Now we are going to do some work on the subject of handling energy.

This universe is built on principles which involve the use of force and you need to be able to confront and handle and even create energy both to operate here and to get free of this place. As a spirit, you wouldn't let go of it until you can recreate it at will.

You don't want to concentrate too much on force because it can get you into too much agreement with the current universe. So do a bit of work with it here but don't try to push this too far on a first pass through the book. On the second time around, there are many other drills in Chapter 7 of the Super Scio book which can also be used.


39.1 Helpful Energy

Walk around, both indoors and outside, and do the following:

a) spot an energy that could be helpful to you

b) spot how it could be helpful

c) spot an energy that could be helpful to others

d) spot how it could be helpful

You can spot these bodily or mentally. In other words, you can spot a light that is turned on and giving off perceptible energy, or you can spot the current running through the walls.


39.2 Acceptable Energy

Spot these anywhere, either in concept or in the real universe.

a) spot an acceptable energy source

b) spot an energy source that would be acceptable for others


39.3 Starting and Stopping Energy

Find some physical universe energy that you can physically start and stop, such as a light switch.

With the device off, mentally reach into it, permeate it, and perceive the no-flow of energy. Continue to permeate it (mentally) as you turn it on (physically) and observe the presence of an energy flow. Again, continuing to permeate it, turn the device off and notice the cessation of the energy flow.

Repeat this a number of times, precisely starting and stopping the energy flow and perceiving it to whatever degree you can.

Do this with various devices until you feel good about it.

At a minimum, try to at least get some vague sense of something happening where the flow is occurring. If possible, try to duplicate the motion, vibration, or whatever other factors are present.


39.4 The Energy Beam Drill

(This is from chapter 7 of the Super Scio Book)

One of the problems in working with energy beams is that you try to do something with them and the lack of physical universe reaction causes you to invalidate the beam, so you never get very far or have a chance to build up strength. So its a mistake to try to put a beam on anything and use it (unless you're very far along). What's needed is an isometric where you actually start to feel something and get some feedback without needed to overcome physical universe reality. And that's what this drill will do.

Mockup an invisible energy beam hanging in the air. Make it about three feet long. An energy beam does not emit energy. It is a sort of standing wave flowing within itself. These beams are used to grip things and to push and pull at stuff, but we are not going to do that in this process. Here we just want a beam hanging in the air disconnected from anything. You don't have to get into the mechanics of it (charge flows in and out of the ends between the center of the beam and its surface which have different potentials and its a steady state perpetual motion). Just get the idea that you have an energy beam there, no matter how tenuous and unreal it seems.

Now alternately stretch the beam out to 10 feet and compress it back down to 3 feet. Do this steadily back and forth. Don't just mock it up as two different sizes alternately, its the stretching and contracting that make the process work. And at each of the two positions, you postulate that it is the size that it should be and then you stretch or compress it anyway.

After a little while, the beam will start having a tendency to snap into one position or the other and will resist being changed, but you make it do what you want anyway because its your beam. You will find that you have to wrestle a bit with it sometimes. Always stop at a point where you have the beam fully under control and feel good about it.

This is not something you do entirely at one sitting. It is a drill and its like exercising, you do a little each day and build up muscles. Eventually you will realize that you are dealing with real force and energy of considerable power and its no longer a tenuous imaginary little thing.

Carrying on in the face of no feedback is the hardest part, but it can be done. At one time I read a description of the normally unused muscles that could wiggle the ears. So I sat for an hour alternately tensing and relaxing those muscles without feeling anything or having anything happen, just imagining it so to speak. And then the muscle twitched, and then it moved and after that I could move my ears around. Not a very useful skill, but very educational.

When you have a bit of a feeling for handling energy beams, you can go on to the next drill and do some more of this one as an exercise in spare moments.


39.5 Cleaning Up Energy Beams

Close your eyes, look over the body, and see if there seem to be any energy beams connected to it from outside. These might only seem like tenuous lines or just a faint impression of a flow.

If you can't find any, then mockup (visualize) a beam coming into the body (don't put any force on it) and unmock it. Do this a few times and see if you suddenly get the impression of a real beam that is coming in. If you still get nothing, then leave this drill for the second pass through the book.

You might find one or many beams. As you handle these, more may appear.

A beam may be yours or somebody else's. If it is not yours, it will detach and vanish as you run the drill. If it is yours, it will clean up and can be made to turn golden. In that case, it will not actually vanish on running the process, but should not hold your attention or remain visible once the process has been run unless you intentionally put your attention on it.

The drill simply consists of mocking up many parallel beams along side of the beam that you found. You can make these various colors and change their color to exercise your control, but mostly you should use golden beams.

If the parallel beams tend to snap into the "real" one, then make lots of them (golden) and keep feeding them in until it stops doing that (and it generally will detach or clean up at that point).

For now you just want to clean up and cool down whatever is obvious and easy. Eventually (probably on a second pass), when your perceptions are strong and your skills at handling fragments and entities are really good, you can trace down beams to their source and see whose mocking them up and what they are for.

Note that many beams are coming from your own machinery that you have setup in remote locations. We will look at machinery in a later chapter.


