Power Grade Checklist

This Power Grade Checklist is a C/S tool. It is used to ensure a PC is fully set up for the Power Processes as a Grade.

1. TA range OK. _________

2. Any PTSness handled. PTS RD if needed or
PTS handling in Ethics, including full study of PTS data. _________

3. C/S 53 done. _________

4. Int RD OK or properly corrected. _________

5. Lists (Listing & Nulling) OK or verified/corrected. _________

6. C/S Series 78 done if necessary. _________

7. Drug RD fully done:
(a) Full battery of Objectives _________
(b) All steps of Dianetics™ DRD, 
including running of 'no interest' items. _________

8. GF 40X fully handled, including Engram
handlings if PC a resistive case or Earlier Practices. _________

9. Runs well on Dianetics™. (Including runs past lives.) _________

10. C/S 54 fully done—all items run R3RA. _________

11. All Expanded Grades run to EP with good Success Stories: _________
(a) Life Repair ____, ARC S/W ____, Grade 0 ____, Grade I ____,
Grade II ____, Grade III ____, Grade IV ____, Dianetics™ (NED) ____.

12. R/Ses handled with FPRD. _________

13. Low OCA has been handled.
"Means don’t put a PC on Power 
who has not had his evil purposes and
R/Ses handled. " _________

14. No illness after Grade IV or Dianetics™. _________

15. No ethics trouble after Grade IV or Dianetics™. _________

16. By D of P interview PC is happy 
with gains and not still wanting something handled. _________

17. GF Method 3. _________

18. In Life ruds. _________

PC is fully set up and OK to go onto Power. _________

If not, what actions are missing:


© Prometheus International, 2004. Plus fair use quotes from Ron Hubbard's published notes and works.