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============ TAPES OF 1950 =============

---- begining of old R&D Volume 1

(The org website says "Following the publication of Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health, the first Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation was formed by a group of Dianeticists in Elizabeth, New Jersey. LRH lectured to staff and students at the Foundation, and recorded many of the auditing sessions he gave.")

Demo 7 Jun Bringing Preclear to Present Time (LRH audits Mrs. McChintock)
Demo 7 Jun Auditing Toward Clear (LRH audits Mike McClurg)
(in 5 parts, 1 on 7 June, 2 on 9 Jun, 1 on 10 Jun, and 1 on 16 June)
Demo 7 Jun Repairing Past Auditing (LRH audits Gloria Manchenburg)
(in 10 parts, 1 on 7 Jun, 4 on 8 Jun, 1 on 9 Jun, 1 on 10 Jun, 3 on 12 Jun)
Demo 8 Jun Auditing a Chronic Somatic (LRH audits Joe)

(demos listed for 8 to 16 Jun are transcribed in the R&D as part of the above. Note that the above are the actual names given on the old reels per the master list. The R&D transcriptions use pseudonyms).

(The saturday course, continued in July, see below)

sat 10 Jun Dianetics: First Lecture of Saturday Course
sat 10 Jun LRH Auditing Demonstration
sat 17 Jun Recognizing Contact of Engram
sat 17 Jun The Somatic Strip
sat 24 Jun Running Out Birth

(The old R&D lists these lectures of June & July 1950 in date order (including the above), but the website breaks them into groups without labling the grouping. I assume that the breakdown is based on general (or public) lectures vs those given to the first professional course (which I have marked fpro) or the saturday course (above). Unlike all other lecture designations, which I have taken from the master this, the "sat" and "fpro" assignments are my own just to keep all this stright (the master list does not categorize the lectures in these first few months).

(these are the general or public lectures, more were given in July and Aug below)

.. 12 Jun The Conduct of an Auditor
.. 12 Jun Diagnosis
.. 12 Jun LRH Auditing Demonstration
.. 14 Jun Diagnostic Procedure
.. 21 Jun A Talk with Two Co-auditing Teams
.. 26 Jun Hypnosis
.. 28 Jun Conception

(fpro = my designation for the First Professional Course lectures. Per old tech volume 1 page 14, "After a few days I took pity on these ten <students>, since although they were interested they were getting very little know-how, and began to give them a daily lecture, and so started the first professional course in Dianetics and Scientology". The remainder of this series is listed below in July)

fpro 15 Jun Sound and Aberration
fpro 15 Jun Clears in This Society
fpro 15 Jun Case Factors
fpro 16 Jun LRH Auditing Demonstration
fpro 16 Jun Memory and Diagnosis
fpro 19 Jun Auditing an Illness Chain (LRH audits Dobbs)
fpro 19 Jun Handling of Cases, Amnesia Trance
fpro 19 Jun The 15-Minute Assist (LRH audits Mrs Kearing)
fpro 19 Jun LRH Auditing Demonstration
fpro 20 Jun Valences
fpro 20 Jun Analytical Mind
fpro 21 Jun Engrams
fpro 23 Jun Institutional Dianetics (orig title "Psychotics" parts 1 & 2)
fpro 26 Jun Demon Circuits
fpro 26 Jun Testing for the Right Engram
fpro 27 Jun Birth
fpro 27 Jun Sense of Reality
fpro 28 Jun Reduction of Engrams
fpro 29 Jun Research and Discovery (orig title "Vocabulary and Case")

End of old R&D 1
Begining of old R&D 2

(continuation of the Saturday Course)

sat 1 Jul Address of Auditor to Preclear
sat 8 Jul How to Become an Auditor in One Easy Lesson
sat 15 Jul Erasures
sat 22 Jul Running Former Lives
sat 22 Jul The Anatomy of the Demon Circuit
sat 22 Jul Finding Dramatizations

(continuation of the first professional course lectures)

fpro 3 Jul Entering a Case
fpro 3 Jul Demonstration of Handling a Case
fpro 4 Jul Handling Somatics
fpro 4 Jul How to Do a Diagnosis
fpro 5 Jul Types of Cases
fpro 5 Jul The File Clerk and Valence Shifters
fpro 6 Jul Vicissitudes of the Preclear
fpro 8 Jul About Psychotics
fpro 10 Jul Getting a Case Rolling
fpro 11 Jul Standard Procedure and Accessibility
fpro 12 Jul Review of Standard Procedure
fpro 13 Jul Auditor's Skill-Part I
fpro 13 Jul Auditor's Skill-Part II
fpro 14 Jul Conception: The Sperm Sequence
fpro 14 Jul Circuitry
fpro 15 Jul Processing Children (alt title "Child Dianetics")

(continuation of the general or public lectures)

.. 5 Jul Application of Procedure
.. 7 Jul Review of Material
.. 7 Jul Operation of Valences and Demon Circuits
.. 10 Jul A Summary of Standard Procedure
% ... 10 Jul Demo of Std Procedure (alt title "Psychosomatics")
.. 14 Jul Things an Auditor Must Not Do
.. 14 Jul The Tone Scale in Action
.. 17 Jul Derivation of Laws-Part I
.. 17 Jul Derivation of Laws-Part II
.. 19 Jul The Part Played by the Analytical Mind
(orig title "Actuality - the parts of an engram: funtionsand interworkings of the analytical, reactive and somatic minds")
.. 21 Jul Manifestations Which Assist the Auditor
(orig title "Somatic strip, file clerk, and getting a case started")
.. 24 Jul Diagnosis Data
.. 2 Aug The Importance of Getting Engrams
.. 4 Aug Relation of Affinity, Communication and Reality

> demo 5 Aug Line Charge, PC Lamer Dye

End of old R&D 2
Begining of old R&D 3

(Per the website, "Following an introductory lecture to over 6,000 people at Los Angeles' Shrine Auditorium, Mr. Hubbard gave a series of lectures and demonstrations at the Los Angeles department of the Hubbard Dianetic Research Foundation.)

.. 10 Aug Introducing Dianetics-Shrine Auditorium
.. 15 Aug The Anatomy of the Engram
% ... 15 Aug Analytical Mind (maybe 28 Aug below)
.. 16 Aug Affinity, Reality, Communication
.. 17 Aug Straightwire
.. 18 Aug Denyers, Bouncers, Holders
.. 18 Aug The Guk Formula
.. 21 Aug Taking Inventory, SOP Step One
.. 22 Aug Demonstration of Getting a Case Moving
.. 22 Aug Opening the Case, SOP Step Two
.. 23 Aug The Tools of the Trade
(orig title "Engrams and parts of the mind: boil-offs, file clerk, ..."
.. 24 Aug Checking Perceptics
(orig title "Running Engrams and Step Three")
.. 24 Aug Running Engrams, SOP Step Two
(orig title "Engrams and parts of the mind: action phrases, ..."
.. 25 Aug Removing Demon Circuits and Valence Commands, SOP Step Three
.. 25 Aug Paralleling the Mind
(orig title "Mechanical Arrangement of Engrams")
.. 28 Aug Analytical Mind
.. 28 Aug Spectrum from Psychosis to Clear
.. 29 Aug Educational Dianetics
.. 30 Aug Preventive Dianetics
.. 30 Aug The Professional Auditor
.. 31 Aug General Discussion of Auditing
(orig title "Engrams and parts of the mind")
.. 31 Aug Medical Dianetics
.. 31 Aug Demonstration of Running Down a Chain
.. 1 Sep Child Dianetics
.. 1 Sep Guk vs. Drugs: Effects in Auditing
.. 1 Sep Auditing a Blind Preclear
.. 4 Sep Advertising Dianetics-Propaganda-Push Buttons
.. 5 Sep Political Dianetics
(located after old R&D 3 was published and included in R&D 5)
.. 6 Sep Aesthetics
.. 7 Sep Language Adjustment
.. 7 Sep Valences and Valence Shifters
.. 8 Sep The Complete Auditor

End of old R&D 3
Begining of old R&D 4

(per the website, "Traveling from Los Angeles to Oakland, Mr. Hubbard delivered the following series of lectures and demonstrations at the Oakland Municipal Auditorium. (Four of these lectures are available on cassette in a series entitled, "Original Lectures and Demonstrations on Dianetics.") All 10 of the numbered lectures below were at one time (c. 1980) available in a set of cassettes labled the "Dianetics Book One Cassettes". This set was withdrawn at some time in the 1980s. According to rumor, somebody compared the actual lectures on cassette to the transcripts in old R&D 4 and found that the R&D contained editing and omissions of things that seemed "out PR" such as Ron talking about going out drinking with friends.

