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Date: 30 Jan 98

subj : Super Scio Tech - Advanced Grade 0


As I have mentioned before, I am currently working through the Self Clearing book myself, doing a deeper pass and seeing how much further I can go with the processes.

The general idea is that after enough different areas are run, you can re-run everything at a deeper level.

Of course I have had a lot of standard grades processing and that overlaps some areas of the book. Since those were well done and taken to a point where there was really no more that could be run at that time, I felt that these areas would be an especially important test of this theory.

Despite having had a lot of recall processes run, I expected that area (Chapter 6 in the book) to run much further because the track is so long and I recall so little proportionately, and I found that to be the case.

But I wondered a bit what would happen with grade 0, running the area again (Chapter 8) after having been at a point years ago where it had been taken to a persistent FN and a very solid grade EP (end phenomena).

Of course, according to my own instructions in the book, the area could be skipped if it seemed to overrun.

But it didn't. There was a bit more to run on all the processes, and the gains were significant.

I did alter the processes in one respect and this might apply to any advanced student. To handle the problem of running communications solo, the book says to write letters (which one does not actually send). This is to ensure that a beginner has enough mass and reality on the communications.

But if you are up to doing mockups that give you adequate "havingness" and reality, you can alter this into simply mocking up people and communicating to them so as to blow through the communication ridges. This is more convenient for an advanced student. A beginner could try it this way, but if there is any feeling of unreality or emptiness (lack of mass), they should do it with paper and pen instead.

I reached the end of the chapter with a really good win, but I felt that I wanted to run another processes, aimed at the area of telepathy. I have thought of this in the past, but it never quite seemed to indicate as the right action, so I had always put it aside.

But after this deeper pass on grade 0, it seemed like a processes on telepathic comm, just to take charge off, would be really appropriate. The target wasn't to turn on full telepathic abilities but just to take a baby step in that direction.

So I added process 8.9 as follows -

8.9a) What would you be willing to read in another's mind?

8.9b) What would you be willing to have another read in your mind?

8.9c) What would you be willing to have another read in another's mind?

This one ran like dynamite and completely blew me away.

It may be too advanced for a beginner on the first time through the book, but it should certainly be there for the advanced students.

Among other things, it gave me a glimpse of some early track. After finishing the process and the chapter, the section of early track that had opened up continued to come back to me that evening and throughout the next day. And that finally lead to the following realization.

The early counter-thoughts, prior to all force (can't hurt a static) and loss (can mock anything up again at will), are things that we would now call "theedie-weedie". Things like being made fun of or having one's creations rejected.

Imagine little kids, not allowed to hit each other and not concerned with surviving (because the parents provide all the food and shelter) but who are busily picking on each other and so forth.

For an innocent and simple being, this has real impact. And I suddenly got the feeling that all the real pain and force and destruction and significant loss was mocked up as a way to devaluate and make less of the hurt of these early things.

The little kid is sniveling because his feelings were hurt so now you belt him one and he has something real to cry about. He soon learns to degrade the hurt feelings to the level of theedie-weedie bullshit.

Except that the hurt feelings are early basics and being hit can't even happen until late on the track.

ARC goes very very basic. And being admired or agreed with are of fantastic significance.

This gives me the idea that you might get some big case changes simply by running times the PC's feelings were hurt and where he hurt other kids feelings in the early pre-school time period of this lifetime.

Quite a bit seems to have opened up for me on taking another pass through communications processing. It is not that the self clearing approach is superior to doing expanded grade zero. I'm sure that grade 0 went as far as it could at the time that it was done. It is simply that this area was now ready to be run further because I had advanced far enough beyond where I had been at when the grade was run.


The Pilot