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Workgroup for Fundamental Spiritual Research and Mental Training
(Arbeitskreis fuer spirituelle Grundlagenforschung und mentales Training e.V.)
Klamm 171
A-2641 Schottwien
Phone: ..43-2666-55415
Fax: ..43-2666-58142
E-mail: info@sgmt.at

We have been legally approved ("not forbidden") in the district of Neunkirchen, Austria.

(Translation of title: "Workgroup for fundamental spiritual research and mental training". "e.V." = "eingetragener Verein" = "registered club".)

Members have the opportunity to study, compare, train and co-process techniques of all past and current subjects and movements which deal with spiritual enhancement. They can use our extensive library of books and tapes, or bring their own materials.

Internet access for the purpose of studying texts which have been published on the net is being provided.

Consultants who are trained in the subjects are currently available for Zen-Buddhism, Yoga and Scientology. Contacts with trained consultants for additional subjects are in the making.

This is a private activity run by friends of spirituality. It is legally and financially independent from each and every such movement, organization, legal structure or church and in no way governed by any of their internal rules.

Friendly cooperation with any of those would be appreciated and welcome though.

Call in and do your training without any restrictions!

Rufen Sie an und machen Sie Ihr Training ohne jegliche Einschraenkungen!


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I am looking for people who would like to receive clearing from a trained auditor.
Just e-mail me : estimate@infobahn.com.au

Rowland Anton Barkley
E-mail: rowland@tranceform.org

""Deep Tranceforming" your conscious, unconscious, superconscious and instinctive minds. Do you dare to remember all you really are?"


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The New Gnostic Church
678-1755 Robson Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 3B7
E-mail: resolution@newgnostic.org

Q. What occurs in The Resolution Process?

A. The Resolution Process is a powerful transformational experience brought about by intense interaction with James.

In the first session, participants experience absolute personal clarity, certainty of self as a being, an unfoldment of personal power, an experiential recognition of the true nature of the universe and a stepping off of the karmic wheel. Participants accepted to the process learn the true nature of love, the manifestation of unlimited abundance rooted in maximal integrity, and are so opened up to the wisdom of all that is. Ongoing participants learn to utilize the change of consciousness they have experienced to bring about a similar change for others, and so develop continually greater awareness for themselves.

Every Human Being on this planet is putting up a protective shell around what they are calling themselves in an attempt to interact with their environment. Consequently, individuals don't really interact with one another, they use their protective shell to interact with the protective shell of others.

The result is self destructive activity such as inhibited communications, inappropriate emotional response, confusion, thwarted goals, feelings of unworthiness and rejection, lack of control over their lives along with compulsive seeking of goals that do not bring about true happiness. No one really wants continuous self destruction, yet that is exactly what individuals are doing. In the process, the "protective shell" is removed and the participant is shown how to successfully interact with others and their environment, without effort and without conflict.

The entire bridge to total cause delivered in a single one week intensive. Technical training as well, arrainged on a case by case basis. (no pun intended) Stop by our web site for more information: http://newgnostic.org or email: resolution@newgnostic.org

Life Force Recovery
John Alexander Tocher
Chetwynd, B.C., Canada
E-mail: jtocher@csi.com

My Universe

There are an infinity of universes, but the most important universe is your own. Increasing confidence and control over your own inner universe creations will bring about an increase in confidence and control over the outer physical universe manifestations that result. Your universe is not limited to your physical body or to the physical universe for that matter. The only limits to your universe are the ones you have placed on it or agreed to.

Life Force Recovery

Reality is a result of agreement.


