Administration Briefing Number 1
By Capt. W. B. Robertson
The Bridge


We have a group of people here from all kinds of different countries and of different levels of the Bridge, and the purpose of this little talk is not that I talk, but that we present the Bridge-chart here, which you have in front of you, and give you a little description and some success-stories of people having gone up there and doing some of those levels. And also answer any questions that somebody or anyone may have, that can be answered without exposing confidential materials or restimulative materials, but actually answering in terms of the basics of Scientology. Why that part of the Bridge is there, or whatever they want to know about why it's there, how it's there, or what does it do. So we will be answering questions on that. But first, I'd like to welcome everybody here. We have at least seven or eight countries represented here from all over the world and so "Welcome everybody to Administration Briefing No.1!"

Ok. First thing I want to do is point out that we have a Bridge here, which is going from a person who starts auditing on Assists even, or special cases, Resistive Case Handlings, Dianetics, Scientology Grades per C/S program and goes up to Clear. Then we have the normal OT-levels I to III and those are exactly as Ron laid them out. And they work just fine. There are some - shall we say - benefits of Advanced Organization experience, experience that is applied on these levels, which is not generally known in the field today. Especially on OT III and in the handlings of making SURE that a person gets through OT III and ready for Excalibur. And those things are covered on OT IV, V, VI and VII. These are things that may help a particular person increase his intention, right? Or handle certain problematic body areas, or handle the effects of drugs that may still be persisting, medicines or alcohols on the body or on him, and handle any valence problems that may be there. And those - after doing all that - you arrive at... ready for OT 8, which is called by various names : Excalibur, Super VII, used to be called Super NOTs, but it doesn't really have much to do with that.It is OT 8 - we call it EXCALIBUR. Now, it goes along with the thing called OT Life Repair, because right after Excalibur you do OT Life Repair to pick up any things that may not have been handled so far on the Bridge. And at the end of that, the person arrives at the state of self-determinism - freedom from other-determinism. So he has, actually, now CLEARED ALL OF HIS DYNAMICS of other-determinism and he becomes 1ST DYNAMIC OT level, 1st Dynamic on the OT levels. From that point, on up he goes OT on various Dynamics, and he handles the self-determined case or the self-determined charge, what things HE got into and so on. It's not case that was PUT on him by another, or by an implanter or something, it's stuff HE did and got messed up in and he has to now get himself out of it. And that goes up through 9, 10 and 11 - which is called the PHOENIX - and the description on that is: "Opens the door to the OT's own Dynamics and what he did, and didn't do, on them." "Now with the Tech he can end cycle, so that everyone wins, including himself."

And OT 12 - Pre-Static Life Repair, OT 13 - Pre-Static Prior Assessment and the Clone Cycle Rundown - that's the next part of the Bridge - "is a Power Package that handles why an OT did not REMAIN an OT." I might say at this point, that the Bridge IS exactly as LRH has always written in his works. That a thetan WAS more powerful in the past, he was MUCH more powerful in the past and he came down in power, down the spiral. We are just recovering those abilities and recovering that state, and it is an error to suppose that the person was never that big, because it is obvious that he IS and can retain or regain that size of awareness. So people that are thinking that a person just has to "evolve" or "get bigger" and he "never was bigger", are WRONG. I'm sorry to say, they're just incorrect and they are buying false data from whatever source that false data comes from. The fact is, the thetan WAS big, he came down the spiral and now we're getting him back up. And that's what Ron put in Scientology. It's one of the main differences of Scientology from any other philosophy, religion or science. It assumes that the thetan has always been at a higher state and now he's down at a lower state, and we're trying to REGAIN that ability he once had. OK.

