November 1995
IVy 24

Don't Touch That 1
By Jim Burtles, England

Don't touch that, don't touch that there. I say
Don't touch that, please. Just keep well away.
Despite the warning, 'One thousand volts',
They must explore and receive their jolts.

Don't touch that, can't you see it is wet?
They will have to try it out, you bet.
Can't abide any sort of restraint,
And there they go, all covered in paint.

Don't touch that, it is not quite ready.
No. Don't touch that, please. Do go steady.
There's no need to pull the whole thing down,
You could have waited, you silly clown.

No. Don't touch that! No, Don't you dare!
Why can't you just leave it there?
They cannot bear to leave things alone,
Especially that what's not their own.

When we put up some kind of a ban
They will get around it, if they can.
People, who dislike being controlled,
Do the opposite of what they're told.

Don't come to the Conference again.
It's not worth the bother and the strain.
There must be somewhere else for you to go.
We could just meet here again you know.


1Presented at the close of the May 1995 English conference