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REFORM Scientology™ NOW



This page is addressed to members of the Church of Scientology.

Scientology™ is a religion which seeks to improve the spiritual awareness and abilities of its members by means of auditing (pastoral counseling). This auditing is generally directed to specific areas known as "grades" such as grade zero which addresses communications or grade one which addresses problems. When these grades have not been handled and the person is having difficulties in these areas, the grades are said to be "out".

Anyone who has honestly studied the "tech" of Scientology™ auditing can see that the organization behaves like an individual who has his grades out, stopping communications, committing overt (harmful) acts and justifying them, and becoming embroiled in problems and upsets. They turn a blind eye because they don't want to criticize the organization or they justify this in some other manner. But it is time to confront the truth and do something about it before the organization sinks under the weight of its own aberrations.

For those of you who are not Scientologists, please follow the links at the end of this document to find other sites which contain more definitions and explanations.

Written July 1997, last updated 7/2/97.


Policies which dramatize stopping communication (out grade zero) include

  • Issue Authority

  • Jokers and Degraders

  • Disconnection

  • Confidentiality

  • Trade Secrets

  • Suppression of Free Speech

  • The use of Ethics to enforce good PR


Problems are most often the result of solutions to earlier problems.

For example, when the gross income is down, the solutions include the following:

  • Put people into lower ethics conditions

  • Sell services without delivering

  • Exhaust the staff with "all hands" bulk mailings

  • Shoot any critics who might really be spotting what's wrong

  • Sell unnecessary actions

  • Search for SPs in the organization

Of course these all become new problems, which lead to more abberated solutions.


The examples are endless. They include:

  • Exploitation of Staff (out exchange)

  • Abusive treatment (the RPF)

  • Assigning Liability without regard to previous contributions

  • and encouraging out-finances among the membership (debts)


  • Upsets with Independents (Squirrels)

  • Upsets with similar belief systems (mixing practices)

  • Upsets with similar practitioners (the war on psychs)

  • Upsets with the middle class (Wogs)

  • Upsets with Governments (OSA)

There is screwed up affinity, reality, and communication on every line where there might be some commonalty of purpose or partial agreement because of a self-righteous and fanatical viewpoint that attacks instead of teaches.


  • Policy is always right

  • The org "never" makes mistakes

  • The org never makes amends

  • The Chaplain is powerless and ethics rules


This consists of the dramatization of Fixed Ideas and Arbitraries carried forward from times when the organization suffered impacts such as:

The loss of the first Dianetic Foundation.

  • And so we must make money instead of delivering

  • And so authority must be maintained with an iron fist

  • And so we must never admit to errors

The introduction of quickie grades and the resulting rebellion.

  • And so we must Keep Scientology™ Working (at the height of quickies)

  • And so the materials must be confidential (can't be questioned)

  • And so we must 'disconnect' from suppression (because we can't handle criticism)

  • And so we must drive everything by force (lower conditions)

  • And so we must stop everyone from leaving (blows)

  • And so we must suppress any attempt at reform

The failure of "Snow White" and the resulting CMO Coup

  • And so one third of our missions became splinter groups

  • And so the Scientology™ business network in LA was destroyed

  • And so Scientology™ became a sue happy religion

All leading to the latest fiasco which is Scientology's war against the internet and free speech.


The org is creating its own opposition. Most are attacking because the org attacks first.

And the biggest dramatization of all:

Facsimilie One (see History of Man) Which says "You Mustn't Do Anything With the Mind" (see the Hubbard Collage Lectures of 1952).

  • And so you mustn't try the processes

  • You mustn't self audit

  • You mustn't experiment with the Tech

  • You mustn't even discuss the Tech

  • You mustn't form up assist networks or co-audit clubs

  • You mustn't put group processing on TV

  • You must keep everything confidential

And you must attack anybody who does try to do anything with the mind, including squirrels and psychs and other practices and even your own people who dare to try to apply what they have learned without paying big bucks to the orgs or following their fanatical fixed ideas.


Write "REFORM NOW" on the PR you receive and send it back to the org.


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Anyone who has honestly studied the "tech" of Scientology™ auditing can see that the organization behaves like an individual who has his grades out







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