After that, is the Commanding Officer Cycle Rundown - before OT 14 - and that handles the - "gets the person more in control of his body and then helps make it operational." It does a lot more than that, but that's what we can definitely say it does. And OT 14, 15 and 16 "reveal incredible data about the games thetans get stuck into and couldn't get out of - until now." That's what we can say about that, because you can look back to the basics of LRH's work and he says:"Life is basically a game." Well, I would only add one thing to that - it's basically a SERIES of games - and so, you may find him stuck in more than one game. The "caselessness" occurs after the Super Static Rundown, which is at the end of OT 16. And after that, a person has no case and he KNOWS he has no case, he absolutely KNOWS that for sure and he doesn't need anymore auditing. He doesn't need any vias through the MEST-universe, he doesn't need a via of a meter or a body, and so on. He doesn't need anymore auditing himself. He can certainly DO auditing very well though. He can handle any other person's universe and do auditing in that person's universe very effectively, very effectively. So that brings us to OT 17 to 33 which are the "Administrative" levels. And they arise actually, naturally, on the pan-determined basis. Because you've handled other-determinism, self-determinism, now you move into pan-determinism. Now what is that? Well, that is taking full responsibility on all Dynamics and handling situations on those which are keeping people trapped in the games, and to finally end the game for all your friends and all the players that are in it. Now that is in progress at the moment, and this briefing is actually a step on that, on those levels, because it is giving people now the R-factor, or the Reality-factor, that there is a Bridge and a way to get OUT of these games. You see? So it's a first little R-factor on that.

Now, funnily enough, I discovered that, or re-realized, or re-cognited, that AFTER all this technical business is handled on a person's case, he better study some Policy. Why? Because Policy is the Technology of handling the 3rd Dynamics and other Dynamics, and when you're handling groups and so on, you have to know what are these groups, how do they work, how do you handle them, and so on.

Especially the FEBC Technology and so on, where LRH says in one of the early tapes of the FEBC, he says:"What happens when a person can get no further case gain from auditing? He can then get case gain from demonstration of competence." That's what he says in the tape - he can demonstrate his competence and get case gain from that. You see? Real OPERATING state here.

So that moves on up to OT 33, and by the way, there's no real mystery about these levels. I can tell you exactly what they are right now. They are HANDLING THE PEOPLE STILL STUCK ON THE BRIDGE IN THE LOWER LEVELS IN THE REVERSE SEQUENCE. See? That's the answer. In other words, you are going to find a very few thetans that are stuck in - say - a higher level part of the Bridge - say - up around 14 to 16. You are going to find some people that are stuck in the things that are handled there. Now, for a thetan to get stuck at that level means he must have been powerful enough to get up there somehow to get stuck at that level. Therefore, he would be a worthwhile person to release from that and be able to play a bigger game. And then you might find people stuck in succeeding levels coming on down, until you find people who were stuck in OT III, and now you want to release those, so they can continue on up the Bridge. So you keep releasing these, and it gets to larger and larger numbers of thetans, and they can help handle the larger and larger numbers on the smaller and smaller levels that people are stuck. Until finally, you have millions of auditors across the universe that are handling people who are stuck, only because they can't "recall something" and they need ARC-Straightwire or something. You see what I mean? But you couldn't do it in reverse. You couldn't handle everybody that needs ARC-Straightwire first. Where are you going to get the auditors from? Because that's one of the first points on the Bridge, you have 4 billion people on this planet and you only have a few thousand auditors. No, you better handle the ones who are stuck somewhere on the Bridge, make them into players and auditors on the games and then THEY can help you handle the ones on the next levels down.

So there's no mystery about these levels, it's just an administrative handling. Because as this grows and grows, as the levels go on up, it grows and grows and gets bigger and bigger and bigger and as it gets bigger, you need more organization, you need more comm-lines, you need more auditors, you need more C/Ses, you need more duplication of materials, etc. You're into the problems of what is handled by studying your administrative Policies. So there's no mystery about 17 to 33. It's just a series of steps in reverse gradient down the Bridge and an increasing gradient of volume, until all the players can be freed from the games that they agreed to play.