OAKPL-1 23 Sep Further Introduction to Dianetics
OAKPL-2 23 Sep What Dianetics Can Do
OAKPL-3 26 Sep Auditor's Code
OAKPL-4 26 Sep Demonstration of Procedure
OAKPL- 26 Sep Standard Procedure Chart
OAKPL-6 27 Sep Demonstration
(located after old R&D 3 was published and included in R&D 5)
OAKPL-5 27 Sep Different Types of Cases
OAKPL-7 28 Sep How to Resolve Stalled Cases
OAKPL-8 28 Sep Running an Engram
OAKPL-9 29 Sep Guk and Freewheeling
OAKPL-10 29 Sep Running a Secondary

(These are the Kansas City Lectures. Per the website, "From Oakland, Mr. Hubbard traveled to Kansas City, where he gave these public lectures." They are not in old R&D 4, supposedly because copies could not be found. However, the master list shows 9 lectures here, referred to as STP or the Standard Procedure Lectures, without specific titles. The website does list these, with titles, so they may be in the new R&D series.)

% ... 21 Oct Introduction to Dianetics
% ... 25 Oct Clarification of Operation
% ... 25 Oct Demonstration
% ... 26 Oct Types of Cases and Methods of Resolving Them
% ... 26 Oct Demonstration
% ... 27 Oct Demonstration
% ... 27 Oct Restarting Stalled Cases
% ... 28 Oct Demonstration
% ... 28 Oct Improved Techniques

(STP = Standard Procedure Lectures. Here it is used as a general designation, the actual STP course lectures are below. Per the website, "Returning from Kansas City to his home in New Jersey, Mr. Hubbard brought the students and staff of the Foundation up to date on his latest discoveries and advancements in Dianetic techniques.")

.. 2 Nov Starting Off a New Preclear (orig title "Standard Procedure Tools - Accessibility - starting cases")
.. 4 Nov ARC and the Tone Scale
.. 4 Nov Use of ARC in Auditing
(the above is not on the master list or in old R&D 4 but is listed at the website and probably is a recently discovered lecture)
STP 7 Nov Practical Auditing (orig title "Standard Procedure")
STP 7 Nov The Art of Processing (alt title "Standard Procedure #7)
.. 8 Nov Child Dianetics-Part I
.. 8 Nov Child Dianetics-Part II (as ?? Nov "Processing
Children" in the master list)
> Demo 8 Nov Insulin Shock Demo (in master list as being in the archives but not in the R&D or listed on the website)
.. 9 Nov Group Dianetics
.. 10 Nov Handling Psychotics
.. 11 Nov Education and Dianetics
.. 11 Nov Axioms and Fundamentals About Data
.. 15 Nov Demonstration Research

End of old R&D 4
Begining of old R&D 5

(STP = Standard procedure lectures. Per the website, "After delivering the Professional Course in New Jersey at the beginning of November, Mr. Hubbard traversed the continent again to bring his newest developments to Los Angeles area Dianeticists.")

(The book Notes on the Lectures consists of condensed notes on lectures given in Nov of 1950)

STP-1 20 Nov Thought, Life and the Material Universe
STP-2A 21 Nov Spectrums of Logic and Emotion
STP-2B 21 Nov Tone Scales of Affinity, Reality and Communication
STP-3A (6) 22 Nov The Auditor's Code
STP-3B 22 Nov Accessibility
STP-4A (7) 24 Nov The Accessibility Chart ("case entrance")
STP-4B 24 Nov Opening the Case
STP-5A (8) 25 Nov ARC and the Dynamics
STP- 25 Nov Running Standard Procedure
STP-5B 25 Nov The Anatomy of Circuitry
STP-6A 27 Nov Handling Chronic Somatics
STP- 27 Nov Handling the Stuck Case
STP-6B (9) 27 Nov Straight Memory
STP- 27 Nov Tone Scales
STP-7A(11) 28 Nov Valences and Demon Circuits-Part I
STP-7B 29 Nov Valences and Demon Circuits-Part II
STP-8B 29 Nov A New Straightwire Technique
STP-9B 30 Nov Questions and Answers
% 30 Nov Foundation Plans
STP-9A 1 Dec Rudimentary Data on Groups
STP-10 1 Dec Groups

(the following is in old R&D 5 as having been dictated by Ron. An edited version was published in the Dianetic Auditor's Bulletin and appears in the tech volumes.)

article 11 Dec Group Dianetics

(Per the website, "After delivering the Professional Course, Mr. Hubbard remained in Los Angeles to do further research, where he delivered these two lectures on Chain Scanning--a new technique which was still under development at the time.")

.. 19 Dec Chain Scanning
.. 19 Dec Demonstration of Lock Scanning

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============ TAPES OF 1951 =============

(the following articles are in old R&D 5 as having been dictated by Ron. Edited versions of the last 2 were published in the Dianetic Auditor's Bulletin and appear in the tech volumes.)

article ?? Jan Group Dianetics in the Foundation
article 9 Jan An Essagy on Management
article ?? Jan An Essay on Authoritarianism

(per the website, "Taking a short break from his intensive work on the Chart of Human Evaluation, LRH traveled from Palm Springs, California to Elizabeth, New Jersey to brief auditors there
on new techniques.")

.. 17 Jan The Third Dynamic
.. 18 Jan Gradients of Accessibility
.. 18 Jan Hurdy-Gurdy Straightwire and Haywire

(R/BRCST = Radio Broadcast. According to the website, "The following series of fifteen-minute talks was recorded and broadcast over a network of 126 radio stations across the US.". According to old tech vol 1, the broadcasts began in Dec 1950 and the following 7 are only part of a larger series, the remainder of which are missing. Per old R&D 5, "according to one source, there were a total of 64 of these")

R/BRCST 7 Feb How to Straighten Out a Group
R/BRCST 8 Feb Dianetics
R/BRCST 9 Feb Valences and Straight Memory
R/BRCST 12 Feb Grief and Valences
R/BRCST 13 Feb Husbands and Wives Auditing Each Other
R/BRCST 14 Feb Communication Breaks
R/BRCST 15 Feb The Tone Scale of Groups and Nations

(Per the website, "This recorded address was sent by Mr. Hubbard from Wichita, Kansas to be played for those attending the New York Dianetic Association's First Anniversary of Dianetics

.. 15 May Ron's May 15 Message

End of old R&D 5
Begining of old R&D 6

(Per the website, "After completing his latest book, Science of Survival, Mr. Hubbard lectured to Professional Course students at the Hubbard Dianetic Foundation in Wichita, Kansas, on the theory and procedures detailed in the book. )"

.. 21 May Theta-Mest Theory
(orig title "introduction to Science of Survival")
.. 21 May The Tone Scale and Human Evaluation
.. 4 Jun All Possible Aberrations
.. 12 Jun Theory Behind Theta and Mest
.. 12 Jun The Tone Scale in Life and Processing
.. 12 Jun Demonstration: Validating Theta

> ... 22 Jun Introduction to conference and new book - 3 reels (the above is in the master list and not in the R&Ds, but this might actually be the lectures of 25 Jun below)

(HEV = Human evaluation course, VP = Viewpoint Processing Lectures, CAC = The Complete Auditor's Course, HDA = Conference of Hubbard Dianetic Auditors. Per the website, "L. Ron Hubbard gave attendees at the First Annual Conference of Hubbard Dianetic Auditors lectures centered on the latest advances in Dianetics, as covered in his book Science of Survival.")

.. 25 Jun New Techniques (tone scale parts 1 to 6)
.. 25 Jun Human Evaluation
.. 25 Jun Review of the Theta-Mest Theory
.. 25 Jun Goals of Theta and Mest
.. 25 Jun Aberration and the Dynamics
HEV-1A 26 Jun Chart of Human Evaluation-Part I
HEV-1B 26 Jun Chart of Human Evaluation-Part II
.. 26 Jun New Viewpoint on Processing
.. 27 Jun Civil Defense
VP-1 27 Jun Validation Processing
.. 27 Jun Demonstration Auditing
VP-2 27 Jun Uses of Validation Processing ("Chronic Somatics")
VP-3 27 Jun Demonstration of Validation Processing
CAC-1 28 Jun The Complete Auditor-Part I
CAC-2 28 Jun The Complete Auditor-Part II
> HDA-1 29 Jun HDA conference number 1
HDA-2/3 30 Jun MEST Straightwire
> HDA-4/5 30 Jun Final lecture at conference (Q & A)

(VMP = Validation and Mest Processing. Per the website, "For a period of five weeks Mr. Hubbard gave lectures each Monday afternoon to students at the Hubbard Dianetic Foundation in Wichita, covering auditing basics as well as his latest discoveries and refinements of procedure.")