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Francesco Morosini
Treviso - Italy
Phone:  0423/620310
E-mail:  mimmo@tvol.it

Facchinetti Paolo
Brescia - Italy
E-mail: esteem@ns.numerica.it

Andrew Zaccardi
via valgardena, 35 00135 roma italia
E-mail: a.z.@iol.it



Marianne Hagen
Contact data: email pager, toll-free 866 880 8008: leave phone number or voicemail.
Short emails that arrive fast, 8668808008@skytel.com
Regular email: ExcaliburProgram@compuserve.com

Marianne Hagen is a RON'S Org Senior C/S with 29 years' clearing experience trained by Captain Bill Robertson to deliver to the top of the upper level bridge he developed. Her focus is on training properly prepared clients to competently solo these levels, and qualified C/Ses to deliver them.

16 years experience with CBR tech has shown that superficial training, or just reading the material, doesn't produce clients who can deal with these areas of case to their full EPs. There are huge quantities of charge intended to stop beings from being free, and just "knowing about" doesn't discharge it. Full potential and results aren't obtained without adequate training from a C/S who has duplicated and owned this material from Capt Bill, and has experience with its application.

Marianne operates from Georgia, but can travel to deliver. Phone sessions and reviews as needed for meter-trained clients.

Visa & Mastercard accepted.

From Review & Excalibur.client "..After years of searching, and at moments feeling it may be hopeless, I finally encountered what RON'S ORG offers.. Trying to put into mere words the kind of astonishing gains I have attained is difficult.. With your spot-on assessment and upper bridge knowledge I have completely handled some very long term conditions that were quite restrictive to my enjoyment of life. Due to your adept prowess and remarkably clear communications I have grown to understand concepts and realities that hitherto were either unimaginable or too incredible to believe."

From OT 12 client. "..No one has the right to stew in their cases when this tech is available.. The short synopsis of all this is that the promise of freedom and power LRH made has for me been fulfilled by the Excalibur, Phoenix and OT 12 tech - I not only recommend it - I implore you to honor your original goal to go free and do it."


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Rey Robles
Phone: (520) 443-9589
E-mail: reyrobles@cableone.net

Would You Like...

  • Original standard tech 0-8?
  • Original standard training 0-12?
  • Meters, technical volumes, tapes and books? (We buy and sell these)
  • "How To Find Your Soul Mate" manual plus audio tapes?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, contact Rey Robles.

Traumatic Incident Reduction Association
Kate M. Sorensen, MA,CTS,CMF, Director
624 N. Humphries Street
Flagstaff, AZ 86004
Phone: 1-800-499-2751 or 520-774-4454 Fax: 520-774-6303
E-mail: info@tir.org or kmsorensen@aol.com

"Developed by Frank A. Gerbode, M.D., of the Institute for Research in Metapsychology in Menlo Park, California, TIR is a regressive desensitization procedure for reducing or eliminating the negative residual impact of traumatic experience..."


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E-Mail: axiom35@veil.net

My Background

The Flagship Apollo: Being Ron's and the Hubbard family's Examiner aboard the Flagship Apollo; being Advanced Course Supervisor, C/S and Examiner; being Examiner for PC's and OT's; having been Department heads and Division Heads for training PC's, OT's and Auditors in Divs. 2, 4, and 5 on the Flagship; having achieved and been announced as the World's First OT VII and L-10 completion in the OOD's of the Flagship; Sea Org Missionaire Missionaire Supervisor, Missionaire Examiner; having later completed L-11 and L-12, and numerous OT Experimental Levels under Ron's personal C/Sing; Mission into Time member, Class IX Auditor, Class X, XI, and XII Supervisor, Supervisor FEBC course (and graduate), OEC graduate, Ethics Course, Management Course, Why Finder's Course, Courses as well as Supervisor and Examiner;

Saint Hill: St. Hill Class VI, Class VII, Advanced Course Supervisor, being among the first Clears and OT I and II completions, OT III and IV at St. Hill; special assignment missions under Mary Sue Hubbard, the Guardian's Office, missions to recover stolen advance course confidential materials; being among the first selected Sea Org members, setting up the first Sea Org pre-training base approved by Ron selecting and training special persons to be sent to the Flagship training in sea and all seaman, conning, special forces and martial arts projects.

