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Is there a french translation of TROM ? I want to start it !

Name: Jean Martin <martin166@caramail.com>
[Fri Mar 26 14:27:57 1999]

very fine

Name: beekeeper smith <bee@hive.com.au>
[Tue Mar 23 15:01:59 1999]

I have been running Trom for about eight months now (minus a one month break). I have been on level five for about 5 of those and the gains I have experienced have been tremendous, really beyond words in fact. And I am still gaining. The compulsion Dennis speaks of has finally begun to very noticeably fade. I am still running Trom daily and the thing that has helped me is always going going back to Dennis' instructions, particularly the tape transcript and just doggedly doing it , doing it, and doing Trom daily no matter what and you gain all the way. Best foot forward to new Tromsters! Michael Bonnycastle

Name: Michael Bonnycastle <bcastle@SoCA.com>
[Friday, January 02, 1998 at 08:49:06 (PST)]

I have a read TROM and as a trainned auditor I consider the theory and practical aspects an inspired evaluation and system for the resolution of the mind. Thank you for your gift Dennis. This information can and will change many lives.. The Nav

[Thursday, December 18, 1997 at 14:11:10 (PST)]


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