Power Processes



The Power Processes were researched in the mid 1960s. They were first released in 1965 and some additional data came out in 1970.

According to credible evidence the main architect was not Ron Hubbard but his research assistant John McMasters.

McMasters later became "the World's first Clear", the first completion on the Clearing Course. This was in February 1966 according to Filbert.  

The Power Processes
The Power Processes can be split up in three groups:

Power Processes 1-6 were released as the Power Grade, called Grade Five at the time. The Power Plus processes were a separate Grade, also called Grade Five A.

Two Uses
The Power Processes address Engrams, if not in a direct fashion. That is why it has become a rule not to run the Power Processes after Clear. Since they fit in on the Grade Chart after Engram running on Dianetics™, where most PCs go Clear, they have to a large extent fallen out of use and is today considered a specialty. They are still part of the alternative route to Clear, that is used when the PC didn't go Clear on Dianetics™.

The processes do however have another use as well. They can be used to crack cases! Pr Pr 4-6, Source-, Existence- and Conditions-processes are the key here. They address the one incident (Engram) the person is most stuck in on the Time-track. This is powerful stuff as that is what makes a suppressive person and a no case gain PC. Look at the definition of SP:

Suppressive Person, 1. He's solving a present time problem which hasn't in actual fact existed for the last many trillion of years in most cases.  Yet he is acting upon it in present time to solve that problem. The guy is totally stuck in a past incident and thinks it is present time; that is the whole anatomy of psychosis. 2. He covertly tries to destroy or speak bad about any effort to help anybody. He is violently opposed to anything intended to make human Beings more powerful or intelligent. A suppressive automatically and immediately will oppose any betterment activity, calling it evil or bad. 3. the person is in a mad, desperate situation of some past incident and is "handling it" by committing Overt acts today.  Note: Additional data on suppressive persons here.

Pr Pr 4-6 is designed to bring this very incident the person is stuck in up to the surface and enable the PC to blow it.

This use was more common in the 1960s. Since then a battery of processes were developed, such as False Purpose Rundown, Expanded Dianetics™, The PTS Rundown and others, which can be audited successfully by less skilled Auditors and usually handles the condition.
There were also a tendency not to use the Power Processes outside their place on the Grade Chart since they were designated as Grade Five and Five A.

The Power Grades
When audited as part of the alternative route to Clear some ground rules have to be in place.

Power as Remedy
In the 1960s the Power Processes were regularly used to crack No-Case-Gain PCs and PCs with SP characteristics. They were used as a Rundown outside their place on the Grade Chart. This can still be done and has found various good uses in the Freezone, including as a review action for some upper Solo-auditing. This is just a footnote here as it would only be done under a competent Case Supervisor, that had ensured that the PC was set up sufficiently to run the processes and had a qualified Auditor at hand. When used as a remedy they are not necessarily run Quad Flows. We have therefore included the Single Flows as well as Quad Flows version.


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