November 1995
IVy 24

Letter to the Editor

Why I Write

Recently you asked me what I wanted to achieve with my writing. So I decided to "look" closer at the reasons and motives for this new absorbing activity of mine, this delectable "toy" I like so much to play with. For, as we have all agreed long ago, ours is an existence full of many varied games. And mine, most certainly, is fun.

Here is what I found while looking: I like words and I like to juggle them around to create structures with a pleasing flowing rhythm and a pleasant sound. These structures have to be fitting frames for my pictures and smoothly running "vehicles" for my thoughts, to recreate "over there" duplicates of what I see. Ron said, you learn to write by writing; so I write, although here and there this language of yours has a habit of tripping me up (not my fault, you understand!!).

I think one of the main reasons we are on Earth is to learn. I have learnt an enormous amount from LRH and will probably be his pupil all my life. Recently, however, I have discovered that, apart from being a student of Ron's, I have ideas and pictures of my own. These thoughts are knowledge I regain while becoming more independent and free, and writing, for me, is like saying: "I am here. Do you 'read' me? This is my standpoint. Is it real to you? How do my pictures compare with yours?" I have this urge to share what I see with others, and by writing I invite them to look in the same direction as I do.

And there is this: While I write I learn. It is part of a course I am attending. I "look" at a subject with increased concentration. Sometimes I cognite, see new pictures and find new answers to my questions. It is one of my ways to regain knowledge, and here I am the teacher and the student.

Besides, I like to be in touch with likeminded people, and writing is an effective way of establishing communication, contact and relationships which lead to friendships.

Last but not least: We are on Earth to help each other. Many people have helped me with their ideas and pictures, which I have made my own and now use. Being an avid student of life, and knowing that there is much more to learn, I read IVy and adopt other people's pictures. In return I write, just in case some can make use of one or the other of my pictures which are gifts from me to those who "receive" and want them.

Britta Burtles, England1

1Britta, who has already written once or twice in IVy (see the contents lists at the end of each year - we can also supply an 'on line' contents for DOS computers, updated to the latest issue) was born in 1936 in Riga, Latvia as a Baltic-German. University of Vienna, studied English. Worked at the South African Embassy in Vienna. First marriage 1966-76. Married Jim Burtles in 1982. In the CotS 1964-84. OT5 and Class 4 auditor. 1984, joined Centre for Research in Metapsychology. AA7 and Vs. 1986-92, ran own printing business. Hobbies: writing, philosophy, religion (8-D), politics, opera, travelling, country and western, plants.