VMP-1 9 Jul Review of Validation Processing
VMP 9 Jul Extroversion
VMP-2 9 Jul MEST Processing
> VMP-3 9 Jul Addenda - Mest Processing (may be included in above)
VMP-4 16 Jul Some Educational Data
VMP- 16 Jul Being a Friend to the Preclear (advice to the auditor)
VMP-5 16 Jul More on MEST Processing
% 21 Jul Validation Processing
.. 23 Jul Basic Processing
> 23 Jul The Time Track
.. 30 Jul Basic Reason-Part I
.. 30 Jul Basic Reason-Part II
.. 30 Jul Perceptics
.. 6 Aug Survival and the Human Mind
.. 6 Aug Survival Processing

End of old R&D 6
Begining of old R&D 7

(HEV = Human Evaluation Course, see 26 June above for the first lecture. Per the website, "This series of lectures on human evaluation and its application in business, politics and domestic activities was given to a group of Wichita businessmen. (Available on cassette.)", note that the lecture numbers are from the old reels, I have not checked the new cassettes.)

HEV-2 13 Aug The Purpose of Human Evaluation
HEV-3 13 Aug The Dynamics of Existence
HEV-4 14 Aug Conquest of the Physical Universe
HEV-5 14 Aug Personality
HEV-6 15 Aug Self Analysis
HEV-7 15 Aug The Tone Scale
HEV-8/9 16 Aug Motion and Emotion
HEV-10 17 Aug Motion and the Tone Scale
HEV-11 17 Aug The ARC Triangle (review of motion and emotion)

(PLS = Public Lecture Series, this is a later miscellaneous designation assigned to some tapes for sale to public rather than a course numbering. For OCTSER see below)

(Per the website, "In lectures to students attending the Professional Course at Wichita, Mr. Hubbard discussed a variety of subjects including a new auditing technique known as Effort Processing. This powerful procedure addressed the effects of time, motion and directed effort on an individual.")

.. 20 Aug Motion and Effort-Part I
.. 20 Aug Motion and Effort-Part II
.. 27 Aug Motion and Emotion in Processing
.. 27 Aug Line Charge
> 28 Aug Psychotics
> 28 Aug Analytical Mind
PLS-12 4 Sep Time and Motion (Geriatrics)
.. 4 Sep Illusion
% 5 Sep Correspondence about foundation
PLS-14 10 Sep Mimicry
PLS-13 10 Sep Arithmetic
.. 10 Sep Theta Facsimiles
> ... 14 Sep Effort Processing
.. 17 Sep Some Notes on Black Dianetics
.. 17 Sep The Cellular Postulate
.. 20 Sep Self-Determined Effort Processing
.. 20 Sep Tactile Communication
.. 20 Sep Randomity and Effort
.. 20 Sep Auditing and Nutrition
% ... 23 Sep A lecture on Dianetics
OCTSER-0A 24 Sep Effort Processing Fundamentals-Part I
OCTSER-0B 24 Sep Effort Processing Fundamentals-Part II

End of old R&D 7
Begining of old R&D 8

OCTSER-0C/D 1 Oct Self-Determined Effort Processing
.. 1 Oct Progress of Dianetics Research
.. 1 Oct Standard Procedure
.. 1 Oct Group Processing Demonstration

(OCTSER = The October Series. Note that a few tapes above were packaged with the series. Per the website, "This series of lectures was given to more than fifty auditors from all over the country gathered for a conference in Wichita.")

OCTSER-1A/B 8 Oct Axioms and Effort Processing
OCTSER- 8 Oct The Logics
OCTSER-2A 9 Oct Statics and Motions
OCTSER-2B 9 Oct Axioms 1-14
OCTSER- 9 Oct Effort Processing Summary
OCTSER-3A 10 Oct Axioms 14-32
OCTSER-3B 10 Oct Theory of Epicenters
OCTSER-4A 11 Oct Axioms 33-49
OCTSER-4B 11 Oct Epicenters and Self-Determinism
OCTSER-5A 12 Oct Randomity and Emotion
OCTSER-5B 12 Oct Effort in Engrams
OCTSER- 12 Oct Conclusion Processing

(FAC = Foundation Auditor's Course. Per the website, "Mr. Hubbard also took time to lecture to students attending the Professional Auditor Course, staff auditors at the Wichita Foundation and conference attendees.")

FAC-1A/B 15 Oct ARC and Effort Processing (postulate proc part 1 & 2)
FAC-2B 15 Oct Postulate Processing
% FAC-2B 15 Oct Postulate Processing part 4
.. 22 Oct Clearing the Human Mind as an Electronic Computer

FAC-3A 23 Oct Methods of Processing
FAC-3B 23 Oct Self-Determinism on the Dynamics
FAC-4 24 Oct Being Right
(orig title "conclusion processing and effort processing")
FAC-5 24 Oct Introduction to the Service Facsimile
(orig "The dynamics, self-determinism and SCS")
FAC-6A 25 Oct The Service Facsimile-Part I
FAC-6B 25 Oct The Service Facsimile-Part II
FAC-7 26 Oct The Evolution of Man According to Theta Facsimiles
.. 26 Oct How to Talk About Dianetics
.. 29 Oct The Theta Facsimile-Part I
.. 29 Oct The Theta Facsimile-Part II
.. 29 Oct Learning

End of old R&D 8
Begining of old R&D 9

(misc. lectures)

(HCL = the Hubbard College Lectures of early 1952. The two tapes marked HCL 25/26 were included with the HCL lectures on reels and dated 25 Mar 52. However, the same titles also appear at this date in the master list and the R&D transcript matches the tapes that were in the HCL. Possibly the tapes were played for students on the HCL course in Mar 52)

.. 5 Nov Postulates and Emotion
.. 5 Nov Love
.. 12 Nov Basic Postulates
.. 12 Nov Prime Thought
.. 19 Nov Cause and Effect-Part I
.. 19 Nov Cause and Effect-Part II
HCL-25 26 Nov An Analysis of Memory-Part I
HCL-26 26 Nov An Analysis of Memory-Part II
.. 3 Dec Advanced Procedure
.. 3 Dec Cause and Effect: Full Responsibility
PLS-7 10 Dec Dead Men's Goals-Part I
PLS-8 10 Dec Dead Men's Goals-Part II
.. 17 Dec Seriousness and Approval
(orig title "Regret and Seriousness - Counter Efforts")
.. 17 Dec Counter-Effort, Counter-Emotion and Counter-Thought
> ... 21 Dec Regret and Seriousness part 1
> ... 21 Dec Regret and Seriousness part 2

(DCL = December Conference Lectures which were given to the "Second Annual Conference of Hubbard Dianetic Auditors". Per the website, The main theme of this conference was the new book Handbook for Preclears, which had recently been written and released, containing the Hubbard Chart of Attitudes." Per old R&D 9, "more than 150 auditors attended")

DCL-1A 27 Dec Miracles in Dianetics
(alt title "Handbook for Preclears")
DCL-1B 27 Dec Counter-Emotion
DCL-2A 28 Dec The Chart of Attitudes
DCL-2B 28 Dec The Life-Continuum Theory
% ... 28 Dec Don P. auditing LRH
DCL- 29 Dec The Emotional Curve
DCL-3 29 Dec The Goal of Processing: The Ideal State of Man
DCL-4A 29 Dec Cause on All Dynamics
(orig title "cause and errect and remarks on second dynamic")
DCL-4B 29 Dec Handbook for Preclears
DCL-5A 30 Dec Effort Processing and the Life Continuum
(orig title "effort processing and notes on children's illnesses")
DCL-5B 30 Dec Yes, No and Maybe
DCL- 31 Dec Forecast on New Techniques
(orig title "Discussion at Ron's Home" for this and the following 2)
DCL- 31 Dec Auditing the Life Continuum
DCL- 31 Dec Informal Discussion with Ron

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============ TAPES OF 1952 =============

End of old R&D 9
Begining of old R&D 10, and also Begining of New R&D 9

(blurb from the scn website "In addition to research, writing and administrative work, Mr. Hubbard responded to continuing demands with a full schedule of lectures and demonstrations to Professional Course students, Foundation staff and the general public.)

