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International Viewpoints (IVy)International Viewpoints (IVy)
Web page: http://www.ivymag.org/
e-mail: IVy@vais.net or ivy@post8.tele.dk

If you are looking for a quality magazine with articles appropriate for the Free Zone, then be sure to visit IVy. For a sample of the types of articles that IVy publishes, visit the IVy section on the 'Articles' page.

Free Spirit JournalFree Spirit Journal
Web page: www.freespiritjournal.com

The Free Spirit Journal is the premier published periodical forum for clearing practitioner and technology. It contains information about various forms of clearing technology, ads for professional services and literature, events, announcements and reviews of new publications, fiction, cartoons, reports on other interesting practices (like firewalking and Filipino psychic surgery) and current legal information of interest to clearing professionals. Come visit our website.


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Web site: http://www.inquisitive-instruments.co.uk/
e-mail: Ralph@Hilton.org

The C-meter is a computerised version of the galvanic skin response meter. With the simple connection of a small interface box one's computer becomes a responsive meter with facilities never before available on a purely mechanical meter.

The interface connects through a standard serial connection to the computer which can be a desktop or laptop. Currently only Windows 95+ machines are supported.


Ability Meters International - Model 3aAbility Meters International
PO Box 1032, Caterham, Surrey CR3 0ZE, England

Web site: http://www.abilitymeters.com/

The Ability Meter Model 3a takes advantage of state-of-the-art electronics to provide the highest quality available in biofeeback instrumentation using the Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) principle. The Ability Meter is specially designed to assist in one-to-one (two hand-held electrodes) and solo (single hand double-electrode) psycho-therapeutic and personal development procedures.

Russian E-Meters!Skill88
Web site: http://www.chat.ru/~skill88/ (This site is in Russian)
e-mail: skill88@chat.ru

Completely automatic device. Automatic indemnification of sensitivity is realized. The best accuracy of measurements. It is constructed on the basis of the lastest advancements in the field of electronics. TA recording, timer.

Clarity MeterClarity Meter
Web site: http://www.clearingtech.net

The Clarity Meter is the new clearing biomonitor manufactured in the U.S.A. It is a highly sensitive unit with a unique, attractive and professional appearance - and economical as well. Check out its special features on our website.

Deltronics - Delta IDeltronics
Web site: http://www.ragaz.net/deltronics/
e-mail: deltronics@ragaz.net


    • The E-Meter that won't obstruct your auditing!
    • Gain from the experience of top auditors from the Free Zone.
    • Built in automatic TA recording so you can keep the attention on the session.
    • Available also with fully automatic "set" adjustment, thereby you never again need to adjust the TA button.
    • 12 months warranty

The Mindwalker Metermindwalker
Web site: http://www.mindwalker.co.uk/
e-mail: nic@mindwalker.co.uk

The mindwalker is a meter that is particularly suited to beginners, (lower cost and simplicity), and professionals who require a more portable instrument or one which looks different to the conventional style The mindwalker fulfills the following requirements:

    • A no-frills basic cheaper meter or an advanced option with digital interface
    • Simple to Operate. There are only 2 controls - needle SET and Sensitivity.
    • Small and portable
    • High quality
    • Unique physical appearance

mindwalker Personal Computer (PC) Interface
This device enables a PC to function as a conventional biofeedback meter and has facilities for recording and playback of readings.

E-meter Schematics