Self Clearing Diary

'Confronting the Past'

Our aim is to inspire others towards enlightenment via self clearing

Here we are going to be doing some more subjective processes and it seems like an appropriate time to mention some useful rules to follow. Your processing will go much better if you have enough food and rest and can do the processes in a quiet and safe space with no distractions. Avoid running subjective techniques when you are upset or disturbed unless the process is addressed directly to the upset itself. Objective techniques, such as those given in the first few chapters, can be run in all circumstances.

Objective techniques are those which are addressed to perceiving or doing things in the present and they can be very helpful if you are tired or upset. But in those cases, you should use processes that you already know rather than trying to learn a new one while you are in a non-optimum condition. In general you should avoid processing under the influence of drugs or alcohol except for objective techniques which help you pull yourself together. But sometimes you have no choice. Subjective processes will run in the presence of painkillers and other things which keep one's mental state suppressed, but it tends to be slow and the results are shallow. Go ahead and use everything you know to aid your recovery if you should find yourself in the hospital sometime, its just tough rather than impossible or forbidden.

With these cautions in mind, let's do some processing to improve your recall and confront of the past. As traumatic incidents accumulate, one's "life force" or "theta" as it is called in Scientology gradually becomes stuck or encysted in these unpleasant experiences. The best technique for loosening these things up and regaining some horsepower is not to dive in and wrestle with the trauma but instead to recall pleasant times. This pulls you out of the unpleasant stuck portions of your history.

Think of your history as a sort of "time track", A timeline with dates and events on it or a reel of movie film. The unpleasant experiences on it are sticky and accumulate mental charge which traps your attention and horsepower. Eventually the whole thing can go black and occluded because of your resistance to looking at the unpleasant experiences. But there are many good times in between the unpleasant ones. By putting your attention on these, you reduce the blackness and occlusion and draw energy away from the stuck points.

Eventually you will need to clean up the traumatic experiences, but that is better done after raising your horsepower, reducing occlusion, and mastering control of simple recall style techniques. And this recall of pleasant moments is an essential trick for bailing out of a traumatic memory if it is too far over your head. There is a rare chance that a specific question which asks for a pleasure moment will instead stir up a moment of loss. In general we do not back down from such things, but in this special case, we are looking only for pleasure moments.

If this does happen, confront and acknowledge the loss if you can and then immediately and firmly look for a pleasure moment. If it is too heavy or sticky or you cannot find any pleasure moments connected with the specific question, then drop that question and find ANY pleasure moment by whatever means. If even that fails, then do the drill of looking around and noticing things (from chapter 1) until you calm down and feel a little better and then recall a pleasure moment. When you are back on track, skip the question that gave trouble and go on to the next one.

Do not end this process if you run into trouble such as described above. It's like falling off a horse, you must get back on immediately so that you do not develop trouble about shying away. So be sure to recall at least a few good pleasure moments before stopping even for a break. Note that these are repetitive processes. You do the set of commands over and over until you achieve a result.

The Pilot's Self Clearing book - Chapter 6

Monday 22/06/98

Process 6.1 Simple Recall - Affinity

Do the following 3 commands alternately until you feel good. Spot specific times and peoples.

6.1a) Remember a time when somebody liked you
6.1b) Remember a time when you liked somebody
6.1c) Remember a time when two people liked each other

T - (a) When I ran this process I noticed a pattern of men `desiring' me. Most of these men were unwanted attention givers. This included men actually stalking me on two occasions. This has led to me suppressing my sexuality eg wearing conservative clothes.

(b) This was also primarily a list of men I liked, leaning towards desired. Apart from one name on the list (R), the people who I have desired have not returned this affection.

(c) I was able to list couples from school and in work life. Because I have had bad experiences with men liking me and no response from those I liked, this led me to be very bitter towards those who liked each other. My relationship with my best friend broke down because she liked a guy whom she eventually married.

R - I considered I didn't need to run this process. After all the processing I'd had why would I need such a basic process? But I thought I'd run it anyway. After two full pages of answers I decided the process was flat because it didn't seem to be going anywhere, bit boring, you know. Then I thought `Bugger it, I want a result - these processes are supposed to have a result!' So I ran it a bit more. Then T read me her result, and that struck a chord in me. I realised there was something I wasn't confronting. Then I just started writing down all the times my affinity had been suppressed, cut, abused, etc. The incidents just poured out, including a time CoS got me to agree to stop processing people outside the organisation. I was clearing up migraine headaches and things on people and I was told this was `squirrelling' and had to get my ethics in. Ironically some years later CoS released a pack containing heaps of processes and declared we were now allowed, nay, encouraged, to process friends, family, etc. outside the organisation. This was real late on the chain of punishments for talking at the table, not being allowed to keep pets, sit next to girls, etc, etc. So this process allowed me to release a heap of hidden emotional upset. Boy, I really needed that, and didn't even know it!