These games are not implants - everyone that's in them agreed to play them. OK? And one way you can tell a player in the game is that he has "a case". If he's in the game and he was a player in the original agreement of the game, he has a case. It's so obvious. The case is composed - if you want to know what a CASE is, without giving you the details of everything - it just is - you can say it is the ACCUMULATION OF INCOMPLETE CYCLES OF ACTION THAT THE THETAN HAS SINCE THE BEGINNING OF THE GAMES HE STARTED TO PLAY. IT'S THE INCOMPLETE CYCLES OF ACTION OR THE THINGS THAT HE HAS NOT-ISED AND DOESN'T LOOK AT ANYMORE. Whatever way you want to look at it, it's something that is a "back-log" handling. It didn't get handled yet. He has to increase his awareness in both: TIME AND SPACE; in size of awareness and responsibility, and size of CONFRONT of time, and things that happened he did earlier than time, because there ARE or is a way to measure time earlier than time existed. And we found that to be true on the OT levels: you CAN measure time in a way of, how do you date it in a session, where you don't have time? - you see? - before the MEST-universe for instance!

Well, how DO you date something back there? You don't have the time to date it with - you CAN date it by the number of games he was in. That's all handled on the OT levels. So he has to increase his span of awareness to get back to the earliest incomplete cycles he has and then when it's all finished, it's all finished, you see? And he can choose to either play the game again, leave the games totally or make new games. That's why we have at the top here OT 34 to 40. There are six or seven little levels here that handle the tendency, the interesting fact of a TENDENCY FOR A THETAN TO COME INTO A GAME AND CONTRACT. Now WHY does a thetan necessarily have to contract when he comes into a game? You see? This handles that - the Games Master Data handles that. As you know, everything in Scientology is based on EXPANSION, you know? Expansion up the grades - the Grade-Chart - expansion of awareness, expansion of space, expansion of beingness, all of that is expanding - of knowledge, responsibility, control, ARC. All that is supposed to EXPAND as you get into Scientology and go up the Bridge. And even Policy - all Policy - is BASED on expansion. And if you have studied the basic Policies, you know that. Now here is Ron putting to us a whole key important datum there; that if thetans are going to be better off and they are going to be more able and they are going to be sane and play better games, they had better EXPAND. Across the Dynamics, awareness getting bigger all the time, their actual confront of space and time increasing all the time. Ok.

So, WHY did the guy contract in the first place? You see? If you can handle that, then you can handle his future and his future games. Therefore he doesn't have to contract in future games, you understand? And that course is what does that. Because even when a guy has no case, it is possible, if you get into another game, to go back down the spiral and contract some more and get built up other incomplete cycles and more things he not-ises and so on. It is possible, unless he knows the data of what lies in back of this tendency to contract, OK? And I may say that, also, that course is a STUDY course. It's not auditing. Though there may be some things a person might cognite on, that FEEL like auditing. But the thing is, it removes the BASIS for a person actually HAVING a reactive mind in the first place, or an analytical mind or a social mind in the first place. He doesn't need those things, he can handle it all by himself. Now his tendency to contract started from his denial of responsibility to himself. In other words he says: "Well, I'll sort of do it on a via or make something to do it for me..." or whatever, whatever. You see this all over in the Axioms and so on. You know - that thetans can create matter, energy, space, time, thought and life. It's all true, they can do that, they HAVE done it - once more, they HAVE done it. What you're looking at, if you're in the physical universe right now listening to this tape, you're looking at the physical universe, right? Well, it's a creation of - a combined creation of - all the players in the game. How it's put together and why it's so dense and why it's so solid, you find out all about it on the OT levels. Alright? So that gives you some basic understanding from above 33. It's better to play those games from 17 to 33 with the data, that you don't need necessarily to contract anymore. You CAN expand and therefore you should do the Games Master Course after you do OT 16 and really get that REALLY understood. And then you have the possibility also above that of playing NEW games, brand new games, that have never been thought of before, and believe me, that will be - at the moment it's a bit difficult to think of any new games, because you've got to find out first how many games you HAVE played and how complicated they were. But there was a LOT of them.

