Even a shallow first pass through this book should have given you a firm base to stand on in your further pursuit of truth, enlightenment, and ability.

At a minimum, you should now know enough to experiment with anything safely and should be capable of evaluating various metaphysical schools and practices with some degree of judgment.

A thorough second pass through this book is highly recommended.

Scraping one layer off of the darker regions of the subconscious exposes the next layer and makes it accessible.

Most of the processes in this book will run down to bedrock, but you cannot take any one area all the way while the other areas are unhandled.

It should eventually be possible to take things such as simple recall techniques or handling of problems all the way back to the early godlike time period when we first postulated our own downfall and entrapment.

After this book has been run well and deeply (usually on a second pass), you will probably find that there are other areas which need to be looked at. There are quite a few advanced topics in the Super Scio book, and there are others being perused in the freezone, all of which may need to be addressed.

Once you have gone much further, it may be appropriate to come back to this book yet again and see if you can take the processing even further.

The road is long and I do not pretend to have all the answers. But the techniques given here have been useful to me even when entering areas that I was unfamiliar with.

If you should someday find yourself on some dark and unknown shore, begin by running the techniques of chapter one in that area.

The band of accessibility is of paramount importance. This determines what you can reach and what you can change. The E-meter only reads on what is in the accessible band, which is why you can't use it to gain cosmic answers. The same is true for everything from hypnosis to faith healing and psychic channeling or even the placebo effect noticed by doctors. It all works in the accessible band, because that is where the person can still change his own mind, and it all fails when it comes up against the more deeply buried areas.

The indications are that the accessible band represents perhaps twenty percent at best. The keynote of the techniques used in this book are that they move things from the accessible band up into the clear region and therefore allow more that was in the deeper regions to come up into the accessible band.

Once you have taken apart most of the twenty percent that is in reach, you will find that you can now reach things that you could not have conceived of before and you will find that you can cure more conditions that used to be unchanging facts of life.

Before taking a second pass though this book, it will help to read chapter 4 of the super scio book which explains a bit more about processing, and also to read Chapter 2 which lays out a bit of a cosmic history that might help in orienting your past life experiences.

You might also want to read the appendix of this book even if you are not trained as a professional processor. You probably do know enough about Scientology by now to follow the discussion.

You might also want to read some of Hubbard's books or listen to his lectures. The taped lectures of 1952 to 1954 are very in keeping with the spirit of this self clearing book.


48.1 Other Areas to Pursue

To live life well, you need skills and abilities. To earn your daily bread, you need to produce something to exchange for it.

The upper dynamics described in an earlier chapter are ideal areas to pursue. Develop talents. Follow aesthetic pursuits. Perform constructive activity.

Work on these upper dynamics is rarely rewarded immediately. Sometimes it can take lifetimes to develop a major talent. But this is your power base as a free spirit.

You will find that you will be much happier in your job and do better in life if you can just add in a tiny bit of these things into your daily activities.


48.2 Other Things to Learn

Of course the general areas of philosophy and metaphysics are extremely useful, as is any study of work being done with the mind or spirit even including the more materialistic behavioral studies that are so popular in the field of psychology.

It is especially beneficial if you learn how to process others. In helping others you will not only be doing a good deed but you will also be helping yourself and it will raise your awareness and understanding by a considerable margin.

The realm of higher mathematics exercises concepts that are involved in the creation of universes.

Abstract (non-vocal) music is an exercise in creating a small fixed universe that is outside of the human frame of reference.

Computer programming exercises the ability to create an ordered series of postulates, and that (without the electronic hardware) is the skill used to create the more complex mental machinery.

Advanced physics, especially in areas such as quantum mechanics, explore the mechanics of this universe at a level which you will need to understand eventually.

Really anything which expands your skill or awareness or exercises your ability to create is rich ground for future growth.

These are not things that you learn in a weekend. These are things that you might initially only dabble in or play around with a bit. But if you begin laying some foundations now, you'll be prepared to run with them when the time is right.

Even if you think that you are too old or it is all too far beyond you, you can lay fertile soil for the next time around.


48.3 A Final Process

Let's do one final process which is aimed at getting you a bit exterior to universes and the games therein.

This one undercuts a lot of things and is especially nice to run.

Visualize or mockup a scene. City or landscape or whatever you like. Add some detail to it. Get some mass into it, whether mountains or buildings or steam locomotives. Add some color and aesthetics.

Then alternately, visualize yourself as being in the scene, and being exterior to the scene looking at it. Do this a number of times.

Then mockup another scene and repeat.

Continue until you feel good about entering and leaving scenes at will. Do at least 3 different scenes so that you don't fixate on one.


48.4 Conclusion

Good luck and good wishes.

As Jesus said, ye shall do greater things than I.

We have each been the architects of our own entrapment. We only thought that we were trapping others. It is time that you set yourself free.

Thou are god. Each and every one of us in his own way.



The Pilot

December 1997