These are more difficult areas in which is incident running is quite useful. A professional might prefer to run these things earlier, but they are a bit too difficult for self clearing until after you have had success with handling simple incidents of pain and loss.

If you are already doing very well with handling incidents and the technique seems to be in the way and unnecessary, go ahead and shift over to simple recall on the area being handled rather than holding yourself back with a slow technique. But some of the areas given here might be difficult enough that you still need to use the incident technique even though you are capable of bypassing it on easier things.

So use some judgment. On the one hand, it does you little good to bounce around from incident to incident without cleaning up things, but on the other, it is undesirable to grind along slowly when you could be flying. If you have been doing a good job working through this book, you should have enough experience and understanding by this point to judge when you are doing well or poorly and to shift gears accordingly.


31.1 Drug Handling

Before directly handling incidents of taking drugs, you should run out any pains, sensations, emotions, or attitudes connected with taking drugs that were not already addressed in the earlier chapters on incident running.

And most especially, you should run any pains, sensations, emotions, or attitudes that you had prior to taking a drug and for which the drug was a solution.

This applies both to medical drugs and to street drugs and even to alcohol, cigarettes, or any chemical that might either cause or suppress a pain or sensation.

Make up a list of the various things that you have taken. Take them up one at a time in order of greatest interest.

For each one, write down pains, sensations, emotions, or attitudes associated with it. Then write down ones that you might have had prior to taking it (and which might have been the reason that you took it). Take these up one at a time, again in order of greatest interest, and for each one, run a chain of incidents that could have caused that pain or sensation or whatever it is.

With headaches (the most common reason for taking aspirin), you can run specific head pains (get precise ones, not just a general headache), but there are other factors that may be involved which will be covered later in this chapter.

With nervousness (commonly associated with cigarettes), it might be necessary to run incidents of fear or danger. Try to get ones where there is a real threat.

With depression (a common reason for taking many drugs and also alcohol), it may be necessary to run incidents of loss or failure.

And balance this by running incidents of causing another to have the pain or sensation.


31.2 Drug Incidents

 Then one runs out general incidents of taking drugs, giving drugs to others, and of others giving drugs to others.

On these, you want to pick a significant incident and then run it back earlier similar. Then pick another and do the same, until your general confront on the subject of being drugged comes up and the whole mess falls away. Some of the old space traveling civilizations kept most of their citizens doped up and you need to get your confront up on that and spot any old decisions and postulates made under the influence of these kinds of incidents.

Heavy mind altering drug trips such as one gets on LSD can be a special problem. A bad trip can stir up many different old incidents. In this case, you might need to list each of the different things that came up and run each one back individually.


31.3 Residual Poisons

Your body might be clogged up with residual poisons, both from drugs and from the general toxins that abound in our society.

I wouldn't make any recommendations here but simply suggest that you take a look at the area, find out more, and see if you need to do something to get the body into better shape.

Homeopathy specializes in handling poisons locked up in the tissues and there are a number of good books on the subject.

An intensive exercise and vitamin program can be a big help. Read Adele Davis, Linus Pauling, and other nutritional references.

But don't start worshipping the body or put yourself in a lesser role. If you get really up there you might be able to get the body to flush out poisons simply by putting that intention into the body. The drills given in the first few chapters are really the strongest ones once you can perceive and project intention strongly.

Use judgment.


31.4 Gains in Awareness

Sometimes one can gain a new spiritual awareness from a drug trip. Occasionally one does confront or release something.

These are valid gains.

But they can be a bit marred by the impact that the drug was having on the body at the time. And sometimes these are gained at the expense of suppressing something else.

Therefore the point of release or of new awareness may have some mental "mass" or weight attached to it.

And so the release is often incomplete, not quite acknowledged and fully experienced.

Not only is it nice to get the full state of awareness properly, but the incompleteness may tempt one back to the drug.

Therefore these points of release or new awareness should be cleaned up and experienced fully in an undrugged condition.

