November 1995
IVy 24

Internet - No Thank You
by Antony A Phillips, Denmark

I HAVE COME OUT OF MY unrealistic ivory tower. I no longer expect that the whole population will come on full Internet. That is nearly as unrealistic as to think that everyone will have a television, and be fully able to control its colour and make and play copies.

I suspect that only 10% of IVy's readers are on Internet, and I doubt whether many more will come on it. This little message is just for those who are on Internet (or Compuserve or something comparable).

Home page

First to let you know that IVy has got its own home page. You will find it at:  (Ed. note for internet Edition of IVy 24 -- This address is current, the others on this page aren't. See footnote.)


Secondly, there are two listservers devoted to technology (clearing technology, which includes scientology).

Tech-list is a closed list which means new subscribers (but not posts) get approved by the list-owner (Christine). is for professional discussions, for professional clearing practitioners or advanced students. is an open list which means that people can subscribe and unsubscribe themselves. tc-list is for discussion of the philosophical underpinnings of the processes and procedures we discuss in tech-list.

To subscribe yourself to tc-list, send the following in the body of the message to

subscribe tc-list <>

and you will receive notification that you have been automatically subscribed.

Email Christine at with administrivia for the lists. And let her know if you have any questions. Send tech-list subscription requests to with information about your background/interest in clearing technology.

IVys address

Articles for IVy, suggestions for improving the home page and admin matters can be sent to (only Email).

(Editor's footnote for the internet edition of IVy 24 -- Data on this page is from November of 1995 and totally out of date. There are a number of lists one can join plus three newsgroups. For more info write to The current e-mail address for the editor of IVy is