> ... 1 Jan A Service Facsimile
... 7 Jan Survival
... 7 Jan Questions and Answers
... 11 Jan Service Facsimiles
... 11 Jan Past Life Auditing: Effort Processing
... 13 Jan Running Regret and the Emotional Curve
... 14 Jan The Impact of Dianetics on Society (orig title
"Some Aspects of Dianetics on Society: the time element required for body to repair after Dianetics")

... 14 Jan The Emotional Curve
... 16 Jan Running the Service Facsimile Chain
(this lecture is in the R&D but not on the master list and might therefore be the omitted lecture of 1 Jan or 29 Jan)

... 17 Jan Effort Processing: Intentions and Overt Acts
... 21 Jan The Anatomy of the Overt Act-Part I
... 21 Jan The Anatomy of the Overt Act-Part II
... 28 Jan The Anatomy of a Service Facsimile
> HDFL 29 Jan Anatomy of Service Facsimiles (evening lecture)
... 2 Feb The Psychogalvanometer
... 2 Feb Mysticism
(the 2 above were also combined as "Psychogalvanometer, Mysticism Groups")

... 6 Feb Dianetics: The Modern Miracle
(alt title "Address by LRH, Arcadia Theatre, Witchita Kansas)

... 8 Feb Summary of the Service Facsimile Chain

(the master list also contains two tapes of 8 Feb 52 titled "Motive of SLP 8" and "Application of Games to Processing" but these are misdated and are actually tapes of the same title given on 8 Feb 56)

... 18 Feb Freedom
... 18 Feb The Code of Honor
(above are 2 separate lectres in old R&D 10 and combined into one lecture in new R&D 9)
... 18 Feb Care of the Body

(HPC = Hubbard Professional Course (of 1952), there is a different HPC in 1955 as well. The following were also sometimes called the HCS lectures meaning Hubbard Colledge Summary lectures, but HCS was also reused for a lecture series in 1960. These have also been called the HCL lectures with the real HCL lectures below begin called the HCL Summary Lectures.)

HPC 1 25 Feb Review of Progress of Dianetics and Dianetics Business
HPC 2/3/4 25 Feb Summary of Aberrative Incidents

(HCL = Hubbard College Lectures. Some are in the R&D and have been issued as the ... cassettes, others are confidential and are omitted. Pubs catalog number 4 included 2 lectures which were made confidential when NOTS was released, these are omitted from pubs catalog #5. I had previously thought that a few of the other HCL lectures on reels from pubs catalog #5 had subsequently dived out of sight but this turns out to be repackageing and date corrections as noted below)

HCL-1 3 Mar Scientology: Milestone One
HCL-2 3 Mar Outline of Therapy
HCL-2A 3 Mar Demonstration of E-Meter
(orig title "Demonstration by Ron of E-Meter, Running Entities)

HCL-3 4 Mar Axioms and How They Apply to Auditing
HCL-4 4 Mar Thought, Emotion and Effort (and the tone scale)
HCL-Spec 4 Mar Discovery of Facsimile One
(orig title "Description of Facsimile One")

HCL-6 Spec 5 Mar Auditing Facsimile One
(orig title "Demonstration of Auditing")

HCL-5 5 Mar Thought and Preclears
HCL-6 5 Mar Emotion
HCL-6A 5 Mar Whole Track Facsimiles
(orig title "Question and Answer Period", this might also be the missing lecture listed as xxxxCxx "Science Fiction" in the master list)

HCL-7 6 Mar Effort and Counter-Effort
HCL-8 6 Mar Attack on the Preclear
HCL-9 7 Mar Facsimiles: How to Handle Recordings
HCL-10 7 Mar Indoctrination of the Preclear

End of New R&D 9
Begining of New R&D 10

HCL-11 8 Mar Effort and Counter-Effort: Overt Acts
(orig title "Resolution of Effort and Counter-Effort")

HCL-12 8 Mar Indoctrination in the Use of the E-Meter
(orig HCL-12 as parts 1 & 2 and HCL-12A as part 3)

HCL-13 9 Mar Thought, Emotion, Effort and the Overt Act
HCL-14 9 Mar Demonstration: Metered Straightwire and Overt Act
HCL-15 9 Mar Training Auditors
(orig title "Training Auditors: The Anatomy of Fac One")

> HCL-16 10 Mar The Anatomy of Facsimile One (cont. demo)
(there is a fac 1 demo at HCL-6 Spec above, maybe the same?)

HCL-17 10 Mar Running Effort and Counter-Effort
(orig title "Three Demonstrations")

(HCL-18 10 Mar Entities (Demo cont.), this tape is transcribed in new R&D 10 as the first section of HCL-27 "How to search for incidents on the track" below.

HCL-19 10 Mar History of Man Series I & II
HCL-20 10 Mar History of Man Series III & IV
(the above were sold as 2 one hour lectures in the 1970s, but have been packaged as 4 half hour cassettes. The scn website says "The last four lectures of this course are available on cassette in a series entitled "The Time Track of Theta: More on the History of Man." The individual titles are:
( HCL-19A 10 Mar Organization of Data
( HCL-19B 10 Mar Theta Lines
( HCL-20A 10 Mar History of the Theta Line
( HCL-20B 10 Mar Principal Incidents on the Theta Line )

After moving his office from Wichita to Phoenix, Arizona, Mr. Hubbard resumed lecturing, covering his startling new discoveries and their application to improve people's awareness and abilities.

> HCL-23 ?? Mar Theta Bodies <in pubs #4, then made confidential>
> HCL-23A 22 Mar Impulses of a Thetan (first morning lecture)

(HCL-24 ?? Mar Demonstration renumbered HCL-6 Spec of 5 Mar above)

> HCL-24A ?? Mar Theta Bodies

( HCL-25 25 Mar An Analysis of Memory, part 1 <in pubs #5>
( HCL-26 25 Mar An Analysis of Memory, part 2 <in pubs #5>
(the above 2 lectures were misdated and are in old R&D vol 9 at
( 26 Nov 51 above. Possibly they were played at this time to
( the HCL students)

... 15 Apr The Success of Dianetics
(orig title "Phoenix talk about Witchita and Purcell")

... 15 Apr Theta Bodies

(the following 4 were originally issued as 5203Cxx meaning an unkown day in March of 52)
HCL-21 16 Apr Anatomy of the Theta Body
(in the master list twice, once as HCL-21 undated and again dated 16 Apr but not in the HCL series)
HCL-22 16 Apr How to Audit a Theta Line parts I & II
HCL-27 16 Apr How to Search for Incidents-Part I
HCL-27A 16 Apr How to Search for Incidents-Part II
(alt title "demo and brief explanation, whole track and bodies in pawn")

> HCL-Spec ?? Apr Electropsychometric Scouting - Battle of
the Universes (MSH audits Ron) <in pubs #4, then made confidential>

... 16 Apr Theta Body Demonstration
> ... 20 Apr Goals And Purposes of Theta and Mest
% ... 6 May Anatomy of Thought

(T80 = Tech 80 Lectures. Available on cassette as a series entitled "The Route to Infinity.")

T80-1A 19 May Beingness (orig title "ARC Triangle in relation to Infinity, Beingness along the Dynamics")

T80-1B 19 May Outline of Technique 80 (orig title "Definition of Technique 80, Emotional Wavelengths")

> T80-1C 19 May Tone And Ability
(may be combined in 1B above or 1D below)

T80-1D 19 May Wavelengths of ARC (orig title "Wavelength and tone scale")

T80-2A 20 May Decision
T80-2A 20 May Decision: Cause and Effect
(both of the above are in the master list as a single tape titled "Decision: Maybes, Time, Postulates, Cause and Effect in Relation to Dynamics")

> T80-2B 20 May Early Methods of Dealing with People, Entities

T80-3A 21 May Therapy Section of Technique 80-Part I
T80-3B 21 May Therapy Section of Technique 80-Part II

(T88 = Technique 88 Lectures, these were numbered various ways and sometimes divided into 1/2 hour mini-reels. The simple numbering (T88-2 etc.) is the final numbering placed on the hour long packaging on reels. Per old tech vol 1 page 264, "Nearly a hundred auditors attended the Summer Session in Phoenix, Arizona June 23 to 28". Note that T88-2 is the 1st lecture of the series and it was numbered 1A in old editions.)