This is done in the same way that you rehabilitate the point of completion or release that occurred on a processes that has been overrun (carried on beyond the release point).

Therefore, if this has happened to you while taking drugs, do the following until all the points of release have been rehabilitated:

a) spot a point of release

b) if the same release occurred multiple times, spot how many times

c) spot when it happened, or the first time it happened

d) spot what released and/or what new awareness was achieved

e) acknowledge it fully

f) mock up the new awareness or feeling of release again

in present time

Note that any effects created by a drug can be created consciously without the drug (also see below).

31.5 Other Drug Handling

 An important step in freeing yourself from any drug which has some hold or attraction is to take the desirable sensation (or sensations, each one individually) that is created by the drug and get control over it.

You do this by mocking up the sensation and putting it into the walls and large objects in all directions around you. Keep doing this until you can get some strength to the sensation and have some actual feeling in the areas. Then begin alternating, pushing it into the walls and then into the body until you can create the sensation causatively in the body without taking the drug.

You can actually do this with any pain or sensation to get it under your control. This is also one of the best assists for a headache, namely, to push the sensation of it into the walls.


31.6 The Spiritual Side

There is more than just the body. The being himself also operates with energy fields and non-physical machinery and masses of various sorts (astral bodies or whatever) and a lot of this stuff is still present and running even if he is unaware of it.

He especially has this stuff hooked into the body's brain, which is why we have been a bit tentative about handling headaches. He is often creating actual impacts with his own energy fields.

Now we are going to take up various kinds of incidents involving these things.


31.7 Interiorization

The being himself is not actually located anywhere. But he thinks he is located and he operates from various locations.

Optimally, he is exterior to the body and simply reaches in to operate it. In the normal state, he keeps a great deal of his machinery outside. He can actually run it better and fix it more easily from an exterior position because he doesn't get mixed up with the body's own energy fields.

But he and his stuff can collapse into the body for various reasons including trying to protect it from danger. And over the course of time, he begins to associate himself more and more with his body until he tends to be in it because he thinks that he is it.

Most people nowadays are firmly located in the body and keep a lot of their "theta" type stuff within it.

But he was outside before he interiorized into it, and there will be incidents of interiorizing, sometimes with considerable force. Hopefully, we took a lot of weight off of this with the earlier chapter on exteriorization. But the incidents may need to be addressed.

In this case, we want to find the most likely action that relates to the area and run that specifically.

So look over the following list and pick the one that seems the most interesting. After that is handled, then pick another one and so forth until you reach a point where you feel really good about the subject.


1. Go in

2. put in

3. interiorized into something

4. Want to go in

5. Must get in

6. Can't get in

7. Kicked out of spaces

8. Being trapped

9. Forced in

10. Pulled in

11. Pushed in

Handle the button selected by running the following recall process. The wording given is for number 1, "go in" and will have to be adjusted. Write out an appropriate wording (such as "recall trapping another") for each of the commands before starting to run the process.

a) Recall being made to ___

b) Recall making another ___

c) Recall another making another ___

d) Recall a time when you caused yourself to ____

The item may come apart completely on simple recall. If not, then do incident running beginning with a chain of incidents where it happened to you and then also running a chain of incidents of doing it to another.

Carry on, selecting more items from the above list, until you feel really good about interiorizing and exteriorizing from things.

Do not worry about whether you are interior or exterior when you finish. In truth it is a relative matter, with a bit of both always being true (you always keep at least something in the body to keep it running and you always have at least a small amount of stuff outside to keep you oriented in the universe).

Note that perceiving things from an exterior location is a different subject and is not the concern of this rundown. We have already done a bit in that area and will be doing more, so don't worry about it here.

31.8 Collapsed Space

Besides interiorizing, there is a similar phenomena in which a being's space and energy fields can collapse in on him. He can have his "anchor points" (points which he is using to define his space) way out there and the world looks bright and shiny and he is feeling good and happy, and then something bad can happen and it all caves in on him.

This can happen to a bodiless spirit as well as one who is in a body or using a body.

