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'Holy Cows' brings quality analysis and critique related to Scientology™ . We see our function as stripping away false data and handle group arbitraries. By doing so we intend to restore the readers ability to think clearly about and with the subject. You may not agree with all you find here; but remember - if it isn't true for you, it isn't true. Our motto is:

"A datum is as valuable as it has been evaluated"
                                                                  Ron Hubbard
(logic 9)

We hope you will enjoy the work out.

We do not publish prejudice or slanderous articles nor new philosophy or technology. We don't sell anything. For information only - free.

Holy Cow Ser. 1

Group Engrams and Holy Cows

By Holy Cow!

  We look at the group engram, that brought the Freezone into being; plus we introduce a new approach to the problem: the Holy Cow RD, a controversial procedure the Church of Scientology™  don’t want you to see. Pilot's Reform Page
The Famous analysis of CoS done by a positive LRH Tech Fanatic
This is a long article
(Summary in margin)
The author gives an extensive analysis of Scientology™ , its development and state of affairs. This is an "in depth" analysis of what's wrong in Church of Scientology™  and how to fix it.
Holy Cow Ser. 2

Is KSW a Holy Cow?

By Holy Cow!

In this article we examine Keeping Scientology™  Working, the first item on every checksheet in Church of Scientology™  and ask this terrible question: Is it a Holy Cow? Pilot: Orgs Grades are Out

This is a short summary page

Pilot compares the Scn Orgs with the grades to see how analytical they behave. How well do they do re: communication,  problems, overts/responsibility, upsets and fixed opinions?  Written for Scientologists.
Holy Cow Ser. 3

Don't Speak about the Tech!

By Holy Cow!

Author examines the rules and social practices around 'verbal tech' and also  around advanced, confidential levels. Are these practices a Holy Cow? Pilot: How I would Fix the Orgs

This is a long article
(Summary in margin)

More analysis with some very good critique of the Org Board, HCOPl versus Operating Policy, the need for tech people at the top and  a strong Chaplain to smooth things out, and much more...
Holy Cow Ser. 4

Ron's Many Hats

By Holy Cow!

In this article we will look at the many hats Hubbard wore as founder and leader of Scientology™ . We will clear up some confusions between the different functions and also look at how well he wore the different hats. Pilot: What is and What isn't true about Scn (1)

This is a long article
(Summary in margin)

Pilot confronts various things which are wrong with Scientology™ . He takes up mainly well known technical data here and comes up with some mind shattering cognitions.
Holy Cow Ser. 5

Ethica and His Evil Twin, Justin

By Holy Cow!

There are two twin brothers in Scientology™ , who are very hard to tell apart. It's Ethica and his evil twin brother, Justin. They share the same office, they speak the same language...
This article describes some basics of Scn Ethics and compares it with Justice.
Pilot: What is and What isn't true about Scn (2)

This is a shorter article
(Summary in margin)

In part 2 Pilot goes through LRH biographical data and early Scn history. Has special interest for critics of Scn.
Holy Cow Ser. 6

The Commodore's Law

By Holy Cow!

" Among the Holy Cows we have been chasing, this one is the holiest! It has earned 5 haloes! ...It is like running out an Engram!"
About certain aspects of Scn Justice and a detailed analysis of the Justice Codes
Uni's Critique of KSW
First appeared on Internet News groups as
Un-Indoctrination part 1
 by 'UnIdoctrinate'
The author does an interesting analysis of LRH's personality based on this famous HCOPl.
Also exposes some weak points in KSW #1.
Holy Cow Ser. 7

A Critique of Criticism

Criticism is a very loaded term in Scn. It has become to mean what non-compliance means to a soldier. In this article we examine, what's behind this little word and how deeply it has influenced the thinking and actions of the CoS. Policy, Management and the WHO
 Part 2 and 3.
 by 'UnIdoctrinate'
"If all of the management were replaced and no policy cancelled/revised, we'd just have other people committing and then repeating the same screw-ups over and over again. "
Holy Cow Ser. 8

Means BAD!!


The use of 'Suppressive Person' in Scientology™  is not very well defined - but one thing is for sure: It's bad! 
It's used to describe a case condition; It's used as a Justice Label and it's used as a Boogie Man to keep you on the narrow path and Bridge to "Total Freedom".
The Battered Women Syndrome and Scientology™ 
Robert Vaughn Young
 Even 'anti's' can have their bright moments. Young is an accomplished writer and in this essay he explains how 'ex-cult' members and battered women have much in common.

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NOTE: Due to trademark and copyright issues we prefer to use 'Clearing Technology' about Scientology™  Technology or 'Standard Technology'. Also 'Scientology™ ' has become a loaded term due to the many controversies and court cases it has been subject to. By clearing technology we mean the tech by itself, equal to Standard Technology as developed by Ron Hubbard. 

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