In our long history as spiritual beings, we have frequently wanted to control each other. There have often been efforts to stop people from doing various things or to enslave people and put them to work.

Some of the advanced civilizations that have existed in the past have used very high powered conditioning to try and do these things. Sometimes it was to make people good or loyal and sometimes it was simply to make slaves.

In this universe, it is commonly done with electronic waves used to give impact to the commands being implanted.

Simple hypnotic commands are much too easy to throw off for these purposes. They would not generally endure over the course of many lifetimes.

Therefore, complex patterns, false pictures, and various other tricks generally form part of these implants. They are often filled with wrong dates and misleading stories.

Do not give too much importance to these things. They are old and their command value is weak, hardly more than the push from TV commercials.

If you are heavily bothered, it is because of your own efforts to implant other people either to make them be good or to make them obedient or whatever. We all worked at this at one time or another, thinking it was the solution to making a better society or a way to be powerful or successful.

But these things do give trouble in incident running. Scanning through a implant without spotting the items that were implanted can stir them up and you need to confront what was being implanted to get them to erase properly.

Practically speaking, these incidents interfere with good past life recall and the things that were implanted do have some residual effect as long as they are not confronted.

Often the items implanted follow repetitive patterns. When some of these were being researched in the 1960s, the patterns were written on pages with holes cut into them where different words could be substituted.

Some cheep games or novelties have cards or disks like this with a window in which different words appear as a card is slid or a disk is rotated. These kind of cards are sometimes called platens because of the holes cut into them.

Even though these cards with holes are no longer used, the patterns of implant items are called platens for this reason.

Orthodox Scientology has a great number of implant platens that were researched in the 1960s. Many of these can be found on the internet despite the CofS considering them to be confidential.

A great deal more which I researched myself are in the Super Scio book which is available on the internet.

Hopefully others will publish their own research in this area.

At this stage we are only going to deal with how to run an implant platen and take care of a simple one which is common and troublesome. On your second pass through the book you might want to pick up a number of the ones which are available on the net and run them out.

Researching a new implant platen is far too difficult for a beginner and is beyond the scope of this book.

Unless you are very advanced, you shouldn't go hunting for implants. Instead you take existing implant platens and run through them to knock out any residual effects.

If you do bump into an implant for which you don't have a platen, instead of trying to run through it, run the events leading up to being implanted instead. Also, look for the first time it happened, because these things were "recorded" and "kept on file" and often have been done to somebody more than once.

And if you have real trouble, look for a time when you did this to another or when you wanted it done to others and especially confront your intentions at that time.

If this all seems too weird and impossible, then go ahead and skip this and similar chapters. Take another look when you go through the book a second time.


34.1 Technique

The basic technique for running out an implant platen is to spot or mockup each item in sequence until it ceases to have any effect.

Since these things can have a bit of a kick to them, the easiest way to do this is to alternately spot the item and spot something in the room. This keeps you awake and aware and gives you maximum push as you spot the item.

When you spot the item, you really need to get the sense and intention of the item. These were not actually implanted in English (or whatever language you are running this in), and it is the meaning of the item rather than the words which counts.

Sometimes there can be a feeling that the item is located somewhere around you or is in a certain direction, in which case you should reach into that location to spot the item.

Ideally, however, one reaches back to the time when the item was implanted and spots it there.

The first time, you may have to feel around a bit to connect with the item. There may be a bit of a feeling of mass or pressure or protest or energy connected with it.

You keep spotting that item until this is gone and there is nothing on the item, no heaviness nor any urge to obey the item. There is usually a bit of a feeling of relief or of something gone.

If you spot an item a number of times and it seems to be getting heavier or more charged up, try to reach back to an earlier time that the item was implanted. These implants were used over and over again and you want the first time or the earliest one that you can reach.

If the item is getting heavier and there doesn't seem to be an earlier occurrence, it might be that you have left some charge on earlier items in the platen that you are running, so you should go back a few items and see if there is still some charge on them. If so, then run the earlier items some more.

You should run a platen to the point where there is no more charge on it. There should be no tiredness or feeling of mass or unconsciousness and there certainly should be no hypnotic feeling. At that point you should be capable of looking over the platen casually with no reaction or importance attached to the items.


34.2 The Suicide Implant

It should be obvious that a heavy implant would be very likely to include commands to kill yourself if you found out about it. But it should be equally obvious that most people are not likely to obey such a command, especially if it was implanted a long long time ago.

In practice these things should be fairly easy to shrug off if you are aware of them.

Most people do not run right down to the store when a TV commercial tells them to. We've grown fairly thick skinned.

Even when they were "fresh", implanted orders to kill yourself were not very effective.

They were included in the implant for a different reason. It gives the person a feeling that the implant would be dangerous to remember.

In actual fact, the more you remember of an implant, the less effect it has on you. It is at its most effective when you don't recall it at all.

These things don't intensify as you find out about them, instead they grow weaker.

The following platen is a set of items that were commonly attached at the beginning or the end (or both) of various other disrelated implants. This might be the most common set of suicide items that has been used in the current universe.

If you can't seem to come to grips with this or spot the items, then feel free to leave this for later.

Implant items were never very powerful. It was the postulates and decisions that you made while being implanted or implanting somebody else that created most of the bad effects. Items like this were designed to get you to postulate that you should forget the implant to protect yourself.

It might be best to run this by placing a sheet of paper over the items and then shifting it down one item at a time. That makes it easy to keep your place and discourages you from looking over a whole bunch of items at once.

Take each item and alternately spot the item and spot something in the room until you feel good about it and have no urge or compulsion to obey the item and have no discomfort or disturbed reaction while considering it.

If you start feeling really good, take a break.

After taking a break, see if you can get back into it and get some more charge off. If, when you first look at it after a break, the whole thing really seems to have dissolved and simply seems funny, then go ahead and glance over the rest of it to see if there is anything left (and run anything remaining).

But be sure to always take a break first because sometimes you can get so much relief from handling an item that the rest of it seems gone when it isn't.


----- platen for the suicide implant --------


1. To know about this is to disbelieve it

2. To know about this is to forget it

3. To know about this is to become insane

4. To know about this is to become unconscious

5. To know about this is to be unaware

6. To know about this is to be sick

7. To know about this is to die

8. To know about this is to kill myself

9. To talk about this is to disbelieve it

10. To talk about this is to forget it

11. To talk about this is to become insane

12. To talk about this is to become unconscious

13. To talk about this is to be unaware

14. To talk about this is to be sick

15. To talk about this is to die

16. To talk about this is to kill myself

17. To find out about this is to disbelieve it

18. To find out about this is to forget it

19. To find out about this is to become insane

20. To find out about this is to become unconscious

21. To find out about this is to be unaware

22. To find out about this is to be sick

23. To find out about this is to die

24. To find out about this is to kill myself

25. To remember this is to disbelieve it

26. To remember this is to forget it

27. To remember this is to be insane

28. To remember this is to be unconscious

29. To remember this is to be unaware

30. To remember this is to be sick

31. To remember this is to die

32. To remember this is to kill myself

33. To think about this is to disbelieve it

34. To think about this is to forget it

35. To think about this is to become insane

36. To think about this is to become unconscious

37. To think about this is to be unaware

38. To think about this is to be sick

39. To think about this is to die

40. To think about this is to kill myself

------- end of platen --------


34.3 Finishing Step

After you run out the items of an implant, do the following:

a) Spot any postulates or decisions that you made at the time of the incident.

b) Spot any times that you gave this implant to another or wanted people to be implanted with it.