in 1952) as well as known confidential lectures.

Note that the master list does include confidential lectures.

In some cases, a lecture marked ">" might actually have disappeared because of renaming, re-dating, or repackaging of lectures (combining two short lectures into one longer one and assigning a more popular title). In a few cases, the master list contains lectures issued under incorrect dates which were found to be identical to another lecture on the list. It is possible that more duplicates of this sort have been subsequently found and eliminated by the org.

Every effort has been made to avoid using the ">" on such spurious designations, but in uncertain cases, the mark has been applied and a comment has been made. Since there are lectures in 1952 which have been explicitly marked confidential and hidden from view, it seemed better to err on the side of caution.

I have made notations as to the various cassette series. I have included original and alternate titles where these exist.

And I have shown the lecture designations in both the old and renumbered versions whereever possible. For example, this list shows both the old and new SHSBC number for each of the briefing course lectures. I know of no other source for converting between the old and new numbers.


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