Washington, DC: ACA, HDA, HSS, Staff auditor, Minister FCDC, and public Auditor, Co-Audit Supervisor for public and staff co-audits, director of Processing both Public and Staff, Director of Processing Goals Processing, Goals Auditor, Whole Track Implants, first R6EW Release and Supervisor, FCDC

New York Org: Lead Co-Auditor, Director of Processing, Franchise Lead Co-Auditor, top Auditor New York Franchise, Dianetic Auditor, Book Auditor, Whole Track Dianetic Auditor, History of Man Auditor, Science of Survival Auditor, The 8-80 Series Auditor, experimental processing throughout New York, New Jersey, The Phoenix Data, Excaliber, through to Washington, St. Hill, and the Flagship.

Since the Flagship Apollo, under Commodore LRH and Ron's Special Mission Orders, (that were still under the Commodore's Messenger Org Files, or "M" files), since Ron's physical death, certain Missions have faded away and gone into oblivion. Certain other missions are still in operation.

Part of what you describe is true in relation to a Thetan's knowingness and awareness. Another part of what you're describing are alignments and postulates. Another part of what you're describing is a combination of imaginings and realities evolved by illusions and implants, as I'm sure you are aware of the conditions of Earth's monitored and aberrated realm. A Thetan, to remain Clear and OT, must be Clear and OT on the whole of all dynamics, and must not have beings, things, rocks, engrams, bodies and the like expressed in their dynamics that entrap and hold these assumable extension of the Thetan bound and webbed by the somatic mind, reactive mind, the stupidities of the analytical mind, unknowness of time, place, form and event, concept and creation of consecutive consideration in clearing each dynamic to OT.

And the other part, that the Thetan is the NEW conceived and created infinite viewpoint and catalyst for the OT Static OT, who is the primary Basic Basic, Ultimate and Infinite ...NO THING... of L.Ron Hubbard's completed Bridge. Thus, the truth and the solution to anyone's - any true one's, problems is in becoming Theta the Solver, rather than Theta the Problem. The Axioms can verify this if you are true. And also, by the Axioms if you are true, by the Tech in auditing, AS-IS, any and all conditions of existence, and by the Axioms, any problem, to be a problem, not only contains lies, but is a lie, and the blackness of cases, stupidity and unknownness of cases, are an accumulation of one's own lies, and the lies of all others, which obviously includes all Implants, such as 90% of the existence on Earth.

And lastly, in that absolutes are unattainable, there is only creation, in that the Ultimate Truth, is the Static, thus, Axiom One - Life is basically a static.

If anyone states that they are stuck in an implant or a place, it is only that series of projected extensions of beingnesses, entities, in one or more dynamics, that is stuck in one's own consecutive considerations of being a victim of one's own aberration assigned to another or others, or of some effect or place.

Solution: Define the problem exactly, in its entirety, which may take several hundred to over a thousand pages of defining, identifying, and solving the problem by common denominator and by compartmenting what is known, what can be known, its solution, its purpose and goal, to determine what is, or was, unknown. Thus, the true as-isness will as-is the problem in its entirety leaving no thread to any engram, secondary, lock, or any location, place, or concept of date, incident of the track. The Truth is, that the Static and the Thetan are always exterior of all banks and bodies. What is, apparently exterior, is a viewpoint, anchor point, a beingness, or a cluster of beingnesses as being somebody - name, or title. Looking out through one's body's eyes is a realized point of view subjectively into forms and avenues and realms of life. To have the beingness of a Scientologist and a Thetan is a direct extension of oneself, the Static. And, thus, being exterior to the many minds, the vastly composited body, and the multiple, vast composited dynamics.

There is much to out-create, but once you're above THX 1138, a sewer hole of existence, Dante's Inferno, and Ron's technical statement of the unethical states of the abyss, the labyrinths and mazes based upon the blackness of lies. Once you can out-create all this, into and past and above the plus scale, the creation of creation becomes native and natural. In the lower plus scale, its an endless battle that only few can break through for all other true beings. As you had stated, that you were selected for such processing, perhaps you may find your way anew.

