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`Advanced Incident Running'

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Using The Pilot's Self Clearing book - Chapter 31

These are more difficult areas in which is incident running is quite useful. A professional might prefer to run these things earlier, but they are a bit too difficult for self clearing until after you have had success with handling simple incidents of pain and loss.

If you are already doing very well with handling incidents and the technique seems to be in the way and unnecessary, go ahead and shift over to simple recall on the area being handled rather than holding yourself back with a slow technique. But some of the areas given here might be difficult enough that you still need to use the incident technique even though you are capable of bypassing it on easier things.

So use some judgment. On the one hand, it does you little good to bounce around from incident to incident without cleaning up things, but on the other, it is undesirable to grind along slowly when you could be flying. If you have been doing a good job working through this book, you should have enough experience and understanding by this point to judge when you are doing well or poorly and to shift gears accordingly

The Pilot's Self Clearing book - Chapter 31

31.1 Drug Handling

Before directly handling incidents of taking drugs, you should run out any pains, sensations, emotions, or attitudes connected with taking drugs that were not already addressed in the earlier chapters on incident running. And most especially, you should run any pains, sensations, emotions, or attitudes that you had prior to taking a drug and for which the drug was a solution.

This applies both to medical drugs and to street drugs and even to alcohol, cigarettes, or any chemical that might either cause or suppress a pain or sensation. Make up a list of the various things that you have taken. Take them up one at a time in order of greatest interest.

For each one, write down pains, sensations, emotions, or attitudes associated with it. Then write down ones that you might have had prior to taking it (and which might have been the reason that you took it). Take these up one at a time, again in order of greatest interest, and for each one, run a chain of incidents that could have caused that pain or sensation or whatever it is.

Monday 1 January 2001

R - I did the Drug Rundown with the CoS with GREAT results years ago. It was thrilling to trace an attachment to my then favourite drink of Bacardi & Coke back to adventurous times on wooden sailing ships where rum was used internally and externally to make one feel better, especially when limbs had to be removed because of gangrene or whatever. Another past life recall was standing at the door of a lady's house staring at a cabinet full of different bottles of liquor. I was wearing buckskins and a coonskin hat and I'd never seen so much booze. Now I knew why I'd absolutely LOVED my Davy Crockett outfit when I was a kid this lifetime, sang the song with tears in my eyes whenever it was played, and cried when John Wayne died in The Alamo. I'm not saying I was Davy Crockett - a lot of guys wore buckskins - but the Alamo is very real to me as well as a lifetime as an Indian.

So I was going to skip this process at first but then I realised I'd be more able to help T if I did it first myself. Also the timing is AMAZING. We'd recently decided to quit drinking alcohol for the new year - well, T decided and I knew she was right - but it was easier said than done. We quarrelled over something which led to me getting angry and pouring out the rest of the beer and wine into the sink. We're now both happy with our New Year's resolution. Another amazing result of quitting alcohol was I was now interested in handling drugs and alcohol with the processes of this chapter!

(To be written up in due course)

31.3 Residual Poisons

Your body might be clogged up with residual poisons, both from drugs and from the general toxins that abound in our society. I wouldn't make any recommendations here but simply suggest that you take a look at the area, find out more, and see if you need to do something to get the body into better shape. Homeopathy specializes in handling poisons locked up in the tissues and there are a number of good books on the subject.

An intensive exercise and vitamin program can be a big help. Read Adele Davis, Linus Pauling, and other nutritional references.

But don't start worshipping the body or put yourself in a lesser role. If you get really up there you might be able to get the body to flush out poisons simply by putting that intention into the body. The drills given in the first few chapters are really the strongest ones once you can perceive and project intention strongly. Use judgment.

R - We begin writing this chapter during our Christmas holidays in the year 2000 because of dramatic results from Dr Hulda Clark's liver cleanse. Here is the first write-up which I shared with friends at the time, one of whom I loaned my old zapper to so she is doing the cleanse this weekend. Such cleansing is obviously appropriate to this section of the diary. T and I recommend purchasing a zapper to kill parasites. We purchased two excellent zappers via the internet from . If you have any problems making or obtaining a zapper these are the ones we use and can recommend.

We also recommend any of Dr Clark's books, especially The Cure For All Diseases. We reiterate the Pilot's words above - don't start worshipping the body, etc. - because we found it so easy to AGREE with so much of what such books say they can strongly influence you to make radical unnecessary changes. One has to maintain one's primary purpose of complete Self Clearing. A strong, healthy body is a natural, inevitable result of maintaining a purpose to de-aberrate ALL one's dynamics (see 44.1). It is only the goal for ONE of your 8 dynamics so, as the Pilot says, Use judgment!

