This is a general correction list for use in self clearing to find errors for correction or for use as a general cleanup.

The instructions for using this are in Chapter 27.

1. Is there an ARC Break (upset)

2. Is there a Present Time Problem

3. Has a Withhold Been Missed

4. Was a process overrun

5. Was a process left incomplete

6. Was the process misunderstood

7. Was processing in an area continued past a major release point

8. Was the process un-runable or not yet ready to be run

9. Did you change the process in the middle

10. Were you distracted while running the process

11. Trying to process while tired or hungry

12. Trying to process over drugs or alcohol

13. Trying to process over out-rudiments

14. Has anything been invalidated

15. Has an evaluation been enforced

16. Has anything been protested

17. Has anything been suppressed (repressed)

18. Has there been a wrong indication

19. Are you looking for something that isn't there

20. Has a mistake been made

21. Is there too much charge in the area

22. Is there something that you are non-confronting

23. Are you withholding anything

24. Have you committed an overt

25. Has there been a false accusation

26. Has something been misunderstood

27. Did you lose track of what you were doing

28. Were you afraid to find out something

29. Is somebody actively suppressing you or preventing you from making progress

30. Is there a listing error

31. Trouble with interiorization

32. Skipping over things too quickly

33. Too much in restimulation

34. Has there been a cut or ignored communication

35. Does some achievement need to be acknowledged

36. Do you have a vested interest in failing

37. Is your attention stuck on something

38. Was there nothing wrong in the first place