Friday 26/6/98

6.2 Simple Recall - Agreement

6.2a) Remember a time when somebody agreed with you
6.2b) Remember a time when you agreed with somebody
6.2c) Remember a time when two people agreed with each other

R - It may look like I've been bludging this week, but I've actually been  doing a process not in the Self Clearing book (unless it IS in the book but not reached yet). Anyway, did 6.2 Agreement agreement process to a fantastic result after half a page of answers. In aikido we talked about `receiving' an attack and `blending with' or `leading' an opponent. It suddenly became clear to me that this was all about `agreement' on an energy flow level. Here is how I see it now:

Resisting an opponent's attack would be `disagreeing with it'. This would of course ARC break the opponent making him more upset. Instead, by` agreeing' with the attack (giving way and blending with it) the aikidoka brings the attacker into agreement with the `receiver'. Thus the attacker can be `led' (because of his own agreement with the energy flow) into a position where the attacking energy flow is neutralised and/or led back to the attacker, etc. With practice this `agreement' with an attacker's energy comes so easily and naturally that spectators cannot believe the attacks are `genuine' because they are nullified so effectively, and aikido looks supernatural/impossible. There were other related cognitions such as adding `pain' to aikido technique ARC breaks the opponent (naturally), whereas `aesthetics' is much higher, easily attainable after a few years, and is why martial arts `looks good' when performed by advanced practitioners.

I continued the process (I was accused by a yoga teacher years ago of having `spiritual greed') until I hit a whole level of disagreements with girls (including mum) this lifetime. I recognised this stemmed from a stuck Enemy condition so I handled hell out of that with the process I mentioned above.

This in turn seems to have then affected T because she is now suddenly winning with doing Ethics Conditions formulas for the first time.

T - I did this process over two days and finished it yesterday.  I realised that agreement is taking place constantly (eg one person agreeing to listen while the other agrees to talk).  Yesterday I asked a guy I work with if he could smell something foul.  Once I had his agreement that he could, there was more reality, where there had once been suspicion and probability.  I also thought of a time when our vet called to suggest that our rabbit be put down because it ate snail pellets and was poisoned.  I was the one who gave the OK to this action, therefore the agreement went hand in hand with responsibility on my part.

I came home after work today very frustrated with the person with whom I share an office.  I had to apologise to someone for a mistake that she had made.  I commenced listing the overts I have committed against my co-worker and began the Senior Danger Formula on the Third Dynamic.  R suggested that I do this.

Saturday 27/6/98

T - I felt I needed to do an ethics handling because of a work related problem.  An upset surfaced which was suppressed during the difficulty at work.  I also felt bad about committing overts.  Later on I decided to write up the duties of my position.  R told me this sounded like the Power Change condition.  I realised my predecessor effectively handled the situation by not getting involved (she has since told me to step back and wait for this poor co-worker to "dig her own grave").  Apart from this I have not changed my predecessor's work systems.  I also wrote up the Emergency condition and came to the decision that I must promote myself more, stop helping the down stats and be tougher overall.

Sunday 28/6/98

T - I decided to continue with the ethics conditions.  I completed the Normal Operation and Affluence conditions and now feel as though I can handle my work situation. I had not been confronting and the conditions formulas helped me to do that and to formulate positive solutions. This was the first time I was willing to use the ethics conditions.

Sunday 5/7/98

6.3 Simple Recall - Communication

6.3a) Remember a time when somebody enjoyed talking to you
6.3b) Remember a time when you enjoyed talking to somebody
6.3c) Remember a time when two people enjoyed talking to each other

T - I thought of times with obvious affinity in the communication. If I don't enjoy talking to somebody I avoid the communication. I assume this is the same for others. Interruptions happen because people enjoy having their comm heard more than they want to hear someone else's comm.

