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By Mike Goldstein

Part 16 of 25

Findings & Recommendations

The RTC had approved my request for and written up my Comm Ev. I was satisfied that the accusations put forth in my declare order were therein being addressed. The local people assigned to the committee were not really friends or allies, but they were unbiased, so I felt that the Comm Ev would be conducted fairly.

At first, the committee was rather cold and suspicious. As things proceeded and they began seeing the truth of my situation, they warmed up to me. The Comm Ev didn't take very long. When we were done, I thought that it had gone quite well and believed that the committee's findings would be a truthful representation of what had occurred.

With the Comm Ev's completion, the committee's findings were sent to the Convening Authority, the RTC, for approval, publication and distribution. A short time later, I got a call from the org saying that the published findings and recommendations had arrived. I went over and was given a copy of the write-up. As I read the committee's findings I was very satisfied. I had been exonerated of all false accusations. What's more, the report truthfully depicted injustices and highlighted my accomplishments. Then I read the recommendations that were laid out by the RTC.

Recommendations are suppose to align with a committee's findings. For example, if the findings were that the person was guilty of high crimes, then the recommendations might be suitable punishment and correction. If the findings were that the person was innocent and had been treated unjustly, then the recommendations might include re-instatement of the innocent party and investigation of the parties responsible for the injustice.

In the case of my Comm Ev, the RTC's recommendations were completely non sequitur and out of alignment with the findings of the committee. Basically, I was instructed to go to work in the Denver Org Division 6 to help the present RTC mission in the org, and to hand over my correspondence course materials to the Div 6 for their use. I took my copy of the findings and recommendations and left the org without talking to anyone.

What had occurred was fairly predictable, but at least I had accomplished what I had set out to do. The findings had been published and distributed in response to the false declare order. And any thinking person could see the RTC's unjust actions and that the recommendations were completely inappropriate.

After reading the write-up, a field auditor who had been shut down by the RTC for doing first dynamic ethics handling on people gave me a call. He told me that he had just come back from Santa Barbara where he had received auditing from David Mayo. He was very satisfied with the results he'd obtained, and recommended that I make the trip. This person's call was timely, as I was at a point where I was finally willing to leave the CoS. I had remained in the CoS as long as I had because I had believed in the validity of the technology and had thought I could correct the organization. Now I felt my goals of correcting management were no longer possible.

David Mayo, having left the Sea Org some months prior, had just set up an independent center in Santa Barbara and was delivering services to Scientologists who had left CoS. I called David and we had a nice chat. We were friends, but I hadn't seen him since we were both on the Apollo. After talking to him and finding out what he was doing, I scheduled some time to go out and get some auditing at his establishment.

I received excellent service with David's group, and for the first time I became aware of the volume of Scientologists who were leaving the CoS. In the entire past history of Scientology, never had such a mass exodus occurred. And the people leaving were not just public Scientologists dissatisfied with their services and treatment in the organization. Large numbers of highly trained technical and administrative people, many of whom had worked closely with Hubbard, were also departing.

The mistreatment of independent thought by the RTC, as described in Part 10 of this series, had not crushed the revolution. RTC actions had only delayed it and forced it out of the CoS and into the field. I was now witnessing the beginning of what was to be called the "independent movement" or "free zone". I remember hearing an appropriate analogy: People are leaving a sinking ship, and only the rats will remain.

While in Santa Barbara, I talked with David to see if he might be interested in my coming aboard to take on a position of interesting people never involved with Scientology in his services. But David was too busy with what he was doing, and only interested in delivering to the people leaving the CoS. It was his operation and he could, of course, do what he wanted. I thanked him for his good service and returned home.

End of Part 16 of 25

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