I mean, you just look at this one planet and if you counted up the number of games going on, you might get into the thousands already, you see? I mean, look at them, all those games. You know, war, football, swimming, tennis, business, 2D, livingness in a certain city, being a national citizen of X, army, navy, airforce, science, chemistry - these are all games. Thetans are playing games in those areas. You start counting them up. You can count up every profession as a hat in a game, you see? Every part of your life has a game analysis to it. "What are you doing in your spare time?" "Oh, I like to play checkers." That's a game. There is even any sort of MINUS randomity games, like: "Well, I like to lie down and sleep awhile." Or go OUT of the game, you know, a negative game "Oh, I just sit there and I watch television to relax." That's alright, you watch OTHER people play games. So there's also the possibility of just being a spectator at other games, but that in itself is a game, it's a game of being a spectator, you see? So remember, there's life and it's full of games. It's BASICALLY a game.

So anyway, what we are doing here is removing the tendency for the guy to go into a game and contract, because that's what makes a case. So you might say, that we are in the business of running ourselves out of business. If we audit everybody until they have this understanding at OT 40, there won't be any more business for auditors. Well, that is meaning that you have to take a bigger responsibility than just running yourself as being in the game of being an auditor. You see what I mean? You have to get out of that game as well, you see? And want a new game that's totally expanding. And I tell you something else: that Scientology ITSELF can be considered a game. The auditing part and so on. And Ron always said, on a tape or several times, he said that "in the end you will have to run out your track of Scientology auditing as well". Because it is that degree other-determined and is that degree of via through the MEST-universe. You know you had to use a meter and you had sit to in a room and the guy had to give you the time to be there and all that, and thus it's a bit...- even though you WANTED to do it, and even though you came WILLINGLY to do it - it still is a bit of a via and it's a bit other-determined, you see? So you DO. There is a point in the Super Static Rundown where - it's one of those little points in there - where you run out your track of auditing. So you DO get free of that as well and this shows you another thing that - I don't think we have to mention to you, but possibly somebody hearing the tape somewhere - there has been rumor around that Scientology is an "implant", you see? Well, to people who say that stupid statement, I can only say this: "I have run a lot of implants off of cases and off my own case and have never found an implanter who gave you all the data about how to get out of the implant. There is no such implant where they give you the data of how to get out of it. The intention of an implanter is to keep you in it." And Ron always said: "You have to run out the track of your auditing - when you don't have - right before you end up your case." And so we do that and now the good news about all this is this whole Bridge can be done full time - if a person wants to do it full time as a Solo-auditor or whatever - can do it in a SHORT time of perhaps two years or three years or even shorter, depending on the amount of time he can spend and so on like that. That would be sort of coming full-time and doing his sessions, five sessions a week or something like that. But he could, in two years, actually finish the whole entire Bridge from no-auditing up to no case. That is possible. Some people, they have jobs and they have other responsibilities and other games to play at the same time, so it may take them a little longer, alright?

And the other thing is, that it is not that expensive to do it, because most of it is Solo. The levels from Solo-assists all the way up to III are Solo-auditing. The guy learns how to do that. He may have to have an occasional Review-session, but that's something else. Just IV, V, VI and VII they may start off as a Review-session and then turn the guy over to Solo to do it. So again, it's mostly his own responsibility to do it. On OT 8 there is a first groove-in part of auditing, to make sure the guy can do his own work on the level and then he's onto Solo. The Body-Straightwire can be done as an audited action or Solo. 9,10,11,12,13 all the way up to the rest, to the end of OT 16 and the Super Static Rundown, is Solo-auditing. Except in case a Review has to be done on the guy - he feels he's not quite good enough an auditor to do it himself. Or, Review is ordered by the C/S or something. But these are not long cycles these are... - as soon as possible we want the guy to BE BACK ON SOLO and do it on his OWN DETERMINISM. OK?