Tuesday 7/7/98

R - Took a few pages of answers before the process began to bite. Had some generic realisations re communication being related to interest/tone level/purpose etc, and realised I used to prefer to comm to `attractive' people, whereas now it's the comm that's important, not the terminal/body. Quite a few this lifetime incidents came up, but then I went back to entry to this/MEST universe and finally cleared up an ARC break I've had since then. Realised how aberrative ARC has been to me, how I allowed myself to be trapped because of it. Previously I was inverted re ARC and used to look UP to ARC as some sort of ideal thing. Now I finally see I/we have to rise above ARC (`rise above an avid craving for agreement' as LRH put it.)

6.4 - Understanding

6.4a) Remember a time when you felt that somebody really understood you
6.4b) Remember a time when you felt that you really understood somebody
6.4c) Remember a time when you felt that two people really understood each other

T - I only came up with a few items which have happened over the past couple of days.  I realised that true understanding is rare because of the inhibitions associated with affinity, reality and communication. An example of this is my boss berating a co-worker yesterday for not acknowledging his communication. The only person who appears to understand me is R, due to the training he has received with auditing.

Thursday 9/7/98

R - Had an excellent `spontaneous' realisation as a result of something T said yesterday. I had remarked that `wait' was low down on the Know to Mystery scale and I didn't like to be made to wait, and then I mentioned something which had to be done. She simply said `Oh, it can wait' and I suddenly saw the TWO sides of the equation. The effect side is for oneself to be made to `wait' (`Hold the line', `Wait there', etc) . I now saw the causative side (`That task/book/call etc can wait), placing actions etc in `wait' to be done `in the future' and refusing oneself to be put in `wait' (`Very well, I'll return later when he's not busy', etc).

This expanded to the understanding that even on the causative side, unfinished cycles of action or `wait cycles' nail a being (you/me) down in time and space, because one has to BE there to do the task/s in some FUTURE time.

So this was actually a multiple win because I realised most of my possessions were actually unfinished cycles (unread books, tasks, etc) and simply `wait' cycles. Then I realised this was a totally automatic thing with me and had been since entry into the physical universe. Also that these `wait' cycles were keeping me attached to the physical universe, you know. Like, I need a body to read a book, do a course, write a letter, etc. And of course this is exactly aligns with the Buddhism theme of the practice of `non-attachment' on the way to buddha-hood.

T - This morning on the way to work I had a Severe Reality Adjustment (yet another). After worshipping my brother for many many years I realised that he has a suppressive personality and he seems to be always on a downer. I spoke to him yesterday on the phone and realised I didn't need to be as close to him anymore. I couldn't understand why he didn't return my phone calls. Now I don't need to call him in the first place.

Friday 10/7/98

R - Completed 6.4 - Understanding. Got a life-changing result after only half a page of answers! Was wondering why so many of my chapter 6 answers concerned the opposite sex when suddenly dawned on me I was sitting in a huge chronic ruin on the second dynamic. This completely resolved as I sat there. I actually felt a resurging of life force into demand for improvement in that area of my life and knew I could now be cause over it (after only 40 years or so, this lifetime!).

I had only recently discovered that the Awareness Scale could apply to any area of life/existence, and not just one's general progress up `The Bridge'. So this was a dramatic result for my second dynamic. You know, people/my parents look at T and say how lucky I am to have such a lovely partner, how I should `be good' to her, etc. If they only knew it was our mutual ruins that brought us together in the first place! If they only knew about the visits to doctors, counsellors, therapists, etc before we discovered Self Clearing. LRH was so right about the tone level of society,
worshipping bodies. Breaking agreement with that level of human existence was not only our first step toward enlightenment, but continues on a daily basis as we remain in close contact with it. Self Clearing is now my solution to life. Daily processing keeps my head above the murky waters of `life' as we know it here.

Monday 13/7/98

6.5 Simple Recall - Senses

Do the following 5 commands alternately until you feel good. Spot specific times and try to re-experience the desirable perception.

6.5a) Remember at time when you saw something beautiful
6.5b) Remember at time when you heard something you enjoyed
6.5c) Remember at time when you tasted something you liked
6.5d) Remember at time when you smelled something good
6.5e) Remember at time when you felt something nice

R - Probably over-ran this process to hell (15 pages of answers), but no adverse reactions. Unearthed a hidden lifetime as a gypsy girl (Cher's song Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves captures the flavour nicely) which explains a few more things about my outlook on life. Anyway, did notice my recall changing as a result of the process. Usually any recall/memory is a mixture of senses. On this I experienced recalling sound separately and discovered this `gypsy' life, where my eyes had been put out for `bewitching decent folks' , and I had to rely on my other senses.

