Now that we've taken a look at energy, let's examine matter in the form of objects and also consider the combination of energy and objects which forms machinery.


40.1 Duplication

Pick an object in the room that you like at least reasonably well and which has a bit of complexity to it.

With your eyes open, mockup (visualize) a perfect duplicate of the object along side of it.

Now spot differences between the two objects, back and forth, and keep adjusting the mockup so that it comes closer to matching the real one.

Continue until you are happy with it.

Then close your eyes and "look" around the city or country side for something fairly large (like a building) that you have some liking for and which has a bit of complexity to it.

Do the drill on this object in the same manner as above, mocking up a copy along side of it and then spotting differences and adjusting the mockup until you are happy with it.

Then open your eyes and look around the room and pick another object and repeat. Next, close your eyes and pick another large object outside and repeat.

Alternate back and forth between doing this on an object that you are looking at (with your eyes) in the room and one that you are looking at from an exterior viewpoint outside.

Continue until you are good at copying large complex objects and feel good about it.


40.2 Duplicating Machinery

Next we want to do the above step with running machinery or objects in motion.

As a first step, use a sink or something similar where you can leave the water running and watch it run.

Begin with it turned off, mockup a copy along side of it and spot differences and adjust the mockup as in the previous drill.

Once you are happy with the copy, turn the water on and add that to your mockup, spotting the motion and energy involved and copying that as well.

Next you want to do this with some kind of device or machine that runs and has visible motion. Leave things like radios or toaster ovens for later, get something with real motion to start with.

This has the practical consideration that you need something that will remain in view while you do the drill. A model train that runs around in a circle is ideal. A real car or train which will drive out of view is not.

You can find things inside or outside and do this duplication drill on them.

Do a number of these looking at them with the bodies eyes before you shift over to the mental version. On that, you can look for large high energy machinery and duplicate that.

You can work both the physical and mental versions of this. Also take the opportunity to duplicate machinery that you are around during your everyday life.

As you get better at this, also try to duplicate the internal workings and the energies involved.

If you don't know very much about how things work, it is not a bad idea to get some basic books that have lots of internal diagrams and explanations and learn a bit about these things.

Eventually you should also do this on electronic devices and things like that. If you don't already know about these things, it will help to get some basic definitions and see the insides of some of them.

It is too much to expect instant perception and comprehension of complex devices (especially electronic ones) that you know nothing about. And yet you can perceive and learn things this way, it just takes too long (too many things to realize and too many details to become aware of), at least while you're still in the human condition.

But if you combine a small amount of knowledge with some shallow degree of "theta" perception, you'll be surprised how much insight you'll get into the workings of something.

Drill this to the point where you are comfortable using this as a tool and have a good feeling about duplicating machinery and motion. Then add it to your bag of trick and use it in life as you go on working through this book.


40.3 Being Machinery

Now imagine yourself being a machine.

Pick something that you have some affinity for and know something about to start with.

Pretend that you are a car or steam locomotive or a blender or a hair dryer or whatever.

Kids tend to do this a bit, but they don't go far enough.

Here, you should close your eyes and really visualize being the machine, including mocking up the internal workings and energy and moving through scenery and working on things or doing whatever the machine does.

When you feel good about one machine, pick another and do this again. Do this for quite a few machines.

Start out with things that have a lot of mass and motion. But eventually you should also mockup being things like computers or TV sets.

This can be a lot of fun and is also useful as part of learning how things work in addition to the spiritual gains and improvements in one's ability to mockup.


40.4 Mental Machinery

The being generally has all sorts of mental machinery running on automatic.


40.4.1 Unmocking

Mockup a piece of furniture such as a desk a few feet in front of you.

Now imagine that you are an "unmocking machine" that behind you over your shoulder, and as this unmocking machine, you make the piece of furniture vanish whenever you mock it up.

Repeat this a number of times, mocking up the desk and being an unmocking machine which immediately makes it vanish. Vary this by doing it with different objects, doing a few repeats with each one. Then do some more, shifting around the location of the "unmocking machine".


40.4.2 Blackness

Now repeat 40.4.1 above, but this time be a "blackness machine" which overlays the mockup with a cloud of blackness.


40.4.3 Invisibility

Now repeat the drill being an "invisibility machine" which makes the object invisible.


40.4.4 Looking

Next, mockup a desk or other piece of furniture.

Be an invisibility machine which makes it invisible as was done in the previous drill.

Then be a "looking machine" in your body's head that looks through the invisibility and sees the desk anyway.

Then be behind your head and pickup the picture of the desk and look at it.

Drill this until you can do it as a single action, putting the desk there, making it invisible with one machine, looking at it with another, and then seeing the picture that the machine produces of the desk.

Then do it some more varying the objects and the locations of the machinery occasionally.


40.4.5 More Looking


Now repeat 40.4.3 above, but use a blackness machine instead of an invisibility machine.


40.5 Interiorization Machines

Get the idea that you are in the body's head.

Now get the idea that you are exteriorizing, moving out of the head and up above the body.

Next be an "interiorizing machine" above yourself and push yourself back into the body's head.

Exteriorize and be a machine that pushes you back in many times until you feel good about it and are happy to throw the machine away.


40.6 Inventing

The emphasis here is on mental machinery. Machines which could remind you of things or figure things out for you.

a) Invent some mental machinery

b) Think of some mental machinery that you don't have to create right now.


40.7 Having Machines

Repeat each command 3 times alternately

a) Mockup a way to waste mental machinery

b) Mockup a way to have more mental machinery


40.8 Reality Machines

Go to a crowded place.

Pick a wall or large object or part of a building.

Spot people and imagine them having a "machine" which projects the reality of the selected object for them.

Next, spot people, imagine that they have a reality machine as above, and then imagine that the machines copy the "reality" from one to the next so that they all see the same reality.

When you are comfortable with this, begin varying the object selected and continue the drill.

Then do it on the entire physical reality that is in view, imagining that each person you spot has a reality machine which projects it and having each machine copy what the other machines are projecting so that everybody is in the same reality.