T88-2 (1A) 23 Jun Introduction (orig title "Course Outline")
T88-3 (1B) 23 Jun Zero and Infinity
T88-3 (1B) 23 Jun Time
(T88-3 was titled "Matter, Solid Thought, Home Universe", this was then divided into the 2 lectures above, and then in the R&D, the "Zero and Infinity" lecture was tacked onto the end of T88-2 without being marked as a separate lecture)

T88-4 (1C) 23 Jun Obsession (orig title "Mechanics of Abberation")

T88-5 (2A) 24 Jun Attention Unit Flows ("Motion & Maybes")
T88-6 (2B) 24 Jun Attention Unit Running ("Tone Scale of attention unit behavior")
T88-7 (2C) 24 Jun Concept Running
T88-8 (3A) 25 Jun Invalidation ("Validation & Invalidation")

T88-9 (3B) 25 Jun Overt Acts, Motivators and DEDS
(T88-10 is part 2 of the above)

(from here on, all T88 lectures in the master list have a date one day earlier than that given in the R&D volumes, T88-11 is dated 25 June, T88-14 is dated 26 June, etc., and those are the dates given in the identification statement at the begining of the actual reels)

T88-11 (4A) 26 Jun The Actions of Energy (orig title "Abberated thought, Overt Acts, Motivators, Deds" and "Invalidation, simplicity of data, Counter-Effort")

T88-12 (4B) 26 Jun Technique 88 and the Whole Track-Part I
T88-13 (4C) 26 Jun Technique 88 and the Whole Track-Part II

End of New R&D 10
Begining of New R&D 11

T88-14 (5A) 27 Jun Confusions (orig title "The anatomy of Dramatization, The Actions of Energy")
T88-15 (5B) 27 Jun Acquisition of Bodies
T88-16 (5C) 27 Jun Theta and Genetic Lines
T88-17 (6A/B) 28 Jun Questions and Answers (orig title
T88-17 "Confusion, Action of Track as Result of Energy Behavior"
and T88-18 "Symbological Processing", both combined into 1 lecture in the R&D)

T88-19 (7A) 28 Jun Individualism - Q&A period cont.
(this is re-dated as 28 Aug in R&D 11, and the transcript has an additional 2 pages beyond the end of the original reel and that may be the following missing lecture below)
> T88 (7B) 28 Jun Q & A Period (cont)

(T88S = First set of T88 Supplemental lectures given in Phoenix, note that the numbering is confused because of misdating of lectures).

T88S-5(2A) 24 Jul Behavior of Energy as It Applies to Thought Flows
T88S-6(2B) 24 Jul E-Meter Behavior vs Flow Lines and Patterns

T88S (3A) 7 Aug Straightwire Technique 88

( T88S (3B) 7 Aug Standard Processes of 88
( this reel was merged into 3A above, but there seems to be
( some editing and omissions)

T88S-3(1C) 7 Aug Standard Processes of 88, Lecture 1
(some versions dated 8 Jul, possibly due to interpreting 07/08/52 in American vs British dating systems)
(orig title "Standard Processes of 88: Black and White", alt title "A Straightwire Process-Lecture I")

T88S-4(1D) 7 Aug Standard Processes of 88, Lecture 2
(same name & date variations as part 1 above)

(there may be 1 or 2 more of these Standard Processes lectures given on 7 Aug as T88S-1(1A) and T88S-2(1B) or these might be bogus due to repackaging 4 mini-reels into 2 longer reels).

28 Aug Ridge Running
28 Aug Talk to Associates about Fellowships, etc. (20 min)
T88S-7 4 Sep Where We are At (sometimes misdated 4 Jul)
> T88S-8 4 Sep Creation and use of energy (remedy for over
or under abundance) (date might be 4 Sep or 4 July)

(T88SL - Tech 88 Supplements given in London)

T88SL-1A 21 Sep Basis of Scientology and Dianetics - Part I
T88SL-1B/C 21 Sep Basis of Scientology-Stuck Flows
(appears to include both 1B "elasticity of flows" and 1C "Stuck Flows")

> ... 21 Sep Lecture 101-London
T88SL-2A 22 Sep Scientology-Tone Scale Characteristics
T88SL-2B 22 Sep Scientology-Flows, Tone Scale
T88SL-3A 23 Sep The Resolution of the Second Dynamic Case Level V
(in R&D as being given on an unknown date in Oct)
T88SL-3B 23 Sep Blanketing-Exteriorization
T88SL-4A 24 Sep Scientology-The Three Types of Energy Flows
T88SL-4B 24 Sep Activity of the Auditor in Theta Clearing
(in R&D as being given on an unknown date in Oct)

% 29 Sep On The Second Dynamic, Part II
(no known copy per Flag master list, may be another tape misdated)

% Prof Crse 11 Oct Continuation of Definition: Dn & Scn

(SOP = Standard Operating Procedure Lectures of Oct 52. The exact dates of the lectures are unknown. The R&D volume lists these in a different order than the SOP lecture numbers. Also, the last 2 have been re-dated as sometime in November and are in Volume 12 instead of Volume 11. These were included as part of the OT cassettes issued in the late 1970s. The 1st 3 lectures of the SOP series are unknown and unavailable.)

% SOP-1 ?? Oct (title unknown)
% SOP-2 ?? Oct (title unknown)
% SOP-3 ?? Oct (title unknown)

SOP-4A ?? Oct Summary of Technique 8-80
SOP-4B ?? Oct Present Time Use of Energy Manifestations
SOP-5A ?? Oct Theory of Flows-Counter-Elasticity
SOP-5B ?? Oct Flows
> SOP-5C ?? Oct Basics of Scientology - Black & White processing, discharging flows
SOP-6A ?? Oct Basic Summary on SOP of Technique 8-80
SOP-6B ?? Oct Phenomena of the Thetan
SOP-7A ?? Oct Service Facsimile Chain

% ... 30 Oct On Using thetans To Control Other Bodies
(this may be the begining section of Role of Earth (below) which begins in the middle of this topic)

End of New R&D 11
Begining of New R&D 12

(the following 2 SOP lectures re-dated as sometime in November)
SOP-8A 30 Oct The Role of Earth
SOP-8B 30 Oct Illusion Processing and Therapy

> ... 1 Nov Resolution of Effort & Counter-Effort (incomplete)
.. ?? Nov Illusion Processing

( LS = Lecture Series, Also known as the November Lectures. These are now available on cassette as a series entitled "Secrets of the MEST Universe." They were previously packaged in the OT cassettes along with the SOP lectures above)

LS-1A/B 6 Nov Methods of Research-The Thetan as an Energy Unit

( LS-2A 6 Nov Creating Different Space and Time part I
( LS-2B 6 Nov Creating Different Space and Time part II
(the 2 above are transcribed in the R&D at the tail end of
LS-3A/B below (begining on page 65), but there seems to be some editing and omissions)

LS-3A/B 7 Nov Force as Homo sapiens and as Thetan - Responsibility
(orig title "Have as Homo Sapiens and as Thetan")
LS-4A 14 Nov Be, Have and Do, Part I
LS-4B 14 Nov Be, Have and Do, Part II
> LS-5 16 Nov MEST-Self-Mest Universe in connection with creative processing
(the "secrets" cassettes subsitutes LPC-6 (below) which was given on 17 Nov and has a similar title)

LPC-6 16 Nov Self-Determinism and Creation of Universes

(L&A = Logics and Axioms Lectures. Available on cassette as a series entitled "The Perception of Truth.")