Thursday 16/7/98

6.6 Detailed Recall

Here we will take a certain type of experience and work it over in detail. Each major question is a separate process. The first one will be described in full. The remaining ones should each be run the same way. If you can't get specific answers to the detailed questions, then get approximate ones.

6.6.1 Remember a time that you enjoyed eating a meal.

a) when was it?
b) where was it?
c) who else was involved?
d) notice the color of things in the incident.
e) notice how things sounded.
f) notice tastes, smells, and sensations.
g) notice your body position at that time.
h) did anything else interesting happen then?

Then remember another time (possibly earlier) when you enjoyed having a meal and repeat the above detailed questions. Continue finding additional times until you feel good.

R - Well, who would think such an apparently innocuous question could lead anywhere? And I got a result after only two pages of answers (a nice change from the last process). Anyway, after examining only three meals I felt I didn't want to re-visit every meal I could recall this lifetime because that would be boring. Then it occurred to me it would be more interesting to re-visit a meal from an earlier lifetime. I immediately saw myself in a prison and felt a bit of grief. I was being given some gruel/porridge stuff from a wooden bucket (just like you see in the movies). The process questions called for sights, sounds etc and I saw/felt straw on the floors, metal bars, leather shoes etc. Also this fitted in with similar recalls for that time period, 1800s, France. The grief was feeling sorry for myself, the blandness of the food, my fine clothes all tattered. It explains why I prefer spicy foods now, why I got upset over school lunches, got choked up during my French oral exam at school, and other things this lifetime.

Later coming home from work I re-experienced a separateness from time and the physical universe, like I was only loosely connected to the `reality' of here and now. But these kinds of results are routine for me. I want to see T make a breakthrough in this chapter because then we'll have no doubts that the Pilot's Self Clearing is a valid clearing approach for `new' people.

T - After working on 6.5 the simple recall process for a week (on and off) I came up with a common theme and had three incidents relating to it. When I was young I had two Barbie-like dolls.  I didn't like them very much. I once cut their hair and they ended up looking terrible. Several years later my aunt gave me a stuffed toy dog, which stood on the floor and reached my shoulder height. I cut its hair and it too looked terrible. Then about five years ago I cut my own hair, making it look terrible. It had to be rescued by a hairdresser. This recall gave me a better insight into myself and explains why I have always had trouble with my own hair (I never comb it, I pull it out, I keep thinking about getting it shaved off).

Friday 17/7/98

T - I completed 6.6.1 (remember a time when you enjoyed eating a meal). I remembered two incidents, one recent and one in 1994. I had a good recall on the second incident, which surprised me. I had a win recalling the most interesting incident of meal number two. My mother, in a swish restaurant, had her whole hand inside of a large, individual dessert bowl, trying to retrieve the brandy snap which was at the bottom.

Wednesday 22/7/98

T - Completed 6.6.2 (Remember a pleasant moment of intimacy, see process below). I recalled two incidents of intimacy, both occurring after traumatic events. The first one was a hug I received from a workmate after being pushed over by a man on the way to work. The second was having my mother present when my split lip was being stitched at hospital.  I was only 4 or 5.  I remember my mother refusing to leave and holding my hand throughout the ordeal. The trauma associated with the latter incident has been "cleared" and my win was having this cleared incident reinforced or "proven".

Thursday 23/7/98

6.6.2 Remember a pleasant moment of Intimacy

This could be sexual intimacy or a moment of special closeness between parent and child or even a moment of deep friendship or mutual support. Use the same detailed questions as above and keep finding additional times of intimacy until you feel good.

R - Got a nice result after only one set of questions! The process neatly resolved a chronic problem I've had with my second dynamic for a long time. It's quite personal and affects T so I won't go into it here and now.

6.6.3 Remember doing a job you were proud of

Run as above

R - The first set of questions brought to mind a `broken' tape recorder my parents owned. They only used it to play music because it `didn't record' and had `never recorded' and `would never record'. They knew me as an `impractical' person but I was already OTII by then and decided to try and fix it. After opening it up and looking at it I saw how it could be fixed with a small piece of wood. A piece of match stick did the trick and the machine now recorded, as it should.