It is run the same way as interiorization above but there is a different list of "buttons" to use as follows:


1. World Closed In

2. Space Collapsed

3. (your) Energy Collapsed

4. Anchor Points Collapsed

5. Anchor Points Snapped in

6. Everything fell in

7. Space Was Unmocked

8. (your) Energy Was Unmocked

9. (your) Frame of Reference Collapsed

10. Caved-In

11. Pulled Back

12. Withdrew from everything.

13. Made it all unreal


Note that its always you who collapses your own space. Others may do things to you that get you to do this, but its only you who can snap in your own anchor points no matter how many nasty folks are working you over.

This often happens on receiving bad news.


31.9 Energy Beams

This section might be too advanced on a first pass through the book. If so, then leave it for the next time around.

Once the being has sunk below the level of operating with pure thought and postulates (just having things happen by intention alone), he begins to use energy to push things around.

The person often runs energy beams into the head, the back of the neck, up and down the spine, and into the solar plexus (the stomach). He will also often wrap a beam around the body's torso (like a lasso) and use it to pull the body out of danger.

Sometimes these beams have impact and can give headaches, stomach pains, and odd little cramps and "gas pains".

Sometimes you can ease one of these pains by finding out what your energy is doing and reversing the flow, or by alternately exaggerating and reducing or reversing it.

One of the common occurrences is to have a pain, which runs up the nerve channels into the brain, and then to push an energy beam into the head to resist and suppress the pain. This can make a headache. Notice how other stress and impact is sometimes followed by a headache as the being pushes back against it in the brain area (which is where the sensations are being channeled to him).

We will be doing more on energy beams later. But for now, let's see if we can run some incidents.

Look over a mild incident in which you might have something like this happening. See if you can spot the behavior of your own energy in the incident. Concentrate on what you as a spirit might be doing on automatic (which you might not have been aware of at the time) rather than on what is happening to the body. Once you have a feeling for what your energy was doing at that time, run this energy behavior back as a chain of incidents.


31.10 Protecting Bodies

The being was never actually located in the first place. His existence spans multiple universes, so of course he can't actually be limited to a location within a universe.

In the early stages, the being is still aware of this and knows that he is only reaching into the created universes to operate and to experience things.

Since he is exterior to the entire universe, he does not have any reason for operating bodies from exterior points behind them.

So he will operate bodies from inside (while also being completely exterior). In other words, his first choice for an operating center or a perception and control point is within the body.

It is at this level that one could think of the body as a tiny little splinter within an immensely larger being.

Eventually the being decays to the point where he is only running singular bodies instead of multiple ones and he has trouble recreating them at will. So he suffers loss as his bodies get destroyed and he begins trying to protect them.

Finally he gets too deeply associated with the body and begins experiencing pain.

It is at this point that he decides that it is too unpleasant to be right there in the body and begins to mockup operating centers that are safely located behind the body.

In other words, the exterior control point is already an aberration. The sequence is a) running from an interior control point, b) running from an exterior control point, and then c) the exterior control point collapsing into the body as in the interiorization incidents discussed earlier.

Note that in these early incidents where the being is naturally operating from an interior control point, he is concurrently aware of being in other locations, it is simply one of the locations that he is operating from.

If you can reach this early time period, run incidents of protecting bodies.

In the earliest ones, one will still be operating from a point within the body and also projecting operating points that are exterior to the body, placed around it to protect it.

If this all seems unreal, then skip it for now. We will be doing more on the subject of operating bodies in a later chapter and this process can be picked up on the second pass through the book.


31.11 "Theta" Incidents

 Consider what kind of trouble a free spirit (a thought unit or "thetan") operating without a body might get into.

See if you can run some chains of incidents of this sort.

Hubbard's "History of Man" has some interesting ideas along this line.

But stick with light incidents for now. Don't get into heavy conditioning or implanting of commands. We'll be looking at those in a later chapter.

Again this may be too difficult on the first pass through this book and can be left until later.