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Date: 9 Jan 98

subj : Super Scio Tech - Working the Self Clearing Book


I have been working through the self clearing book myself.

As I have said elsewhere, I myself could be thought of as somebody who has done a light and sloppy pass on the entire book and who is ready to do a second run through and make a thorough job of it.

Some beginners might actually need two times through the book to reach the point that I'm at now, but many who have gotten a lot of previous auditing or been working on their own in the freezone might reach this point fairly quickly.

So I think it is valuable to record my experiences as I push these processes to the limit.

I have been going along carefully, starting with the very first process and doing everything in a precise manner.

I have been violating what professional Scientologists would call programming of cases (or mixing practices) by also continuing to work other experimental areas occasionally, as you can see from my post on Homer's writeup on "The Proof".

This has not caused any trouble, but I do not do the two things at the same time. In other words, I will sit down and spend some time working the book and not fool around with other experimental things while I do that.

At this point I am up to the middle of Chapter 6.

I have run many of these processes before. This area of the book deals with recall processes or what Scientology sometimes refers to as "straightwire". I was run on the "ARC Straightwire" expanded grade back in the 1970s. And I have run Ron's self analysis book (which also addresses this area) more than once. In other words, I have already had tons of processing on this subject, and some of these kind of processes have even been overrun on me at various times in the past.

With one exception, every process ran again without overrun and to a new level of depth, reaching areas that had previously been unaccessible and producing big gains and cognitions.

The one exception was the "think about Matter/Energy/Space/Time" process in Chapter 4, which turned on immediate overrun phenomena (I started yawning like crazy). Not only was this originally run (to a nice win) on me when I received the straightwire grade years ago, but it is something I have done a lot since then. My theory here is that it is already down to maximum depth for my current case state and therefore overruns when I try to push it deeper.

The handling was simply to spot the first time I went release on it, which turned off the overrun feeling.

When I did section 4.2 agree/disagree, I decided that a second process would be helpful in the area and added

--- 4.2.2

Pick an idea such as "The Earth is Flat" and alternately agree and disagree with it until you feel in control. Then pick another one and repeat. The ideas can be true or false or things that you are unsure of. Continue until you have real freedom of thought and can think for yourself. ----

On 5.13, I felt that a 4th command should be added to the set as follows:

d) think of a time when another taught somebody something successfully


Note that both of these are enhancements rather than essentials.

I also felt that I should add a note somewhere in either Chapter 4 or at the beginning of Chapter 6 to the effect that one should concentrate on spotting precise moments when running recalls instead of simply having vague ideas. This is another one of these "everybody knows" type assumptions that some beginners might miss.


I'm actually surprised at how far some of these processes are going.

I am certain at this point that the overrun phenomena is nothing more than trying to take one area too deep while too many other areas remain unhandled at that level of depth.

You need to dust off areas and take your wins and move on to other things. But you can keep coming back and pushing these things further. And that means that the theoretical super gains can be attained eventually.

Total recall is light years beyond a low level straighwire recall release as achieved in ordinary Scientology grades, but deeper second and third stage releases on the same processes keep carrying you forward towards that potential end product.

Looking towards a bright future,

The Pilot