On the second set of questions I recalled an earlier lifetime. Quite fascinating because few earth people would believe it. They have trouble trouble believing in `crop circles' being caused by UFOs. They've spent years `proving' statues like those on Easter Island were made with stone axes by `natives' so they're not likely to believe they were cut with laser cutters by visitors from space. That's how I remember it, anyway. My project (not Easter Island) was done furtively. Then contemporary tools were used to make it look like they were done by the `natives'.

6.6.4 Remember having fun as part of a group

Run as above

R - On the first question I remembered playing a laser game (this lifetime). I had heard about them and thought my then girlfriend and her daughter would like it. They did. I found it was quite restimulative with semi-darkness, flashing lights, lots of noise, two teams (blue and red), etc. I'd had lots of processing by then and knew about past lives and knew it was a dramatisation of `space opera'. I read the `rules' before the game and saw the object was to shoot the enemy headquarters. After the game many of the `regulars' were amazed at how a first-time player got such an incredibly high score and won the game. I was wondering why they didn't just read the rules and follow the purpose. They were too busy dramatising other things, going around and shooting each other, etc.

This memory rehabilitated my ability to play a game. In present time I realise I can play a game on any dynamic and win. It's just a matter of recognising there is a game, knowing the rules and the purpose of the game, and deciding to play to win.

6.6.5 Remember exploring a place you liked

Run as above

R - Got a very interesting result from doing this process. The three separate incidents I recalled each had a common thread to do with flying. Attempts to fly this lifetime (building cardboard wings and going out into a storm at age 5, etc) were totally explained by actual flying/levitation abilities in earlier lifetimes. Always believed in `levitation' but never realised I actually had this ability in a past life!

6.6.6 Remember a time when you were glad to be alive

Run as above

R - The first recall was a groin operation at age 11, waking up in a pool of blood with the most incredible thirst. This operation was a big ruin this lifetime and has been addressed countless times in processing, but still affects me adversely over 30 years later. However, so strong was my urge to live that when I woke up I was glad to be alive.

Continued the process because didn't want to get `stuck' in the operation again. Went earlier to a `baby' memory that keeps coming up. There was the feeling of `glad to be alive' which promptly got swamped with `It's not enough to be alive, because nobody pays attention to me' when mum and dad were fighting. Realised this was an ARC X of long duration which I then spotted as Desired Communication which handled it.

Saturday 25/7/98

T - I had a huge upset today when I tried to back out of an agreement I had with R. With R's help I managed to keep the agreement (only just). After this upset occurred I realised that my ethics needed to be urgently handled. Fortunately R had found a process on the internet to do this.  It is called the Justification Sandwich. R explained it to me and I cleared my misunderstood words. I didn't feel confident about it (as I feel about everything), but came up with the central condition on my case easily (Enemy on the fourth dynamic). This process is amazing and I have come up with some great wins and I now feel able to continue with the self-clearing productively.

Friday 31/8/98

6.7 More that can be done

Before moving on to more advanced topics such as past lives, you should feel really good about the subject of remembering things in general. Notice whether or not this was achieved while running the above processes. If not, it might be possible to get some more out of them. Check each one over beginning with 6.1 and see whether it can be run some more or whether it went to a point of release that was too good to improve on at this time.

There is also a book called "Self Analysis" by L. Ron Hubbard which gives lots of recall processes that can be run in addition to the ones above if it seems needed. Note that we are not trying for perfect recall here, but simply an improvement and some certainty and skill at remembering things. There will be many more recall processes as we move along.

R - The Pilot mentions the book `Self Analysis' by LRH. I received Self Analysis processing almost exactly 20 years ago in Scientology and thoroughly recommend it because that's where I experienced my first past life recall. It actually cracked my case because I realised the door to my past was now open, for better or for worse. I have had excellent recall of `past lives' ever since, able to recall what I need to in order to resolve conflicts in my current life. So I don't feel the need to do more in this area.

6.8 Remembrance of Past Lives

We are immortal spirits who have lived through many lifetimes. Some people will consider this to be obvious but others may have a hard time with this idea. If the idea is difficult for you to swallow, then I ask only that you give it a chance and try out some things. Continuing on with this book does not require that you actually believe in past lives.

However, processes can stir things up and bring them into view and you need to be willing to confront whatever comes up on them. Sometimes these things might not fit logically into your current lifetime. At a minimum, you need an open mind and a willingness to look at things that might come up without undue prejudice. And you will need a bit of information and orientation and some practice working with the concept of past lives so that you can see how things fit together when they do come up.

