Ref: post32.txt

Date: 12 Jun 98

subj: Super Scio Tech - Self Clearing Ch 3 Improvement


I hit on a better variation for 3.3 Emotions while doing some other research (described in another post).

The process given is workable but it is easier and faster if you alternate positive and negative emotions.

Pick objects and alternately put sadness and happiness into them.

The alternately put fear and courage into objects.

Then alternate hate and love.

And boredom alternated with great interest (or excitement).

Usually it seems best to do two alternations with the same object before moving on to another one. I slightly prefer starting with the lower emotion and ending with the higher one, but the other way around also works as long as you don't leave the negative emotions behind in the objects.

A rapid pace, moving quickly from object to object, is generally best.

You can also have yourself feel these alternately, but it is easier if you run these on objects first.

An advanced step, for later in the book or for a second pass (unless you are already an advanced student), is to alternately mockup a big sphere of hatred and then love for the entire environment (or the whole world) until something dissolves. You kind of push these spheres out and layer them over everything as you are doing this.

The same goes for the other pairs above, but hatred and fear probably are the most significant on this variation. On these two I found old walls of blackness that I had layered over everything that were forming a sort of shell around me. Doing it consciously regained control over the old mockups and dissolved them with a gain in perception and good feeling. They were remnants of bad times in the distant past.


The Pilot