39.6 The Energy Drill

We have to a large degree concentrated on creation and on mass and havingness. This is important.

But there is a flip side to the coin.

Energy comes about through destruction rather than creation.

Of course something has to be created first before it can be destroyed.

And there is no sense in destroying your finest creations. We don't burn down nice houses to keep warm, instead we burn black coal or whatever.

Note that I am using the sloppy popular definition of destroy rather than the physics one.

All of our energy comes from destruction. Cars run on a series of tiny explosions. The Sun destroys matter. Our bodies destroy food.

You run creation to have mass, and destruction to have energy.

Direct mockups of energy never work very well, which is not to say that it can't be done, but the results are disappointing.

If you concentrate exclusively on create, there is a tendency to have less motion rather than more.

Destroy is not simple vanishment. If you mock up a rock and then unmock it, no energy is gained. But if you mock one up and blow it up, you get energy as a result.

Just mocking up explosions is nowhere near as good as blowing up mockups of solids like rocks etc.

Note that there is no balance of creation and destruction that has to be maintained. You should create more than you destroy. The universe is expanding. There is always more rather than less and we need that for havingness.

Start by mocking up tiny particles and exploding them. Run chains of these tiny explosions. By chains, we mean a series of tiny explosions of particles, one after another, moving along in a line or a curve sort of like a burning piece of string.

Run some chains of tiny explosions back and forth through various objects in the room.

Run some chains of tiny explosions back and forth through the air.

You can focus a bit of warmth and healing energy on sore or strained muscles by running chains of tiny explosions back and forth through the muscles. Try this gently on various muscles in the arms and legs and back. The effect should be soothing.


39.7 More Energy

Now mockup large objects (rocks, buildings, or whatever) in the space around you and have them explode.

Get lots of mass exploding.

Put this out in various directions.

Next, mockup heat energy as consisting of millions of tiny explosions and particles in motion and colliding. Put small clouds of heat into the space around you and into objects. In this case, avoid using highly flammable objects so that you wouldn't feel any need to restrain yourself.

Then mockup cold "energy" (which is actually a draining or absence of energy) as consisting of millions of tiny implosions and a stopping of particle motion. Put small clouds of this into the space and objects around you.

Then alternate heat and cold, picking a spot and making a cloud of tiny explosions and then implosions alternately.

Finish off by visualizing blowing up large planetary sized masses far off in space.


39.8 Energy Sources

Close your eyes.

Get the idea that you are above the sun looking at it. Reach and withdraw from the sun by mentally connecting with it and letting go of it. Spot motion, destruction, and energy within the sun and then reach and withdraw from it a few times. Keep this up until you feel good about it.

Next mockup a copy of the sun alongside of it. Notice differences between your copy and the sun itself and adjust your mockup accordingly. When you are satisfied that you have a good copy, mockup another one on the opposite side and repeat this step with it. Continue until you can make satisfactory copies easily.

Locate another star, preferably one of a different color. Move above it. Spot differences between it and the sun until you get an increase in perceptions or your perception of it seems comfortable. Then repeat the above drill on it.

Do a few more stars until you feel that you can have suns as energy sources and feel comfortable about copying them.


39.9 Having Energy

Now mockup small (half a foot to a few feet in diameter) suns in the space around you. Have these connect to you and feed you energy.

Do this until you feel comfortable about having energy.

Next mockup small (half an inch or an inch in diameter) suns within the body. Let these provide warmth and energy. Mock these up in the palms of your hands, base of the feet, etc.

Finally, go to a crowded place. Spot people and flow energy to them, getting the idea that they will feel more energetic and healthier.


39.10 Breathing Energy

The easiest way to mockup energy and inflow it into the body is to mockup a cloud of golden energy around you and have it flow in with your breath.

The eastern practices have this idea of "Prana" which is cosmic energy that you inhale and they do all sorts of breathing drills on this basis. A very few of the more advanced practices realize that they are mocking this energy up rather than drawing energy from some divine source.

We can dispense with the ridged control of breathing that they usually use for this because it really is a mockup and the mechanics don't matter very much. The breath control is nice for getting oxygen into the bloodstream and for taking conscious control of bodily automaticities, but it is not essential to this drill.

What we are really doing is playing a trick. There are all sorts of energy fields and machinery and what have you set up in and around the body and it is hard to just mockup energy and push it in. By flowing it in with the breathing, you bypass all the defensive circuitry and make the energy acceptable to the body.

So mockup a big cloud of golden energy around the body and have it flow in with your breathing. As the energy comes in, have it keep going all throughout the body and all the way down to the extremities. Since it is your mockup, you can push a huge flow out to the extremities even if you breath in a careless and shallow manner, but you probably will need to breath slowly and with some control so that you have time to visualize the energy flowing all the way.

You do not have to visualize outflowing (but it can be useful sometimes), once the energy is in the body, you can keep pushing it around while ignoring the body's exhalation.

You can experiment a bit with this one, and also flow some in contrary to the breathing just to assure yourself that you don't have to stay in compulsive agreement.

But I think that you will find that flowing it in with the breath is the easiest and fastest way to improve the energy level of the body by means of mockups.