November 1995
IVy 24

Two sober, sad and serious pages

A Fatherly Talk on Money
By Antony A Phillips, Denmark

WHEN I WAS ABOUT TEN, my father drove me back from boarding school at the end of term. We stopped way out 'nowhere' to eat a picnic lunch. He then introduced the subject of money, saying that he really did not have enough money to send me to boarding school - and then asked me to decide whether I should continue at boarding school. What a decision to give a ten year old. And anyway it was Hitler's fault that I was at boarding school.

What did you say? This isn't an auditing session - oh, I beg your pardon.

It is so hard for me to talk to IVy subscribers about the possibility of a rise in price of IVy. That is the reason for the reactive attempt to escape into my bank. So much easier to look at past lives than the horrors of present time, with the feeling of doing global overt acts that it gives.

Hard facts

IVy started in 1991, and since that time there have only been a couple of price rises in single areas. Inflation has been extremely low in Denmark, and we have been able to keep basic costs to distributors and subscribers the same since the start, despite an increase in printing costs. However there is also the question of exchange rates. Sweden has been particularly unfortunate. The Swedish kroner used to be worth more than the Danish, now it is worth less, so that Swedes, who pay 150 Danish Kroner, for their IVy are now having to pay about 25% more for all Danish products.

But have no fear - I am not about to ask for contributions to help the Swedes buy IVy.

Though the basic Danish prices for IVy remain the same (due to Danish low inflation) this is going to cost more to individual subscribers abroad and distributors. So distributors will be raising their prices.

Is it worth it?

And now is the time to pay for next year's IVy. Oh dear, big problems. Can we afford it? Won't be able to buy a new washing machine if we get IVy. And the cat won't get enough to eat. You can see why I go past life when I contemplate the big overt, and the enormous difficulties I am causing IVy readers.

Before you rush off to an auditor to handle the big problem you have just got, lets ask how much IVy is worth.

Is it worth a bit extra to get IVy magazine plumping through your letter box five times a year, with new viewpoints, angles, and developments on the basics? When you are contemplating this, you are very welcome to grab your pen or computer and write and tell me what you think of the mag, and what articles you would most like to read, aimed at ex-scientologists, post-scientologists, and even meta-scientologists. We would like to know.

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