But you don't have to become a believer. You could think of these past lives as exercises in imagination or as a way of providing enough room to handle the wealth of mental constructs that lie within the subconscious. So do these exercises whether or not you believe in past lives, and be prepared for strange and unusual things to come up occasionally as you work through this book. And don't get into a tizzy about proving or disproving this stuff. It will sort itself out in its own good time.

R - Oddly enough my mother currently firmly believes I have a `bad memory' of events this lifetime, expecting me to recall details of events important to her. With her Catholic church upbringing she does not `believe in' past lives. Also I noticed she has no memory of events important to me, such as showing her a `backward dive' I taught myself at about age 7 at swimming pool. So apart from such occasional upsets I am content with my memory. The ability to remember past lives is like having a million gigabyte hard disk instead of the floppy disk for `memory' the average human has. Which would you rather have?

6.9 Some basic information on past lives

Therapies which allow for the existence of past lives often concentrate on traumatic incidents that occurred in past lives. This especially includes the continual unpleasantness of dying. But these unpleasant experiences are one of the reasons that people don't want to recall past lives. Therefore, we will concentrate initially on pleasant memories and skip the bad times for now.

In recalling things, one has a tendency to twist them into familiar patterns, especially when the actual scenery was radically different than what one is used to. And, on gaining a real but vague recall of something, there is a tendency to fill in the blanks with what one has seen on TV or read in the history books. You will find, for example, that there is a strong tendency to dub-in one's native language rather than the actual language that was being spoken in some old incident. And there is a bit of wishful thinking that can come into play. Remembering a snatch of ancient Rome, one might be tempted into thinking that one was Julius Caesar since he was a well known and powerful figure.

Another mechanism that comes into play is a tendency to reverse roles and misremember that you were the winner instead of the loser or that you were the victim instead of the guilty party. It actually works both ways, the grass is always greener on the other side. Since you did not experience the unpleasant portions of your opponents existence, it is easier to misremember being on the opposite side of a conflict rather than face up to either the pain or the guilt that you actually experienced.

We have been around for a very long time, and to some degree we are stuck in a rut. So the civilizations and cultural styles often repeat. There have been many Earth like planets and history tends to repeat itself at least in its broader outlines. So what at first glance might appear to be a lifetime in ancient Rome might eventually turn out to have occurred on some distant planet millions of years ago. All this will gradually sort itself out, and much that is dubbed in initially will fall away as you advance.

So don't assert the rightness and accuracy of what you recall vaguely and thereby commit yourself to defending or hanging on to inaccurate recalls from a mistaken sense of pride or status. But also make it a point not to invalidate the recollections or discount them as complete fabrications just because there are some logical inconsistencies.

When you are trying to find something, the subconscious will often let an important bit come through even if it must be surrounded with inaccurate substitutions. If you need, for example, to run a "past life" as a fictional character in a movie that you saw, go ahead and do so. Don't sit there and say, for example "this is obviously impossible, I could never have been Shakespeare's Macbeth".

If you invalidate the whole incident, you will also invalidate the tiny piece that is true and which has been presented for you to look at. You might, for example, have once murdered your father for gain, as did MacBeth, but the actual incident is too far out of reach. In confronting the mostly fictional incident, you also face up to that tiny part which is a true recall and which is necessary for you to face. So don't fight with the recollections and don't force them to be historically accurate. Just let them be whatever they are. Gradually you ability to face things will improve and the amount of mental charge will decrease and you will recall the realities behind the half-truths that you find initially.

R - This is great stuff. I'm really looking forward to T's result from doing this chapter.

6.10 The Beginning Step to Past Life Recall

The course of our existence has encompassed millions of lifetimes in this and earlier universes. Our time on this Earth is but a drop in the bucket in comparison. But the Earth like mockups have been around for a very long time and will generally be easier for you to recall than other more alien ones. Even if they only form one thousandth part of your past lives, they represent the ones that you are most familiar with and which you are being constantly reminded of. We will take advantage of this and search for a pleasant lifetimes in settings that you already have some familiarity with.

