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By Mike Goldstein

Part 17 of 25

Leaving the CoS

After returning from my trip to Santa Barbara, the person who had told me about Mayo gave me a call. He was an opinion leader in the Denver field. He was having a meeting at his home with many other local Scientologists to discuss the independent movement and wanted me to attend.

Most of the people attending the meeting were public who were sick of the high prices and heavy ethics in the CoS. The host was telling them about the activities occurring outside the CoS, focusing on the delivery being done at Mayo's. Since most of these people respected my opinion, I was asked to speak to the audience.

I told the group of my experiences and expressed my viewpoint about what was going on. I told them that I was leaving the CoS and that I'd just been out to Mayo's for auditing. I told them that the service I had received was better than the service I'd received in Clearwater, and recommended Mayo as a viable alternative to the CoS.

When I finished my talk I started to sit down, but I was stopped by an angry crowd. They wanted to know why they had to go to Santa Barbara for service when I could open a center in Denver. Up until now, the idea hadn't occurred to me. I told them this and that I'd have to think about it. As I was leaving the meeting, the idea of opening an independent center started to appeal to me.

While I was out at Mayo's, the missionaires at the org had been trying to contact me. I found that I had several messages on my answering machine from them, saying that they wanted to see me. I went over to the org and met with the lead missionaire.

He said that he was wondering when I was going to start working in the Div 6 there. I tried to explain about the RTC's recommendations being inconsistent with the committee's findings, but he just didn't get what I was trying to say. He tried to tell me how wonderful it would be to work in the org Div 6, especially since we didn't have to mess with those damned missions anymore. When I asked that he elaborate, he went on to say that the missions had just been dilettante units that had now been turned into something much better, mini-orgs.

Disgusted with what he had said, I told him that the missions were the best source of public the orgs had ever had, and now the RTC had destroyed them out of greed and avarice. I went on to say that he was just a puppet, mouthing RTC justifications for their crimes. Then I told him that I'd been out at David Mayo's getting auditing and that it was a breath of fresh air. Dumbfounded, all he could say was "You shouldn't have done that". I just shook my head, said goodbye, and left.

It only took a couple of days before I got another phone call. This time it was from another RTC mission that had just arrived in Denver. Obviously, the RTC had been informed of my conversation with the missionaire at the org and had sent another mission to specifically deal with this "situation". This new mission was operating out of a motel near the local org, and wanted me to come over and see them. My wife was afraid and didn't want me to go. I assured her that I would be fine and not to worry. I wanted to confront these people one more time.

This time there were three missionaires there to handle me. They wanted to make me realize the mistake I'd made by going to Mayo, and get me to give up the "destructive" path I was on. I sat in a chair while the three of them stood around me like cops grilling a suspect. Actually, I kind of enjoyed all the drama.

I had hoped that these missionaires would be old-time Sea Org members with some history and experience under their belts. Instead, I discovered that they were pretty raw and really didn't have much of a clue about anything. I would have been surprised if any of them had been in the Sea Org for more than a year.

As the session went on, it was the three of them that started to get very unconformable. I was nice, but I was giving them data that was completely new to them and contradicted what they had been told. Seven hours later they were almost basket cases. There was nothing else they could say. I had lost track of time and thought that I should call me wife. Almost hysterical, she was relieved that I was all right. I told her I'd be home directly.

Departing, I told the missionaires that I was leaving the CoS and setting up a center in Denver. But figuring I'd make a last attempt at affecting changes in management, I told them that I wouldn't do anything for a least three days. In that time, I was willing to first sit down with Pat Broeker to discuss things. Amazed, I discovered that they didn't even know who Pat Broeker was! I told them that he was their senior and one of the people running the CoS. Telling them that they should just relay my message to their mission ops, I then went home.

I got no further communication from the RTC about this last mission or my offer to meet with Broeker. My life as a member of the CoS was now over. But, I was about to start a new chapter in my life, embarking on an exciting and new adventure.

End of Part 17 of 25

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