Terms Used.


All terms used in a special sense have been-defined within the text. However, a few terms have been used with the sense they are given in the subject of Scientology. I have used these terms because they are the most concise and meaningful available for the phenomena they describe. Their Scientology definitions follow:

Motivator. An act received, considered harmful, and a justifier.
Nirvana from the compulsive playing of games, through the voluntary playing of games to an ending of all games by the adoption of complementary postulates and so the achieving of a non-game situation.
Over run Past the point of erasure
Over run symptoms confusion, unwellness, missemotion etc.
Overt Act. An act committed, considered harmful, and justified.
Pan Determinism. (PD). Determining the action of self and others (non-self).
(The word pan is derived from the Greek word for all).
Postulate (noun) a postulate is a causative consideration. A consideration is defined as a thought or idea.
PT Present Time - now!
RI Repair of Importances
Self Determinism. (SD). Determining the action of self.
Valence. An identity assumed unwittingly (in games play). (The word valence is derived from the Latin word for power. A being assumes a valence in an effort to obtain its real or imagined power.)

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