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By Mike Goldstein

Part 18 of 25


The New Regime Takeover series is now complete. I realize that I only used eighteen parts in this write-up, even though I had first anticipated using twenty-five. The remaining, unused parts may be appended to the existing series in an effort to respond to any questions.

In this series, I have attempted, through my observation and experience, to describe the takeover of the CoS by the new regime. I first became aware of a change in the CoS's power structure in 1980, when I was first contacted in the field by Diana Hubbard. I provided a brief part of my previous history in the CoS as a background, but the majority of my personal experience in this series begins in 1980. The story continues into 1983, when the takeover was complete and I left the CoS.

While writing and publishing this write-up, I have received many communications from readers trying to figure out my current viewpoint and opinions from what they have read so far. This would be difficult, as I have tried to write this series from the viewpoint I was in at the time these events were happening, over twenty years ago. I believe that doing this has given the story a more realistic flavor.

Due to the many questions and interest of readers, I will be writing another series that begins where this write-up leaves off. This new series will commence after I left the CoS and continue until the present. Not wanting to get ahead of myself, I have chosen not to respond to certain postings at the site where my series first appeared, as my responses would have portrayed later points of view. I'm certain that people will find it much more interesting to observe the change in viewpoint with the progressing events and history.

In the upcoming series, I will look at the history of the independent field or free zone, as well as the CoS's response to this activity, while I operated an independent center in Colorado. Readers will observe the distinct shift in viewpoint that occurred in the independent field after only two years in existence.

When leaving the fold, most Scientologists still believed in the total validity of the technology, where the only imperfections arose from the management and organization of the CoS. In a free environment, the blinders came off, and an emphatic change occurred in the previously enforced ideas about Hubbard's monopoly on mental and spiritual research and advancement.

Readers will get a rare glimpse at the early days and formation of the Scientology Bridge from the eyes of the man who assisted Hubbard in his research of the subject. You will see how a flawed philosophy and incorrect evaluation of technical problems led Hubbard to develop a system that had its' workability, but was fraught with inconsistencies and limitations.

Out of this turbulent past and evolution of independent thought, a new subject, Idenics, was born. Not being a rehash of Dianetics or Scientology, Idenics would be a fresh, new approach to come out of the arena of self-improvement and therapy. The development and impact of this methodology will be discussed within the context of this new series of writings.

Whether you have participated and witnessed events during the period of time discussed, or whether you are just questioning your existing circumstances, I hope you will find this upcoming series interesting, and perhaps, even enlightening.

I wish to take this opportunity to express my appreciation to the late, John Galusha, my friend and partner of 16 years, without whose help and insight, this series and the upcoming series would not have been written.

Mike Goldstein 8/16/04

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