L&A 1/2 10 Nov Introduction: The Q List and Beginning of Logics
L&A 3/4 10 Nov Logics 1-7
L&A 5/6 12 Nov Precision Knowledge: Necessity to Know
Technology and Law
L&A 7/8 12 Nov Logics 7-9 and 10-23

(LPC = London Professional Course, these are renumbered in the R&D volume and some lectures are no longer counted in the LPC series but the transcripts are present)

LPC-1 10 Nov Introduction to the Course - Definitions of Dianetics and Scientology,Other Philosophies
LPC-2 12 Nov 8-8008 Continued, Time and Space
LPC-3 14 Nov Time, Create, Destroy, Have
LPC-4/5 ren 4 14 Nov Standard Operating Procedure Issue 2 part 1
LPC-6/7 ren 5 14 Nov SOP Issue 2, Step 5 (cont.) and Creative Processing Assessment

% LPC-8 17 Nov ARC
LPC ren 6 17 Nov Self-Determinism and Creation of Universes (this is not in the master list and might be the missing lecture LPC-8 above under a new name)

LPC-9 ... 17 Nov ARC, Motion, Emotion, Tone Scale, Flows, Ridges
LPC-10 ren 7 17 Nov Creative Processing
LPC-11 ... 17 Nov Ridges, Self-Determinism-Tone Scales
LPC-12 ... 19 Nov Attention, Part I
LPC-13 ... 19 Nov Attention, Part II
LPC-14 ren 8 19 Nov The Control of the Individual by an Unknown, Sound
LPC-15 ren 9 19 Nov Responsibility
LPC-16 ren 10 20 Nov Creative processing - Handling Illusions
LPC-17 20 Nov Creative Processing, Validation of MEST, Have and Agree
LPC-18 20 Nov Creative Processing Directed Toward Breaking Pc's Agreement with Natural Laws of the MEST Universe
LPC-20 ren 11 20 Nov Assessment of Pc-The Dynamics: Be, Have, Do

> LPC-21 21 Nov Creative Processing-How Different Levels of the Tone react in regard to handling illusions
> LPC-21A 21 Nov structure and function as regards mechanisms of processing - clearing by comm & Have.

End of New R&D 12
Begining of New R&D 13

(PDC = Philadelphia Doctorate Course, the scn website blurb is "This series of lectures was delivered to a class of thirty-eight auditors. Covering a wide analysis of human behavior, they gave a complete coverage of the latest auditing techniques and an expansion of the new professional course textbook, Scientology 8-8008") (most of these are on the net)

PDC-1 1 Dec Opening: What Is to Be Done in Course (alt title "Scientology: How to understand and study it")
PDC-2 1 Dec E-Meter: Demo
PDC-3 1 Dec Creative Processing, Demo of E-Meter Auditing
PDC-4 2 Dec Locks, Secondaries, Engrams, How to Handle Them
PDC-5 2 Dec The Gradient Scale of Handling Space, Energy and Objects
PDC-6 2 Dec The "Q": Highest Level of Knowledge
PDC-7 2 Dec A Thetan Creates by Postulates-Q2
PDC-8 3 Dec The Track of the Thetan/GE-Space/Time
PDC-9 3 Dec Anatomy of Processing-Energy, Phenomena/Sensation
PDC-10 3 Dec Specific Parts of Self-Determinism, Spacation
PDC-11 4 Dec Spacation: Energy Particles and Time
PDC-12 4 Dec Spacation: Locating, Space, Time
PDC-13 4 Dec Spacation: Anchor Points, Origin
PDC-14 4 Dec The Logics: Methods of Thinking
PDC-15 4 Dec The Logics: Infinity-Valued Logic
PDC-16 5 Dec Cycles of Action
PDC-17 5 Dec The Tone Scale: Moving the Pc up the Scale
PDC-18 5 Dec Conditions of Space/Time/Energy
PDC-19 6 Dec Axioms and Logics: Further Data
PDC-20 6 Dec Formative State of Scientology, Definition of Logic
PDC-21 8 Dec ARC/Cycles: Theory and Automaticity
PDC-22 8 Dec More on Automaticity
PDC-23 8 Dec ARC, Force, Be/Do/Have
PDC-24 9 Dec What's Wrong with This Universe: A Working Package for the Auditor
PDC-25 9 Dec Flows: Reverse Vector of Physical Universe
PDC-26 9 Dec Flows: Characteristics Of
PDC-27 9 Dec Flows: The Part Force Bears in Clearing
PDC-28 9 Dec Flows: The Part Space Bears in Clearing

End of New R&D 13

PDC-29 10 Dec Flows: Patterns of Interaction
PDC-30 10 Dec Flows: Rate of Change, Relative Size, Anchor Points
PDC-31 10 Dec Flows: Basic Agreement and Prove It!
PDC-32 10 Dec Flows, Dispersals and Ridges
PDC-33 10 Dec Anatomy of the Genetic Entity
PDC-34 11 Dec 8-8008: Understanding the Phenomena
PDC-35 11 Dec The DEI Scale
PDC-36 11 Dec Structure/Function: Selective Variation Of
PDC-37 11 Dec Chart of Attitudes: Rising Scale Processing
PDC-38 11 Dec Rising Scale Processing
PDC-39 12 Dec Game Processing
PDC-40 12 Dec Games/Goals
PDC-41 12 Dec SOP Issue 3: Postulate, Creative Processing
PDC-42 13 Dec Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)
PDC-43 13 Dec On Auditing: How to Succeed/Fail, Assess
PDC-44 13 Dec SOP Assessment (cont.)
PDC-45 13 Dec Development of Scientology: Characteristics of a Living Science
PDC-46 13 Dec Goal: Rehabilitation of Thetan, Case Step I
PDC-47 15 Dec SOP: Issue 5
PDC-48 15 Dec SOP: Spacation
PDC-49 15 Dec SOP: Spacation (cont.)
PDC-50 16 Dec SOP: Spacation Step III, Flow Processing
PDC-51 16 Dec SOP: Issue 5
PDC-52 16 Dec Memory (Not Human Memory)
PDC-53 16 Dec Memory and Automaticity
PDC-54 17 Dec Summary to Date: Handling Step I and Demo
PDC-55 17 Dec Demonstration on Step I (cont.)
PDC-56 17 Dec Discussion of Demo: Above Agreement with Flows
PDC-57 17 Dec Continued Demonstration Step IV
PDC-58 18 Dec About the "Press" Tone Level: Psychometry
PDC-59 18 Dec Chart of Havingness
PDC-60 18 Dec How To Talk About Scientology
PDC-61 18 Dec How To Talk to Friends About Scientology
PDC-62 18 Dec Your Own Case: To You, the Student

Top of page

=========== TAPES OF 1953 ==============

(LGC = London Group Course)

LGC-1 ?? Jan Educational System, How to Group Process
LGC-2 ?? Jan History of the Organization, Self Analysis
LGC-3 ?? Jan Mechanics of the Mind, Source of Data, Group Auditing and the Tone Scale
LGC-4 ?? Jan Gradient Scales, Admiration Particle
LGC-5 13 Jan Creative Processing
LGC-6 15 Jan Mock-up, Certainty, Group Processing
.. ?? Jan Raising Abilities

(PDCS = PDC Supplement lectures, included in the PDC cassettes)

PDCS-A 12 Jan Agree and Disagree: Have, Not Have
PDCS 12 Jan Agree and Disagree: Have, Not Have (cont.)
PDCS-B 12 Jan Anchor Points: Driving Them In and Out
PDCS 14 Jan Group and Individual Processing
PDCS-1/2 14 Jan SOP 5 Long Form Step I
PDCS-3 16 Jan SOP 5 Long Form Step II
PDCS-4 16 Jan SOP 5 Long Form Step II: Demonstration
PDCS-5 19 Jan SOP 5 Long Form Step III: Differentiation on Theta Clearing
PDCS-6 19 Jan SOP 5 Long Form Step III: Spacation
PDCS-7 21 Jan SOP 5 Long Form Step IV: GITA
PDCS-8 21 Jan SOP 5 Long Form Step IV: GITA (cont.)
PDCS-9 23 Jan SOP 5 Long Form Step V: Additional Techniques
PDCS-10 23 Jan SOP 5 Long Form Step VI
PDCS-11 24 Jan Concluding Long Form of Step V: Admiration Processing

(SPRL = Spring Lectures)

SPRL-1 23 Mar Review of Dianetics, Scientology and Para-Dianetics/Scientology
SPRL-2 23 Mar What's Wrong with the Pc and How You Can Do Something About It
SPRL-3 24 Mar SOP Issue 5: Steps 1 to 7
SPRL-4 24 Mar SOP Issue 5: (cont.)
SPRL-5 25 Mar The Elements with Stress on How to Run Matched Terminals
SPRL-6 25 Mar The Elements with Stress on ... continued
SPRL-7 26 Mar How and When to Audit
SPRL-8 26 Mar Present Time
SPRL-9 27 Mar SOP Utility
SPRL-10 27 Mar SOP Utility
SPRL-11 27 Mar Beingness, Agreement, Hidden Influence, Processes
> SPRL-12 27 Mar Types of Processes (cont)
SPRL-13 27 Mar Data on Case Level 5, Step for Case 5
SPRL-14 7 Apr Data on Case Level 5 (cont.)
SPRL-15 7 Apr Exteriorization-Demonstration and Explanation
SPRL-16 7 Apr Demonstration (cont.)
SPRL-17 8 Apr Case Level 6 and 7
SPRL-18 8 Apr Case Level 6 and 7, Psychotic (cont.)
SPRL-19 24 Apr The Factors
SPRL-20 24 Apr SOP 8