Pick your favorite period of history and the civilization that you feel the most natural affinity for. Or, if you are strongly drawn to science fiction or fantasy, consider the idea of some space empire or fantasy realm that gives you a really good feeling. Once you have made a selection, discard all the details, especially famous names and events and concentrate instead on the general character of the civilization. And if some historical detail strikes you as really wrong, then discard it in favor of what you feel is appropriate because you might actually be sensing something from long ago and far away rather than the recent Earth civilization that you have read about.

Since we are focusing on a period that feels good to you and trying to stir up a pleasant lifetime, you can probably trust your feelings as to what kind of person you were and what kind of things you might have been doing. With a good lifetime you do not have as much of a tendency to substitute pleasant experiences for the harsh ones that actually happened because the actual experiences really were pleasant. Now consider what kind of activity you might have enjoyed doing in such a civilization. Visualize an incident of doing this activity, trying to get the colors and sounds and any details that seem right. Adjust this based on what "feels" right or wrong until you are happy with it. Consider that it might be an approximation of a true recollection.

Do this a few more times, visualizing instances of the activity that you enjoyed. Then look over the various occurrences and see if you can sort them into a sequence of which might have happened first and so forth. Consider what kind of job or station in life feels appropriate. Visualize incidents of performing the task in question. Sort these together with the other ones into a sort of a time line. It will help to write this down leaving much space for additions. Consider what kind of people you might have cared for in these circumstances; friends, lovers, parents, children, etc. Try to visualize some really good incidents with these people and add them to the sequence. Consider if there might have been some really good event which might have happened; some personal success or an important occurrence that affected your life favorably. Again visualize incidents and add them in.

If some bad thing occurs to you which you need to face, go ahead and consider that as well and add it into the sequence of events. But balance it by spotting some of the good things again. Don't go charging off in a search for the horrible things that happened to you.

Now repeat the detailed recall procedure given in section 6.6 above aiming it at this past life which you have been reconstructing. Now write a brief summary of the lifetime. And note down anything of which you are certain occurred. Pick another historical period (or another space empire or whatever) and repeat this entire procedure on a second lifetime. Do it again for a third lifetime. You want at least three so that you don't fixate too much on the first one. Accept the idea that what you have come up with might only be half right, a mixture of true recall and imaginative fabrication. Even the imaginative part will help broaden your viewpoint.

R - The Pilot begins here with `Pick your favorite period of history...' so what immediately came to mind were past incidents of levitation or flying. I chose the earliest one, which has come up time and time again over the years. I recalled more detail of this particularly favourite lifetime (because I had a synthetic body and it could fly). The brilliant colour of white wings in the memory became so vivid I almost choked with emotion. I realised the emotion was from losing that particular body and knowing it was gone forever. I realised then how much I was suppressing of my recalls as a self-protective mechanism. So there is still a lot of `charge' there to be dealt with.

Each sense (smell, touch, sounds, etc) evoked corresponding detail. There is information I cannot share publicly here at this time. It would be considered too unbelievable. There is UFO data here and its connection with mythology. Only a fellow clearing practitioner could appreciate this stuff, or one very familiar with Von Daniken's, Uri Geller's, etc. However, it was delightful to me to recall a particular landing/touchdown on earth in a heavy rain, to know what my purpose was then (messenger), to realize how humans would consider someone with a practically indestructible synethetic body as `immortal' (and easily replaced anyway even if it was destroyed), and many other details explaining my present life attitudes, understandings and so on.

Doing this section has caused me to renew my purpose to move objects and/or to fly/levitate. Since The Pilot also has processing to address this ability (the Levitation Rundown in the Super Scio materials) I've decided to begin as soon as possible and do it concurrently with this self clearing.

Saturday 1/8/98

T - I completed 6.6.4 (Remember having fun as part of a group). First I had to encounter a present time problem (work-related), which has been prominent for a while. I haven't had a lot of fun with groups over the years, even though I was in the Girl Guides and have held various jobs involving large numbers of people. I was able to recall having fun in an inappropriate situation (visiting my father's gravesite for the first time recently, laughing with my brothers and remembering some good times). I then recalled an earlier situation approximately 15 years ago involving my brothers when my father was in hospital. We did not understand how serious the situation was (he had suffered a heart attack), so we raced each other on the stairs and lifts. I had fair recall on this.

Sunday 2/8/98

T - I completed 6.6.5 (Remember exploring some place that you liked). I first thought of a visit to a wildlife park a year ago, so the recall was pretty good. Then I thought of an incident about 17 years ago (I was about 13 years old) when I was exploring rocks with a friend. We got up so high and so far away from her parents that I was scared we wouldn't make it back. This recall made me realise that I have come full swing from that particular moment, as I now know that things will always work out.