So, as I said, we're in the business of running ourselves out of business. But we have a lot of business because there is a hell of a lot of players in these games that have to be handled first, before we could approach that "going out of business"-point. And I think at that point we would have a much brighter and bigger game already started up and it wouldn't be any big loss to go out of business. So we would just end that game off and - Pff...- here's the next one.

Now I have some success-stories here...That's just a description of the Bridge, you see? They say: "Wah,wah, we don't believe that,, you know, how could he find that Bridge and so on like that..." - and so on, so on, so on, so on. Well, I'm only a person that has been in the technical side and administrative side of Scientology for, you know, officially working for them, for 16 years. So I've got a lot more time in there than a lot of people and that was FULL time and I did the Class VII, Class VIII Course and also the FEBC and also the Full Captain's Hat and all the Sea Org Courses and just about every course you can imagine down below that and also worked on the Flag Ship for 6 to 8 years and did missions all over the world and so on. So you might say, I know a little bit about the subject. And the other thing is, I do know that... - I just didn't imagine any of this stuff, because I always used Standard Study Tech and doing a checksheet three times through and studying and clearing up everything, before I did something. So I'm NOT interested - as some people seem to think - in "exchanging ideas" with other people. We don't need to exchange ideas, we have a Technical Bridge here, you see. Your case is your case, there is the Bridge and the processes which bring it forward to your awareness and allow you to handle it. That is all that is, there's nothing..."ideas" or anything about it, it's just the next steps to go on up and result in finally NO CASE. So there's no "opinions" about this. It's not something you "exchange your ideas of the Bridge with somebody else's ideas of the Bridge" - you see what I mean? It's not that. That IS the Bridge. If "they" have the Bridge, they have the SAME ONE. If they don't have it, they won't make anyone that doesn't have a case and so they won't finish it. OK?

Now these success-stories are quite interesting. I'll just read a couple of them, because then I want to go to the questions and find out what people want to ask. I had some from Denmark here that I thought were very interesting, nobody has heard these yet.

Success-Story on Excalibur and the Phoenix:

"I find it hard talking about my gains on Excalibur and the Phoenix without mentioning my wins as an auditor under Capt. Bill as a Senior C/S. In November, 1984, I started working with him at Ron's Org. The developing and co-auditing of Excalibur followed a few months later. Now that two years has passed, this is what has happened. I have come to be totally certain on the workability of the Tech, there are no cases which cannot be handled. I've come to understand the inner logic of the Tech. It is expressed in the Factors, the Axioms, and the Class VIII materials. The Bridge is constructed on the basis of this logic. Once one has grasped it, one can think with the Tech, be it below OT III or above OT 8. There is a straight line up to OT 16 and it is a logical line, it isn't "invented", just as LRH didn't "invent" the Tech."

So that's from an intern and so on. It goes on and on but you can read this, and if you ask for copies of these, you can get them. I'm just trying to find the ones from Denmark. They're quite interesting. Ah, here is one from Søren Visti. Jaa, this is up in Denmark. Oh, he's saying he's on OT 10. He says:

"The most incredible things happen on this level. Theta-perception goes way up, the exterior view on other universes, including MEST..." He says: "...(MEST are made of all the other universes)..." MEST is made, composed, of all these other universes. " more and more stable and best of all the certainty that we all will win and make it. And totally nothing can stop it. Standard Tech is the key - know it and use it and it will set you and I and others free. I hope to see my friends here soon." Søren.

Aha, here are the ones - here is the one. Here's another I wanted to see. This is one from a person who has finished OT 16 and the Super Static Rundown from Sweden.