If you can concept and create this assignment, to power pack an elite force and group of individuals who are Thetans, and beings who want to pave and forge the rainbow bridge with my leadership and C/Sing, with my Ethical powers, with the purpose of providing the eventual ethical support and goal of OT Static OT powers to all existent Scientologists and ex-Scientologists to create that infinite Truth that Ron has paved the ultimate technical portals for each individual's achievement of infiniteness, as OT Static OT.

If you are one that elected and selected yourself to pave this road, then get a substantial group that can begin to expand that substantial group into a larger group of potent individuals, who can finance a place for such lectures and tough established powers to protect the C/Sing and co-audits, and auditors to continue the Bridge to its exact and final portal and launching pad of OT Static OT.

Then contact me, now or in months, or never.

Contact me as my code being: axiom35@veil.net

Pamela Kemp
P.O.Box 1216
Wildomar, CA 92595
Phone: 909 678 1422, Fax: 909 678 1173
E-mail: kempeha@inland.net

We operate from the Southern California area, and will travel.

The Lies that keeps persisting is that Scientology is a Cult. IT ISN'T, but there are Cults within the subject: G.O., Sea Org, RTC. Scientology as defined by Hubbard is a Philosophy which enables a Technology, which if PROPERLY applied brings benefit. According to Ron "I did not INVENT scientology, I organised it into a subject".

Transformational Processing / Flemming Funch
17216 Saticoy St. #147
Van Nuys, CA 91406
Phone: 818/774-1462
E-mail: ffunch@newciv.org

Tranformational Processing is a complete system for facilitating personal change. Two traning manuals are available online or can be ordered in printed form, and personalized training is available. Everything you need to know to help anybody with what they would like to handle.

Flemming Funch has 20 years of experience in the clearing field, was trained by Bill Robertson in advanced techniques, and has developed many approaches of his own.

Enid Vien/Dynamism
7507 Ohio Place
La Mesa, CA 91941
Phone: 619 462-5160

"Dynamism is a philosophy. It has certain parallels with Taoism and Buddhism as well as Christianity, but it is not affiliated with them. It is its own subject. It is the study of life energy; dynamis. Dynamism is clearing. Clearing is in the field of Spiritual Personal Growth."

Acceptance Services Center
PO Box 390696
Mountain View, CA 94039
Phone: (423) 964-3436 Fax: (423) 964-2090

"Know yourself: Self-knowledge is the greatest service to humanity. "


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Survival Services International
1670 S. Elkhart St.
Aurora, CO 80012
Phone: (303) 695-4940 Fax: (303) 369-3373
1-800-IDENICS (1-800-433-6427)

"IDENICS is a relatively new methodology that assists people to resolve the "unwanted conditions" in their lives and improve their overall existance. IDENICS is NOT a rehash of some earlier methodology. It is a new approach that you should find refreshingly complementary to your own thinking."


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Auditing over the phone? Check out Robert's technique.


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The Institute Of Applied Knowledge
3330 Earhart Drive, Suite 213,
Dallas, Texas 75006
Phone: (972) 404-8125 Fax: (972) 404-8821

"The subject of Knowledgism is the leading edge technology in personal and team enhancement...."


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Here in Seattle, there are two original Class 8's who can deliver everything, including Ron's Org Excaiber tech, as well as several more of the OT levels. I will simply comment here that four people who were recently on endless Nots, have been receiving Excaliber set-ups. They have more than doubled their TA action, and have had far more positive gains, including expanded OT ability. I am one of those four.

They can provide all the training as well, in a totally relaxed, theta environment. They know full well how it was before, and are simply providing the opposite.

206 361-8383

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Home of Standard Tech in the western United States


Elma, Washington State



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