For those of you who are not familiar with my writings, I am a reformer within the Church of Scientology who is dedicated to making the technology broadly available and further extending the research into the human mind and spirit.

Since this puts me at odds with current management and CofS operating policies, and since they like to excommunicate and attack those who disagree with them, I post materials anonymously to the internet both to encourage reform and to work towards the aforementioned goals directly.

This book is not an exposee. It completely ignores the current bad behavior and misconceptions within the organization.

Instead it is dedicated to making the tech available to everyone, Scientologist and non-Scientologist alike.

Unlike my previous book (the Super Scio book which is available at various sites on the internet), this one requires no prior knowlege of Scientology.

This is a do-it-yourself book that can be studied and used by anybody at home, not only towards clearing themselves of abberations but also towards the development of advanced spiritual abilities.

Since it includes both my own work and early work by Hubbard which is not currently used within Scientology, it goes far beyond anything that is available today within the orthodox organization.

And it is free. It requires nothing but hard work on your part. There are no pledges of aliegence or hidden scams. And since it is a teaching book, you yourself will be an expert in the field once you have finished it.

This book is for new people. It opens the doors to the mind and spirit.

This book is for trained Scientologists. It will set them free from the narrow and limited perspective and dissolve their fears of really using the tech.

This book is for untrained Scientologists. For the first time, the staff and public who have never really learned the technology will be able to use it for themselves.

This book is for the freezoners (the Scientology splinter groups), it restores much lost technology and encourages their own further explorations beyond the well marked trails.

This book is for the disaffected, it finally lets them have the tech which was promised and never delivered and was instead used against them.

This book is for the critics, something freely and honestly given that they can try for themselves and also use to set others free from the stranglehold of an organization which wants a monopoly on the mind and spirit.

And this book is for all seekers after truth. It does not deny or attack all the other practices of metaphysics. It simply seeks to broaden the framework and add a touch of practical techniques to a field that is as broad as the entirety of the human mind and spirit.