I then commenced 6.6.6 (Remember a time when you were glad to be alive). I didn't think I would be able to come up with this, because to me life is pretty much day to day existence and not a lot of euphoria. Just as I was about to bypass this process I came up with two incidents which took place, both involving a trip overseas with my father (the first time for both of us). It was an amazing feeling being in another country, especially after the hard work it took to get us there (we had to obtain passports, requests from family members for duty free goods etc.) The second incident involved a great moment involving taking pictures of my father at a world famous landmark. I didn't want my photo taken (a problem which I still have today), but I'm glad I took photos of my father, as he always liked to show them as "proof" that he'd been there.

Wednesday 5/8/98

R - Began Levitation Rundown, excellent results on first group of processes. Surprisingly easy to run thanks to all the self-clearing. The challenge is to continue the self-clearing concurrently.

Oh, T achieved a result on the past-life recall so I'm excited about that. I won't say anything more at this stage but let her write up what occurred.

T - I continued 6.10 (The Beginning Step To Past Life Recall), which I commenced yesterday. I came up with a favourite period in history (Greek history). I was a little concerned about beginning this process.  I have done recall once before, ending up "in" the incident without it being handled. This was to do with a flogging incident, which I have always had problems with (inability to watch flogging in movies leading to leaving the room, crying etc). The activity I thought of was washing clothes, a "chore" which I find enjoyable today. I was able to recall things about my appearance and clothes as well as the position I was in. I took a win on that.

Saturday 15/8/98

T - R was sick last weekend, which is why there has been no entry made. I completed 6.10. I came up with being a chambermaid in Germany, and my recall was pretty good. Then I recalled being a flapper in the 1920s (which was a refreshing change from continuous chores). This last recall was one where I didn't have any cares and I was selfish. This was not surprising, as I am still encountering difficulty with help today.


Sunday 23/8/98

R - Well, we are both very pleased with the results from doing this chapter. There is probably more we could do as suggested in 6.11 Final Step (see below), however I checked with T about the aim of this chapter -`The idea here is simply to open you up so that past life things can come up easily when they need to during processing' - and she feels she has achieved that. This is a marvelous result for any human being to achieve. I have known many people involved in Scientology for years, both staff members and public, some having received hundreds of hours of processing, who had not experienced `past lives'. I particularly remember one dedicated staff member of many years saying he didn't really `believe in' past lives.

T had a `Book One' session 2 years ago that brought up a past life incident involving `flogging'. This was never handled/flattened as there was just too much charge so it remained a barrier to any processing until now. I believe the Self Clearing has been the perfect remedy to this problem, allowing T to gain the confidence and knowledge necessary to finally confront such incidents, and without being dependent on a professional practitioner or organisation.

I see this chapter as the major turning point for `human beings'. Past life recall sorts the men from the boys, or the spirits from the bodies, as it were.

As for myself, I've begun another of The Pilot's gifts to mankind called the Levitation Rundown, part of his Super Scio materials. As one of my past lives involved extensive `levitiation' abilities I decided I could wait no longer to try and rehabilitate something of them. It is what I have always wanted to do this lifetime. I will write the results up in another `diary' and release it when I have achieved something demonstrable in that area.

6.11 Final Step

 This is not the final step of handling past lives. You will do much more as you go through the book. This is only the final step of this chapter and it is aimed at putting this all together and stabilizing whatever gains you have made in recalling your past existences. And if these past lives seem very vague and uncertain, don't worry about it. We are not yet far enough along for good solid recollections unless you have already been working extensively on past lives or are in quite exceptional shape.

The idea here is simply to open you up so that past life things can come up easily when they need to during processing. But now that you have some orientation towards past lives, an excellent finishing touch is to run processes 6.1 to 6.5 again on a broader time span, unless of course you were already pulling up past life memories the first time you ran these. There is a possibility that these processes could overrun because they have been run before. If this does happen, simply rehabilitate the earlier release point as discussed in chapter 2. But the odds are that most or all of these processes can be successfully run again on the larger time span which has opened up.

And don't limit these processes to the 3 lifetimes that you ran in detail above. Simply accept whatever is ready to come into view. This is the step where you might actually get some very real and vivid recollections because of all the hard work you put in on the previous steps.

End Chapter 6

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