17 Jun 97




What is Good?

The Tech is good.

Lots of Tech.

Standard Tech.

Confidential Tech.

The 1950s Tech.

Research (Freezone) Tech.

Tech of every shape and form being used and applied by everybody.

Tech all over the place, spreading out on every channel imaginable.

Tech on the internet.  Tech in the bookstores.  Group processing on TV.   Assist Networks.  Co-Audit Clubs.  Learning Centers.  Orgs flooded  with business just delivering repair and booster rundowns.

Stats out the roof and the planet being cleared even as we speak.

This would all be true except for one little fly in the ointment.

Suppressive polices and the current actions of International Management.

Don't believe me?  Read "The Scientology Reformer's Home Page" at http://wpxx02.toxi.uni-wuerzburg.de/~krasel/CoS/pilot.html ( or see http://freezoneamerica.org/pilot/reformer.html )

The arguments are much to long to list here.  Suffice it to say that they are blocking communications and stopping people from using the subject.  It's all on the web page.

As for me, I'm an old timer who loves the tech and hates policy. I still owe my loyalty to that old high ARC third dynamic which was destroyed by crush ethics, crush sell, and fanatical Sea Org missions.

So I'm still a member in "good" standing despite the fact that management would like to lay their hands on me and toss me out the door (or worse).  So I post anonymously.

I play the "Swamp Fox", hobnobing with the "British Aristocracy" while managing the revolution behind their backs.  Some of them, not knowing that I am "The Pilot", would speak highly of me. But they would disconnect in an instant if my identity became known.

Most of them are not bad people.  They have the highest of good intentions.  But they are dramatizing very badly and following blind and stupid policies that are guaranteed to sink the subject and ensure its failure.

It is a "group engram" in restimulation.  Read the webpage for details.

But there is good news.  Reform is possible.

Scribble "Reform Now" on the promo you receive and send it back. Tear off the mailing lable if you don't want to get "handled" or declared.