I had already done the old `Sweat Program' and then the Purification Rundown and had incredible results. But that was years ago. Reading Dr Hulda Clark's book made me realise I'd been way too glib about the body. Here are photos of my first results from her liver cleanse. I purchased a `zapper' years ago and used it to cure things I can't even recall now. Recently I purchased two more via the net and loaned the first one to a friend who is currently doing the liver cleanse also. I got into trouble for showing these pictures at work. (Meanwhile we are dealing with the suppression there.) Thank God for the internet :-)

Cleansing the liver of gallstones dramatically improves digestion, which is the basis of your whole health. You can expect your allergies to disappear, too, more with each cleanse you do! Incredibly, it also eliminates shoulder, upper arm, and upper back pain. You have more energy and an increased sense of well being.
(from The Cure For All Diseases by Dr Hulda Clark)

Mood music Stones Another view And another

T - The thought of taking Epsom salts followed by oil did not interest me greatly, but when R did the initial liver cleanse I fasted in support. I was very impressed with the results he came up with. For the second liver cleanse I joined R. The Epsom salts were difficult to keep down, but the addition of orange juice helped greatly. However after taking one sip of the olive oil and grapefruit juice I chose not to continue the cleanse. Between 8pm and 11pm on that night I used the toilet six times, which was difficult to get used to. It was disappointing that I did not pass any stones, but I'm sure the Epsom salts gave my digestive system a much needed flushing. It was a surprise to me that R passed so many stones on the second liver cleanse. I am very interested in a purification program of some sort, especially regarding my in utero exposure to my mother's nicotine and anti-epileptic medication.

R - First results of my second liver cleanse about two weeks later: image 1 image 2 image 3

With those parasites removed gallstones were produced soon after: image 4 image 5 image 6

R - 21/12/00 - Results of third liver cleanse: write-up image 1 image 2 image 3

R - I stopped collecting and photographing at this point. The novelty has worn off. I intend to continue the liver cleanse as recommended, every two weeks until no more stones are produced. Another reason why I was successful with the liver cleanse (and T wasn't - yet) is that over the years I have done various related cleanses and T hasn't. I've had colonic irrigations (NOT a lot of fun but definite health benefits) and done colon and bowel cleansing treatments. I've tried various diets such as the Fit For Life Diet, been a strict vegetarian for 6 months, fasting, juice fasting, etc. but I don't think I've felt this good before. I enjoy my `average' diet but I'm probably drinking too much beer (to have something in common with my parents?). Some years ago I stopped eating pizza with beer because my digestion just couldn't handle it. Now it can. I'm not saying beer and pizza is good - I'm just giving an honest example of how I've benefited from the liver cleanse.

Monday 1 January 2001

T - I completed the liver cleanse with some modifications. I did not use half a cup of oil, only about two teaspoons. This may have been why my stone count was not as big as R's. The last glass of Epsom salts made me dry retch, but I was able to keep it down. I will never look at fruit juice the same way again, as that was what we used to make the Epsom salts palatable. Last night was physically easier than the last time I attempted the cleanse. I mentally communicated with my body, keeping it relaxed. I'm glad that I passed some stones this morning. It makes the physical torment worthwhile. The whole experience has made me aware of what goes into the body and the implications of too much fat. After not eating for about 20 hours, the wholemeal bread and butter that we had at 10 o'clock this morning was tasteless and bland. Up to that point it had probably been my favourite snack food. Since doing the liver cleanse I have found that I am digesting my food much easier and do not feel gassy or bloated. Even swimming is easier now as I don't have gas stuck in the upper part of my body and I don't need to continually belch/burp.

T's first stones - image 1 image 2 image 3 - She is aware of what Dr Hulda Clark says:

NOTICE: Do not be disappointed if the stones you see are not as large and you get no parasites out. Even if you only get a couple of dozen small stones out of your liver, you have achieved a great deal for your liver and your overall health.

R - Results of my 4th liver cleanse - hundreds of small stones along with the regular large green variety. Again it's hard to believe there's so much of this stuff inside one. With this cleanse I realised something important about Mankind's search for the Secret of Youth. It should be plural. There's not ONE secret. There are many. Cleansing the liver is one of them. We've given up alcohol for the time being and I feel bloody great. Pizza tonight!

Results of 4th liver cleanse: Image 1 image 2 image 3 image 4

R - The other BIG health discovery I've made recently is Dr Linus Pauling's Vitamin C therapy. Obviously the Pilot knows about it too because he mentions Linus Pauling in this section. I've used vitamins since my earlier years with COS but even I find this information INCREDIBLE. I now take 3gms of C each day along with L-Lysine as recommended. I'll write up my personal results when I experience something concrete. After one month a dry skin condition I've had on my arms has disappeared. I attribute this to the increased collagen my body is making. Here is one of the Linus Pauling sites I came across on the net.



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