"I've now completed the Bridge up to Super Static. I've completely handled ALL from beginning up to present time. I don't have, and will never again have, a case. It's finally finished. I've been in Scientology for 17 years and worked very hard on learning how to handle all in life. I'm finally at the point. I've aimed at that point for many, many years. I finally have a completely calm universe. I am now able to handle whatever will come up in the future. Nothing exists today on which I am not certain. The road to this condition is really tough. You really have to be a tiger and not Q & A with things you 'ought to do.' Don't Q & A with that, just do the Bridge." (That's what he did.) "I have had a lot of use of all the hours of TRs I did and all of the basics. I also trained hard on it. I now know that we have won the game against the evil. We are on the right side in the game. Now I shall see to it that all other thetans get out of this trap. If you also work hard at it you will soon be here. It will be very wonderful to meet you. I want to thank Søren and Per for their wonderful assistance and Bill Robertson, who has made the road out clear and, of course, a real THANK YOU RON! And I will say as he did: I will wait for you in the sky."

From Kurt Eck. You know him? First caseless guy in Sweden. Ok. Here's one from - oh, finished 9 to 11 - I think also from Denmark:

"After having finished level 9 to 11, it is felt like a big brush has been several times over the time track and totally cleaned away every bit of dust. It is felt like there is total calmness, happiness, love to fellow people. Like nothing can cave you in now and nothing can effect you anymore.The responsibility and control in life is at a much higher state than before. Production in life is way up. My need for sleep is not so big anymore." (How funny.) "My ability to get the postulates through is much better, plus the perceptions. Each day at breakfast goals for that day are set up and these are easily reached, no small counter-intentions are now coming in. It was funny to run those levels, so hurry up, let's all do it. At last, I will thank all who helped me get so far."

And here's one from Denmark as well. I'm reading these because these are people that didn't come from right here, so nobody can accuse me of beating them over the head to make these success-stories. They were done totally through Denmark and I didn't even know these people were on these levels or how they were doing it. I didn't even C/S them, but I trained the C/S to do them and then they sent these success-stories down here. So this is one from Ole Gerstrøm. He says:

"I completed Super 7 on the 20th of December 1986. I HAD audited around 200 hours on AA 7 during one year. And half a year then on Super 7." (He's talking about Excalibur here as Super 7, but before he did 200 hours of what they call AA7, whatever that is.) "I have had a lot of wonderful sessions with high affinity, realizations and intense communication. But the last session was the most incredible one. I ran into the basic for all this charge and the last bits disappeared magically. I experienced unfolding as a thetan, so that awareness which had been folded up and paralyzed for eons, returned. I knew then that I completed the level. The postulate from THEN explained why I sit here today. When I, since the completion, came into situations which used to give a banky reaction, nothing has happened - just a quiet calmness. I've also observed that when I put attention on things in the past, then the happenings appear a lot easier and in great detail. And other abilities start appearing. I have never experienced anything like this and I'm told this is only the beginning. My thanks to Ron will stand in eternity."

Yes, nice one. And I'll read one more. This is one from a person named Birgit Visti. It is probably the wife of Søren:

"I will try to describe what I have reached on 7 and 8." (Which is Excalibur and OT Life Repair. I guess that's what they call it up there.) "Right now I feel I'm floating in the air. It has been an incredible experience. Everything I've touched lately has succeeded very easily and with big success. I also feel a lot lighter, as I know the mass I have been carrying around is gone. I feel like loving all the world and I wish that everyone will reach this condition and I know we will get a wonderful world for everyone and I will do what I can to help achieve this."

I think we covered all the levels except somebody from 12 and 13. I don't think I read one from that level. I just want to find one, if there is one...There is one, you have one. That's right. That was a funny one too. «You want it? » Yes, we can read that one. I will handle any questions until Ulrich comes back with that one from 12 and 13, here's a good success-story from that. He just completed it recently. OK.

First of all, any questions about the Bridge? You've heard the R-factor on it, you've heard some success-stories. Anybody have any questions about it?

«Can you tell a little bit more about how you discovered that Bridge?»

