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Date: 3 Apr 98

Subj : Super Scio Tech - Self Clearing After Clear (ans to Anonymous)

SELF CLEARING AFTER CLEAR (answering Anonymous)

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> I went clear on Book I Dianetics. I never did any grades Is there a
> "Self OT" Technology in the Self Clearing Manual to continue past
> clear?ÿ I was thinking of running myself through Route I of COHA.ÿ
> Would this be a good idea?ÿ What else would be reccomended?
> - Anonymous

Maybe I should have called the book "self OT drilling". It really is both. The various Route I drills are pretty much worked into various places in the book.

Of course you can just do Route I, and you should make good gains on it, it works excellently on a solo basis, but it isn't enough by itself. I still recommend COHA as one of Ron's best books.

Going clear does not eliminate the need for grades. And even after they are done, the grades can run again on a much deeper basis once you have advanced a lot further. Ultimate erasure of the grades on the early track (first problem that ever got stuck, etc.) are somewhere up at the very top of the OT levels (around OT 40 or 50 on the current bridge).

I prefer mixing OT drills in right from the beginning because it builds horsepower faster. So the second process of chapter 1 of self clearing is a strong OT drill rather than a low level process. The difference is that for a beginner it will run on a shallow basis. Somebody who is already way up scale can get major effects with the same process. Since it is an unlimited process, you can use it again and again. So one might as well learn it right away instead of waiting.

The real difference for a clear is not in what processes will run but in how fast they run (much faster) and how deep one can reach (one reaches much deeper). Above clear, one gets big cognitions and overruns easily because it all happens so fast. And some things will feel like overrun right away and should be skipped in that case.

A clear is not likely to flinch from force or non-confront. Therefore their judgment as to what they should run can generally be trusted because they don't try to get out of running a process that will be helpful to them.

So don't try to force yourself on things that don't seem to have any charge right now, and don't grind away at things. Some barriers will already be gone.

But learn all the theory and run any process that seems like it has something on it.

Since you've done Dianetics, skip the chapter on incident running on the first pass through the book, or just read it for theory. That's about the only chapter that might get a clear into trouble. And it might be useful again later after you've done some of the more advanced chapters.

At this point I feel that all overrun is due to trying to push too deep in one area while other areas remain unhandled. You get some huge breakthrough and reach super deep in some area, and then when you try to push deeper you start dragging things in from the side instead of actually getting lower, like digging a hole in the sand to the point where the sand to the sides keeps sliding in. So you clean off some other areas of the beach. But eventually you can take any area to a new level of depth.

Good Luck,

The Pilot