(BL = Birmingham Lectures)

BL-1/2 21 May Three Universes
BL-3/4 21 May Tone Scale-ARC, Present Time

% ... 3 Sep Training Auditors
% LonLect 23 Sep GE Track, Exteriorization

(ICDS = 1953 International Congress of Dianeticists and Scientologists)

ICDS-1 30 Sep History and Development of Dianetics
ICDS-2 30 Sep The Problem to Be Solved
ICDS-3 1 Oct Processing and Its Goals
ICDS-4 1 Oct The Most Favorable Processes
ICDS-5 1 Oct SOP 8, Step 5 and 4
ICDS-6 1 Oct SOP 8, Step 6 and 7
ICDS-7 1 Oct Demo-The Use of Q and A
ICDS-8 2 Oct SOP 8, Step 1, 2, 3
ICDS-9 2 Oct SOP 8, Short 8-Group Processing
ICDS-10 3 Oct Six Steps to Better Beingness
ICDS-11 3 Oct Uses and Future of Scientology
ICDS-12 3 Oct Processes for Rough Cases
ICDS-13 4 Oct Wasting
ICDS-14 4 Oct Effort

(AICL = Advanced Indoctronation Course Lectures, also known as the 1st ACC (Advanced Clinical Course). The scn website blurb is "The lectures listed below, covering his latest and most advanced discoveries, were given by Mr. Hubbard to a hand-picked group of ten of the best auditors in the world." This has been released on cassette as "Exteriorization and the Phenomena of Space.")

(There are 3 sets of numbers, the third is the modern renumbering used on the cassettes)

AICL-1 (1A) 1 6 Oct Looking, Definition of Static
AICL-2 (1B) 2 7 Oct Question and Answer, Step V
AICL-3 (2A) 3 7 Oct Exteriorization
AICL-4 (2B) 4 8 Oct Thetan Control, Part I-Handling Occlusion
AICL-4 cont 5 8 Oct Thetan Control, Part II-Handling Occlusion
AICL-5 (3A) 6 8 Oct Occlusion, Resolve Of
AICL-6 (3B) 7 9 Oct Psychotics, Classification of Cases
AICL-7 (4A) 8 9 Oct Occluded Case
AICL-8 (4B) 9 12 Oct Exteriorization, Difficult Cases
AICL-9 (5A) 10 12 Oct SOP: Step II
AICL-10 (5B) 11 12 Oct SOP: Step II cont.
AICL-11 (6A) 12 13 Oct Anesthesia in Bodies-Part I & II
AICL-12 (6B) 13 13 Oct Anesthesia in Bodies-Part III
AICL-13 (7A) 14 14 Oct Randomity, Control and Prediction, Part I
AICL-14 (7B) 15 14 Oct Randomity, Control and Prediction, Part II
AICL-15 (8A) 16 14 Oct Inverted Dynamics
AICL 17 14 Oct Inverted Dynamics cont.
AICL-16 (8B) 18 15 Oct Thinking Action, Machines
AICL-17 (9A) 19 16 Oct Subjective Processes-Perimeter Processing
AICL-18 (9B) 20 16 Oct Subjective Processes (cont.)
AICL-19(10A) 21 16 Oct Why a Thetan Is Stuck in a Body, 1
AICL 22 16 Oct Why a Thetan Is Stuck in a Body, 2
AICL 23 16 Oct Why a Thetan Is Stuck in a Body, 3
AICL-20(10B) 24 17 Oct Thinking Processes
AICL 25 17 Oct Thinking Processes, cont.
AICL-21(11A) 26 19 Oct Forget and Remember, Good and Evil
AICL-22(11B) 27 19 Oct Forget and Remember, Good and Evil (cont.)
AICL-23(12A) 28 19 Oct Change Processes, Action
AICL-24(12B) .. 19 Oct Change Processes (cont.)
(may have been combined with the previous lecture)
AICL-25(13A) 29 20 Oct Certainty of Anchor Points Processing
AICL 30 20 Oct Certainty of Anchor Points Processing (cont.)
AICL-26(13B) 31 21 Oct Liabilities of Being Processed

(following are on flag master list with no known copies, they are skipped in the cassette series)

% AICL-27(14A) 21 Oct Processing to Step I
% AICL-28(14B) 21 Oct Speed-up, Wasting
% AICL-29(15A) 22 Oct Wasting Effects, etc.
% AICL-30(15B) 22 Oct Wasting Effects cont., Looking
% AICL-31(16A) 23 Oct Looking
% AicL-32(16B) 23 Oct Change Processing

AICL-33(17A) 32 26 Oct Restimulation of Engrams, Experiences
AICL-34(17B) 33 26 Oct An Assumption, Lines, Cords, Havingness
AICL-35(18A) 34 26 Oct Time, Assumption, Facsimiles, Overt Acts, DEDS
AICL-36(18B) 35 27 Oct Fixed Attention, Duplication, How to Audit Children
AICL-37(19A) 36 27 Oct Assessment, Memories, Ridges: Demo: Acceptance Level Processing
AICL-38(19B) 37 27 Oct Acceptance Level Processing cont.
AICL-39(20A) 38 28 Oct Case Reports, SOP 8-C, SOP 8L
AICL-40(20B) 39 28 Oct SOP-8L cont.
AICL-41(21A) 40 28 Oct Anchor Points, Space, Games, Indicated Drills of Processes
AICL-42(21B) 41 29 Oct Spacation, Anchor Points and Attention
AICL-43(22A) 42 29 Oct Study of the Particle
AICL-44(22B) 43 29 Oct Study of the Particle cont.
AICL-45(23A) 44 30 Oct The Particle with Regard to Time

> AICL-46(23B) 30 Oct Consideration, Extent of Viewpoint, Step III Commands (this one is on Gold's list so they have a copy)

AICL-47(24A) 45 30 Oct How to Run Change Processing

% AICL-47A(24AA)30 Oct Considerations and the Mest Universe (this one is listed as missing from archive)

AICL-48(24B) 46 2 Nov Cause and Effect, Automaticity, Ridges Processing I
AICL 47 2 Nov Cause and Effect, Automaticity, Ridges Processing II (in cases like this they might have divided one lecture into two (parts for packaging, or they might have found a missing continuation)

AICL-49(25A) 48 2 Nov Occluded Case Reports-Black Spot Processing, Certainty
AICL-50(25B) 49 3 Nov The Logics-Their Relation to Aberration and Space
AICL-51(26A) 50 3 Nov Anchor Points and Space
AICL-52(26B) 51 3 Nov The Logics-Part II
AICL 52 3 Nov The Logics-Part II cont.
AICL-53(27A) 53 4 Nov Randomity and Automaticity, Process to Resolve
AICL 54 4 Nov Randomity and Automaticity, Process to Resolve,cont.
AICL-54(27B) 55 4 Nov Process to resolve randomity and automaticity,cont.
AICL-55(28A) 56 4 Nov Process to resolve randomity and automaticity,cont.
AICL-56(28B) 57 5 Nov Certainty
AICL-57(29A) 58 5 Nov Communication-ARC-Demonstration
AICL-58(29B) 59 5 Nov Communication-ARC-Demo-Space cont.
AICL-58A(30A)60 6 Nov Inverted Dynamics, Inflow, Outflow, Material, Time
AiCL-59(30AA)61 6 Nov Inverted Dynamics cont.
AICL-60(30B) 62 6 Nov Space
AICL-60A(30BB) 63/64 6 Nov Demonstration: Havingness, Energy, Etc.
(the old reels have 2 lectures here (60 & 60A) and the new ones have "Space and Demo" in 3 parts (62, 63, and 64). this might simply be repackaging for consistant tape length)