Now, tell me who you are first.

«Ah, my name is Ole Halvorson, and I'm from Sweden.»

OK. So you want to know a little more about how I discovered the Bridge. OK. The first thing I took - Ulrich and I worked together - we took the existing materials that were known about up to that point, you see? On the Bridge. And we studied them very thoroughly three times through and checked each other out for a month and a half.

«That was a couple of years ago then?»

Yes, a couple of years ago. Everything we knew, you see? Up to that point. We are both technical people. And then we started auditing that. The last stuff that we knew was from LRH, right? And we started auditing that and applying on what we ran into - we applied also, when necessary, more Tech or Policy or Ethics to that. And from that came the Excalibur theory and practice of how to get through that level completely. The reason being that people had been running that for thousands of hours - the level used to be called... NOTs, I think. And then they - people used to run it for thousands of hours and years and all this stuff and they never quite got through it. Nobody could ever say: "Well, I'm through it." But then the guy, he says :"Yes, I completed it." And then he falls down the steps and breaks his head, you know? Or he goes nutty or PTS or something. Well, he didn't really. So the thing was, we figured there was something they didn't know about this stuff. Or there would have been a lot more completions and there wouldn't be such an endless type of thing.

So now we know why that was, it required knowledge of not only Tech, but Ethics and Admin as well, to get through the level. And you CAN get through the level. And we developed whatever was needed from LRH basics to handle anything we encountered on the level and you arrive at the state of having handled the biggest barriers, "most secret, most ancient barriers to OT. An organized attempt on the 7th Dynamic." Organized, see? One thetan can't go up against an organization alone, you see? He has to have some very powerful Tech to be able to handle that. And that's why nobody got out and got through it before. They didn't know you also have to add Ethics and organization to your handling and a good training program, so that you know how to do it. And after that - anybody who gets through that - will bump right into the next level. You can't help it, you understand? You don't have to look very far once you know you finished, that you just think: "Well, I wonder what..." - BOOM! - and there it is. You see what I mean? And if you have the technical data to analyze it, and the basic knowledge of what technical processes are needed to handle something like that, you just write them down and you try them and: "Oh, this is the best way through this!" - Boom - and you do it. Very easy! After that point things came off like - I mean, I could write up what was going to be on the next level. After I'd finished THIS level, I could then write up what was going to be on the NEXT, because I KNEW THAT HAD TO BE NEXT. I made one or two mistakes on the way and the next day I was smashed. I said: "Uh, I've skipped something, something I didn't get. What was it? What was it? Aaaah, there is another aspect to this! I see, you have to do it this way now!!" Now I ran that - Aaaah, VGIs, FTAs - fantastic, great, great, great. And then there is this other aspect. "Oh yeah, now I can do this." Now I hit this and - Boom - I can do it. It's very simple, you see? If you know the basics. And so you just - you can't help it - hit them. So they're right there in line - boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom, boom - and I didn't know, where it was going to go, but I knew THAT was next, THAT was next, THAT was next, THAT was next and it just kept going one at a time. If people do their whole internships here, they see the development of this. How it goes from one level to the next. Didn't know what the next level was when you were doing this one, you see what I mean? But after you've finished this, you run right into it. It was EASY. Things weren't meant to be this difficult. If it wasn't for all these Implanters they had around the games - they were trying to keep people's awareness down - a thetan could go Clear and start right in on OT 9, you see? It's only the implanting that kept them unaware. It wasn't supposed to be so difficult. It's a lot of fun. It's just handling all these incomplete cycles in your universe, in your games, on your Dynamics. No. Very easy. So they just came one after another and then finally you get to the end and - Boom! - you have no case and you realize: "Oh, I've no case now because...haha...because...well, that was it! Haha." It's very simple. So you show me somebody that got through Excalibur, and you have there a person who hit the next level. He will see it, there it is. It's self-determined.

continued in part 2