IVy on the Wall

by Ken Urquhart, USA

A Consideration of
'A Piece of Blue Sky'
by Jon Atack

Here are several articles written by Ken Urquhart and first published in International Viewpoints magazine concerning the book written by John Atak which he called A Piece of Blue Sky. In these articles Ken draws on his long experience working with and for L. Ron Hubbard. Some of the statements of John Atak are confirmed, others Ken gives conflicting data on.

International Viewpoints is a magazine concerning Scientology and Clearing issued five times a year and is independent of official Scientology bodies.. For more data see their home page at the address below. http://www.ivymag.org/


1. Stormy Skies: A Painstaking and Painful Exposé of an Exposed Exposé

2. Suburban Skies: Comfortably Blue

3. Beyond Those Black, Black Clouds

4. Comes the Dawn

5. Outside 'Inside Scientology'

6. Forecasting the Whether

7. The Whither Map

8. Visibility: Poor

9. Playing at Thunderbolts

10. My Head in My Clouds

11. USA Raging Floods: Muddy Waters