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Links duplicated from Free Zone AO International's page (with permission):

"This section lists some places where you might find Scientology™ books and other materials in the Free Zone and the two main Church of Scientology™ Sites.

"As a matter of policy, we recommend that all students legally obtain original materials, by L. Ron Hubbard. Preferably those printed before his death in the mid 80s as we cannot entirely vouch for the fact that the Church of Scientology™ hasn't altered them since. However, a couple of official outlets are listed below.

"If genuine LRH materials are hard to come by, there are some Free Zone sites that host pages or downloads that are considered to be quite good. The beauty of this stuff is that it is free! Here is a list of some:

Another Clearbird Site (with downloads).
Clearbird on Freezone Earth (with downloads).

Page on Google listing Free Zone materials

"Some materials that aren't recommended for newcomers, but may be of interest to advanced students.
LRH handwritten OT III materials have been up on the net for some considerable time.
Prometheus reports covering Power to Advanced Level 4.
Nots write-up by Ralph Hilton
Same write-up on Freezone Earth

"Please note that we cannot take responsibility for the quality or completeness of the materials listed above. We again reiterate our policy that you should obtain genuine LRH materials! Other folk may well have, themselves, adequately duplicated Ron's works. However their words are not his.

"For official outlets for Church of Scientology materials go to Bridge Publications if you're in North America or New Era Publications elsewhere. Alternatively ebay sometimes has second hand copies available."

For an overview of available Meters built for auditing, check out:

Check Prometheus' home on the web for updates,  activities, study groups, etc. at or check mirror site at FreeZoneEarth; or check FreeZoneEarth's homepage.
Also related study materials at these sites, and here, written by a professional educator of the Advanced Levels.