AICL-61(31A) 65 9 Nov Randomity, Anchor Points
AICL-62(31B) 66 9 Nov Randomity, Anchor Points cont.
AICL-62A(31BB)67 9 Nov Exteriorization by Feeling
AICL-63(32A) 68 9 Nov Exteriorization by Feeling cont.
AICL-64(32B) 69 10 Nov Types of Processes, Space, Create-Destroy
AICL-65(33A) 70 10 Nov SOP 8-C Steps
AICL-66(33B) 71 10 Nov SOP 8-C Steps cont.
AICL-67(34A) 72 11 Nov Group Processing
AICL-68(34B) 73 11 Nov Future Processing
AICL-69(35A) 74 11 Nov Questions: SOP 8-C, 3 Universes, SOP 8, Significances, Exteriorization
AICL-70(35B) 75 12 Nov Process to Use on Cases, Gradient Scales
AICL-71(36A) 76 12 Nov Process to Use on Cases, Gradient Scales
AICL-71A(36AA)77 12 Nov Self-determinism in Relation to a Thetan
AICL-72(36B) 78 12 Nov Gradient Scale Straightwire
AICL-73(37A) 79 12 Nov Gradient Scale Straightwire Demo (cont.)
AICL-74(37B) 80 12 Nov Gradient Scale Straightwire Demo (cont.)
AICL-75(38A) 81 13 Nov Final Talk on First Course
AICL 82 13 Nov Final Talk on First Course cont.
AICL-75A(38B)83 13 Nov Last Lecture of Advanced Course, Camden 1953 Reviewing Students' Ability to Process
AICL-..(38C) 84 13 Nov Group Processing After Afternoon Lecture

(2ACC = The 2nd Advanced Clinical Course. The blub at the org's website is "Due to the success of the First American Advanced Indoctrination Course and to meet demand for advanced training, a second, similar course followed almost immediately. (To be released on cassette.)"

2ACC-1A 17 Nov Opening Lecture: Emotional Tone Scale
2ACC-1B 17 Nov SOP 8-C First Lecture
2ACC-2A 17 Nov Getting Up Speed-Part I
2ACC-2B 17 Nov Getting Up Speed-Part II
2ACC-3A 18 Nov Step 1 of 8-C, Beingness
2ACC-3B 18 Nov Black Mock-ups, Persistence, Mest
2ACC-4A 18 Nov Step II, Automaticities
2ACC-4B 18 Nov Waste a Machine
2ACC-5A 19 Nov Effects, Reaching End of Cycle
2ACC-5B 19 Nov More on Machines
2ACC-6A 20 Nov Resistance to Effect
2ACC-6B 20 Nov Plan of Auditing
2ACC-7A 23 Nov Formula "Phi," Creation of Mest
2ACC-7B 23 Nov Summary of Steps I, II, III of SOP 8-C
2ACC-8A 24 Nov Anchor Points, Knowingness of Location
2ACC-8B 24 Nov Steps 5, 6, 7; Duplication, Unconsciousness
2ACC-8BX 24 Nov Additional Remarks
2ACC-9A 25 Nov Steps 5, 6, 7; Time
2ACC-9B 25 Nov SOP 8-C, Summary Of
% 2ACC-9 25 Nov Machines, Attention (could be same tape as above)
2ACC-10A 26 Nov Electronic Theory, Anchor Points
2ACC-10B 26 Nov Exteriorization
2ACC-10BX 26 Nov Additional Remarks
2ACC-11A 27 Nov Anchor Points, Justice
2ACC-11B 27 Nov Symbols
% 2ACC-12A 28 Nov Wasting Machines
> 2ACC-12B 28 Nov Machine Duplication
2ACC-12 28 Nov Special Session-Experimental Process
2ACC-12 28 Nov Demonstration: Group Processing
> 2ACC-12 28 Nov 2nd Demonstration: Group Processing
> 2ACC 29 Nov Group Processing, wasting machines (may be 12A above)

2ACC-12BX 30 Nov Additional Remarks - Experimental Session
2ACC-13A 30 Nov Mest, Universe, Agreements-Time, a Single Terminal
2ACC-13AA 30 Nov Space, Perception, Knowingness
2ACC-13B 1 Dec Space, Lack of, Persistence
> 2ACC-14A 2 Dec Ron Junior Remarks on 2ACC-13A & B
2ACC-14B 2 Dec Blackness
2ACC-15A 3 Dec Time as a Barrier
2ACC-15B 3 Dec Time, Cause and Effect
> 2ACC-15BX 3 Dec Additional Remarks
2ACC-16A 4 Dec Plan of SOP 8-C
2ACC-16B 4 Dec LRH Questions the Class on Exteriorization
2ACC-17A 7 Dec Barriers, Occlusion
2ACC-17B 7 Dec Outline of SOP 8-C
2ACC-18A 8 Dec Essence of SOP 8-C
2ACC-18B 8 Dec Problems of Auditing
2ACC-19A 9 Dec Summary: The Dynamics
2ACC-19B 9 Dec Bodies
2ACC-20A 10 Dec Knowingness
2ACC-20B 10 Dec SOP 8-C: General Discussion
2ACC-21A 11 Dec SOP 8-C: Patter
2ACC-21B 13 Dec Force-Part I
2ACC-22A 13 Dec Force-Part II
2ACC-22B 14 Dec SOP 8-C: Step 8, Definitions
2ACC-23A 14 Dec Cause and Effect, Assignment of Cause, GE
2ACC-23B 15 Dec SOP 8-C: Step 5
2ACC-24A 15 Dec Energy Problems
2ACC-24B 16 Dec Techniques Which Do or Do Not Assign Cause/Technique to Assign Cause
2ACC-25A 16 Dec Comm Line: Overt Act Motivator Sequence
2ACC-25B 17 Dec SOP 8-C: Formulas
2ACC-26A 17 Dec Space Opera
2ACC-26B 18 Dec The Only One
2ACC-27A 18 Dec Beingness
2ACC-27B 19 Dec SOP 8-C: General
2ACC-28A 19 Dec Mass
2ACC-28B 20 Dec Communication
2ACC-29A 20 Dec Auditing by SOP 8-C, Formula H
2ACC-29B 20 Dec Reach/Withdraw
2ACC-30A 21 Dec Ability to Accept Direction
2ACC-30B 21 Dec Knowingness and Certainty
2ACC-30C 21 Dec State of Man Today
2ACC-30D 21 Dec Group Processing
2ACC-31A 22 Dec Remedy of Havingness
2ACC-31B 22 Dec Postulates
> 2ACC-31C 22 Dec Organization of Man
2ACC-31D 22 Dec Group Processing

% ... 23 Dec Problem of Auditing Handled

(PHC = First Phoenix Congress, Also called the 2nd congress of Scientologists and Dianeticists. The website blurb is "The latest Scientology techniques, which had been developed and perfected at the Advanced Clinical Courses, were presented to Scientologists from around the world at this congress. (To be released on cassette.)")

PHC-1/2 28 Dec Goals of Scientology
PHC-2A 28 Dec Mock-ups, Energy
PHC-3 28 Dec Basic Theory of Definitions
PHC-4 28 Dec Basic Theory of Definitions (cont.), Group Processing
PHC-5 28 Dec Group Processing-Part I
PHC-6 28 Dec Group Processing-Part II
PHC-7/8 28 Dec How to Be a Group Auditor
PHC-9/10 28 Dec Group Processing
PHC-11 29 Dec Create, Survive, Destroy Curve
% PHC-11A 29 Dec Group Process
> PHC-12 29 Dec Duplication
PHC-13/14 29 Dec Use of SOP 8-C
PHC-15 29 Dec Role of the Auditor
> PHC-16 29 Dec Demonstration(group process)
PHC-17 29 Dec Group Processing - Short Lecture
PHC-18 29 Dec Group Processing
PHC-19/20 29 Dec Design of SOP 8-C: Process for Groups, Percentages
of Successes and Failures
PHC-21/22 29 Dec Group Process
% PHC 29 Dec Havingness
PHC-23/24 30 Dec Talk on E-Meter
PHC-25 30 Dec Automaticity
> PHC-26 30 Dec Beingness
% PHC-27/28 30 Dec (Title Unknown)
% PHC-29/30 30 Dec (Title Unknown)
PHC-31 30 Dec Group Processing
PHC-32 30 Dec Group Processing
PHC-33 31 Dec Step 5, SOP 8-C (Group Processing)
> PHC-34 31 Dec Emotions in MEST (Group Processing)
PHC-35 31 Dec Group Processing, Short Lecture
> PHC-36 31 Dec Group Processing
PHC-37 31 Dec Group Processing, Step 1, SOP 8-C
PHC-38 31 Dec Through Barriers to nothingness
PHC-39 31 Dec Group Process for HAS Associate Groups
> PHC-?? ?? Dec Group Processing - Reach and withdraw across the dynamics (maybe one of the missing ones above)

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